Make Money as a Life Coach® | Value Bank 2.0As I’ve started coming back into my business after taking time off for maternity leave, I’ve been thinking a lot about creating value. I didn’t feel mentally or physically in the game, I had a lot of negative thoughts and feelings about not being with my son 24/7, and this is where the Value Bank 2.0 has stepped in as the answer to all of it. 

It’s so easy to create value when times are good. But can you create value when times are bad? What if creating and depositing value into your value bank, even when you have a launch that isn’t selling, or when you’re not hitting your goals for an entire year, was your answer to literally everything? 

Join me this week as I up-level the concept of The Value Bank and show you why depositing in your value bank when it’s the hardest to do so is the solution to every difficult circumstance or result you’ll ever face in life or business. You’ll discover how to start implementing a value model, and examples from throughout my life of how depositing value as the first line of defense has always been the answer to creating insane results.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The fastest way to fill your value bank up.
  • How I’ve been generating excitement about coming back to work after maternity leave.
  • Why we retreat from creating value when we have unwanted circumstances or results. 
  • How creating value is the answer to anything negative that might be happening in your world.
  • Why the value you add to your bank when things are down will be worth double its original value. 
  • How to replace your current model with the value model.
  • Examples from my own life of how creating value has always been the solution to everything you’ll face in life and business. 

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 186. Today is the second take on the Value Bank, Value Bank 2.0. I really wanted to share my thoughts with you on creating value. I’ve been thinking about it a lot lately as it’s the answer to literally everything. So, I’m going to tell you what I mean in a second. But first I have to tell you, I’m coming back from maternity leave. I had a baby, became a mama and I am heading back to work. And this has to do with this episode. It’s been really challenging when I think about coming back.

I am in such cognitive dissonance. I hold so much love and excitement for my business and the goals I’m creating. And also, I was eating lunch the other day and my nanny was here. And my son giggled for the first time, and I wasn’t there. I was eating lunch and I was devastated. And I started thinking in my head about oh my God, I’m going to be on a call and he’s going to have a first and I’m going to miss it. And I started really getting upset and feeling guilty and dreading really come back to work and not just staring at him 24/7 all of the time.

And I’m sure if you’re a mom you experience this. I didn’t realize how heavy that transition would be. And so, this is how I’ve been working through it. It’s really given me a huge aha that I wanted to just do an entire episode and share it with you. I originally had planned on sharing it as the intro for our most valuable podcast replay of the Value Bank. But I ended up doing an entire episode because I just thought this content needs to be really potent and arrive to you in its own episodes.

So, this is what I’ve been doing in my own work and we’re going to kind of explore it is the way that I’ve been generating excitement to come back to work even though I have this other side, this piece of me that’s very sad and doesn’t want to do it at all. The way I’ve been generating the excitement is I’ve been thinking about the value that my team and I are going to create in the last five months of the year. And I’ve been making lists, getting very specific and really imagining what that value will then go create for my clients.

Listen, I’m going to talk about my team in a little bit, but my team is killing it right now. I tasked them with a lot of work while I was gone on maternity leave. It was not a situation where everybody was just taking a break. I had a whole lot of things that I wanted, foundations that I wanted to be set, things I wanted created while I was gone so that when I came back I could really hit the ground running, like a new member portal that we’re creating for a program we have. They’re creating an employee portal.

They were creating new sales pages for me. They are working on so many things right now as a team so that when I come back I can just really start executing. And so, I’ve been just really spending some time in my brain in that. I’m creating lots of opportunities for my clients to spend more time with me. And so all of those things I’ve been really taking not just my brain but feeling it in my body. So, it’s not just the value I’m going to create now that I’m back but it’s getting my brain in the space of the focus of value, and the excitement of value, and the anticipation of it and really reveling in that.

And then thinking of what that’s going to create down the line. So, if you think about the value bank being we make our deposits of value in and then eventually we make so many deposits, the value overflows and we can take that value out in the form of making money. So, the fastest way to fill that bank up is to get really excited about it, to get yourself into a place of such anticipation about the value you’re going to create. So that’s one place that my brain has been going is just really – I always talk about enrolling people in your vision.

Just enrolling myself in the vision of the value that I’m going to create and the impact that value will have. And then the overall result that that will create for myself and my company. So that’s one thing I wanted to share with you. And then on the flipside of that I’ve also been thinking about, because as my business scales and as I get bigger in the industry there are a lot of fails that happen, a lot of mistakes that get made, you’re interacting with lots of people. You have unwanted circumstances that can happen in your life, in your business.

