Ep #29: 3 Stages of Belief – Part 3: Inevitability

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Welcome back to this three-part series on belief, and today, we’re covering the very last stage: Inevitability. I’m starting out by giving you some really clear examples of how the three stages I’ve covered apply to making money in your business, and show you the transition from not believing you could ever make money as a coach to really believing anything is possible for you.

I’m also addressing how you can be onto yourself here because I’ve seen a lot of people who think they’re in this stage of inevitability when they’re really not, and this is one of the hardest things to identify within yourself.

There are some really important determining factors for how quickly you can get through the stages, and I’m giving you the lowdown today so tune in this week as I discuss the final stage of belief and give you tips on how to move through this process with as little drama as possible!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • One useful thought I practice to get shit done in my business.
  • The determining factor for how long it takes to move through the three stages.
  • Why truly knowing whether you believe or not is one of the hardest parts of making money.
  • How to know if you’re not in the stage of possibility yet.
  • Signs that show you’re starting to be in possibility and the transition into inevitability.
  • Why pretending to be in possibility or inevitability does not work.
  • 2 ways to identify whether you’re lying to yourself about actually believing.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey y’all, welcome to episode 29. We’re going to talk today about the third stage of belief, inevitability. Are you enjoying this series? I hope you are. I put so much time and thought into this series and it’s one of my favorites, so I hope you love listening to it as much as I have loved creating it.

Alright, so before we dive in and we talk about the inevitability of making money as a coach, I want to give a shout-out to my client Gabby. She posted on the 2K page, “Just wanted to report I just made my money back. It was easier than expected. I think the key was that I asked her good questions and was able to show her with my questions how her wellness affects the way she shows up in her business. My client also said at the end that she can tell I love the work I do. I loved that. It feels real now. Thank you so much. Watch me go.”

I’m so excited for you Gabby. This is the best ever. I just love all of the possibility that comes from new coaches making money. I know so many people are getting help. It’s really a fun thing. And here’s what I want to offer to everybody before we dive in to talking about inevitability, I want to just take a second to recognize this thought because we’re talking about models over the last couple of weeks, and I’m getting ready to take my 2K for 2K peeps through a five-week intensive on studying the model and how deeply our thoughts create our results when it comes to business, when it comes to making money, and I just want you to think about what if it were easier than you expected?

Think about that thought. Whatever you think right now it’s going to take to make money as a coach, what if it were totally easier? We’re also talking about going from impossibility to possibility. One of the things that can help you go to possibility is what if it could be much easier than you’re thinking. You’re like, oh my god, it’s going to be so hard. That’s always our thought. It’s going to be so hard.

But what if we thought instead it’s going to be so easy? What would happen is we would be excited instead of fearful, and we would take action instead of shrinking back and avoiding and spinning out in confusion. It really can be easier than you think. And I actually use that thought to get a lot of shit done in my business.

I heard that – the concept of it being easy or it could be easier or going the easiest way, I learned that years ago from a Tim Ferris podcast. He has two, I don’t remember which one it was. But he was just talking about someone – a listener had called in and asked a question of how he handles his to-do list, and he said one of the things – and he’s the creator of the four-hour workweek, if you don’t know who he is. He’s amazing.

One of the things he said is that he looks at his list and he’s like, first of all he cuts everything off that he doesn’t think is necessary, but then he thinks what if all of this, getting all this done is way easier than I thought. What if all of these tasks were simple? Even if he has no clue how to do the thing he’s got to do, he’s like, but what if that were simple?

If it were simple, what would that look like? That’s how he asks himself. If it were easy, what would that look like? That’s the question he asks himself when he goes about his day, when he’s building his business or making money and doing – he is a tech investor too so he has his hand in a lot of different things, but when he’s interacting in the world, he’s asking himself what if it were easy? What if it were simple? What would that look like?

And I just want to challenge you to think about that. What if it were easy to make money as a coach? What if it were simple? And what would that look like? So many people email me all the time asking about the 2K process and asking how long it takes and can they do it this way and can they do it that way, and they’re just complicating it in their mind. It’s like, what if you believed that I really can teach you a simple way to make money and it would be way easier than you expected?

If you held that belief the whole time that this is way easier than I expected, the results you would get at the end would be so different than the person that comes in and is like oh my god, I’m so overwhelmed, it’s so hard. You think that you’re reporting the news when you say something is easy or hard but it’s totally your opinion, and you can change it. You can change your thoughts. You can decide for something to be easy.

