Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | Slow and Steady GrowthSomething that gets a lot of advertising in our industry is the stories of massive growth and the desire to do impossible things. I love and personally also share stories of coaches doubling their revenue in six months, or creating 100K their first year in business, but this week, I’m focusing on slow and steady growth.

After coaching thousands of clients and watching them grow year after year, the reality is that the most common type of growth is a slow burn. While watching other coaches making quantum leaps is amazing, I’m showing you how you might be missing out on celebrating the milestones that are truly extraordinary right now when you believe this kind of growth is necessary.

Tune in this week to discover what slow and steady growth looks like and why it’s the key to sustaining a successful business. I’m exploring the damage inflicted on our self-concept when we normalize massive growth, how you have already achieved impossible feats, and why you don’t have to be the exception to be an impactful thought leader.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What slow and steady growth looks like.
  • The damage we inflict on ourselves when we only strive for impossible goals. 
  • How I know you’ve already undertaken impossible feats in your business.
  • Why slow and steady growth is what will ensure and sustain your success. 
  • What happens when we normalize massive growth. 

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 138. So I am here in Cabo, San Lucas at the Grand Velas Los Cabos about to greet 100 of my students from 200K Mastermind and the 2 million dollar group. We are meeting here for three days for advanced selling live. I am going to coach and teach my face off for four hours each day. Then our students get three hours to walk the beach, lounge at the pool, go to the spa and coach themselves like crazy and mastermind with their peers. And talk about what we coached on throughout the day and just soak in the sun and the vibe, the energy, all of it.

And then they spend three hours in breakout sessions of groups of 10 with our 2 million dollar group and structures working on their simple offers and selling with value and writing truly amazing copy. It is going to be an extraordinary event. The best executed event we have ever done. And at the end we are hosting our first ever awards ceremony for our 200K and our million dollar earners. We found this company that makes the Grammys and the Emmys and they made the most beautiful awards. My coaching school actually does this. They give awards with LCS.

And these awards mean more to me than my college degree. I look at them every day. I have won awards for content creation, for being the most improved student, the underdog and for being multiple 7 figure earner and now a multiple time 7 figure earner. So, it’s really meant a lot to me and I wanted to do this for my students. And these awards are just so beautiful. And they literally look like you’re accepting an award at an award show. It’s going to make my students feel like they’re getting an actual Grammy, which is the best part.

And then we’re ending our event with a rooftop dinner and a Cuban salsa band playing live music. So, after a year of doing virtual events, I just wanted this one to be so over the top. It’s the results of my exhale from COVID. And then I’m going to spend two whole days meeting with my 2 million dollar group. I haven’t talked to you all much about what we’re doing in that room so I want to give you a little update. We have our first 3 million dollar earner.

We have a 2.5 million dollar earner, a million dollar earner, two that will cross the million dollar mark in the next three, to six, to 12 months. And so many others that are right behind them. But more importantly than the revenue is the maturity to which this money is being made. My students are making millions and working less. This is so important you all. Going from coaching 20 hours a week to two hours a week. They’re taking maternity leave and making millions. And I’m just so proud of the way my students show up to this room.

I love watching them coach each other in the Facebook group. The level of drama is so low. And the coachability is so high. It makes me so excited to grow this room, to see how when we have more coaches in this room showing up at this level, increasing the quantity and the quality of that coaching, the amount of money that will come out of this room is going to be extraordinary. And we are growing this room. This particular class of 200K Mastermind that I’m meeting here in Cabo has over 20 200K earners and another 20+ almost 200K earners, and another 20+ 100K earners. It’s insane.

So, I’m just here a few days before this event just sitting in some of my biggest dreams for my students being realized and the vision for my future students who are coming. I really hope it’s you. We are ready for you. So many of us have paved the way. We really have cleared the path, you’ve just got to get walking.

So, let’s go, okay, November 1st, 2nd and 3rd. That’s your next chance to jump onboard with us. If you want to get all of the information about this coming enrolment in November go to And you can sign up for the wait list and you’ll get all the information we’ve put together for how to apply and send a really great application video, what information to prepare for your application, what you need to qualify, the dates of our enrolments, our start date and our live event, and our live event location.

If you want all of that information you want to make sure you get on the wait list. So just go to And you’ll be the first to get all of this information right away as soon as you sign up.

Okay, so today I wanted to do another message that you can replay over and over and in order to really lift your spirits and ground yourself in courage and discipline to keep going. So today I wanted to talk about slow and steady growth. We have come to coin this term the slow burn in 200K. There is a lot of advertising in the industry about massive growth. A lot of desire to do impossible things and to talk about our clients doing impossible things which is so amazing. I don’t want to discount that. That’s not what this message is. It’s so incredible.

I love featuring stories that my clients, of their success that blow my mind that I didn’t even know is possible. I love that. I love to learn about those things. I love that good 90K to 490K in eight months story. We recently had that happen in 200K. We had had it happen so many times, so many extraordinary things. And I love imagining what’s possible. But on the other side if you see only these stories.

