Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Being a Product of Your ProductWe talked about the fraud complex last week and the answer to getting yourself out of that space. Believing in yourself and in coaching as a practice is the key to building a successful business, and I’m diving into how you need to be a living, breathing, walking testimony to the results you’re offering your clients.

You think selling is hard? I think selling is the easiest thing ever. I’m delving into how selling can be so drama-free when you’ve got the belief in yourself locked down. The way I show up both as a coach and a student has led to my success so far, and I’m sharing how you can emulate this to get the massive results you dream of.

Join me this week to learn how you need to be showing up to attract the clients you want. If you’re having trouble gaining momentum, you might just find the answer on this podcast today.

If you haven’t downloaded my Make Money as a Life Coach in Three Simple Steps live training, go get that right now. You’re going to find some super valuable content there that will help you apply the tools I’ve taught you to make some serious money as a life coach!

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What will make you the most money in your business.
  • One thing I learned early on in my coaching that has brought me success.
  • The best way to teach people to believe new things.
  • How to attract the kind of clients you want in your business.
  • One question to ask yourself if you’re having a hard time attracting clients.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey lovies, welcome to episode nine. So excited. We’re going to talk about being a product of your product today, but first, I have to shoutout my client Ludmila.

She just posted, “Good morning Divas. Just wanted to share that I have sold a six-month coaching package for $1500. I created a relationship where I was supportive and coming from a place of serving and love.” She said, “I wanted to start working with you and working on getting the money. All I did was share what I do, why I love doing what I do, and show up for this person for the last four months as a friend. I’m cheering you all on. Happy Tuesday.”

So fun. I love it. I love seeing my clients go out there and make money and it feel natural and just like, part of the process and they get to feel like they’re just sharing their story with the world, showing up and serving people, that is what sales can be all about. Fired up. Ready. Keep listening. You’re going to hear more of these testimonials as we go. This is possible. You can make money.

Alright, let’s dive in today to being a product of your product. How are you? I am doing fantastic. Alright, so last week we talked about the fraud complex and what if you’re kind of a fraud? It’s okay. It’s just like I tell my clients, it’s okay that sometimes you are salesy and graspy.

Many of you feel like it’s the worst thing in the world, so much so that you push it down and pretend it isn’t there because you feel so bad about thinking that way in the first place and because of what you make it mean about you. It’s like this like, dirty word and you can’t possibly admit that you feel that way. You can’t possibly look at where and when you are being kind of salesy and graspy and when you do kind of want the money more than you’re concerned about the client.

You know what I make it mean about you? Seriously, I want you to think about it. What do you make it mean about you? You know what I make it mean about you? Not a damn thing. You are human. Welcome to the experience.

But when you push it down and pretend and avoid, you don’t get to grow. You don’t get to think differently. You don’t get to develop as an entrepreneur and you don’t get to make money. So we’re going to bring all the stuff that you don’t want to talk about, it’s like the ugly stuff in your closet that you don’t want to look at, we’re bringing it all up on this podcast. It’s all okay.

So, the answer we talked about last week to the fraud complex, to feeling out of alignment with offering coaching, for even charging for coaching, for being able to sell the shit out of your coaching and feel great about it is being a product of your product. This will make you more money than anything else ever in your coaching business.

When you are a living, breathing testimony to the result you offer and you are receiving the impact of that result, the impact of that transformation, you will not only sell clients that get on the phone with you. You will attract clients to you. They will come knocking on your door. It’s a whole different ballgame when that starts happening.

Now, let me be clear. That doesn’t happen when you don’t show up. So, you don’t get to sit on your couch eating potato chips and watching Netflix and manifesting clients to come to you. But when you have changed your life through the tools and method you offer to other people and you are meeting as many people as possible and telling them what you do and you’re out making offers to help them all of the time, telling your story, connecting, building relationships, there is a life force behind you that magnetizes you to other people and other people to you.

Like, I have the best example of this. I am creating a couple of workbooks actually for my programs and I really have no idea how to do that, how to create cover photos and things like that. And so I’ve been looking for someone to do the artwork for me and I had reached out in my mastermind and asked all my people, do you have recommendations, and they all gave me recommendations.

I just happened to choose – someone had an actual person they work with on an ongoing and so I chose this person. I get on the phone with her and she works with one of my colleagues Jodie Moore, and she was saying how it was so interesting and so fascinating that I reached out to her because she had been asking Jodie to introduce us because she had seen my brand and been looking at my website and all my things and she had a whole folder on her computer of all the things that she could help me with and all the ideas she had for my business.

