Make Money as a Life Coach® | Signing Clients Out of NowhereWhat are you leaning on as proof that the clients you dream of signing are on their way? For many of you, it’s the number of comments and likes you get on your posts, how many people turn up to your webinars, or the level of engagement you get on social media. But what if these things that your brain believes are indicators of clients coming aren’t true? 

The truth is using these factors as a sign of perceived interest in your coaching is working against you. I know all too well from my pitching days and even in my coaching business that I don’t need other people to validate or indulge me for me to make a ton of money. And on this episode, you’re hearing from a number of my coaching clients who have discovered the same.

Listen in this week as my students share stories from their own business of clients coming out of nowhere and signing with them. I’m offering my top beliefs you can borrow to show up ready to coach, no matter how many people are watching, and you’ll learn why relying on engagement as an indicator of potential clients is boxing in your possibility.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How you might be boxing in what’s possible for you. 
  • Why relying on engagement and interactions as a sign that clients are coming works against you.
  • One of the most important things you have to believe.
  • Examples from my own life of signing clients out of nowhere. 
  • My clients’ stories of signing clients out of nowhere. 
  • What it takes to create impossible results. 

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 179. Today I am bringing you a very important lesson, something to really absorb in your self-conscious, in your subconscious. What’s happening? I have COVID brain, you all. I just got over COVID, I’m still getting over COVID. I’m officially negative but you all, the sinus drainage is for real. So, if I sound a little stuffed up, and I have a little bit of a crazy brain, that’s what’s happening here. Okay, so let me start over.

Today I’m bringing you a very important lesson, something to really absorb into your subconscious. Okay, we’re back, we’re back. So, a lot of you, and I did this to myself too a lot is you predict the amount of money that you can make or the number of clients that you can sign based on social engagement, social media engagement or personal interaction and perceived interest in your coaching. So, if you have perceived interest in your coaching you feel you are close, it’s working, and you could sign a client any day.

But then if you don’t you often feel very far from making money and then you actually stop doing money making activities. You stop meeting people. You stop telling them you’re a life coach and making offers to help. I want to offer that both of these states of mind actually create a not so useful cycle of ups and downs in your business.

So, you can feel energized if people are giving you attention and validation and then you can feel worthless and pointless if they don’t. And both, even though one feels really good, sometimes our good feelings don’t surface either. Both are looking to the outside world to decide if you’re going to create your results or not.

We don’t ever look to circumstances, tangible concrete things to decide what can be true for us, what is possible for us, what we will create because all that does is have you living inside the life you already have. It boxes you in. And what it really does is it removes possibility. Your job especially in the beginning is to ride a possibility, ride like it like a wave, that you could sign a client today. And then to keep riding that possibility wave until you believe it more and more and until it becomes inevitable.

If you want to do more work on that go back and listen to the podcast that I had on the three stages of belief. I talk about impossibility, possibility, and inevitability. And really since I’ve been teaching this so much I think there are actual four stages, it’s impossibility, possibility, probability and then inevitability. You walk yourself up. So, I have three separate episodes back to back on that if you want to dive into that more.

But truly our job is to question the impossibility of outcomes, to notice when we are allowing our mind and our emotions to come from that place. And to kind of poke holes with possibility. Poke holes in the impossibility using possibility, to let our mind go there, our emotions to go there. And then our actions will follow suit. That is how we create impossible results, results that we believed were impossible, results that were impossible to us at one point, this is how we bring those new things into our reality.

So, one of the most important things that you can believe is it’s working and I’m working. But you have to hold that even if you aren’t getting what you believe is the proper amount of engagement to prove that to be true. So, I really recommend that you ask yourself this question. It’s going to be really useful. What level of engagement am I expecting in order to validate my belief of it’s working, and I can sign a client today? Is it 30 people liking the post? Is it five people commenting on the post, 100, 1,000? Get specific with yourself.

Really ask yourself, what, if I had this level of engagement I could believe I could sign a client today, or if I had this tangible thing, this would make me believe? A lot of you guys it’s consults. So, can I have a consult on the books then I can believe I can sign a client today? But sometimes it’s your entire motivation to market your business and to meet people and tell them you’re a coach, and make offers to help them, lies purely in how many people commented on your last post.