I decided ahead of time that my wedding was going to be easy to plan. Like, decided. I hired the first photographer, I only spoke to two wedding planners and hired one of them. I went dress shopping to one store and I chose my dress in 90 minutes. I chose my venue. We looked at one venue in Napa. We went out to Napa, we looked at the venue that I liked and we booked the venue.

It can actually be easy. All the drama, it’s unnecessary. It really is. You could just have fun and it could be easy and just like there will be people that are like, oh my god, wedding planning was so stressful and it was so much and make sure this and make sure that, it takes so many hours. It’s like no, it’s everybody’s thoughts, really, truly. And so is making money being hard and impossible. It’s just thoughts. You can change them.

Enough of that. Let’s dive in, but I just wanted to really go into that because I think it ties in so much to what we’re talking about with possibility and impossibility and possibility and then inevitability. Okay, so I want to start this episode out by giving you a really clear example of how the three stages of belief apply to you and your business and making money, and I want to show you what it really looks like to go from I’m never going to make money as a coach to I could make money as a coach, to really, I’m going to make money as a coach or I am making money as a coach.

And then we’re going to dive into what it really looks like to take action from inevitability. Because a lot of times y’all think you’re in inevitability, that you really believe and you don’t, and this episode is going to show you how to be onto yourself if that’s happening for you. So we’re going to use signing clients as an example because when I was growing my business, this is really how it happened for me personally and it’s how I see client after client who works with me do it as well.

This process it the 2K – I mean, I teach this in my 2K process, but I’m going to kind of walk you through it. But before we dive in, I want to let you know that this process has no timeframe on it. I’ve seen clients go through this entire process in a matter of days, in a matter of hours, in a month, a few months. Everybody is different.

I’ve seen a ton of people do it when they join my 2K. They make their money back in 32 days. I’ve seen a ton of people do that. But I’ve also seen an equal amount of people do it in 60 days, 45 days, 90 days. Who cares? You have to be committed to the result. So personally for me, I think it’s hard to look back and say when exactly it started for me, but to give you an idea of the journey, I got certified in July of 2015, but I have been marketing my business before I even went to my coach training and I showed up to coach training with a few free clients already.

And I’d already gone and spoke at networking events just from the things I was learning from Tony Robbins. I remember teaching the six fundamental human needs at an Amway meeting and how it applied to network marketing, all because I just showed up with a friend and introduced myself to the head of the meeting and told him I was a coach and that I loved the concept of MLM because it gives people all the human needs and I started telling him what the human needs were.

Y’all see what I did there? Selling myself, positioning myself as an expert. And that was before I even had the certification. And then he had me get up in front of the group and he had a board and I grabbed a dry erase marker and he was like, I’ve never done this before ever, in the history of me being with Amway, let someone who’s not in the business speak at the meeting, which I have so many thoughts about but anyway, he was like, this girl is so impressive. I just had a conversation with her and you have to hear what she has to say.

And I taught them how to sell network marketing using the six fundamental human needs. Like, what? Crazy. All without a certification. Scandalous. So I did sign a few clients right away, three over the first three months of being certified, but for me, I remember this really taking off – impossibility, possibility, and inevitability, really going through these stages, I remember them clearly as stages. It’s like my awareness had grown, right after this dry spell between November and April.

I was not thinking more clients were coming and were possible. In fact, I thought that the first three were flukes and in my brain it’s because they had stopped coming. So I started focusing on these three stages of belief and between the beginning of April and the end of August, which I talked about on the last podcast, when I was on my road trip, I started signing several clients per week and I went from 25K as what I had brought in cash from January to May, to finishing out the year in 150K. Crazy.

So again, this can happen all in one day or one month, or even five months. Like my big belief that I was working on that I could make a million dollars in 10 months and still go on my road trip. That ended up happening. I made a million dollars in five months. So it depends on the belief you’re working with, it depends on where you’re starting, it depends on how much you have to work through.

All of that factors into it, so I’ve had people join the 2K group and make their money back in five hours. They just watched one module and went and did a consult and signed a client. So everybody is different and you have to not – you have to put timeframes on things, but you can’t get wrapped up in the timeframe.

You could work on some beliefs that you’re trying to believe all year. Like I worked on believing it was possible for me to make a million dollars for an entire year. So it’s really all about how committed you are to the process and some people think that when I say that, the determining factor for how long it takes truly, what they think in their mind that they don’t say out loud to me is that really, it takes a bunch of outside stuff.

So how many networking events you’re able to go to, how big your city is, how many people you already know, that your ideal clients are on Facebook, that you already know sales. But the determining factor for how long it takes to shift through these three stages – and really hear me on this – is how self-aware you are on the stages.