Like, what? She had no idea I’m out there looking for someone. She was just like, living and breathing her offer and what she does for people. So much so that she had a folder like, I can help this person. And so it’s so fascinating, and as me as the person who’s going to hire someone, when I meet someone and they know already so much about me and they can explain my problem and she was showing me all the things she could help me do, I’m like sold, let’s do this.

So much easier. So much easier when you’re just like, really truly believing in what you offer and what you do. So much easier to sell. And I personally have experienced this and my clients have experienced this. The more breakthroughs I have, the more money I make. The more breakthroughs my clients have, the more money they make.

And I see so many people going to all the networking events but they aren’t walking around like the finished product that they are offering. They get nowhere. And then they think it’s hard and it didn’t work. One of the things I learned in my coaching early on was integrity. My first coach taught me that you have to be the change you want to see in the world.

If you want dedicated students who pay quickly, show up to their calls, do the work in between calls, she told me like, you got to be that way in this relationship. I always knew that so I was always focused on being a really good student, being a really great client for my coach. And if you want people to pay you for coaching, you for sure need to be paying for coaching.

I’ve had so many people come to me and I coach them and they haven’t paid for any coaching. They haven’t actually ever hired a coach, which is what we talked about last week. It’s so important. If you’ve never hired one and experienced the benefit of having one, it’s going to be harder to sell your coaching.

If you create a program, a worksheet, or a protocol for your client, do it yourself first. I recently just did this with my 2K program. I created the entire program for exactly what I did and what I still do in my business, but doing this – like, we recently did a 32-day reboot in my program where I basically just did a Live every single day, me and my mentors about each one of the modules because I wanted it to be in the program where you do the module and then you have questions about the module and you have specific scenarios that come up and I wanted to capture those to add into my process so that people can watch them in the future.

And so every day before I went live to do my Q&A, I watched the module and I would take notes on it and I would do the work and I would think about deeper levels of understanding of it from where I’m at right now, and I would go into the Q&A and like, start it off with these are my current thoughts about this topic and this teaching from where I’m at right now.

And it was so powerful and one of the things that I learned the most about – and I made so much money, I’m doing my own program and then so many people are just coming and reaching out and signing up and I really think that was the secret sauce is I was going through my own program. But one of the big a-ha moments that I had through this process is that there really is nothing in there, not one thing that I teach that I didn’t do myself.

There’s nothing missing and nothing added. It’s so good. One of the biggest lessons I learned early on were the things I couldn’t coach my clients on or I couldn’t “sell” them on, I couldn’t inspire them on, I couldn’t help them believe were the things I couldn’t explain better than they understood it themselves because they were the things I didn’t quite understand myself.

So any area I got stuck in coaching my client on, whether it was on a consult or in my client relationship, I always knew where is this showing up in my life, where am I not fully understanding it, and then I would go to work to master it. Like, couple days. Like, I would go all in. I would self-coach myself like crazy, I would get my own breakthrough and go back to that call or back to the follow up or back to wherever we left off and coach from a place of deeply understanding it.

And I really believe this is a huge part of the process of making money, of becoming a great coach. I just worked constantly to identify what it was, work on it, and move on. You really are the first domino. If you imagine a whole thing of dominoes, the first one falls and then it knocks all the other ones over, you go, everyone goes after you.

And this is especially true on the micro level. Like, one of the biggest things that keeps my clients from overcoming objections in the beginning is that they believe their client’s sob story. You know the ones. The most recent one I had was one of my clients had a lady who was like, someone just passed away, her car was broke down, her dog was 17, it was this whole list of things.

And I remember telling my client like, what’s the dog being 17 have anything to do with it? When you believe people’s stories, it’s because you believe your own stories. And so you – anything that you’re believing about them, and this is what we do in the 2K group, when we’re doing evaluations, my clients will be like, this is what I believed and I couldn’t overcome this thing. She said this thing and I was like, oh crap, I agree with her.

And so now they have this area for them that they know now that they need to work on. Like, the best way to teach people to believe new things is to go to work yourself on believing new things. For me, I want my clients to be an example of what’s possible, so I work every day to lead the way on that because I want to inspire my clients and then I want them to inspire me all day long by being examples of what’s possible themselves.

I want to have an impressive list of transformations so I go to work to create an amazing list of transformations in myself. Not just in my business. In every area of my life. And those of you who work with my closely or follow me in this podcast or on social media, you know one of the biggest life transformations I’m getting right now is I decided to cut out flour and sugar and eat out a whole lot less and cut out wine and all this stuff to be the healthiest version of me and it’s required me to constrain down a lot on what I eat.