If you only hear about these quantum leaps and you only strive for impossible things. The damage sometimes that it can do to your psyche, to your self-concept can be similar to when we only see size zero bodies airbrushed on the cover of magazines and modeling our clothes. We start to subtly see our size six body, our size 10 body, our, what they consider plus size body as different and wrong.

And I see this with coaches, too much exposure to only the top 1% of coaches making – just doing incredible results, it’s literally the top 1% of coaches doing that. And when we only expose ourselves to that we want to be really careful. I see this a lot where coaches whose growth is slow and it’s steady, start believing that they’re different and wrong. I didn’t double my revenue from the last 12 months or in the last six months, I didn’t make 100K in my first year. Turns into I am wrong, I am different, I am other.

But did you know that after coaching thousands of coaches, after working with clients and watching them grow year after year from 2K into 200K, and round after round in 200K, that what’s normal, what’s most frequent, what’s completely average is making 20 or 30K your first year, maybe even 16 or 18K? And then 60 to 70 your second year and 100 to 150 your third year. I want you to know that this doesn’t mean that something has gone wrong for you. It means that you’re doing it. And if there was a right I would say that we would have to determine that by the majority, not the minority.

And the majority are building their businesses slow and steady. I have three students, two who will make about $400,000 this year or a little more and one who will do around 800K this year. And these are just three I’m thinking about right this second, they are my slow burns. They started their businesses four to five years ago. Their first years were 20 and 30K or less. They were where you likely are right now. The only difference might be that they haven’t made themselves wrong for doing it. And they’ve been doing it a little bit longer. They never gave up. They didn’t quit.

So, they kept going and now they’re going to make 400K. And there are so many of them, so many slow burners in my mastermind who round after round are improving and they’re getting there. They’re almost at 100K, they’re at 100K, they’re almost at 200K and they’ve been working at it but they’ve been doing it in a slow and steady way. So, I want you to think about, are you making yourself wrong for slow growth? We have had students take a year to make their first 2K and then they go on to make 20 and 30K.

And when they keep building they will get right where they want to go. Do you know how long it would take, I want you to really think about this, as an employee in corporate America to double your starting salary? I don’t know the stats on that but even if promotions to new positions counted, if you took the majority it would be a lot of years, a lot. Even if it takes you a year to make money, in the span of five years I bet you’d do better than corporate America working for yourself.

We have really truly created an inadvertent byproduct from the extraordinary stories told and designed to stand out in an algorithm, in Facebook Ads and on Instagram to show people what’s possible. The byproduct of a lower self-concept for the remaining 99% of coaches who aren’t the top 1%. Our industry has birth marketing campaigns for signing 10 clients in 10 days and being just one funnel away from 100K. And I’m here to tell a different story, the story of not the underdog, but of the normal human starting a business.

And I think we have really missed celebrating ourselves for what is truly extraordinary for doing the impossible of signing the first client of making that first 2K, of doing 30K in your first year and 60K the second. And doubling your revenue, even if it’s 25K to 50K year after year, these are extraordinary things. These are impossible fetes. We are turning water into wine you all. We are taking nothing and turning it into something.

My 2.5 million dollar earner spent 10 years trying to figure herself and her business out before making 2 million dollars plus. Her 2.5 million story was 13 years in the making. So many of my students, of the coaches I see, of the thousands of coaches I coach are slow burning. My 200K room, I just said that, they show up round after round and they keep improving. And sometimes they just maintain and then that is growth. Maybe they do 50K in one round and 50K in round two, that’s a $100,000. That’s a 50% return on their investment.

I’ve been saying for a while now that we are spoiled in this industry with having the normalcy of doubling revenue every round. But I’m not even really sure that’s true now. I think we’ve just created a lens to which we see the coaching world where we only pay attention to those stories as a way to believe for ourselves. And that is great as long as you know that when you receive the clothes you ordered that that size two model is wearing. And it looks differently on you that you love the way it looks on you too. That you don’t expect it to hang on your body the exact same way it hangs on theirs.

If you are slow burning you need to find examples of that all over the industry. If you are in 2K you can literally filter what you see in the feed by what you choose to believe. If you believe that making 2K, your 2K back in 24 hours is what’s the right way, you will only see those stories. You’ll see all the people who did it in a week, in two weeks. And you’ll miss all the posts of the people who joined last year and never gave up or made their money back after two months or three months.

I have people who are making money one client at a time, you’ll miss the people who are like, “I had a 10K month.” But they’ve been doing it month after month. They’ve been posting all the time. If you see someone who it feels like they’re having extraordinary success in 2K search their posts. You can search their name and see their work come up. You can see how many posts they’ve had. You can see how many emails they’ve posted. You can see how many fails they’ve had. You can see that this – it may not even be what seems like an overnight success, it may not even be that.

It may be actually a slow burn coming into fruition, the results of a slow burn coming into fruition. I really want you to know that slow and steady growth is not wrong. You are not wrong. You are more closely representative of all the coaches in the industry, slow and steady still wins the race. We all arrive at the same place. Just because someone gets there faster than you doesn’t disqualify your race, your pace.

