Ep #72: 3 Selling Philosophies to Create High Demand

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3 Selling Philosophies to Create High DemandA lot of the coaches going into my 200K program struggle with the idea that they will be able to create enough demand to reach their targets. Left unchecked, this thought has them scrambling, upping the price of their services, and all sorts of other misguided ways to try to increase their revenue.

Building a successful coaching practice is like a puzzle. And while you might hear of quick ways to boost your revenue, sustaining your demand while bringing in money is a piece of that puzzle you can’t afford to miss. So, I want to share the 3 selling philosophies that I and all of my successful clients have used to create high demand and continually generate interest in our offerings.

Join me on the podcast this week as I share the 3 selling philosophies that have created high demand for what I offer. You’re going to experience a little resistance and impatience when you hear how simple they are, but I’m giving you everything you need to apply them in your business right now and I guarantee you’ll see the benefits sooner than you think.

The 200K mastermind is opening up again soon! If you’re ready to start learning these advanced selling principles and apply them to your business, make sure you apply. It’s worth every single penny and if you want to work with me at this level, you have to get in this year, so get on the list now!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The 3 selling philosophies that never fail to create high demand.
  • Why nobody has ever gone broke using these 3 selling philosophies.
  • How these selling philosophies have helped me and my clients have our best months during a pandemic.
  • What’s going on for you if you’re experiencing a lack of patience in building up your coaching business.
  • The blocks that commonly come up around these philosophies and how to move past them.
  • How to apply these selling philosophies in your business and create a constant demand for your services.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach Podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches. Welcome to episode 72. How are you doing in this quarantine period? I have to be honest, I have hit – I think we’re seven weeks in and I have definitely hit a little bit of a slump. I notice myself sleeping so much and desiring to hug other humans so badly.

I actually had to call my mommy and ask her to drive down – possibly illegally, I’m not sure – drive down to spend the weekend with me. I’m like, “I need my momma.” So, that’s where I’m at. Is that where you’re at? I mean, I’m just hanging in there, coaching myself a lot.

It’s so funny because I’m an introvert – that’s what I would call myself. And I know that – I really believe being an introvert or an extrovert is a thought. But I really do mostly gain energy from being alone and being with other people usually sucks my energy.

And so, I know if I’m feeling it, I was thinking about all the people who would call themselves extroverts in the world, like, y’all must be really in it. So, let’s all just keep coaching ourselves and having – you know, I just coached with my coach Bev and she was saying, “Just have compassion for yourself.”

I’ve noticed, this week, I’ve been eating a lot of ice cream and spending a lot of money. My fiancé is like, “What else just came in the mail?” Like, actively trying to find things to buy. I’m like, what else can I spend money on?

So, I just noticed that my buffering has increased and I’m having a lot of compassion for it. I think that my coach said, you know – and I totally agree with her – that we are all being asked to do something that is taking away one of our greatest human needs that we all have for connection with other humans.

And then, I was talking to my bestie, Lindsay, and I was like, “You know, we’re taking away this need and we’re trying – although it’s fabulous that we can be virtual with each other, it’s so great that we have that technology, it’s not the same.” Virtual connection can never replace human connection.

So, I just wanted to offer this. Like, yes, I’m coaching myself through it. Yes, I know I will get out of it. I’m already feeling better today. The last week was really rough for me. I just want to say this for anyone else who is struggling with this currently.

I know people will listen to this for years to come and hopefully we never have a quarantine situation like this again, but for those of you that are listening in the current moment who might be having a really hard time, I just want to say that I don’t think it’s abnormal and I don’t think that you are doing it wrong if you’re struggling and I don’t think it means that you’re not a good coach if you’re struggling.

I just want to encourage everyone to have a lot of compassion because I don’t think we’re good at this. As humans, we’re not meant to be good at this. We are meant to touch and connect and have that in-person interaction.

And so, you know, I’ve been king of telling everybody who has been judging everybody for how they’re handling it and I’ve just been kind of telling everyone, like, we don’t know how to do this as humans and we’re not meant to be good at it, and so we all just need to have a lot of love and compassion for other people who we might think are doing it wrong.

And for ourselves, if we are not doing well and struggling, we just need to love ourselves. I think it’s a call to love yourself and other people more deeply. And that will make it easier in the process to make it through. So, I just wanted to give you all that little message. And then, I’m going to teach you all some really important stuff today.

But we are also getting ready to open enrolment for the 200K mastermind. Are you ready? This has been the most fun launch I’ve ever done. If you are not following me on Instagram, you better. I’m about to blow it up in a way that you’ve never seen before.

I came up with a really creative strategy for Instagram for this launch. And I’m really proud of it. I think it thinks outside the box and presents something to my audience that they’ve never gotten to see before. So, make sure you’re following me @staceyboehman, even if you’re not interested in joining the mastermind or you are not ready to join the mastermind. I mean, I can’t imagine either. You need to get in it.