If you guys remember, when I got pregnant I got really, really, really sick and stayed that way most of my pregnancy. I would say that’s an unwanted C, not the pregnancy but the very sick the whole time. So that could be an unwanted C. But in our business as we grow there will be unwanted circumstances and then there will be unwanted results. The way I want you guys to think about this is the circumstances, I want you to think of them as things you didn’t necessarily create, things that just happen.

So, it’s just we’re interacting in a world where all possibilities exist and there can be things that happen, that we would not consider them part of our desires. They’re not on our desire list. So, they’re unwanted circumstances. And then there are things that we create by the models that we have, the thoughts that we have, the feelings we have, the actions we take and that turns into a result. And sometimes that result is not wanted, it’s a fail.

And within both of those situations we might have thoughts that we know don’t serve us or thoughts that we want to move past, belief that we have that keeps us from creating the results we want, that we haven’t gotten past yet. We’re working on them. We’re working on certain thoughts, but we haven’t resolved them yet. So, we’re kind of in this fluctuation. We’re either trying to believe something or trying not to believe something. And then you might have emotions that you’re stuck in, or you can’t really get out of it.

A lot of you all come to me, a lot of you all come to me specifically when you’re there. You can’t get out of lack of motivation, or humiliation, or disappointment, or fear, or scarcity, whatever that is. So, you either have thoughts that don’t serve you, emotions you’re stuck in, again along the lines of unwanted C’s and unwanted R’s, circumstances, and results. You might have problems that arise or another way to say it is obstacles you have to overcome.

Anything you’re trying to solve for, I want you to consider what if the answer to anything at all that you are trying to solve for, what if the answer was creating more value? It’s like when the market, the stock market is low, you buy. We started investing, we opened, I don’t even know what you call it, I’m so bad about all that stuff. I’m really trying to focus my brain to learn. But we opened a year and a half ago a stock market account. We got a financial advisor and we put a lot of money in the stock market.

And one of the things that they told us very early on is when you start investing, the hardest part of investing would be to continue to invest and to let the money stay in when the market is down. So, what they said is that people will want to give in to the fear and either guard their money, not add any more in or they’ll want to flee, they’ll want to take all their money out. And first of all, this has already happened to us. We’ve had to sit with some very – I feel like since we put the money in, the market has just gone down, down, down.

And we have watched ourselves lose money every month. I’m like, “What’s happening here?” So, we’ve already experienced that. And there’s a lot of negative emotion, especially when money is on the line. But I find that we do this in our business too. When we are down in our business or our life, instead of doubling down on value we retreat, we hide, we disappear. And what happens a lot of times is we get lost in what caused the down.

We get so consumed by what caused the down. Trying to figure out what caused the unwanted circumstance or get away from it as fast as possible, or what created the unwanted result, or the obstacle, or the problem. So instead of focusing on contributing to our value bank and focusing on what will create the up, we focus on being down, the emotion of being down, we stay in the model, we get really wrapped up in the model that we are in when things are down.

So, I want to offer that the value you add to your bank when things are down will be worth double its original value. I just want you to consider that. It’s not even like it’ll add up eventually. It’s like, I want you to consider that it will be worth double its original value. So again, it’s kind of like this, I don’t know a ton about the stock market.

But it’s the way that I’ve been thinking myself through that even to not pull the money out or to not stop putting money in is that although we’re losing money now what we are doing when we put money in from my understanding is we’re buying a lot of stocks that might be low now but they’re going to go back up. So, we’re buying almost extra shares of them. We’re buying them at lower prices than we normally would. And eventually that is going to fluctuate back up.

So that’s what I keep thinking of is the money I spend now, what if it’s worth double 10 years from now. Even though it seems like a loss now, that’s what I’m saying. I want you to consider value in your business that way. So, I’m going to give you a story, I love giving you guys pitching stories because they have nothing to do with life coaching and sometimes that helps to hear it from a different perspective.

So, when I was pitching the company, the first company I worked for would offer a three day trip for two somewhere really fun like the Dominican Republic, or Hawaii, or Cabo San Lucas, for the top qualifying salespeople. You had to have a store day average of $1200 a day for the entire year, that had to be your average. And that was a lot when you were selling a 20 or 30 dollar product. But I qualified every single year because of one thing. It wasn’t the amazing days.

Spoiler alert, it wasn’t the hot stores where everyone was buying. And it wasn’t the getting constantly the best products, or the best stores, or just being really good at sales. It was the focus on the days where it was raining, or the store was slow, or on the stores where no one was buying, where it was just really hard to sell on those stores. The days where I wasn’t mentally in the game, either mentally or even physically. The days where I was sick, and I just wanted to phone it in. And I would not want to pitch.