Meaning you don’t get stuck in impossibility and the confusion that comes with that stage of belief because you recognize it through your self-awareness and you take power over it and you shift it into possibility like I’ve taught you on these podcasts. So it’s how self-aware you are in the stages and how often and for how long you stay in each stage and take action from the stages, all the way through impossibility to inevitability.

That is what matters. So how self-aware you are, how often you stay in each stage, and how much action you take. None of the outside forces impact that. And even if they did, for those of you who might want to argue with me, who cares? It doesn’t serve you to think that at all. It doesn’t serve you.

One of my really good friends is in my mastermind and she’s killing it, and I actually asked some of the people who were struggling on a call. I said what’s the difference between you and her? And one of them so honestly said well, she’s your best friend so she probably gets all this extra coaching. I was like, first of all, even if that were true, which it isn’t, it doesn’t serve you to think that.

And then I joked that really what happens is I call her and I’m like hey, I need coaching, and she’s like, I have a call in three minutes and I’m like, ugh, annoying. Call me back. That’s really how it happens. But it just doesn’t serve you to think that. It doesn’t serve you to think other people have special circumstances that help them succeed. It’s such a pity party. Don’t do it.

Okay, so let’s use an example that everyone here can relate to. We’re going to talk about signing clients. You might be at the phase right now where you are constantly asking how do I find clients and asking this question indicates to me that you don’t really believe it is possible to sign a client today. Because you don’t even think that you know where they are because you’re asking how you find them.

Can I just give you guys a side note? Looking for clients when you don’t actually believe you know where they are is like, I want you to imagine looking for a cat outside blindfolded. Basically, it will never happen. You will never find the stealth cat outside in the world if you’re blindfolded. It’s like the needle in the haystack. But I just felt like that was such a better visual.

So let’s just say you think about signing a client today and them paying you 2K, and if you’re super honest with yourself, you will admit it feels impossible. So now, because you were super honest and aware, we know what stage of belief you’re in. Now, you go to work to just start thinking about it being possible. Because you’re not resisting being in impossibility. You’re allowing it because you recognize it’s part of the stages of belief. It’s the first stage.

So you recognize it almost as like, hey, I recognize that I don’t believe, I’ve mastered the first step, here I am. So you go to work to start thinking about it being possible. It could be possible to sign a client today. It is possible. I’ve seen other people do it. Especially if you’re in 2K, you see people do it all the time. And then you just spend time thinking about how it feels signing that client and how it feels that it is even a possibility.

For me, just the idea that it’s even possible I can make 10 million dollars a year feels so freaking blow-my-mind exciting. Just the feeling of possibility is so fun. You start to feel a twinge of excitement in your body just at the idea of it. And maybe again, maybe you’re in my 2K and someone posts that they signed a client and in your possibility state, you think okay, if she can do it, it really is possible. I could do it. And it fuels you along a little more.

Right now, you’re in the part of possibility, maybe even where you just recognize it’s possible for other people, and that’s okay. If you’re not in the place like, you’re in possibility of seeing oh my gosh, so many people can make money as coaches, like lots of people are making money as coaches, even if you’re not quite there that you could be one of them, just seeing the possibility is the first step.

And how you know you’re not there is if you see other people make money and it totally shuts you down and you go into compare and despair. That’s because you’re in impossibility for yourself, but the more possible it starts to seem for yourself, the more excited you will get when other people succeed because you will realize it’s evidence for your possibility to succeed.

But you don’t have to move immediately into it’s possible for you right this second. Remember, you’re just gathering possibility in your mind and you just want to keep it light and fun and playful and energizing. So you start thinking about it a little more each day, it being possible. And then you start negotiating its possibility with yourself. Talking yourself into it here and there, like again, just like you would the pair of shoes that you just have to have.

And you start saying things like it’s possible that I could sign a client today, and here’s why. You start coming up with your evidence, your argument. If you remember talking about the trial happening in your brain in episode nine, Being a Product of Your Product, you are presenting for the defense right now. You are painting the picture of possibility.

You are thinking of it being possible and why all of the time now. Days and days of just being riding the possibility and you start taking inspired action here and there. Ideas strike you while you’re thinking in possibility of signing a client and you just keep taking them. You keep taking action on them. You execute the ideas, and then you repeat this over and over.

And the more you repeat the possibility, you thinking in possibility, the more possible it starts to seem. The more possible it seems, the more action you take. You start emailing your list full of possibility. Your fingers tingle when you’re typing your email. And you write a post for social media and you’re like, dead on, nailed it and you get a thrill hitting send.