My clients are literally blowing my freaking mind, like genuinely. I’m like, “What? This was possible?” They’re doing things I’ve never done. It’s blowing my mind in the best most fun way ever. And so, if you’re not even considering it, what is happening? The possibilities are endless.

But I do think you should follow me regardless @staceyboehman. We’ll link it up in the show notes because I’m really excited about our strategy. I think it’s really fun. I think it’s really unexpected. I think it’s innovative and I am just so excited.

And I’m excited for these bonus podcast interviews that I’ve been releasing in honor of the mastermind launch. And I’m thinking, should I just keep it going? How do I incorporate more of these? Because it used to be that when my clients would make 100K, we’d have them on the podcast because it’s such a big milestone. But now so many of them are doing it every round that I can’t get to them fast enough, so I added some bonuses for the weeks leading up to the launch.

So, when this episode drops, my interview with Kathryn Morrison will be live. And I did Kathryn, Simone, and Maggie. And I just think they’re so brilliant. And so, I’m so excited for that.

I wrote the most incredible emails. If you’re not on my list, get on it. the only way to get on it is you go to my website and you click the bottom on the homepage that says, I think it’s like, “I want to make money,” or, “Make money now.” And you join that funnel and you can be on my list. Once you’re out of that funnel, you get added to the main list. It’s the only way to get on, folks. You’ve got to go through the five-day training.

But I’m sending some really incredible emails. I wrote them, actually, ironically, as I was on the plane to Dallas in the best energy ever, right before I landed and the whole world fell apart. So, it’s really fun that – I’m so glad I wrote them when I did. I was just in the best place.

And then, we’ve worked so far ahead that I’ve had weeks to sit on my content for this launch and my strategy and I have been able to adjust and add things here and there. And so, I added a couple of emails last minute. So, we’re sending like three emails a day for three days straight during the application open enrollment.

But they’re the best emails ever and they’re going to teach you so much. Even if you’re not at 25K and you can’t enroll, you’ve got to read them. They’re so good. They’re such a great example of amazing sales copy and copy that will convert at a really high level. They’re so valuable. The stories I share are so inspiring.

If you’re already on my list, I’ve been sending out this current week that I’m recording this, before and afters from just our live three-day event and what coaching there, the results that it created. And people have been just blowing up 2K. Like, they’re just so inspired by the stories.

So, I really think – I, of course, always make sales offers. For every email I send out, you’re going to get an offer. But I also think my emails are more valuable than programs that you can buy. I think I really add a ton of value to all of my emails.

So, I really encourage you to read every single email I send for your own value, but also so that you can study what is good copy that converts. And I say that to myself not as like a pumping myself up or trying to – I don’t know what the word is, but I’m not giving myself a pat on the back. It is really great-converting copy.

And how I know this is because I have a $3 million business and I only have like 12,000 people on my list. I don’t think anyone else in the industry is doing that. And I’m doing it with my copy and I’m doing it with the process I’m going to talk to you all about today.

I’m going to give you the secret to how I’ve converted and turned a 12,000-person list into a $3 million business. We’ll probably do four or five million this year, actually. But we’ve done $3 million in the last 12 months. And this is how; the strategy I’m going to share with you.

But in honor of my 200K launch, I wanted to share something – it’s not even really a testimonial – a simple comment that Maggie – you just heard her on the podcast. Kathryn you’re going to hear this week on the podcast – that Maggie shared in our 200K page.

So, we do peer coaching. It’s the only time I allow it is when you’re in the 200K mastermind because everyone is thinking at such a high level and I know you’re ready for it. So, they do a lot of peer coaching with each other throughout the week. We do group calls as well, but they do a lot of peer coaching.

And so, Maggie had reached out. We did an exercise about their relationship with their goals. And so, I gave them all homework to do to work on their thoughts about their commitment to their goals. Maggie was having some struggles. And so, she reached out to Kathryn. Kathryn gave her this amazing exercise.

She did it. Then she posted it in our group and we all freaked out and we were like, “What? This is the most amazing thing ever.” And I’m like, “I’m going to do this exercise.” It was so good. Like, so good I’m looking forward to doing it.

And so, this is what Maggie commented after, on my comment saying, “I want to write this letter to myself,” Maggie said, “I can’t wait to read it. And I also had another thought about the mastermind. It’s like you get this business mind in the coaching world,” referring to me, “You get this incredible business mind in the coaching world, plus a team of coaches. Your peers, who you coach and get coached by. And Kathryn Morrison gave me this very simple, very clear assignment that was probably a no-brainer to her, and it was so simple, but it broke me open.”

And I just had to share that with you because we’ve been talking a lot about that in this current mastermind, using each other in the mastermind and using each person in the mastermind like they are as valuable as I am, and then talking to themselves and working on coaching themselves to believe they are as valuable in the mastermind as I am, and then using all of that energy, that value energy, to create and mastermind.