And I always tell you all, go look at my social media. It’s the perfect proof of what I’m telling you. We just did a 200K launch, 200K Mastermind launch, if you go look at the posts from that launch, I am recording this in April of 2022. What year is it? What’s happening? April of 2022, if you go to the last launch and you look at the engagement, there’ll be a video posted with two comments on it. And if there were 16 comments, that was a lot for the post. And that’s including my team or myself responding back. So maybe it was eight actual people posting for a sales post.

Yet, we made five million dollars between 200K and Two Million Dollar Group. What? Five million dollars. Our social media is the last indication of success for us, and it should be for you too. Or again, is it that consult that’s actually scheduled today? Does that allow you to believe that you can make 2K today? Is it being in active conversation about what you do and talking to someone about coaching and their interest in coaching, and their interest in working with you back and forth on Messenger, is that what makes you believe that you can make money today?

Check in, see what your brain is expecting, what your brain is looking for as proof that you can feel safe to believe a client is coming. Now, after you do that I want you to consider what if none of those things your brain believes is actually an indicator that a client is coming? This is going to be very trippy. I’m going to say it again, I want you to really consider it. What if none of those things that your brain believes is an indicator that clients are coming, what if none of those are actual indicators that a client is coming? It’s the biggest brain fuck ever but what if it’s true?

Take a second to think about that, let it sink in. What if none of those things are actual indicators of money about to come to you? I’ve told lots of pitching stories before but I’m going to tell you another one. Are you ready? There were many stories, I actually don’t have any specific ones in mind. There were so many. But there were many stores where I would go in and I would do my pitch. And lots of people would show up and they would whoop, and holler, and participate, and be so engaged. And they would behave exactly as I dreamed. Perfect customers.

I almost said students, perfect students of my pitch, perfect customers of what I could imagine, and perfect audience, nailing the perfect audience interaction. And I would have so much fun selling to them. And then none of them would buy. What? It would drive me absolutely bonkers. But then I do have one specific story. There were a lot. One specific story, one specific store and there were lots of them, but this is the one that stands out because my husband is from this town.

I may have even told this story on the podcast, but we worked this Walmart, my friend and I once worked this Walmart, maybe actually we did twice in Jasper, Indiana. And so, it’s like a bunch of farming people, it’s farm town. And it’s the only Walmart in I don’t even know how many miles. So, it’s very busy. And so, I think one time we did knives and one time we did slicers in the store. And we would get tons of people to the stage, and we would do our show.

And the entire show they would look at you with the faces of I am not amused by this with their arms crossed, really standoffish, arms crossed in a really negative way. And they would refuse to answer any questions during the show, we had built in questions to get them used to raising their hand, and agreeing, and to get them participating because then they would be more likely to buy. And they would not do that, so much so that we had to cut the interaction out of the show because it made it look very obvious that people were not responding.

They were like, no, I’m not giving you anything that you want, anything. And so, they would look at you stone faced for 20 minutes. It would produce in me a vibration in my body of such discomfort for 20 minutes straight. But if I didn’t give in to the discomfort and I just kept going as if nothing has gone wrong, this is always the way it’s supposed to be, it means nothing about their buying capabilities. I would tell myself that as I’m sitting there in this extreme discomfort, this means nothing, I have no idea what they’re thinking, I have no idea.

All of their hands would fly in the air at the end of the show. And I made so much money from that store. And I remember after working that store twice, another rep that was not as seasoned went and worked in that store and bombed. I mean they couldn’t sell anything. And I remember being on the phone with them a ton. And I kept telling them, “You can’t let these people get in your head. They’re just not going to give you what you want. They’re not going to behave the way that you think they should but they’re still going to buy.” And it was too much for this person, they just couldn’t do it.

So, I learned a few things from this. One of the things I learned in the store is I can have fun, or I can make a lot of money. And I would rather make a lot of money. I can be indulged, okay, this is when people behave how I want them to when I’m selling. I get indulged, I get to feel good about myself, and believe all the things about my selling, and my offer, and myself that make me feel all tingly. I can believe really good things and feel really amazing. They can indulge me with their behavior, or they can buy from me.

And sometimes you get people who will indulge you in the proper behavior according to your manual of how they should behave, and it will be lovely, but sometimes they won’t. Some people will give you amazing testimonials without you ever asking them. And then some people will make millions of dollars with you and never post or say any words about you whatsoever. Or they could lose a ton of weight and be your best example of losing weight, or they could save their marriage, whatever it is. It doesn’t have to be a business analogy.