And you go to a networking event and you are radiating possibility and people are like, drawn to you. It’s crazy. You’re like, what is happening? Something in me is shifting. So you’ve got the business cards, you look professional, you’re carrying yourself in a completely different way, and you start talking about possibility to other people and the impact it’s having on your mood, your drive, how you’re showing up every day.

You literally radiate possibility even in conversation. And people start engaging with you. It’s like a little sign that it’s working, so you pay attention to it because it’s more evidence for how possible it is to sign a client in one day, today, and that’s what you’re looking for. All the evidence. New thoughts of possibility all of the time. It’s on your radar. You’re just constantly looking for it and you keep going in this process.

So people are engaging with you, you’re meeting new people every day you’re emailing your list regularly now, you’re interacting in Facebook groups, you’ll filling your world with potential clients. When you fill your world with potential clients, it will start to seem probable that you will sign one. Meet as many people as possible, tell them you’re a life coach, make offers to help them.

It will seem like a given that at some point you are in fact going to sign a client because you’ve taken such consistent action now from possibility and you’ve almost even forgotten what it felt like when it was impossible because you believe so much in the possibility that there is no turning back. Now, you are taking massive action from believing it’s a given. Clients are coming. You can feel it.

You don’t even know from where and you don’t need to know. You’re showing up in so many places it could literally be anywhere. A friend on Facebook, someone in the networking events you’ve gone to, someone in your email list, a reach out from a Facebook group you’re interacting in, a referral from any of those people. Any of those people that are in your realm. Someone you meet today because you’re meeting more people.

The possibilities become endless. This is when you enter the inevitability stage of belief. Even when the result hasn’t happened for you yet, you have a little doubt that it won’t. You’re showing up, you’re fueled by belief, and you feel certainty when you think of signing a client.

Now, here’s what I see happen a lot of the time and remember, awareness is key. It’s everything. My clients will tell me that they believed with certainty that they were going to make money and they did it for a whole 30 days, but then nothing happened and it didn’t work. They didn’t sign the client. They questioned the process, the coaching, even the idea that thoughts create results.

But they aren’t being self-aware, and I really want you to see this. We said self-awareness is the most important thing. I’m just going to assume you agreed with me on that. So the problem wasn’t the process. The problem was that they thought they were believing and they weren’t. And let me just tell you, I’m going to say that again. The problem wasn’t the process. The problem was they thought they were believing and they weren’t, and I think that is the biggest issues coaches face when making money.

And I know I say that a lot. It’s like this is the biggest issue, this is the biggest issue, but this is one of the biggest issues. I see it all the time. It is probably one of the number one things I see most often is people telling me they believe when they don’t. Your result will tell you whether you believe or not.

If you’re not anywhere even close to signing clients, you don’t believe and you got to get honest with yourself. It doesn’t make it easier to lie to yourself, to move through the stages. Even if you fake it and you pretend possibility and you pretend inevitability, your brain knows the difference. You can’t lie to it.

This is a huge issue, and I think it’s one of the hardest things. I always say making your first 2K is the hardest thing. Well, I think the real hardest thing is understanding, really developing awareness for knowing when you’re believing and when you’re not. And how I know that the person that comes to me and say they did it for a whole 30 days and nothing happened and it didn’t work, how I know that they really weren’t believing ever in the first place is they quit believing.

Their belief was based on external things happening. It wasn’t true belief. If you can step out of your belief all of a sudden after 30 days because you didn’t sign a client, it means you were never really in belief in the first place. These stages, when you actually go through them, you are strengthening your belief. So much that when you reach the inevitable stage of belief, you really can’t turn back. It’s impossible because it’s just who you have become.

You have actually changed your belief. So if this happens to you, I want you from here on out to be aware of this. What this means, when you say I tried it and it didn’t work, I believed for 30 days straight or I tried whatever – I use 30 days because that’s my process, but whether it’s 60 days or 90 days or whatever, how we know you didn’t is because you quit and you stepped out of it.

Maybe subconsciously, maybe you’re not fully aware of it, but if you make a deal with yourself to believe only for 30 days, it isn’t believing. I had someone email me once from my 2K and tell me, “But Stacey, the deal you made when you said we can make our money back in 30 days, that’s the deal you made and I didn’t and I want my money back.”