Like, that’s what a mastermind is. It is a group of people with outstanding intellect. And so, I love that idea that when you join this mastermind, at ant point, whenever you decide to join us in 200K, you don’t just get me and the 200K process. You also get a team of coaches who are performing at the highest level in this industry, coaching you and giving you their best ideas and their best tools.

And you get all of that at the same time for such an immersive six-month period that it’s impossible not to become someone completely different that blows your mind, and I just think it’s the best ever. So, I wanted to share that with you.

Alright, 11 minutes in, let’s start. Are you all ready? So, today I’m going to talk to you about three selling philosophies that I really have used to sell out my programs and create high demand and make $3 million with a list of like 12,000 people, which is just, again, unheard of in the coaching industry.

And I really work to create this system for my 200K students and I really believe this is one of the reasons that you see so much explosive growth coming out of this mastermind. It isn’t that these people were just destined to be bigtime players in the industry.

They weren’t just naturally talented when they joined the mastermind. Success isn’t available only for a select few. They didn’t get lucky. We strategically create their success. Everything that we do in the 200K mastermind has a reason behind it that has been investigated and chosen for the greatest good of their growth. So, the explosive success is just an inevitable result of the process, especially for those willing to continue honing this process, mastermind after mastermind.

So, today, you’re going to understand exactly how the results explode. My hope and desire for you is that you see this now in a way where it feels like a strategy instead of you’re watching some people get really lucky who are already pre-destined to be successful, because that’s really not what’s happening. What’s happening is available to you if you just implement the right strategies.

Now, before we dive in, you might be tempted, when you hear this process, to believe that this will take longer. And I just want to encourage you to notice any time you think something will slow you down, it’s because you are trying to urgently speed up in your mind. And that is always coming from lack and insufficiency; lack of money, status, time, something.

So, just notice if this comes up for you as I lay out these three strategies. I’ve seen it come up when you’ve made no money, for my clients in 2K who haven’t made money yet, who have just joined and are going through the process. But it also comes up for my 200K people when they’ve made a lot of money.

It’s one of the biggest things I myself worked through that matured me up so much; working though everything that made me think I was slowing down and my desire to resist that. And it was always, every time I’ve investigated it, it’s always because I wanted to be somewhere else, thinking that where I was wasn’t enough.

And then the last thing I want to say before we dive in is this is one of my advanced selling concepts that you’re truly ready for somewhere between 25K and 100K and really not before then. Before 25K, you really just want to be focused on making offers and signing clients and coaching yourself on anything that keeps you from it.

Again, you might think, “But I really want to speed up to these things.” And again, you just have to question why. But I don’t think it hurts for you to listen to this podcast and have this bug in your ear and kind of have it start sinking in. Because again, you can apply it whenever you’re ready.

This was really one of the things that gave me major success early on is my first coach taught me to only focus on the things that mattered when they mattered and not let myself try to learn a ton of things that weren’t applicable right then and there and try to be learning a ton of things and applying a bunch of things all at once, but to be really constrained and focused.

So, if you’re at that under 25K mark, listen but let it sink in for knowing that in the future you’re going to think about this. But don’t let yourself get consumed. And especially if you’re in 2K, don’t let it take you away from the process and the things that you really need to focus on early on.

Okay, so, let’s dive in. Are you ready? There are three selling philosophies that I use to create high demand for my coaching in this industry. They are undercharge, overpromise, and overdeliver. All three of these things together.

I learned this over the years working with my mentor Brooke. And I will say, before we dive in, that all of our million-dollar mentoring students and Brooke herself and myself and all of my students have never gone broke applying these philosophies. In fact, it’s always the opposite.

When you get when you apply these philosophies consistently is a constant demand, no matter what the world environment is. I really truly believe this is one of the reasons that me and my students have continued to make money, in fact, had our biggest months during a world pandemic.

So, if that doesn’t sell you on this idea, I don’t know what will. So, here we go. So, let’s talk about under-charging first. This is the one I anticipate you having the most resistance to. And it’s the thing that I see being mis-coached on and mis-taught the most in the industry as a whole.

There’s a lot of coaches trying to sell you on the idea of overcharging and backed by the reasoning of, “You’ve got to charge your worth, girlfriend.” I see a lot of posts like that, “You’ve got to charge your worth.”

Here’s what I want to offer if this is your resistance point or if you’ve been taught this, because I’ve untaught this a lot in 2K from the clients coming to me once they realize it isn’t working for them. Your self-value, your self-worth has nothing to do with your pricing. Your business value determines your pricing. And your supply and demand is the result of your business value.

And ultimately, your supply and the demand for your supply is what should determine your pricing. Your positioning is also what determines your pricing. These are strategic ways to consider pricing, is positioning and supply and demand.

