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I’m introducing you to a high-level concept that I teach in my 200K group today. Since there are some of you who are already earning money in your business, this is going to be super useful to you guys, but also for those of you who are yet to start your business. You’re going to get some great takeaways and gems of information that you’ll be able to implement later on.

The simple offer is simple, as the name suggests, but can be super challenging in its application. What I’m exploring today is why you should have one in your business and the ways it will help you explode your business to new levels. That said, I’m also sharing why it can be so difficult to stick to when you’ve decided what it is.

Join me this week as I share a slightly more advanced concept with you that will grow your business exponentially, or that hopefully inspires you to get started if you’ve been thinking about launching your own business. I’ve got some clients coming on next episode to share their experience of implementing the simple offer too, so stay tuned!

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What the simple offer is designed to help you do.
  • The biggest reason you should have a simple offer in your business.
  • How the application of the simple offer can be challenging.
  • Why you need to have one simple offer in your business.
  • The challenge I set my 200K masterminders in relation to their simple offer.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hello lovies, welcome to episode 46. Today we are going to talk about what I would call a 200K-level concept. So there are things I teach my 2K students who just need to get out there and make some money. Any money to get their business off the ground.

And then there are my 200K students who are making anywhere from 20K to 200K plus, and in this phase, the growth and the things that they learn are a little bit different. It’s a next level focus. So I want to share some of that work with you today for my listeners who might be at that level.

I’m going to talk about it in kind of a container of what I’m currently teaching my 200K students, a challenge they just went through, what they faced that were the challenges within that challenge, and then what I asked them to do and why, going to tie all in together. So just hang with me on this episode.

And no matter where you are in your business, listen for the gems. But know that this is one of my more advanced concepts that I teach, so if you haven’t even made any money in your business, you might be like, what? But just listen for anything that inspires you or gives you an a-ha and motivates you to move forward. And if you are further along in your business, this episode is for sure for you.

So we’re going to talk about the concept I teach my 200K students called the simple offer. I’ve got to give you some backstory before I tell you what it is so hang tight. The simple offer is designed to help mature you up in business. Help you step into your confidence and own what you offer at the next level.

In the beginning, when you are first making cash, I really think you want to make it however you can. So coach any breathing human that comes your way. Coach your pillows if you need to. Just get coaching and make offers and make money because the simplest way to believe that you can make money is to make money.

But once you make money, you have to clean up your business. That’s really what it becomes is your business. I think in the beginning it’s about you becoming a coach and then it shifts into you owning a business. I actually think that’s probably the biggest differentiator with what I do with my 200K students. We learn to run a business.

So to run a business, you have to have focus. Not only on making money, and especially not to survive, making money to survive, but really now your focus becomes making more money and making sustainable money and creating a brand and positioning in the industry that will go on to make you more and more money over the years.

I feel like in the beginning, you sort of just want to take anyone who comes your way and hustle your butt off. It’s just building your momentum to get off the ground any way you can. Like it doesn’t matter, you just want to get off the ground. But once you’re in the air, you have other things to think about. That’s what we’re going to talk about in this podcast is those other things.

But I really love that idea of the plane. So the things the pilot things about at takeoff and is focused on, the monitors it’s looking at, the measurements they’re going for, I don’t really know what they do up in the air. I see that big board of switches. I’m like, they’re doing different things on that board when you’re taking off than in the air, and even in landing.

So for this episode, the concept of the simple offer is basically what’s going to keep you in the air and even make you accelerate up further into the sky. And it keeps the plane ride from being full of turbulence. It keeps you smooth sailing.

Because you can do in the beginning, you can hustle your way to make a lot of money, but if you keep doing that at multiple six figures, which I have personal experience in doing. It will feel like the most turbulent ride of your life.

Okay, so before we dive into what the simple offer is, I have some background that we have to cover. So I want to offer that number one, the simple offer is a simple concept. But one of the most difficult things that I have ever seen myself and my clients transition into. It’s simple. It’s not easy.

And number two, that it is designed by making powerful decisions and then sticking with them. So we’re going to talk a lot about that in this episode. It’s kind of like the glue that holds everything together and I find that my clients struggle in these two areas the most. They struggle with actually making the right simple offer for themselves and then not changing it, and taking consistent action with it until they hit their goals.