But they could do, you could have your best student and they never ever talk about you, or give any acknowledgement, or give you a testimonial. And then you can have people that will just do it naturally. We don’t want to live off of just the people who do it naturally and expect everyone to behave that way. Or we can’t have fun, we can’t make money, we can’t be successful, we can’t create the results we want to create, that we can’t feel good about ourselves.

So, I learned to indulge myself, fill myself up with how I want to feel and think about myself, and my selling, and my money. And I let them behave the way they want, however they want. And when I do need them to validate me, or indulge me, or give me a reason that allows me to have fun, what ends up happening when they don’t, if I need them to and they don’t is I would push them to, I would nudge them to, sometimes even in a very needy, convincing, rude way. My pitch would become snarky, it would feel very like me against them.

You could feel the desperation. Everyone knows a cranky desperate salesperson sort of like poking their customers. But we do that as coaches in our posts, and in our interactions, and in our consults, very subtly but we do it. And you want to notice this when you do this, when you try to goad people into an interaction, we get so desperate that we start wanting any interaction even if it’s a negative one. We just want a response so that we can believe a client is going to pay us, so that we can have fun and we can believe we’re going to be successful. But this is not the way to go about it.

We have to do this work for ourselves, it’s our job to believe clients are coming, we are a success and to have fun, and to believe the value that we are putting in our value bank. This is another podcast you can listen to, to believe the value that we’re putting in our value bank is adding up. To believe that all of our daily efforts are working and to act from this place until they do, not to question if it’s working, not to use how long it’s been to believe whether it’s going to work or not. I’ve been making value for two months and no one’s taken me up on it.

I’ve been giving value to the value bank for this amount of time. No, we have to keep meeting people, keep showing individuals and the world what life coaching is and showing up as examples of what is possible as products of our products, of what it means to be a life coach. We have to keep serving others and giving value to the value bank. We have to keep making unattached offers to help people and we have to keep doing this until people buy.

And we have to do this believing that interaction, that the interaction and the engagement thus far means nothing about someone’s actual interest or their timeframe of buying. Because the truth is the most serious buyers are often not the biggest engagers. Sometimes they don’t engage at all, they just appear to us as coming out of nowhere. So why I titled this episode, signing clients out of nowhere, we’re going to talk about this in just a second.

But first I just want to say, you all need to go grab the transcript of this and highlight every thought I have offered you thus far on this episode and every one I’m about to offer you because I have offered you way over $2,000 worth of thoughts. This one being one of the most important ones, that the truth is the most serious buyers often appear to come out of nowhere. They don’t engage at all. You have no idea that your most serious client is watching you right now. You have no idea that any of them are watching you.

And if you wait to be a life coach to show up with a positive managed mind full of belief, until you have proof that someone is watching you, you will be too late. It’s like a lot of you turn being a coach on and off, that’s what you’re doing when you need to see it to believe it. If someone asks you about coaching, that’s when you really turn it on. But if you wait for those few and far between moments you won’t be practiced, you won’t have said what a life coach is a 1,000 times.

Your belief in yourself and your ability to help will be shaky. It won’t be your most practiced thought. It won’t be your most practiced way of being. You have to be 100% of the time so that it’s your natural reflex, a consult is a natural progression of just who you are, when you live in belief that it’s working, and clients are coming and in fact you’re going to make money as a life coach. A consult shouldn’t feel like the gold pot at the end of the rainbow. It’s just what you’re doing today because you’re a coach. It’s as normal of an activity as anything else in your day.

And not surprised and delighted by it, it’s who you are. Okay, again, $2,000 worth of thoughts, $10,000 worth of thoughts. A consult is not an opportunity, it’s a natural progression of who you are. So, I’ve given you lots of these thoughts, lots of perspective but now I want to inquiry it with proof. I don’t want you to need it. I do think it’s helpful to look for evidence of possibility everywhere. You can find tangible evidence to what I’m saying. So, for a few months back I posted in 2K, I love to start proof and possibility chains in there all the time.

One time we started one with all of the creative ways that people have come up with money to pay for coaching, to debunk the belief, the only clients who will sign up are the ones who have money on hand or in their account. They can financially afford it. It was brilliant, it was hundreds of comments long. And then we started one at the beginning of the pandemic for every client signed to prove to coaches that people were spending money in the pandemic.