Charging based on self-worth and thinking, “I’m not charging what I’m worth and so I’m going to charge more,” is making your client buying responsible for how you feel about yourself. So, I want to give you an example.

I had a student come to me in 2K on our live coaching call and she wanted coaching on – she raised her prices and her clients weren’t buying. The people she was getting on her consults weren’t buying. And so, I questioned why she raised her prices and I asked her where she was in her business, how many clients she had, and she didn’t have a full coaching practice, not even close.

But she was telling me that her six-figure friends were telling her that she’s worth so much more than what she was charging. But again, she didn’t have a full client roster. And one of the things I questioned was, was she ready and prepared to let clients walk away and lose sales to maintain her high price? And she wasn’t.

She was actually starting to get into a lot of drama that consults were saying no left and right. And another thing that had happened was she had signed one person, and so she was using this one person as validation that there would be people that would pay this price.

But the problem, and I see this a lot, is you try to raise your prices to this high coaching price, maybe $1000 a month or $30,000 coaching packages, $20,000 coaching packages. You get one person that says yes, and you start believing that people will pay that but without the realization that, of course, there’s always going to be one person that would be willing to pay you $30,000 to coach them.

But that’s like the 20% of people or less. There might be like 10% of the people who are willing to do that. And in order to have a full coaching practice, charging that 10% price, you have to have a ton of people following you, a ton of people willing to buy from you so that you can still have a full client coaching practice at that top-tier price.

So, what I see happens is people overcharge. And when I say they’re overcharging, they’re overcharging based on their demand. The demand isn’t there. So, what happens is they get a couple of people that pay them these inflated prices without the demand to support it. And then, they still don’t make a lot of money and they struggle to get clients.

They might be able to get three or four people to buy into a $40,000 coaching package, but they need more than that to hit their goals and they don’t have the demand to support more than that. So then, they start struggling and they have un-sold-out offers.

So, if you’ve listened to the last couple of podcasts, that’s one way to determine if you’re overcharging is you have un-sold-out offers; if you’ve raised your prices without a full coaching practice yet.

You want to make sure that you undercharge so that you have a constant supply of clients wanting to work with you, that you have a constant demand for your offer. You want to make sure that your supply will always be less than your demand. And when you have that equation backwards, what happens is you have to work so hard to fulfill your supply.

So, this is – my strategy has always been this, is undercharge. So, I just started at $100 a session and I sold year-long packages. So, I sold year-long packages for $5000; $5200 to be exact. And I chose that amount just because that was the amount my coach told me to and I didn’t want to spend time questioning it.

But there was a point where I felt like I could be charging more and I was giving a ton of value. But what was happening, because I was quote unquote undercharging, meaning I had a ton of demand for this price – and I’m going to talk about overdelivering later in the podcast – but because I was doing this, I had a list of people who wanted to work with me and I started selling out my packages.

And even then, when I first launched a group, I charged $1000 for a six-month coaching group. But what happened is I filled every last person for that mastermind. And then I did it again at the same price. Again, I just filled it, 20 people, sold out.

And so then, when the next one came around and I raised it, I think, to like $25,000 – I don’t remember, but it was something low – again, I was able to sell that out. So, I never had un-sold-out offers and I always had really happy customers telling all of their friends that they were getting way more than they were paying. It’s the best marketing strategy ever.

And a lot of times, again, that you guys want to think that if you undercharge, you’ll never make a lot of money, but the opposite is true. If you focus on growing your demand for the long-term, you will always, always have more people that want to pay you than you have supply. You have the ability to take those clients on. And when that equation starts happening for you, then you raise your prices as a filter for your best clients.

So, you have to create demand. That’s the number one thing you should be focused on when you’re growing your business, especially to the six-figure and the multiple six-figure level is you want to just focus on what’s the price that I can overpromise and overdeliver and create a fuck ton of demand for, so much so that eventually my offers will be so sold out that I’ll have to raise my prices and I’ll have the reputation of that point of having worked with so many people and their testimonial of my work is that, “I underpaid.”

Like, that’s what everyone says about 2K, “I should pay you $20,000 for what I’m getting in 2K.” And the same thing for my 200K mastermind. Like, one of my clients Mara came to my live event. And after three days of live coaching, she was like, literally in the room said, “I should write you another check for $25,000 just for what I’m getting here. I should be paying you $50,000 for this mastermind.”

You want your clients thinking that. When they think that, they’re going to buy from you over and over and over and they’re going to tell everyone that that was their experience. They’re going to feel like they won the lottery.

So, my goal is always undercharge – and we’re going to talk about overpromise and overdeliver – but create an experience where my clients feel like they got so much more than they paid that they won the lottery and then they go tell everyone they know. And it just jacks my demand up even more.