Like, literally I went from the person who was like, I could never cut out anything I eat because I love food too much to I’m not attached to food at all, I want what’s best for me in the healthiest version of myself and my clients are watching me do that and I just had a client message me the other day and it has nothing to do with business at all but she said, “Stacey, I just want to say I’m so proud of you.”

She said, “I know how much you love food, how passionate you’ve always felt about food, and how hard it must be for you to have done this transformation and I see how well you’re doing and it’s just so inspiring.” And that’s what I want to do, whether it’s my relationship, like, my clients can come to me with relationship issues on a business coach. But my relationship is something I’ve worked so hard on.

I’m not just working on being great at sales and being great at business. I’m working at being great at life because what I sell is life coaching, is mindset, so I’m working on my mind every single day and you’ve got to be too. Not just the area that you’re teaching in but every area.

When it comes to sales and selling, you really have to be the client you want to attract. I want you to think about this for yourself. Are you constantly on the fence? Think about right now. Is there a program or a coach you’ve been wanting to hire and you’ve just been on the fence, on the fence, on the fence, like back and forth, back and forth, I don’t know, maybe I should, maybe I should wait? Like, constantly going back and forth?

Even if it’s not my program. It’s totally fine. But like seriously, are you constantly on the fence with something? Is there something that you haven’t just cannonballed into the water on? Is there something that you’re hemming and hawing about? Such bad client attraction energy when you’re doing the same thing.

Do you say yes and then change your mind? I have so many coaches that do this. Over the years, I’ve seen so much of this and they’re coaches, and I’m like, what are they doing? This is what they’re going to attract. Are you hard to sell coaching to? What? Think about it. Are you a really hard sell for coaching?

For me, I bought everything my coach offered. I have a client, you’re going to hear from her in a couple of episodes, episode 10 I’m going to do an interview with her. She made over 100K last year and she is my one client, she’s been with me from the beginning. She buys everything I offer. If it’s a retreat, if it’s a mastermind, if it’s one-on-one coaching, if it was VIP coaching.

Everything I’ve ever offered she’s bought. I have another client who has also been this and she doesn’t work with me anymore but she’s worked with me up until almost $500,000 she was the same way. Everything I sold she bought. So everything she sells, her clients buy. I’m not saying you have to do that if it’s not in integrity for you, but you just want to think about are you a hard sell. Is it difficult to convince you that coaching is a great step for you?

Are you like, I coached one time and that’s all I ever need? And also check your reasons for it. Because my reasons for investing in everything my coaches ever offer and I’m the same way now with my mentor Brooke, like, everything she does I’m like, I’m in. I always say yes to everything.

And the reason for this is because number one, I believe so deeply in coaching and I believe so deeply in my mentor, but I also believe so deeply in total immersion. Like, I’m all in for the transformation and I’m all in for this is my number one priority. Just personal development and self-transformation, it’s my number one priority so why wouldn’t I want to go to that retreat? Why wouldn’t I want to join that mastermind? Why wouldn’t I want to do anything that’s presented to me?

And I really believe like, if I don’t have the money for it, it’s a challenge. Let me go out and create that money. Let me come up with it. One of the things I remember early on when I was coaching with my first coach is I remember she offered me something, I couldn’t afford it at the time and I had this thought, I never want to have to say no. I’m going to work so hard in my business so I never have to say no.

If I want to immerse myself, I just hired a one-on-one coach, and if I want o be able to do that, I never want money to the reason I can’t do it. I’m going to go work my butt off not only to have the life I want and to afford those things, but I never want to have to tell myself no when it comes to my emotional growth, my emotional wellness, my own mindset, my own personal growth, I never want to say no to that because it is everything.

You guys, it’s the only thing. That’s why we’re life coaches. Because we understand the power of mindset, the power of emotional wellness, the power of being coached. So I’m coaching myself every day. I’m constantly growing, I’m constantly saying yes to different coaching opportunities, to get myself coached up. I’m using all of those, I’m taking advantage of them. I’m not joining a program and falling off into the abyss and not showing up. I’m going all in 100% for everything I do but I’m saying yes all of the time.

But because it’s coming from this place of I deeply believe in this work and so when I am selling, it’s so easy for me to be like, of course you should buy this, even if you’re doing this other program. Why not? Why wouldn’t you get yourself the thing that you need to transform your business? Why wouldn’t you do that? Why would you wait? It doesn’t make any sense to me.

But not because I’m coming from this place of being salesy but because I’m coming from this place of I don’t ever wait to get the things I need for myself. I figure it out. Even if I have to put it on a credit card, I’m getting what I need. But it’s just this deep level of belief that goes way beyond the surface of just going and learning how to coach and coaching clients.