And it was hundreds of comments long as well, of who was buying coaching and what they were wanting coaching on, almost all, that had nothing to do with the pandemic whatsoever. So, my coaches just kept making money in the pandemic, that’s another value of being in 2K for 2K, you get access to these conversations, to these examples, to tangible proof that the industry isn’t saturated, and all kinds of people buy coaching for hundreds of reasons, and they come up with the most creative ways to pay for their coaching.

By the way, making pot brownies and selling them was one of my favorites. Listen, I don’t even know if it was a state where that was legal or not, none of my business but it was creative as hell. So anyways, I started a chain and I asked coaches in the community to tell stories of when they signed clients out of nowhere, completely thin air. Stories of when they signed clients and had no clue that that person was watching, was interested, or was going to buy at all. Poof. They literally just felt like they came out of nowhere.

And the stories were so good. So, then I asked some of the coaches to record their stories for you. And this is not the entirety of that fabulous chain, we can only fit so much into an episode. So, if you’re in 2K and you didn’t see that post, you can search my name and it will come up. And if you join 2K you can also do the same. And I also want to say before we dive in that if you have a story to add or you gain a story to add, to go back and add it to that chain.

The more proof we list in that chain the more coaches will start to believe it, not just that it can happen but that it can happen to you too. So, here’s what I’m going to do, before we dive in, and you get to hear all of the fabulous stories that we’ve selected I want to start with a few examples of my own.

And you maybe have heard some of these, but my first client literally was not following me, was not friends with me on Facebook, did not know her out of anywhere. She was the best friend of a free coaching client I had. That free coaching client did not become a paid client for two years. But she had mentioned being on a call with me. And her best friend was like, “I have to do that.” And she looked me up and did all the legwork, had not looked at anything I’d done, read anything I’d written and just reached out for a consult.

Another time I had a client who messaged me, she was a client already and she said, “I met this girl who I love, who’s doing incredible work in the world, but she has no money and I want to pay for her to have coaching, can I sponsor her coaching?” Out of nowhere, this person didn’t know who I was. This other person had to go tell her, “Hey, I work with this life coach and I’m going to pay for you to work with her too.”

Another time I had someone who was interested in coaching with me, we had five conversations about it, and she never signed up. Eventually she did but it was another one where it was years later. But I woke up to a text from a random person, didn’t even have their number on my phone, weren’t following me on social media, weren’t friends with me on Facebook, just a random person saying that his person that I’d had the five conversations with had referred her to me.

And that person did a consult one day later and signed up immediately. And then that same day that she signed up and paid she called her friend and told her friend how excited she was, and her friend was like, “I want her number.” And her friend messaged me as well and she had a consult the next day and then she signed up immediately. So, I signed two year long clients in one week that weren’t on my calendar on Monday and weren’t in my world at all. They hadn’t been following or engaging. They hadn’t been reading my stuff.

They had a conversation with someone else that turned into immediate action. That is possible for you. Okay, so those are just a few stories of mine from early on but here are real coaches stories of real people reaching out from nowhere to buy coaching. This can happen to you too, you have to believe that the world is always watching right now, that you are influencing people right now without even knowing that every step you are making is impacting, it’s working.

It’s all adding up and people’s interaction level with you is no indicator that this is happening. It’s all adding up to these moments right here.

Hi there, my name is Alison McLean, I help wellness practitioners grow their business while caring for their health and enjoying life in the process. I have a six month one-to-one program where we do just that. I help practitioners get more clients and revenue while having more time for themselves while creating precious memories with their families. My story about signing a client out of nowhere is using Stacey’s PSPR process. She teaches us in her 200K Mastermind.

One day I slowed down and really took the time to focus both on the energy of what behind copy I was writing using the PSPR method. And to my surprise after that email was published someone signed up pretty immediately for a consult. On the consult I asked her what compelled her to sign up for the consult and she said it was through the email that I had just sent, it really spoke to her. She’d been on my list for years but that particular email told her that I could help her right now.

Hi everyone, my name is Annie Morgan, I’m a business coach for moms. And I help moms start their business and stop using motherhood against them and their ambitions. Clients can come from nowhere. I had a client who was following me for four months on Instagram, never once made herself known that she, one, was following me, never engaged in any of my content, never slid into the DMs. There was literally no indication that she was following me, I had no idea.