I just get more and more and more people coming to me. Like, 2K, we get so many referrals of people coming in because another coach told them how valuable the program was and how ridiculous it is that they only paid $2000 for it, or when people talk about how valuable 200K is and it’s absolutely ridiculous that they only paid 25K for it.

So, that’s the possibility you create when you deliver such high value and you undercharge for that value. Your clients go wild. They get amazing results. They trust you so deeply, they want to keep throwing all of their money at you. They want to tell all of their friends about you. They rave about you so you have amazing testimonials. Your reputation grows insane amounts.

There is no way, if all of those things are happening, that you will ever, ever be short on cash, that you will ever not get paid in the end. It will always come back to you 10 times over, I promise. It’s the biggest thing that I see coaches doing is they don’t create demand in the right way because they’re overcharging.

And in the beginning, a lot of times especially, if you try to overcharge and then you underdeliver, it’s the worst experience you could create for your clients. You don’t want your clients thinking that they paid too much, that they invested all this money and they didn’t get what they thought they would get. That is the opposite experience that will create demand and the opposite experience that you want to create.

So, you really want to think about the strategy long-term. If you’re thinking three years from now, if you want to be a coach that ahs so much demand that you can set all of your own rules, you can raise your prices like crazy and your demand will stay high and people will want to keep working with you and you’ll have a long list of clients and they all are raving about you and they all feel like they’re winning the lottery and they’re so much fun to coach and they get so much out of it, they tell everybody they know, they would give you any testimony you ever asked for, they get amazing results, their results start speaking for your coaching and your process. If you want that, the secret to that is giving your clients more value and undercharging for it. It’s such a secret philosophy to success.

Okay, so now, let’s talk about overpromising. Overpromising, when done right, is the most amazing tactic for you to become better as a coach, as a salesperson, as a teacher. One of the things that I think is so brilliant and I want you all to consider is that I offered a money-back guarantee for 2K before anyone had ever made their money back. What?

I really let this be the standard for myself in figuring out what I was going to offer in the program, what I was going to teach, and who I was going to be delivering it and the type of clients I was looking for to have joined the group.

Ad the other thing that I think that it pushes you to do is allow yourself the confidence to sell hard and promise big things. Like, what comes up in your brain when you go to – this is what I find with a lot of 2K students is they’re afraid to sell hard because they’re afraid they won’t back it up.

This is not actually a problem. You want to sell hard so that you’re required to step up for the delivery, so that you’re required to coach yourself on all the things that keep you from having the confidence to sell hard.

When I was thinking about each person that joined no matter who they were, no matter what their background, no matter what their certification level, no matter if they had no certification, no matter what their experience was in the coaching world, no matter how much education they had or didn’t have coming into the program, like, literally every type of person that could come into my program, when I started thinking about guaranteeing every single one of those people, $2000, that I would guarantee that they would make that back.

When I started making that promise out loud to my list on my live streams, on my podcast, of course everything, all of the beliefs, all of the doubt came flooding in, all of the fear. And I got to see what all that brought up and coached myself through it and question all of it and answer all of it and really become such a more clear coach than I’d ever been before.

Now, you don’t have offer a money back guarantee to do that. You just have to figure out what keeps you from overpromising. What keeps you from – and when I say overpromise, I mean giving a big promise. What keeps you from offering that someone will lose 100 pounds working with you or 50 pounds working with you? That offering that someone will 100% get married if they work with you? That they will 100% get over a heartbreak if they work with you? That they will 100% save their marriage from divorce if they work with you? I’m just thinking of examples. But come up with a big promise and figure out what would keep you form being comfortable to make that promise.

And then, the third part of the philosophy is going to be delivering on those things and there’s this amazing thing that happens when you coach yourself on all these things. You become the person who can deliver on them.

When you promise big, it requires you to step up and deliver in such a bigger way than you would if you were under-promising, if you were holding yourself back from selling big. So, I just want you to think about overpromising is selling big. You have to stretch your mind further than it’s ever been stretched before.

Now, again, I don’t teach you this in 2K because I want you focused on learning how to meet people and make offers and sell and overcome objections. And you want to push everything to the side that isn’t those things until you master those things because those are the things that will give you direct access to money the fastest. Then, when you’re ready for more, of course, I give you more tools. You join 200K and we do this work at a higher level.

So, what does it look like to stretch your mind further than it’s ever gone before? Stretch it in whatever it could be that you would offer that would make it hard for you to have confidence to sell it? And you don’t have to start immediately selling it. You can do this as a thought exercise.

Write down a huge promise that you can make your clients and then write down everything that would keep you from making that huge promise and start coaching yourself. It’s the best thing you could ever do, even if you never make that promise.

Like, in 200K, I have them come in and think about a money back guarantee. It’s not right for all of their positioning. So, we don’t do it for everybody. Your positioning really is a big factor in whether you would offer something like that. But I tell them to go there in their mind so that they could figure out all of the things that would make them afraid to do that and then work on all of those things to become so much stronger in their own coaching and delivery and their selling.