Actually, I will even go on to say that our problem is not usually making the decisions. We do that all day long. Our biggest issue is implementing them. The time it takes between making a decision – let’s use the example of pricing. What you’re going to charge and actually following through with that decision.

I just got back – some of the testimonial videos that we filmed in 200K and one of my clients, Kristen, talked about taking forever, going back and forth with what to charge and then finally deciding her price would be $1000. And then getting on the phone with an actual human and blurting out $300 as her price.

But that’s what we do. We decide we aren’t going to take payment plans and then we offer payment plans to the first human we get on the phone with because really, when it comes down to it, if we could comfortably charge $1000 or not take payment plans, if that’s who we already were, we would just do that. We would be doing it.

So the thing that we want to get to, the person we want to become is often challenging and uncomfortable because it isn’t who we are yet because we haven’t done it. So the simple offer is simple but challenging.

So one thing I taught my 200K students is the idea that the determining factor for how much growth we experience, financially and emotionally as business owners comes from how concise and firmly we make the decisions and then implement them.

And also – I promise I’m going to wrap this up around the simple offer, but I also see a lot of coaches do this, especially at the level where they finally start making money and then well into even – I see my six-figure, my multiple six-figure clients do this is they make a lot of decisions for money from that survival mode place rather than for the overall growth of the business.

This was for me, the hardest lesson to learn and the biggest shift I made in my mentoring to a million, and it’s such a micro shift. But not making that shift is the difference between making some money and a lot of money. It can be the difference between 70K year and 100K year.

And it’s even harder to make that shift of making your decisions for your growth instead of money when you don’t have to, and you can just keep hustling and bringing in money with a bunch of different offers and you have three different niches and it seems to be working for you because clients are coming in all three different areas. And you don’t really have any pressing reason to make the tough decisions now.

And you’re making these tougher decisions for your future, sometimes way into your future. And you’re making them for the future money that you will make. That’s just some hard shit. And it requires slowing down at a time where it feels like you so badly just want to speed up.

So in my 200K mastermind, I teach my clients at the 200K level so that we can create a million-dollar business along the way. A business that will go on to make millions of dollars. So I hold them to a high standard. So the simple offer is also holding yourself and your business to a higher standard than you have to.

There’s no one that will make you do that and you will be able to make money without holding yourself to that high standard. That is another reason it is so challenging. I’m going to tell you, it’s so simple, and you’re like, that’s so simple, but it’s the application that makes this so challenging.

So in the mastermind, I have a motto and it’s no funny business. And what that really means is no sacrificing your growth for money. And again, I’m sharing my biggest work here and my biggest transformation. I always feel a little bit like a fraud talking about this because I did all of these mistakes.

But now I spend a lot of my time teaching you so that you don’t make them too because I know how much faster you can grow than even me and how much more money you can make than even me. So I’ve been there, I get it.

Okay, so at the beginning of the mastermind, we decided what each of my students’ growth was within their offer. What they’re offering clients in the world. So what was the area that would need to change for them to get closer to their six or seven-figure goal?

So their offers were fine. Nothing was wrong with them. They came to the live event making money, things were working. And you guys have heard me say, if something is working, don’t change it. But it depends on the situation, and in this situation, what we looked at is yes, this is working here, but three years from now with your goals that you have in the future, will this continue to work? What will need to change? What will make it easier for even your goal this year?

If you could just have it easier, if you could make more money than you originally planned, what would that be like? So we just zeroed out and we said if there was something that wasn’t working, what would that be? And we took all of that into consideration and we said, okay, we’re looking at six figures, multiple six figures and seven figures, this is ultimately what has to change with your offer.

We’re going to talk about that in just a second exactly what I mean by the offer. So for some – I’m going to give you some examples. Some of my clients were getting all of their clients from other coaches’ businesses, and that limits them for how much they can grow by how much the coach is growing that they’re getting their clients from.

So I challenged them to go outside of the box. For some of them, it was their holes in their messaging. Their positioning, the way they’re positioning themselves was in a way where their clients had to know a lot of stuff about personal development before they ever understood what my clients were saying and selling to them.

And for some of them, it was that they were just offering a ton of payment plans. So the idea of making a lot of money quickly was like, no way. They would have to sign like, 50 clients in one month to do that. And for some of them, they were offering a million different packages.