One day out of nowhere I received a message from her letting me know that she had been following me for four months. During this time, she was going back and forth, and she was just so tired of waiting to work with me. She was ready right then. And then we signed her as a client. An hour before this happened I was coaching a client of mine on holding belief that there was someone out there who wanted her help today, they were ready. I was holding so much belief for my client that I created this result in my own business.

My name is Carlos DelaPlaya, I am a self-expression coach. And I help my clients take up more space and become more magnetic in all areas of their life. I work with my clients one-on-one and that’s my only offer at the moment. My story of how I met a client randomly is that I was working on my business in the common area of my apartment. And right outside my apartment door I heard ducks fighting. So, I went outside to just look at these ducks. And right next to the ducks was the new tenant that moved into the apartment right across from mine.

She introduces herself to me and she asked me what do I do? And I said, “I am a life coach.” And she said, “I was just looking for a life coach.”  The next day we had a consultation and she signed up and paid right then and there. So yes, you can meet clients simply from noticing ducks fighting outside your door.

Hello there, my name is Danielle Maloney Gerlach, I am a life and purpose coach who helps women untether their limiting past narrative and unleash them into their next best version so that they can be living their lives on purpose. My story is that I was visiting Saratoga Springs, New York. I had posted on Instagram a post around coaching and this person found me because we have the same location. She was visiting the same town. She then followed me on Instagram which led her to go to my website and sign up for my newsletter.

She ingested all of my information for about six months. Signed up for a consult call which she later told me she almost talked herself out of. We have been working together for five months. We have one month left of the package and her transformations have been so huge. She no longer identifies with her past pain story and she’s truly living into the person she always dreamed of. She said, “I want to keep going for another six months. I will always have a life coach moving forward.”

Hi, my name is Francesca Woltanski, and I am a time coach. I have a six month one-on-one coaching program where I help time starved women get 10 plus hours back in their week. So, I was actually on the way to the store when I saw a Facebook notification that someone had posted. And they were asking for help. So, with this energy of, oh my gosh, I can totally help this person I quickly messaged, “I can help.” So simple.

A few days later a completely different person sent me a message and said, “I don’t even know the words that you used. I think you said systems ninja,” which I didn’t. I just said, “I can help you.” And she was like, “I knew that I needed to hire you.”

Hi, I’m Gretchen Hernandez, I’m a business process and mindset coach at My Freedom Growth. I help coaches, healers and educators get their businesses up and running smoothly and profitably while putting their mental health first. I work with clients one-on-one and through group membership, designing their business models, products and services, processes, schedules and resolving emotional triggers. I actually signed four clients I didn’t realize were following me.

One was the wife of a man that was following me. He was an old coworker of mine. Three years ago, when I first started my business I saw him at Target. I told him all about my new business, who I was coaching and then I gave him my business card in case he ever needed my help. I didn’t realize this whole time he was actually following my podcast and my posts on Facebook. So, when his wife needed support, he told her all about me. She was a yes before we even met. And then when we did she said, “He really came through for me this time.”

I’m Jen Youngquist and I coach growth minded professional women who want to answer the question, why the hell am I still single when I don’t want to be? My offer’s six months of one-on-one coaching in my signature program, The Path to Partnership where we go deep into answering that question and shifting the energy around that. So, my story is, I’ve had four clients come from seemingly nowhere. Three of my clients were lurkers in my Facebook group who never commented or liked a single post of mine.

I hadn’t even been aware of their existence. Two of them actually ended up paying in full. I had one come from LinkedIn who was not even a connection of mine on there. And it was from a time when I didn’t really pay much attention to LinkedIn. I didn’t really put a lot of posts out there. So somehow she came across a post of mine, it inspired her to sign up for a consult and she paid in full. So, you just never know.

My name is Katie Blodgett, I am a general life coach and I work with ladies who are looking for support to follow through with their goals. I do this through my mindset membership called The Follow Through Crew and by working one-to-one with clients. My first long term client came out of nowhere. She had applied through my website to work one-to-one with me, and I was just finishing my certification at the time. So, I hadn’t actually launched anything yet. I asked her how she found me, and she told me it was through Instagram, but she wasn’t even a follower.