When you go to make those kinds of offers, even if you just write them down and think about making that offer, you’re going to find all the thinking that’s also in the way of you delivering those types of results.

If I never thought about – if you either make 2K or I give you your 2K back, if I’d never thought about that offer, I guarantee I wouldn’t have as many people making $2000 because I wouldn’t have held the group to that standard. I wouldn’t have held myself to that standard.

So, if you were to promise to help someone lose 50 pounds in six months, then you have to think about, in order to promise that, what would I teach? How would I have to coach? What would be the standard of tat coaching relationship? How would they have to show up as the client? How would I have to teach them to show up? What’s my responsibility? What’s theirs? What would make this result inevitable? How can I cut the fat? What isn’t necessary?

When I guarantee that people would make their 2K or I would give it back to them, I had to ask myself over and over what was essential to learn and what was not essential. Because all of the non-essential stuff I was teaching could add time to them getting their result. And I said I would help them do it in 30 days.

So, anything that is not essential to making money in 30 days, it isn’t featured in the 2K program. It required me to focus and constrain my teachings. 2K in 30 days was essential to that.

For me, the answer was meet people, make offers, sell them from a clean place, nail the consult, and overcome any objections on the spot so that the client signs right then and there. If you can do that, you don’t even need five consults each month; you need one.

So, overpromising unlocks the essential and the non-essential to your teaching and it finds all the places you aren’t confident, you aren’t certain, and allows you to get that on paper and start coaching yourself. It also allows you to sell at the level that you actually need to be selling at to sell people.

A lot of you guys are so afraid of overselling and overpromising that you under-promise and you undersell to match your current confidence level. But you’ve got to get in there and you’ve got to be confident and oversell and overpromise and step into that and into the confidence of being able to be that person who delivers that. You’ve got to do that work.

Of course, it will be scary. I made that promise before anyone made their money back. I was terrified that people would be asking for refunds left and right. But instead of letting that spin me out and shut me down, I got to work to figure out how to not make that happen, how to teach people at such a high level that they did get their results back.

And I had to hold that for a while in the beginning before people made their money back. And then they started making their money back and my confidence grew even more. But I couldn’t wait for tat to happen to grow my confidence. You can’t either.

You have to go out and oversell, overpromise. And what I mean by oversell is overpromise in your selling. Make hard selling offers. Make big bold offers of results that you will help people get. And then you have to do the other part, which is now overdeliver, which is coach yourself on everything that comes up that keeps you from feeling like you could back that offer with actual delivery of that, like actually delivering the 50 pounds in six months or whatever it is that you’re offering. It’s like, what would it take to deliver that?

Again, you can do this work without actually promising hardcore results, like you’ll lose 50 pounds in six months. You can do this just for yourself in your head. But it will still show through in what you teach your clients, how you approach your coaching, and the results that they get. And then eventually, you might be confident to actually say it out loud.

So, I’m okay with you not going out and saying that. But I think you at least have to question it for yourself and get it on paper and start figuring out if you really were going to do that, what would happen?

I do think though – and this is the last thing I will say about overpromising – when you say it out loud to actual humans, it makes it real. So, that is kind of the magic of making a really bold promise is once you’ve said it out loud, now you really have to do the work. It’s not just a fun self-coaching practice. It’s like, “I’ve got to really go to work to do this. There’s something on the line.”

And yes, you could maybe have to refund people if you actually offered a money back guarantee. Yes, you could have clients who you don’t actually deliver that on, especially in the beginning. But if you’re thinking long-term for who you want to become in the long-term of your business, it’s worth not getting it right for the first few people to figure out how to get it right for everyone following, for every person that comes after.

Sometimes, you have to be willing to sacrifice a couple of clients for the long-term of everybody else that you will help. And what I mean, sacrifice, they’re going to get results. They may not get the 50 pounds in six months, but they’re going to get results and you’re going to get better as a coach for the long-term of your business.

Okay, so, now let’s talk about overdelivering. So, again, I always want my clients to feel like they won the lottery. It’s the best marketing strategy ever because when clients feel like they’ve won the lottery, again, what do they do? They tell everyone about it. They sell for you. Your reputation sells for you.

Now, when you overpromise, it’s already a big ask for your brain. I know this. But what’s going to set you apart in the industry is when you figure out how to overdeliver on that overpromise as well.

Again, you might sacrifice a couple of clients in the beginning, meaning they may not get the exact results you promised. That’s not a problem. There’s a learning curve. You’re doing it for everybody that comes after. But you’re creating a skill that’s going to make you stand out above all the competition in this industry.

I’m going to tell you a little example of this. My client Maggie came to me and she joined three rounds ago in my 200K mastermind. And so, she joined a second time and I was charging 10K at the time for both of those rounds. And then I upped it to 25K. And I remember her asking on the page, when she was in a little bit of a fear about the 25K, like, what’s the increased value that’s going to come from this mastermind? Like, what else are we going to get? What’s the justification for paying more?

