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What we’re talking about this week is essentially how simple and easy business really can be. Now, I know lots of you think business can be – or needs to be – complicated, but I’m so excited to dive into today’s topic to really show you how you can find the problem and solution with just one thing.

I chose one coaching method – the model – to grow my business and today, I want to boil down all of the questions around building a business and making money as a life coach to just this one tool. I’m giving you lots of analogies and examples from my clients to show you how really, anything can be solved when you go back to your thinking, even when you think the issue is external.

Join me this week for a super exciting announcement about this topic! I am super passionate about helping all of you make money in your business, so stay tuned right to the end of the episode to get the details!

I’m launching my Make Money with the Model five-week intensive course on the 7th of August 2019. We’ll be doing live group calls every week covering every single component of the model and how it applies to your business and making money as a life coach. You can go from zero clients to being a paid life coach and get over all your business drama. If you’re already in the 2K group, you’ll get access to this course for free, so get in there now if you aren’t already!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The kind of growth you can experience when you truly understand and deeply apply the model.
  • What I’ve done as a coach throughout the years that have helped my business thrive.
  • Why I chose one coaching method to grow my business.
  • How bringing any issue back to your thinking can make problem-solving so much simpler.
  • The power of the model and what the model means to me.
  • What my Make Money with the Model five-week intensive course is all about.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey lovies. Welcome to episode 26. I am so excited. You know, I start every podcast off saying I’m so excited, but I really am all of the time. It’s very sincere. I love making these podcasts for you and I love spending time and attention thinking about these concepts and thinking about what will help you the most on your journey and then I love telling myself that I’ve created something amazing and that it’s genius and I can’t wait to get it out to you.

I love the things I tell myself while I’m creating and recording them, and I love what I think and how I think it will impact you, and I love thinking of you listening. And so, for me, I just always am, like I’m really excited to take this time and record this for you. So I’m so excited about today’s topic. We’re going to talk about making money with the model, and I’m excited, and it’s true. It’s genuine. I really believe that.

Okay, but first I want to – I always give shout-outs and I do that as a way to show you and let them be an example of what’s possible. However today, I want to shout-out someone in my 200K mastermind. I’m going to start sprinkling some of those in because I want you to really know what’s possible.

So my client Elizabeth – you just heard her on the podcast recently – she just posted in our 200K mastermind. “The month isn’t over yet but I just closed my $100,000 for the year. Insert happy weeping here. To be exact,” she says, “I’ve created $99,629 cash in five months. I’ve been thinking about this work. Really, we’re just learning how to make 100K and then we’re learning how to make it in shorter timeframes. This year I’ll make it three times, next year I’ll take it five times, and then the next year I’ll make 100K 10 times. No big deal. Just 100K at a time.”

Yes Elizabeth. It is just 100K at a time. It’s just 2K at a time. Y’all have heard the podcast, me talking about making a million dollars 2K at a time and you know, it is really that same thing. It’s like, whatever it is, whether it’s 2K for you or 10K or 100K, you’re just breaking it down and that’s really what it is is just making it X amount of times, and it makes it so easy for your brain to wrap around when you think of it like that, and I really do think that making millions is just making 100K however many times.

Like, I’m going to make 100K 20 times this year. I had to do the math just for that. I had to stop and pause and do the math. Wait a minute, okay, yeah. I’m going to make 100K 20 times this year. How fun is that? Literally everything is possible. This is just the beginning, y’all.

Okay, let’s dive in. Let’s talk about making money with the model. Are you ready? You have to forgive me. I have a really raspy voice. I’m actually going to the doctor today. I have an upper respiratory infection, like what is happening? So I’m going to do this podcast anyway. I’m going to show up and I’m really excited to be here. I just have a little bit of a raspy voice. Okay, let’s dive in.

So really what we’re going to talk about today is about how simple and easy business can be. That’s really it. That’s what we’re going to talk about. And it’s going to be a fun episode, and again, I’m super excited because this episode also has another significance. It marks the announcement of a five-week course that I am launching called Making Money with the Model or The Model Intensive.