She also had one of those hidden accounts. So, before we hopped on the consult I couldn’t look her up at all. She had just searched ‘life coach’ on Instagram and she thought that I seemed similar to her. And she believed I could help her. She was an amazing client in the end too. Like many things I have achieved in life I wasn’t in desperate energy. I was simply showing up unattached, giving value and boom, she appeared. This taught me, you just really never know who might be paying attention.

Hi, my name is Lara Johnson, I coach moms to help them become who they’re meant to be while being the moms they want to be. I offer six months one-on-one coaching packages for $3,000. Not long ago I was walking down an aisle at Costco doing the regular grocery shopping and I ran into an old roommate of mine from college. I hadn’t seen or heard from her in over 15 years since she had moved out.

I didn’t realize at the time that we were Facebook friends. But she told me when I saw her that she loves and reads every single one of my posts and she would love to work with me. And you have to know that she had never once commented or liked a single post. I did get her number and we decided to meet up for lunch just to have a fun time catching up which we did, and it was great. At that time, she scheduled a consultation and we started working together a month later. You never know who is reading or listening to any of your social media posts.

I’m Lizzie Larock and I coach women over 40 how to get out of their own way and get into their best creative life. I also lead corporate creativity workshops and I have a membership called The Life Feast. That’s a mashup of positive psychology, creativity, and iPhone photography. And I also coach clients one-on-one as a life coach. And my former doctor reached out to me recently about coaching her. So, I probably hadn’t seen her in about five years or so but apparently she’s been following me on Facebook and reached out.

I was definitely a bit intimidated, and we’d only ever been in the dynamic where I was the patient, and she was the doctor. And I forgot that doctors are people too. But I knew that I could help her and so like any self-respecting 2K member I cram watched the Overcoming Objections module right before we met. And applied everything that I could jam into my brain right before the consult and she signed on as my client.

So since then, I’ve also had my dermatologist ask about my offerings and my physical therapist signed up for the Life Feast membership and then bought a second one as a gift for her sister. And that was just from me complaining about my neck and being on my computer too much for my work and her asking what I do for a living. So, for all you listeners out there, don’t be afraid to talk about being a coach or whatever your program is when you’re at a doctor appointment or your physical therapist appointment because they just might want to hire you.

Hi, my name is Maria Tolstykh, I help women embody and own their sexuality, and create more pleasure in their lives. I lead group retreats and also coach women one-on-one. One time I was teaching a class at a friend’s event. And one of the participants found me via my old consulting website. She said she wanted to work with me but didn’t know how to find me, so she did some research. And this was the only avenue she found to contact me. So, she sent me a message via the website, and I signed her as a client.

Hi, my name is Melissa Parsons, I am a one-on-one coach for women with brains who want to become their own best friend. I have an awesome story. I was contacted about two months ago by a client who was told by a friend of hers that she must hire me, that I was awesome and amazing. And of course, I asked her who it is because I always love the idea that people are raving fans of Melissa Parsons coaching without me even knowing about it. And she answered saying another woman who I have never even heard of, I had no idea who she is.

But she told this client of mine that she must hire me. And the client listened so that was so fun. So, this just fortified my idea that there are people out there who are listening to our messages, and we have no idea. So, keep speaking up.

My name is Michelle Magner, I coach people who are helping aging family members so they can keep their own life together and have calm, clarity, and confidence. My expertise is in caregiving, senior living, and aging. And recently the director of a senior living community reached out to me unexpectedly for a consult. I knew about this person in my industry, but we’ve had no actual in person interactions. And they have not interacted with or responded to any of my posts.

They said they had been really struggling in multiple areas of their life and was thinking about going back to therapy but watching me and knowing my background knew I’d get it. The consult call felt very easy, clear, and clean. They signed for a year for 5K. They even had to call their credit card company to raise the amount that could be charged at one time. My clients are resourceful. This occurred the day after I had watched three of the replays of Offer Week. It’s working. Thank you, Stacey.

This is Natalie Nielsen, and I am a career business coach for single moms, helping them have the career that aligns with the life that they want. So, my Uber driver signed up for my coaching at the end of our 45 minute drive. How this happened is I didn’t have an agenda when I was getting in the car with her. I just was totally myself, just taking a lot of interest in her. She asked what I did for a career. I told her I was a career business coach. She then started talking about pain points in her career, how she was currently writing a book but felt stuck and wanted to be a mentor.