And I didn’t want her to make her decision from that place. So, I wrote back and was like, “There’s no added value. Either you thought this mastermind was worth 25K, so you’re willing to pay it this next time, or you don’t.” I didn’t give her any more coaching from that.

And so, she coached herself, of course, and realized, “I would have totally paid 25K for this mastermind.” And so, she signed up and she comes to the next round, but she was really thinking, like, “I don’t know how it could possibly be more value with this huge increase.”

She made peace with the fact that it wouldn’t be more value, because she was thinking, “I don’t know how it could be more value.” And a lot of my students, they were at the multiple six-figure level and they were all kind of thinking that, “I don’t know how she could take this to the next level. It already feels like it’s at the highest level. Now it’s more money at the highest level. I don’t know how she could possibly overdeliver on this.”

And then I went to Atlanta and we had a three-day event and I blew their fucking minds and they all left and said the same thing, “I could not picture how you would overdo the last one and the one before that and how you could make this mastermind any better. My mind is freaking blown. How did you?”

They were completely winning the lottery, “I should pay you 50K. This was worth the entire mastermind right here in this three days.” I blew their mind again when they couldn’t believe that I could blow it.

What happened, what created that result of them feeling like they won the lottery, of me overdelivering on something my returning clients couldn’t imagine I could overdeliver on, with a – is that a 250% price increase? Is that the numbers? I’m horrible at math. I think I’ve done this math before and I don’t remember what it is – a huge price increase, still overdelivering on that huge price increase, blowing my client’s minds, and giving them double the value in the first three days of the mastermind.

How did I do that? I’m going to tell you. I took my brain to overpromising. I tool my brain to overdelivering. And I asked myself, if I wanted to make this three-day event worth the price of the mastermind, if I wanted to blow their minds and literally give them everything they would need for the entire mastermind in three days, so that we didn’t even need – that’s the way I thought about it is we don’t even need the six months.

Like, if I took the six months coaching away, how would I deliver this three-day mastermind, if that’s all they got for 25K? And it helped me hone in my process and define it very clearly, write an entire book on it so that they had everything in front of them right then and there.

I took all of my emails that I wrote over an entire year, compiled them into a book with delivery rates, open rates, click rates, like everything, to show them how much money could be made with such a small list. I created the most incredible content for the three days. I delivered it in the most powerful way in the highest vibe that could be delivered.

We had the most incredible stage. We had lights. We had flowers. It was insane. And that may not seem like a big deal. But when you up-level the experience in the room, the way it looks, the way it feels, the energy, everything changes in the way that you consume the information. We thought of everything; the look, the feel, the content that was created.

I coached at the highest level. I gave them assets that would help them learn so much faster and deeper. I held nothing back when I coached. I coached them so hard. I didn’t just give them a book and have them read it. I didn’t tell them, “Go read it later.” We literally went through the book together over the three days.

They read the content. I taught on the content. I coached on the content. They did the exercises right then and there in the room, with me. Then we coached after they’d gone through the content. And then we moved onto the next piece of the process. It was such an immersive three days. They left completely different people.

I think overdelivering, specifically in this mastermind, my 200K mastermind, the process of overpromising and overdelivering with people who have come back round after round, who have already seen my work, they’ve already experienced my teachings one and two and three times, figuring out how to blow their minds keeps me on my toes and at the cutting edge of my growth and theirs.

It’s one of the greatest philosophies that had made me the best coach and helped me create so much value in the world and helped my clients, from that experience of just being involved in that, overdeliver for their clients and overpromise for their clients and create massive results for their clients, which then, of course, creates high demand for them and has them selling out their offers too.

It’s like being the example of what’s possible has changed everything for them, and then they will go do the same for their clients and, of course, my mentor did the same for me. It’s just this beautiful cycle of taking your brain to the highest level, creating value from that place, and then delivering from an even higher-level thinking place.

So that’s my goal. Every round, I want to make my clients question if it’s really possible that I would ever deliver as big as I’m promising and then blow their mind and deliver and give them even more than they could possibly expect or imagine.

It’s so fun to watch some of the before – we did some videos where we captured their thoughts before they came into the event and it was so fun to see just the energy buzzing, especially for some of them that were returning to know what was coming, but then not know what’s coming because they know me and they know the way that I overdeliver. It’s so fun.

And pushing my mind to do that is so fun. Some of you might be really scared of it, but really truly, it’s so fun to push your brain to that place. It up-levels me in the best way possible, even if it’s hard.

Okay, so, I want to remind you – I want to end with reminding you the purpose of all of this. The purpose of undercharging, overpromising, and overdelivering is to grow demand for your supply so that you sell out your offers. In the beginning, your first customers are going to be your early adopters. They’re the first people out of the gate to buy.