So they were making really good money and it felt like it was working, but when I asked them what their offers were, I couldn’t keep up. And then some of them had like, three niches. They were helping three different people at the same time. That doesn’t work when you go to scale, when you go to exponentially grow your income.

It makes it really hard to build a well-known brand. So we decided what that thing was for them and I will tell you what it was for me. I literally read all of my – I was that person that had a million offers to a million different people. And I literally read my clients all of my offers I had in my business when I started to scale to a million and they laughed and I laughed. We all had a great time because it was pretty ridiculous.

But I felt like I was expressing my creativity and answering the calling of my audience. Those were the stories I was telling myself and I was delivering what my audience wanted. And I had all the great reasons for why it was a great idea, but what was really going on is my business was a hot mess and was so confusing and my audience had no idea what was really going on.

Your audience has to see your offer for an average of 16 times before they take you up on it. So if you have three offers, I did the math. I don’t know what I was thinking back then. Actually, I do know what I was thinking. I was taught this by a business coach in the beginning that you wanted to have three offers for everything.

You wanted to hit three price points. So I had three offers with three different price point structures. So think about how many times I would really have to offer each offer for someone to see the same offer 16 times? It’s a really big number.

So I read them those offers. All of the offers. And then I read them my current offer. I have two and only because my business is now so big. The one offer that my people and my audience hear about on a daily basis is 2K for 2K. It’s $2000 and I help life coaches, one group of people, make money doing one very specific thing and getting one very specific result.

That then becomes my brand. What I get known for. So your simple offer is what starts your brand. It’s what all of my content then became created around. It’s what I developed all of my new ideas and concepts for. It’s what I solved problems for every single day.

If you imagine how many offers I had before, think about how many problems I was solving for people. And not to mention how many people I was solving them for. Because I helped life coaches, I helped network marketers, I helped health coaches, entrepreneurs, and even people who weren’t entrepreneurs. I’m like, it’s fine, you can join Diva Business School, even if you don’t have a business.

I was so hungry to get money. I wasn’t choosing what was best for my business and my overall brand and who I wanted to be in the industry. It was a mess. But now the only thing I spend all day thinking about and solving for is life coaches making money.

So now my problem solving is like, 1000 times better. So if you are ever asking – because I get this question a lot is, how do I create more value? Here it is. Have a simple offer. Have one simple result that you focus on solving and one simple thing you focus on selling and telling the world about it.

So the simple offer, here it is. You have one offer you make to the same group of people with only one goal you’re working towards and you never change that no matter what. And that offer reflects who you want to be in the coaching world, the positioning that you want to have within the industry. What you want to be known as.

It helps you develop your skills, your content, your value, your brand. It differentiates you in the industry from the other coaches who offer similar things, and makes your offers potent to the marketplace because of their frequency and clarity with your audience.

I help life coaches make money in 2K for 2K. This is so much more than just having a niche. It’s having everything culminate together and combine to make you the most powerful force that anyone comes across.

So in August at our live event with 200K mastermind, we made these types of decisions. We created their simple offer and then they had to go implement it. And not only did they have to implement it, which means they had to start telling people what their new niche was or what their fully decided niche was, and start creating content around that and delivering it and offering value and making offers, but they also had to make money at the same time.

So they had to tell the world, make offers, and close deals. That’s a big deal. To make a lot of changes, a lot of decisions, stick with them, and then go out and implement and make money. They had to make decisions, and keep in mind that we’re based on their biggest area of growth for their long-term business too.

But it was like their Mount Everest. They had to climb that and they had to do it in record time is basically what I asked of them. And the implementing this, the climbing the mountain is hard enough. That’s its own ballgame. But then they also had to do it in the record time and without cheating, which meant that once they decided their simple offer, they couldn’t change it.

So that’s really what I want you to take away is the simple offer doesn’t change. Every time you change your offer, you un-decide what you have decided. You change your mind. You break your own trust. And subconsciously, break the trust of your audience.

What? Think about that for a second. When you have a bunch of offers and you’re constantly changing them and you’re constantly diluting your message and it’s all over the place, you break the trust of your audience. They see you to be an expert here, and then all of a sudden, you’re over here making this offer and being an expert over here.

You’re talking to one group of people then the other group of people. It’s confusing and a confused mind always says no. And you will want to do that. Your brain will want to complicate things because you’re going to get on the phone and you’ve decided for the biggest growth of your business and where you’re headed and who you’re going to be in the industry, you don’t take payment plans.