Listen to me. Don’t use me saying it is possible for you to sign a client in 30 days as your excuse to not believe in yourself. It’s total bullshit and I’m calling it. If you are committed to yourself to get the results you want for your life, you aren’t going to let anything stop you. Definitely not someone telling you that you can do it in 30 days and then you didn’t make it happen and now you say it’s their fault that you’re quitting on yourself. Not today, sister. Not today.

That’s all on you. So I really want you to be onto yourself when you’re lying to yourself, when you’re saying you’re believing and you aren’t. Another way to know if you’re lying to yourself is when you say you’re believing 100% but you haven’t signed a client, and then you’re reporting it like the news all the reasons why and nowhere in those reasons are your thoughts.

When you’re in the stage of inevitability, you believe it is inevitable, so there is no reason to talk about why it hasn’t worked and say it’s not my belief, I believe. People tell me that like it’s not my belief, I really believe, it’s the process, it’s my network, it’s my niche, it’s this, this, and this, because I really believe.

But when you’re in inevitability, you never say stuff like that because it’s inevitable, so of course it’s happening. You just be busy believing and doing. Now, it’s important to also note that being in this stage doesn’t mean there is no doubt. It doesn’t mean that there is no disbelief that comes up because while you’re going through all of these stages, thoughts will be triggered and come up.

But when you’re believing, they will be quickly dismissed by you consciously directing your mind back to possibility or questioning the disbelief as it comes up because remember, when it’s impossible, you believe all the thoughts as just reporting the news, like you believe them. But after you genuinely believe it’s possible and inevitable when they come up, they will just be thoughts that stand out as not fitting, like as up for questioning.

And in this stage, you will have so much power over your mind, you will be actively looking for the thoughts holding you back. You won’t be hiding from them. You won’t be scared of them. In this stage, your predominant belief will be leading the way and the predominant belief when you are actually in this stage is belief. The way you handle disbelief when you don’t believe feels completely different than when you are in belief, handling disbelief.

And your work is to develop awareness to know the difference. That’s what we’re doing all the time in my 2K group is just developing awareness. I’m constantly pointing out to people where – they’re thinking it’s one problem, I’m like, right back over here, this is actually the problem. I do most of my stuff – that’s most of the coaching that happens in our Facebook community is just bringing people back to awareness.

Okay, so the last thing I will leave you with here is that this stage, the inevitability stage is the shortest stage between belief and getting the result you want. When you genuinely maintain belief and you go through these stages, the results will come and quickly. So if you feel like you’ve been in this stage for six months, for example, you need to take yourself back into awareness.

When you are genuinely in this stage, that is when you will go out and make it happen and sign the client today. I see that all the time in my 200K group and my 2K group. And again, remember this process could take six months or a year, but it could also take a day. It really depends. Just go there in your mind.

I went there in my mind to make a million dollars in 10 months and I did it in five. I did it in half the time. What if you could do it in half the time you imagined it’s going to take? I also remember when I was thinking about – that May of 2016, right before I had that huge influx of clients and went on my road trip and came to the realization, into the possibility that clients were coming, I remember calculating how long I thought it would take me to make 100K.

Because I’d made 25K the beginning of the year, so I was like okay, so this year I’ll probably make 50K, maybe 60, and then next year maybe I’ll make 100, and then maybe the year after I’ll make 200. So I was so limited in my creativity then. I wasn’t even trying to get creative to do a quantum leap of growth because I didn’t even believe it was possible.

But when I started believing clients were coming, all of a sudden it started changing even when I believed it was possible for how much money I could make. And I ended up making 150K by the end of that way. That was something I thought was going to take – it was literally double, more than double what I thought I was going to make.

I ended up achieving what I thought would be my goal the next year. And then the next year I made 325K, so I just blew my own mind completely. So it is possible to do it quickly. So just remember, the timeframe, it’s not as important as just focusing on the process. If you in fact let go of the timeframe and you put all your time and energy into just knowing what stage you’re in and working into the next stage, you will grow so quickly it will blow your mind.

My client Ellie recently reported, “This week, I solidly believed I would get another client by Friday. Done. I got the call an hour ago.” That is so simple and to the point. I just want to leave y’all with that. When you believe, you sign a client, period. Done.

If you want to dive deeper into thought work, if you want to learn the tool I use to coach myself and my clients to coach their selves into creating any amount of money you want to create, this August in 2K for 2K, we are doing a five-week money study called Making Money with the Model. I’m breaking down how to coach yourself to your first 2K, your next 20K, even 200K on live coaching calls.

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If you’re listening to this after August 6th 2019, don’t worry, that bonus, Making Money with the Model program is inside 2K for 2K and waiting for you to start today.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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