And I will tell you more about that at the end of the episode, so just hang out and enjoy the episode for now and then you’ll hear more about it at the end. But for now, we’re going to dive into making money with the model. So the model is a coaching tool that I got certified in 2015 through The Life Coach School, and I thought about all the ways I wanted to talk about this and bring this up, and this is what kept coming to me.

What if building a business and making money really did all just boil down to what you are thinking or not thinking? Like, it really is that simple. What if there were only ever really two things you ever had to focus on? So if you’re making money, it’s your thoughts and if you aren’t making money, it’s your thoughts.

This was introduced to me when I first became a coach and I used thought work from the very beginning to build my business from literally nothing, like from scratch and think about this; in four years I went from – so this was my before is having no money, no idea about how to start or run a business, having no one to coach, or even no idea how to coach, no idea how to coach myself, no tech background, like a website, what? I had no idea.

Like, I actually remember wanting to start a food blog a year or two before that and literally, the stopping point for me was not understanding how to create a website or that there were even people in the world that you would pay to do that or even having the money to do it. And then my thought process literally stopped me because I didn’t even try to figure it out.

My thought was just like, it won’t work, and then I just never did it. I had no audience; I had no idea how to do a consult. I felt no authority in my own life, let alone somebody else’s. My life was kind of a fucking mess and my best friend – literally, my best friend always used to say, “Girl, did you really just post that on Facebook?” I used to post the craziest stuff on Facebook. I still get notifications from like, seven years ago and I’m like, literally, what was I thinking?

The dumbest stuff and no one would like it of course. So that was where I started to now, four years later, building a seven-figure business, a multiple seven-figure business. We’ll cross multiple seven figures this year, creating a podcast, creating two signature programs, teaching hundreds of coaches how to actually make money, meaning getting them results. Like, they’re actually making money.

I have so many coaches that are now making multiple six figures and they started at zero with me and I’m watching it trickle into their family and into their lifestyle and it’s blowing my mind. These people will be rich because I decided to show up. It’s unbelievable. I employ people now. What on earth? It just blows my – this is why I’m so excited to do this podcast. It blows my mind.

And remember, from going from really selling mops in Walmart to becoming a mindset, marketing and sales expert in four years. Y’all, I got certified in 2015 as a life coach and I knew little to nothing about actually working with clients and coaching them. I really didn’t.

You know, I remember being terrified just like some of you to get on the phone with my first client. Literally sweating to get on the first call, and I remember coaching calls going bad, I remember all of the things that y’all are going through. I went through them. But this how fast growth can be. This kind of growth is practically unheard of unless you know the model.

When you know the model, really know it, not just logically like you’ve heard about it, but when you apply it deeply, you can do everything I’ve done yourself. Everything that I have is possible for you. The model – this is what’s so brilliant about it. It makes your thoughts the constant. The only thing you ever look at, and it shows you in every situation the effects your thoughts have on how you feel and what you do and how you show up and the results you create.

Here’s what’s so important about that. When you make your mind the constant, what happens is you get better every single day. You change, shift, and transform into the person that can make seven figures in five months, or like my client Elizabeth, you become the person that can make six figures in five months. Everything I have created is possible for anyone.

How I know Elizabeth is going to create a million dollars in five months is because if she can figure out how to do 100K in five months, I know I can teach her how to do a million in five months. It’s literally just adding a zero. So this was my journey and I really think that this is the secret to my success behind my 2K program and with my clients.

I kept, even in the past, like this was my journey as a coach is I kept everything super simple in building my business and I always brought everything back to my mind, and now I do that for my clients now in the 2K, but I kept my mind clear of lots of other people’s thoughts and what they were doing and then focused on only what I was thinking and not thinking.