You’re like, elevating yourself to the sophisticated coach who’s an expert who doesn’t take payment plans. And then you’re going to love the client on the other end. And they’re going to tell you there’s no way they could pay upfront, but they could totally coach with you if you allowed them to do payment plans, and you’re going to want to give in and take it all back and say yes.

And you will make money, but it will be at the sacrifice of your growth. So your simple offer never sacrifices your growth and it’s the most difficult thing for my clients ever. It’s been fascinating actually when they essentially can’t create their goals by changing their business. They can’t manipulate the money that comes in by changing things around in their business to make it accommodate the money coming in.

They have to create a goal, keep their business the same, and change how they think and the level of discomfort they are willing to feel. This is what you will have to do too when you want to grow your brand and be known for something in the industry. It’s like, you have to say yes to your brand, yes to who you’re going to be in the world. You have to say no to all of the bright shiny fun things.

And even more fascinating than watching them try to change up the rules in their business in order to create money is watching them complicate the simple offer in their brain. So we did this challenge. Our second money challenge of the mastermind actually.

So we did 10K in 30 days and then we did 25K in 30 days, which has been so fun to watch them make so much money in such a small amount of time. But they had to do the 25K in 30 days and the 10K in 30 days in their simple offer.

And you actually get to hear from some of them on the next podcast who did it. I asked them to come on and share with you some of their tidbits and wisdom and knowledge. So we do this challenge and to watch all of their questions come in about what counts and what doesn’t count.

What was in their simple offer and what wasn’t. It was truly a think tank of human behavior. Because if they even had to ask, the answer was probably no. They’re like, I created this side offer and made 20K. Does this count for my 25K in 30 days in my simple offer challenge? No.

Now, of course it’s amazing that they made 20K. Of course. Pop the champagne. But could they have made it in a way that supports their brand three years from now and is simpler and easier for them and takes less of an emotional toll? Absolutely.

They just would have had to committed to the decisions they made prior and stuck with them in their mind even when their brain said, oh my god, I have this new idea for this offer and it sounds so amazing and we have to do it. And then they have to coach their brains, not allow their brains to take them off track. That is the work.

I had a client killing it. She made so much money but one of the biggest things that holds her back is she has so many offers. She is such a highly creative person and every time she creates a new idea, she wants to implement it right away. And I was always telling her like, no, slow down, think about it. Does that fit into your overall plan?

And I know that was my biggest work too is I had to slow down my creativity because when you coach anyone and everyone and you have no specific result you’re offering and no specific person you work with and no specific way you teach them, your ideas will be all over the place because you never directed them.

I had to learn that. I had to learn to stop letting my ideas be all over the place and come up with all these different things and then direct them. And then once I realized what I wanted my positioning to be in the industry, how I wanted to present myself and how I would be different than other people, I would run all of my ideas through that positioning filter.

There’s so many emails, for example, or Instagram posts that I would come up with and I want to release, and I run it through my positioning filter and I’m like, oh, that doesn’t really match the consistent vibe and brand that I put out and so I have to just let it go. It’s the hardest thing.

Your brain will want you to just do it all and it’s so hard. You have to coach yourself all the time to not do it all. So one of the things I teach them is to be aware of what they do instead of keeping things simple, instead of keeping their business the same, instead of honoring the decisions they made within their simple offer and the brand they want to create and the overall business they’re designing is they negotiate and rationalize the changes that they make to their simple offer.

They rationalize the implementation that didn’t happen, the decisions they made and then didn’t follow through with. The things they didn’t do, the things they de-committed and went back on. And they always have a very good reason to do it in their brain.

Your brain will always have fabulous reasons for taking you off track. So one of the biggest reasons to have a simple offer, other than growing your business and your brand and your overall money is to of course, find all of the beliefs that are keeping you from having a bigger business.

And some of them are the thoughts that make you all over the place and have all these ideas and all this creativity and putting it in a thousand different directions. All of those thoughts are the reason that your brain isn’t more saturated.

So when you have the simple offer and you can’t change anything outside of that, you get to watch your brain just go to work. So if you want to build a multi-million-dollar brand over the next three years or so, decide ahead of time what it will be, your brand and your offer, and see all the shit that comes up that sidetracks you.