And I just simply told her I could help her with that. She’s asked more about how I could help her, and I started doing a consult with her without her even realizing it was a consult. At the end of our drive, she paid me for coaching. So, meet people, tell them you’re a life coach, make offers to help them. That’s all you have to do to make money.

My name is Sade Curry and I coach divorced women. I help them create the relationship of their dreams and find a new partner after their divorce. I worked for John Brown University back in 2001. And I met some international students that I used to have over to my house, and we used to hang out at the mall. One of them connected with me on Facebook in 2012 and then deleted her account because she hated Facebook. Then in 2020 she came back on Facebook for just a few hours to get some info on a group program that she had joined.

She saw me on her feed, saw that I was a life coach and asked for my number. I gave her my number, we talked and then she deleted her Facebook account immediately after. This was right in the middle of a six week period where I’d had zero consults. So, we scheduled a consult and she paid in full right afterwards.

Hi, I’m Susan Donnelly and I’m a mindset coach for ultrarunners. That’s distances longer than the 26.2 mile marathon. I help them build the mindset to take on any challenge at any distance. I recently got a client simply because I signed up for a race I hadn’t even run yet. My client was already signed up for this race which was going to be her first 100 miler. She was nervous and wanted to see who else was in the race, looked at the online entries and saw I was another woman in the race, checked me out and found I’d done more 100 mile races than almost anyone else in the world.

So, she started stalking me online and found out I was a coach. Notice, I had no idea any of this was happening. A few days and one consult call later, and I had a fabulous new client. Two weeks earlier she’d never even heard of me. I’m happy to report that we had a few sessions before the race and we both ran it, got to meet in person and run some together. And she finished her first 100 mile race better than she expected.

Hi, I am Rachel Schwartzman Murphy. I work with mom business owners that are always going, going, going, doing, doing, doing, and never feeling like they actually get to enjoy this life that they’re working so hard for. Through six months of one-on-one coaching, I help women catch up with their life, recalibrate and start finding daily contentment and joy.

When the pandemic first started I was just certified and I made a commitment to myself to do Facebook Lives every single day, to work out the nerves and I told myself it was totally fine if nobody showed up because we were just doing this for practice and to keep a commitment. So, nobody really did show up to any of those lives or so I thought. And so, I was very surprised when a friend of a friend popped into my DMs and said, “Okay, I’ve been watching all your videos, be my coach.” And she ended up being my very first client.

My name is Samantha Nivens. I am a health and life coach for busy men and women looking to reach their elusive health goal, that one they’ve been really trying for and still haven’t achieved. I work with clients one-on-one for six months at a time for $5,000. So, my fun story about signing a client out of the blue, this was a family friend of my ex-husband’s.

So, I had not seen or heard from this person in over three years, not a peep, no engagement on my posts, no comments, no nothing. He calls me on Facebook Messenger, he didn’t even have my phone number and that’s how he decided to call me. I literally thought it was a butt dial, but I answered. Lo and behold he had been following me the whole time, he’d seen all my posts, he had a health issue come up and he knew I was the person to work with. We did a consult then and there and he signed.

Hi, I’m Krista Cannon and I am a mindset coach for female entrepreneurs. And I recently had the amazing experience of having a client start following me on a Monday and pay in full for my one-on-one coaching container by the following Sunday. It was so incredible to hear from her, how she found me, wanted to interact immediately and was ready to invest really quickly. And one of the beliefs that I have been working on, the thoughts I have been working on is people find me randomly and are ready to invest quickly and that thought came to fruition with this client.

My name is Shiro Bergbauer, and I coach working moms in medicine. My offer is six months of one-on-one weekly coaching. And my story about signing a client out of nowhere is actually two stories. My first client out of nowhere was somebody who booked a consult with me, and she told me that my hairstylist recommended that she work with me because she knew I could help her as she was dealing with the nuances of becoming a new mom and balancing her career and her motherhood.

The second client out of nowhere was a lady who she posted on a mom group that I’m in and in this group we share a lot of insights of parenting and marriage and all of that. And she posted anonymously. And I responded to her and offered her a different way of thinking about the situation she shared. She booked a consultation with me based on that response and she said that she knew she had to work with me if she wanted to have the life that she imagined was possible for her.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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