I want you to imagine your brain as a workshop. I don’t know how to explain that any differently. Like you know, where you build things and you’re trying to build a piece of furniture and you have a thousand tools to choose from that all work and all do different things, and there are a thousand combinations of tools you could use in order to build this piece of furniture, and there are a thousand blueprints to choose from and 20 people in the room to give you guidance all at the same time.

That is what happens building a life coaching business. You can learn about funnels and ads and Facebook groups and optimization and online course, and you can take programs on niches. Like, an entire program just on figuring out your niche. Are you fucking kidding me? Just decide. Anyway, that’s besides the point.

You can take one on copywriting, you can spend money on websites and creating beautiful marketing materials. You can listen to 20 different podcasts a week, you can read all the books. You can follow 100 different coaches, you can go to 1000 different seminars. There are hundreds of business models and plans you can follow. Like literally, hundreds of thousands of business plans.

When I say business plan and model, all I mean is you could literally have a million combinations of what you charge and how long you work with your clients and what you offer them. And you can focus on a lot of outside factors, opinions, ways to do things, methods for growing your business, and even ways to coach. You could do Byron Katie, you could do The Life Coach School, you can do IPEC or ICF or whatever that’s called. You can do all kinds of things. You can have five gurus all at the same time.

Or you could focus on your brain. So now imagine you’re in your workshop and you only have five tools and they’re simple and easy to use. You have one blueprint. One person guiding you with one method to build it. And then you have your own ingenuity and innovation. You have your own thoughts. How much simpler is building that piece of furniture? So much simpler. So that is what I did. I focused on getting out there and meeting people and telling them who I was and making offers to help people.

And then I used the model to coach myself to come up with my own ideas and content and problem-solve in my business over and over and over. I always brought it back to my thinking always. I limited so much of my intake that it can only be my thoughts. I wasn’t reading – I’m going to talk about copy in a second and here’s what I want to say especially with my copy.

I didn’t go out and read hundreds of different people’s copies and emails. I only experimented with what I was doing. When it came to learning concepts or even creating my own, I didn’t sit there and think about what other people were saying and what they were coming up with. I just focused on what I’m thinking and what I want to come up with. I just take walks and think.

I don’t spend time consuming a lot. I ignore most of what I see. Any types of social media, in emails, I just ignore most of what I see because I want to keep my brain clear and I want to just focus on my thinking. I chose one coaching method, I chose The Life Coach School and the model. You get to choose whatever you want but I just chose one that really resonated with me and I went for it.

I love Byron Katie’s work, and sometimes I come back to it but you know, it’s so much easier when you just constrain down, and so that’s what I did. And y’all, I’ve had so much success with it. So much. So let’s talk about copy for a second. I just think this is the best example to show you how the model works and how your brain works and how constrain works.

So I have clients come to me and they think their copy is the reason that people aren’t signing up for mini sessions. Whether they are well-versed in the idea that the thoughts create their results or not – so I get half and half. Half my clients come from my coaching school and half of them don’t. And half of them are very experienced coaches and half of them are brand new.

And here’s what I will say; I find it’s the same basically the same with everybody. I feel like there’s no difference when it comes to your mind drama. So these clients come to me, all of them, again, no matter how well-versed they are in the model or not, they still think that what the issue is is their copy. They think that’s the issue that people aren’t signing up for their consults or their mini sessions.

Their copy though is what they are doing. What they are thinking is that they are not good at writing copy, and when they think that, they feel insecure, and then they write their copy from a place of trying to do it “right” and fearing doing it “wrong,” and of course their copy is not compelling because of the place it’s coming from and then therefore, no one takes them up on their mini session or their consult. Whatever you guys call it.

But while they’re focused on their copy, I am focused on the model, on their brain. My clients will ask me to read their copy to see if it’s good and I know right then and there that they don’t have confidence around it because they’re asking. So what they need to ask instead is can you help me with my thinking around my copy, I don’t feel confident. I don’t believe I’m good at copy.