So for example, one of my clients was so close to meeting the challenge and she changed her niche as part of the simple offer and she committed that to herself really because I let them make all the decisions within their simple offer. They choose it.

And then she went out and signed clients that weren’t in her chosen niche, just people that were coming to her. And when I asked her about it, she defended it saying that she was so close to her goal that she didn’t want to lose out on making 100K because that was the most important thing.

And what that showed me as her coach is that she didn’t believe – the drama that’s happening in her brain is that she can’t make 100K, she can’t hit her goal in the timeframe she wants to hit it with her chosen niche right now. She has a story that she’s got to go find all these other new people and that she doesn’t have time to do that. It’s going to take all this time.

And of course, when she believes that, that belief will be the reason she doesn’t go out and do it. So she takes 20K now at the sacrifice of 200K later. And because she chose the money over the growth, she misses out on the chance to become who she wants to be ultimately faster.

So that’s the other piece of the significance of the simple offer. When you keep things the same, you keep your business the constant so that you can solely focus on your mind and get to the heart of what is keeping you from making more money. Way bigger money than you think you’re leaving on the table by making all the changes and narrowing down and creating a simple offer.

The most constant you keep your business, the faster you can work on your thinking and the cause of all of your results. So I haven’t changed my business really in about 18 months. I have two offers. That’s it. Two life coaches to help them make money. So for 18 months, all I have done is change my thinking.

You see this explosion in my business and people think it’s because I got some magical formula right. It’s because I found a brand that worked, the making money as a life coach thing is genius, and if they had gotten to it first, they would be making the kind of money I am making. Or, in order to make the kind of money I am making, they do have to go out and teach life coaches how to make money or be some sort of business coaches.

But I didn’t find an amazing niche in the corner of the world over here. I didn’t stumble on it like Christopher Columbus. I created it and then I made it amazing by my dedication to it. And the millionaires in my mastermind, the ones I mastermind with, they all have different niches and none of them are business coaches and none of them coach life coaches, and yet they have the same results.

Because that is all we have done for two years now is keep our business the constant and work on our brains. Our thinking. It doesn’t mean we never make changes and it doesn’t mean we just work on believing we can make more money. We don’t sit around just believing we can make five million dollars.

It means we problem solve with the business we have using our brains, filtered through our simple offers and changing the way we think about our business. Not just changing our business constantly to adjust to what we don’t believe.

So when you get to the place where you no longer feel starved and suffocated from not making money in your business, when you feel like your baby is fed, it’s time to start thinking about who you’re going to be in the industry. It’s time to make decisions about exactly who you’re going to serve. How exactly you will serve them, and what exactly you’re going to charge for that and to create your simple offer.

And then, go implement it out into the world. Meet people, tell them you’re a life coach, and make offers to help them. Sell the world on why you are the best person for the job consistently and concisely. Build your brand. Do it clean and simple. Give the same message over and over and over. Get better at problem solving for the one result you help people get.

Become an expert. Create new ideas for this one problem you’re solving, or for this one group of people. And then make a lot of money. Explode your business. That is the motherfucking simple offer, my friends.

Alright, next episode, you get to hear some of my clients who did it and who are free in their schedule to take the time to tell you about it. I cannot wait for you to hear how their simple offer affected their growth. You’re going to hear from Danielle who went all in to become a sex coach and build her dream business and make over 30K in 30 days.

You’re going to hear from Megan who changed her niche and referred tons of consults out that no longer matched what she was offering, and went all in to honor her simple offer and then went on to sign $25,000 of business with her dream clients in her dream niche in 30 days.

You’re going to hear from Candy who stopped taking payment plans and made over $50,000 in 60 days. You’re going to hear from Simone who made over 20K outside of her simple offer before realizing that her hustling was keeping her from growing and was not coming from a good place, and then decided to go all in with her simple offer and then made over 40K in one month.

She was like, you know what, halfway through the month, I can still do this, I’m making it happen, and she did. And then you’re going to hear from Samantha who worked through all of her resistance to the goal itself. The 25K in 30 days in the simple offer and making that kind of money in such a small amount of time.

She was like, I’m the person who can climb Everest. But then we asked her to do it in a day instead of a week and she was like, what the F for? And then realizing why it was so important for her to do it and then doing it. That’s all coming up on the next episode so stay tuned for now and I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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