And here is the most important thing, notice how you treat yourself when you see the coaches who grow fast. Are you kind? How do you treat yourself when you see the size zero? Are you compassionate? How you treat yourself will tell you the way that you are thinking about your growth. I’m so in love with my 2K program because I truly believe it is normalizing the hardest part of growth, your first dollars. It’s more closely aligning expectations with ‘reality or normalcy’.

So, my students can work productively, so they can focus on the few small steps that they need to do and do them well. A few small steps done well, focusing on slow and steady growth. When you focus on too big of leaps your brain freaks out. It doesn’t know where to start. It can’t imagine itself within that reality. It doesn’t take it seriously. It indulges in too much drama or not enough drama. It’s not presented as reality so it just doesn’t even take it seriously.

You want to make sure you’re presenting your brain with a believable goal so that it will take believable steps towards that goal. And then know that if it’s slow and steady results that come with that, that that’s okay, that that’s what’s really happening in the world in the industry. That you are doing it in a normal way and normal is not less than, it’s not wrong. It’s what most people are doing. You don’t need to be the outlier.

You don’t need to be the exception in order to become a thought leader in this industry, in order to have a significant business, in order to create a business that sustains you and you’re able to work for yourself for the rest of your life, you don’t need to be the outlier. You don’t need to do the impossible. You can do what’s possible little, by little, by little. And what’s possible will add up. Again, it’s not that doing huge quantum leaps of massive growth, it’s not wrong. It’s amazing.

We should all shoot for really big things, I don’t even like to say miracles, but really big things that would blow our own minds. We should always shoot for that. But you’ve got to give yourself the 50/50. You’ve got to give yourself 50% of the lens of watching people who are paying attention to people, who are doing impossible things in the world. And use the clues that they’re leaving behind as steps to guide you. But you’ve also got to have 50% of your world view being the coaches who are also growing slow and steady.

It’s just like, I always hate to bring up politics because people get so triggered by them. But truly, it’s so fascinating for me to talk to people who only watch one news outlet that reports on one – it’s in a biased way in one particular narrative. And they only watch that and their world view is informed by that heavily biased one news outlet, or five news outlets, or 10 news outlets that are heavily leaning in one direction. And then their whole world view is that. And they know nothing about the rest of the world and what’s happening and that doesn’t line up with that narrative.

It’s always interesting for me to watch that. My coach always said to me, “If you’re going to watch CNN, you’ve got to watch Fox or vice versa, if you’re going to watch Fox, you’ve got to watch CNN.” And doing that has been really compelling to me, to read what both sides are saying, if I’m interested in what’s happening in the world. If I’m interested to know what both sides are saying is hugely important. It helps ground me and the truth is somewhere in the middle. I find that’s true about results.

If you want to stay grounded and calm, the best way to do that is expose yourself to the things that are really remarkable and the people who are doing things that are extraordinary and beyond what’s normal in the industry. And then also to see the people who are working on it every single day, slow and steady, those slow burners who are still producing really amazing results. They’re stacking up. And to see that 50/50 will level out your perspective. Make sure you’re paying attention to that.

Make sure that you’re giving yourself credit for the work that you’ve done, for the work that you’re doing, for the results you’re creating. Do not discount them. Don’t discount if someone says yes but hasn’t paid yet, don’t discount if you’re selling payment plans. Don’t discount if you just made 50K but your goal was 100K, but you just did 25K and it’s still 50% growth. Be careful that you do that.

You want to be onto yourself, any time you think you’re not growing fast enough, it’s an indicator that you’ve latched on potentially to what’s possible either for other people or you’ve only paid attention to those extraordinary things in the industry. And you’re feeling like you should be moving along faster. If that’s happening for you take a pause and just go find the stories. Go search through 2K, find the people who are slow and steady. Find the people who are still making money at a pace that works for them, at a pace that feels doable for them.

You will find just as many of those stories, if not more, I want to offer way more. I think the extraordinary stories are about 10% or less, it might even be 1%. And then the rest are average normal stories that we have chosen not to make extraordinary. If you made 30K in your business, extraordinary. There are millions of people who would love to be where you are who have never been able to figure out how to make that leap for themselves. You made 50K this year, extraordinary. You’ve made 100K, extraordinary, even if it took you three years to do it, five years to do it.

You’re doing the impossible. Remember, that’s also a little bit of a mind fuck is we decide what’s impossible based on our thoughts about it but really even making your first dollars as a coach, even making that first 2K, you’ve done something that millions people have been unable to achieve who want to achieve it. You’ve made money in your business. So, remember too that that slow and steady burn, the slow and steady growth, that is also impossible and extraordinary and beyond measure.

Alright loves, have an amazing week. Listen to this every time you are freaking out or feeling down and not living in the miracle of the work that you have achieved and not being centered and sufficient with where you are right now in your growth journey. Have an amazing week. I love you all. I’ll talk to you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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