Now we’re getting to the root of the problem. It’s easy to problem solve when you only allow problem solving with your thoughts. Hear me on that. It’s easy to problem solve when you only allow problem solving with your thoughts. Remember, it’s always the problem and always the solution. When you don’t think that your thoughts are the problem or the solution, it’s really hard to problem solve because it could be 100 different things.

But when it’s your brain, it’s only one thing. That’s it, that’s all it is. I’m learning this in my own life, y’all. I realized I was coaching with one of my colleagues, Kara and she was like listen, I notice when you post in the mastermind like, you can just tell by the way that you ask the question that it’s your mindset and where you’re thinking and you’re not confident in making your decision around whatever you’re asking about.

And I’m like, you’re so right. At every level, this is what will be the things. People always ask me like, what do you learn in your million-dollar mentoring? What I learn is how to bring it back to my thoughts every single time. It’s like it’s a game show. What do you think it is? Your copy or your thoughts? It’s your thoughts every time.

Alright, I got to bring myself down. I have an upper respiratory infection. I’m getting myself too excited. Anyway, alright, so people are always telling me how amazing my copy is. I never took a copywriting course. I never read one book on writing copy. I get in a place in my brain where I believe in myself and my offer and then I write and I motivate and discipline myself through my thinking to write often.

And now my copy is so good because I’ve written like, a thousand emails and I’ve gotten clearer and clearer with practice and belief. You know the reason I think our brains don’t ever go to our thoughts as the problem and the solution is because we haven’t practiced making our brains problem solve in that way enough. I’ve only been practicing it four years. Of course, I’m still struggling with it.

It’s such a small fraction of time that we’ve been doing this work compared to how we’ve lived our lives prior to this. So no matter if we trained to be coaches or we’ve coached lots of clients or not, when we get stressed, our brain takes over and it utilizes our stores thinking that takes no effort. Like our subconscious thinking, our past thinking, the past ways that we’ve thought about things and the past neural pathways our brain has used in our life, which is not entrepreneurial thought management thinking.

I don’t even know if that’s a word. Our stored thinking goes to like, what is the circumstance that is the problem? What is the external thing that is the problem like the niche or the pricing or the copy? Instead of what is the internal problem, what thoughts is the problem? Literally, my clients are coaches and when a problem seems really big, just like me because I’m a coach too and this happens to me, my clients rarely bring it back to it’s my thoughts.

And even if they do, this is how they present it to me. Okay, I know it’s my thoughts but I’m struggling to see how to get out of it. It feels really true. That statement means you don’t see that it’s actually your thoughts. So the model is really to me, the practice of bringing yourself back to your mind every single time. And when you have all these outside things that you’re learning and trying to do, it just makes it so much harder.

When you have 10 different things you’re trying in your business, ads, networking events, LinkedIn, live streams, et cetera, et cetera, I think it’s so easy to get lost in the problem is one of those things. Imagine if your brain is like a knife that you want to sharpen to cut things down, and if your knife doesn’t cut, you always go back to sharpening it. You’re never allowed to go try and use another tool. If that’s the case, eventually your knife will be so sharp you could cut anything you want.

That’s the way I think about your brain. But if you quit after you sharpen it just twice, it’ll never get sharp enough to cut something down, and this is what happens with the model. Clients come to me and they’re like, I tried it once or twice and then they say it didn’t work, when really the truth is, they didn’t work for it long enough.

Or they went to cut an entire tree down before even trying a limb, right? This is what came to my brain. I’ll say this for just a second. We’ll get right back on track, but clients come to me and they want to make 200K in a year from zero and they say well, if you can create any result in my mind, I want to create 200K. And I tell them you have to first become the person who can create any result you want with your mind, so start with 2K and then 10K and then 20K.

To sharpen a knife enough to cut down 100 trees, it has to be sharp enough to cut down one first. So you have to start with creating thoughts that allow you to just get out there and meet as many people as possible, tell them you’re a life coach, and make offers to help them. You have to look at your beliefs that keep you from wanting to do that. That’s where you have to start, and then everything you do or don’t do, you bring it back to your brain.