It’s like, I want you to think about where am I being an amazing client, what do I want to see in my clients, and how could I be that way with my coach or the coaching that I’m receiving, if it’s in a program or whatever it’s in. At the beginning of every mastermind, I tell my clients to imagine they were just starting a group coaching with 30 people and how would they want their clients to show up. And then I tell them to go to work to show up that way for themselves in my mastermind.

Like, are you all in on your coaching? Do you show up? Do you do all the work? Or do you quit halfway through? Are you all in for the growth? Like, I added it up thinking about this episode just in coaching alone, so not counting travel, not counting business expenses, just coaching, I’ve invested over $89,000 in four years. It’s not hard for me to sell something I believe in so deeply that I keep using in my own life over and over to take my life to the next level.

It’s not always in my business y’all. Sometimes it’s for my life. I’m in it for all the areas of transformation. Now, I’m talking about a lot of actions but I want you to think about what you do just comes from how you are feeling and what you are thinking. What you do tells me what you think. So being a product of your product is so important because it means you believe in your product, and that is what you need in order to sell it.

It will also strengthen your belief in yourself and your belief in other people. You’ll see other people as right where you used to be and you’ll feel so confident you can help them. And the more you believe in your product, the more coaching you’re going to sell, the more people you’re going to help, the more you’re going to believe in your product, and then the possibility for transformation and the human capability for change and then the more coaching you’re going to sell. It’s the cycle that keeps repeating itself.

Like, being a product of coaching means you believe in coaching. You want to sell a lot of life coaching, I want you to go back to that courtroom analogy. I love that. It gives me such a precise vision of what’s happening in my mind. So here you are, wanting to make money as a life coach, and the court is in session and the prosecutor tells the jury that it’s hard and you’re confused and you don’t know how and it’s impossible and maybe you’re just meant for corporate, and besides you work all day and there’s really rarely any time to build a business.

You’re so tired at the end of the day and you have kids and everyone that signs up for your consults says they don’t have any money and you’ve been trying to make money for a while and you keep failing and it hasn’t worked and you don’t have any clients, you haven’t made any money and you don’t know if you can even get people results.

Y’all know what I’m talking about. And then the defense tells the jury listen, it’s totally possible. You can do this. It’s why you have the goal in the first place because some part of you believes you can do this. You are a life coach, you help people, you have changed your life. Think about this transformation and that transformation and that transformation. You feel so much better than you used to and you want to help other people do it. Anything is possible. This work is life changing. Making money can be easy, you are capable, you are committed.

And you watch both sides and you choose the defense. You choose to think those thoughts over and over. You choose to feel good. You choose to believe. You take action from that belief. You keep taking action even when you aren’t getting the result you want. You stay committed. You never give up no matter how long it takes. You break through and you get transformation.

You get the result you committed to creating. Every time you get a result that you commit to creating, you strengthen your belief in coaching, you sell more coaching. And maybe you don’t have a defense yet and that’s where you need to start. You need to create one. What do you want to believe about yourself, about your capabilities of making money, about life coaching, about other people? Come up with your defense.

And then go to work to create and strengthen those new beliefs. Feel those new beliefs. Take action from those new beliefs and go after those results with massive unrelenting action. Do what you would tell your clients to do. Be an impeccable student. Ask your coach how you can be a great student. Better yet, ask yourself and then be one. No excuses.

Don’t be late, don’t show up every once in a while. I always tell my mastermind people, don’t be off camera, don’t be eating, don’t be filing your nails or your taxes. Don’t be walking around. Don’t be distracting. Be on the call and committed to being there.

These are the secrets to making money, y’all. You probably don’t think it has anything to do with anything, but selling yourself, creating massive belief around your product and being an example of what’s possible is it. It’s how you make money. I love this work, y’all. I really believe selling is coaching and coaching is selling. It’s all inspiring people into action. By inspiring yourself into action and leading the way.

I always tell my students that I don’t just teach them how to make money. I teach them how to be better coaches. You make money, you become a better coach. You become a better coach, you make more money. So good. Either way you work it, the result will be the same. So get out there, meet everyone. Tell them you’re a life coach. Offer to help them knowing they can do it and they want it and they want you to sell it to them.

Break down your goals into doable simple steps and get out there and just sell yourself, your product, and your client on themselves, and on taking action now and all of the time. Find all the ways you’re being a fraud and grow from it and be walking proof that this stuff works.

Making money as a life coach is as simple as being one. You’ve got this. I’ll talk to you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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