There are less of those people than what we would call the late adopters. But as you sell your offer consistently over time, you start getting both. So, the early adopters who just found you, those are my 2K people who buy the day they find out about me or a week after they find out about me.

They buy directly from my sales funnel or a webinar or they hear about me on Brooke’s podcast and they go look me up and buy. So, there will always be early adopters buying from you. If you’re afraid that this process feels slow, don’t worry. There will always be early adopters buying from you.

I say, it will take six months to a year for you to build your audience when you first start your business and to really start to see the money rolling in. But it doesn’t mean that you won’t make money along the way. You will, from your easiest people to sell, those early adopters.

Then, as your consistency gets stronger and stronger and your clients start getting results and you start building a reputation for delivering on your offer, the late adopters start coming in. And consider this; they are a larger group.

20% of the people are going to be your early adopters and they’re always going to buy. 60% are going to be your late adopters. So, that 60%, when it comes rolling in, that’s when it feels like a flood of money is just pouring into your business. And then, just so you know, 20% will never buy from you no matter how awesome you are.

So, when you reach that tipping point of early adopters buying and late adopters buying, that is when you start having more demand than you have supply. Then and only then should you raise your prices. So, let the demand for your offer decide when to raise your prices, not your belief that you are worth more.

Your clients don’t give a shit about your belief and your self-worth. They care about the value you bring. And as more and more people want what you’re selling and buy what you’re selling, your business value goes up.

You can decide you’re worth a million dollars right now. But it doesn’t mean you charge it. Your pricing, you want to become this thing that filters for your best clients when you have enough demand to start filtering clients. And then, when you have no more room for them, you add an offer.

If you remember last week’s episode on business coaching models, the next offer I recommend starting with one on one is group. When your one on one is sold out and you have a waitlist of people waiting to buy it from you but they can’t, it’s the perfect time to sell them a group. You can do that when you have a lot of demand.

I work with my clients in 200K, when they sell out their one on one, we start selling their upcoming spots for when they’ll be available and they get payment in full for coaching that sometimes doesn’t start for three months. Then, when that is so booked up they couldn’t possibly take any more, we launch a group.

And when that group starts selling out or you have demand already that is much greater than you could ever have for a group, like my client Samantha who has a full one on one coaching practice of 23 clients and a full group coaching program and a Facebook group of 8000 people who want to work with her, that’s when you start creating a program and phasing one on one out and you just do group and a program.

Demand gives you so many options. This three-part selling philosophy I teach in 200K makes it so simple to create demand and create a lot of choices for you in your business. One of the things I make my 200K students do – and I do make them – is choose only their best clients.

In the beginning, I recommend you work with anyone. And those difficult clients are the best people to help you become an incredible coach and teacher. But when your demand is high, you filter clients with your pricing, your standard, with your best clients in mind, everything becomes about your rules.

It gets to be that way because you have so many people who are interested in working with you. This is when business becomes really fun and energizes you and you start reaching new levels of your brain power and creativity. This is when you as a thought leader emerges.

Sometimes, I think people diminish learning sales in their mind because they kind of think they’re like above it, above selling, they’re smarter than that and they’re talented enough in their skills not to need it. But you don’t see any thought leaders in the world who aren’t good at selling. This is how you get your thoughts into the world; by learning how to sell them.

Alright, listen to this one over and over. I know I dropped a lot of stuff on you. But again, the last three episodes, they’ve been a lot longer because I wanted to give you what the puzzle looks like in full. I think that’s so helpful before you start going into all the little details and putting the puzzle together.

Otherwise it just feels like you have no direction and you’re just putting puzzle pieces together but you don’t even know what the end result is going to look like. So, the last three episodes have been me kind of showing you the whole puzzle so you could understand what it’s supposed to look like before you start putting all the pieces together.

And then, when you join 200K, that’s when we start putting all the pieces together. But now you know what the whole puzzle looks like, you have a little more direction. And that’s kind of what our three-day event is too. Really, we put the whole puzzle out in front of you. We do the work to start putting the puzzle together at the event. And then you have six months of coaching to go in and make sure all those puzzle pieces fit and it all comes together and you have a beautiful puzzle that you glue together and frame as a 200K or more business.

Alright, so, applications will be open May 4th and 5th. Make sure you apply if you’re at the 25K or more level. And I will see you next week after enrollment will be closed. It’s a fast open and close.

And if you miss this one, just know, we always put the next one up a few weeks after the launch is over, so you’ll have the dates for the live events. So, just make sure you keep checking that sales page. It’s www.staceyboehman.com/200k-mastermind. Go to that sales page. You’ll always be able to see when enrolment is opening up, when we accept applications, and when the next mastermind actually starts. And we even put the locations of where we’re going to have it.

Alright, that’s it for this week. I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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