Okay, so let’s get out of analogy land and let’s see how this actually applies in real life to your business. I’m going to give you another example. So I had a client post on our 2K page the other day that she was having an issue with her pricing. She was charging 5K for six months and not converting on her consults, and she asked if she should reduce her prices.

And I told her for sure, and I taught her this concept about creating demand as a coach and I’m not going to go down that rabbit hole just to keep us on track, but she wasn’t really ready to take my advice yet because she had this thought that it would be undervaluing herself. And here is where the model is magical. I asked her how she feels when she believes she’s undervaluing herself.

And she told me she feels resentful. And then I asked her what she does when she’s feeling resentful, and she said she notices that she’s in convincing energy on her consults. And then I asked her why she convinces them and she said she realized she doesn’t really believe herself and her product because she hasn’t gotten her own results in a while.

So of course, when she doesn’t believe in her product, she feels resentful because she assumes other people won’t either. We believe other people will have the same beliefs we do. So then she convinces them to value it and they don’t because she’s convincing them because she doesn’t believe. She thought she was having a price problem and the solution was – her immediate solution was I need to do something, I need to change my pricing, but it is always a belief problem.

So now we get to go to work to get her believing something that will serve her in selling her clients now that she’s aware because the first step is knowing that her belief is why people aren’t buying. Not her price of 5K for six months. You are so much more effective with your time and energy when you know the real problem and can go to work to solve the real problem immediately.

So instead of solving for all the things that aren’t the problem at all, she could have spent months trying different pricing out and coming back to the same result because the actual cause of the result wasn’t changed. This is the power of the model. Our thoughts create our feelings, our feelings drive our actions, and our actions end with a result. There is no point to spend time adjusting actions or trying to change the world to get a new result.

You can change everyone and everything. Your niche, pricing, your ideal client avatar, your program, your offering, your social media platform, you could have a Facebook group or not. You could change from organic marketing to paid marketing, and if you don’t believe in your value or you have any thought that competes with the result you’re trying to create, the money you want to make, you will end up spinning your wheels and working a lot with a little to show for it.

So for me, the model is the answer to signing clients, to finding more time to coach clients, to figuring out how to work your full-time job, have a family, and build your business, to figuring out your niche, to handling when a client doesn’t pay you on time, to writing amazing copy, to making your first 2K or 20K or 200K, to selling in marketing. Seriously, people think I’m just naturally talented at sales.

No, I have amazing thoughts about selling that I have developed over the years. And now people hire me for my selling models, my selling thought processes. Those are what developed my selling skills. They don’t realize that that’s what they’re buying from me or the reason that they want to work with me. They think it’s because of my skills. It’s because of my thinking.

And I actually want to say briefly that no one taught me how to sell on consults. I only had my coach to coach me on my mindset around approaching the consult and then I used the model, my thoughts to problem solve clients not buying and then come up with the process to teach others. I went to work finding my thoughts and finding my client’s thoughts and on understanding why people buy and why they don’t, and how they need to be presented the opportunity to buy.

Like what process their mind has to go through to buy and how they needed to be marketed to and how to overcome objections. Selling is just a series of models and marketing is just a series of models, and making money as a life coach is just a series of models. It’s literally nothing different than that.

And you might be thinking right now, “But Stacey, this sounds like it’s going to take forever,” and it might. It really might. But solving for everything that isn’t the actual problem will take longer. I love this analogy. In golf, a golf ball is less than two inches in diameter. You have such a small surface to hit with the club. And depending on how you hit the ball, one diameter in the wrong direction can send the ball soaring 100 feet in the wrong direction.

It can land in the water or in the woods from one small tiny misstep. And one small tiny shift in the right direction can land you in a hole in one. One thought can derail you for an entire year if it goes unnoticed but one thought can also start making you money this week. And one thing I do with my clients is help them find thoughts they already believe instead of creating brand new ones.

All that takes is asking your brain questions you’ve never thought to ask and to really practice asking good questions and develop even better and better questions. That’s what we do inside my 2K community whenever I’m coaching, we’re always just asking really great questions. We have so much undiscovered potential in our minds that we just aren’t utilizing. Undiscovered potential to think, to innovate, to create value, to make money. And the sooner you start applying this work to what you’re already doing, the faster you make money. You really do have all of that inside of you right now.

Okay, so at the beginning I mentioned that this podcast is the beginning of a five-week course I’m launching called Making Money with the Model. Throughout my 2K for 2K process, I interweave thought models through strategy and action steps that I teach. And inside the 2K for 2K, I also have an introductory set of modules on the basic model teachings.

If you’ve never used it before or if you’re like many coaches who even train with it get stuck when applying it to business, it’s like as soon as it comes to business, everything’s out the door like wait, what? Our thoughts create our results? Are you sure? Because when it comes to selling – so I have that in the beginning for everybody to already start applying it when it comes to business, selling, and making money, but I wanted to take it even deeper.

I wanted to do an advanced study of how to make money with the model to really let you see how your thinking is keeping you from making money. So if you want to know more about this intensive, you can continue listening, and if not, you can just stop the podcast. Okay, so the Make Money with the Model five-week intensive starts on August 7th 2019.

We will do one live group coaching call every week for five weeks covering every component of the model and how it applies to your business and making money. These calls will me an hour straight of me coaching the model and running models with participants.

So it’s going to be no teaching, just going in and coaching back to back to back so you can really see how to apply the model and really get transformation either yourself getting coached or watching colleagues go through this process, but it will be 60 straight minutes of coaching with me. We’ll be coaching on everything to do with making money using the model, everything to do with business, everything to do with the 2K process.

So if you’re already in the 2K for 2K, this five-week course is completely free as part of the program. And of course, if you join after August 7th 2019, you will still get the replay version of this entire five-week course. This is actually why I’m creating it is for future participants that can just have it on demand the moment they join the 2K for 2K.

But I’m just so excited to give everybody in the group an opportunity to understand this tool deeper and strengthen your skills in making money. I love coaching on the model. I wanted to spend five weeks with my clients deep-diving and then have this as an asset in the 2K from here on out. So if you want access to the 2K for 2K process and this five-week intense Making Money with the Model course, you just need to go to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k and get signed up.

And I will leave you to really think about what could change in five weeks. Whether you’re already in this course or you’ll be brand new to the 2K for 2K process, thinking about having five weeks to coach with me in an intense group and deeply study the model and as it applies to the 2K process and the community, then also having the 2K for 2K process to teach you how to sell and market your coaching business, and then on top of that having the Facebook community support with colleagues and the 100K mentors, literally this could be everything for you.

This could be exactly what you need to push you over the edge into finally getting your business off the ground and making money or finally hitting that next level of growth for yourself. Maybe you’ve been stuck at 5K months for a while and it’s been kind of like the same thing over and over. This could be and will be the thing to help you.

And I want you to imagine going through this process with hundreds of other people all at the same time. The energy when I do things like this – I remember in January I did a 32-day reboot. The energy was freaking insane having that many people all focused on the same thing all at the same time, helping each other out. And I still get people asking me about the 32-day business reboot, which is also available as a bonus inside the 2K for 2K.

But I still have people asking me all the time like when are you going to do that again because I rarely do these types of things because I really like to keep it focused on the 2K process, but this is something that will enhance the process and it’s a one-time only thing. So if you’ve ever been on the fence about joining, now is the time. We will not be repeating this, but it will be available for you from here on out in the course as well to have at your fingertips to help you go through the process and develop your money-making skills even deeper.

So you can go from zero clients to paid life coach, you can have your first 10K month, you can go over all your niche drama, you can decide your pricing once and for all, and you can set yourself up to finish the year at six figures and beyond. You just have to go sign up. It’s again, www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. Once you get signed up, you will get all of the information you need at your fingertips. We promise. Alright, I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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