We were supposed to do them every 30 minutes or something, every 40 minutes and there would be days where I felt bad. And I didn’t want to get as many shows in. On all of those days where things were down, whether it was just a store that the product wasn’t cliquing with, or it didn’t have traffic, or I wasn’t cliquing. Every one of those days it was my commitment to the $1200 store day average no matter what. Even if I had to just squeak by with it, or if I had to get as close as humanly possible to it like 900.

I might be at $600 gross, having the worst day ever and I would push to get as close to that 1200 as humanly possible, whether that was just an extra $100, or an extra $200, or an extra $300. I would really say, I would look at that gap and be like, “I’m getting there. I’m not leaving until I get as close as possible to there.” Even if I had to stay over and do extra shows, even if I had to tap every store shopper on the shoulder and let them know the promotion was starting to get more people there.

Even if I had to, I want you to literally imagine this, even if I had to walk down the aisles of Walmart with a loudspeaker, holding a speaker in my hand and yelling into the speaker so everyone could hear me, looking like a fool, pointing people to the promotion. I did whatever I had to do to get that $1200 store day average in. So, this is what I’ve been thinking about. And I really want you to consider this. It’s so easy to create value when times are good. But can you create value when times are bad?

And it doesn’t even matter why. Again, times are bad in the world or times are bad for you because you’ve had a major fail, or you’ve made a big mistake. What if creating value, adding value to your value bank was your answer out? One time, I was actually in a launch, this was very early on in my business, but I had started group coaching at the time.

I was coaching network marketers, and I had the most serious family emergency I’ve ever had in my entire life. I woke up one morning and I remember it snowed a lot that day and so I had a day off. And I had planned to just stay in all day, and I had a fireplace in my apartment at the time and I just wanted to sit by the fire and coach myself. It felt very just like one of those days, a fluff day. I thought the day was just going to be really easy, and really simple. And I got a phone call before I had even opened my eyes and there was a massive family emergency.

And my sister was calling me and was like, “You’ve got to get,” my family lives up in Indianapolis area and she said, “You have to get up here right away. It’s really bad.” And so, I knew the snow was coming and I’m driving as fast as I can to get there to help and I got in a car wreck on the way there and almost totaled my car. That was a time when things were down, were really, really, really down. And I ended up being in Indianapolis, staying up there and then coming back and forth for several months after that.

And I was in my launch, and I could have canceled it. And sometimes I do, I would cancel things like that now or it’s a judgment call for you. But in that moment, this is the point of the story is that what got me through being in a launch and juggling a massive family emergency was when I was working the little hours that I was then working. And I was doing concept calls to fill my launch at the time. The times where I was, if I were spending any time writing a post to market it or on a consult with a client, any part, sending emails out to sell it.

I don’t even know if I had an email list at the time actually but whatever I was doing, it was what got me through it, and I ended up filling that launch while I would say 70/80% of my focus was on my family. The 20% of focus I did have for my business I focused it all towards how do I create value for the people who would be ideal clients for this offer? And I just focused on value, focused on value. I would leave the family stuff to the side when I was working and that’s what I would do is give as much valuable as humanly possible.

Another time, I think it was that same year I had a client who got it in her mind, and I laugh about it a little bit now, but I do, I hate that this happens for all people, I think this happens to even coaches where you get in your mind that coaching is a cult. That is the worst thought ever. It feels absolutely terrible. It makes you think your coach is a cult leader and all of the people that are their clients, it’s just the worst. Listen, I know, it happens. But it’s been a long time. There has been a lot of space so I feel like I can laugh about it now.

But I got a client who in her mind convinced herself that coaching was a cult, she knew because I was coaching network marketers, a lot of my clients from either her downline or her upline, her crosslines, whatever they call them and so she called them all and tried to convince them that coaching was a cult and to stop working with me. And she actually did successfully convince many of my clients to quit coaching with me. So that is a time where you could get really absorbed in the drama of something like that happening.

The way I moved out of it and that year I made more money than I’d ever made before, was I focused on creating value. If you have a launch that isn’t selling or when you’re not hitting your goal for an entire year, let me actually rewind. When you have a launch that isn’t selling, it can be so easy to get wrapped up in the emotion of the possibility of not hitting your goal. And that’s what a lot of you do. I see this a lot in my 200K Mastermind. And I’m always coaching them, first of all you can’t get lost in the results that haven’t happened yet.

You have to always be focused on the value that can be created until the launch is over. But if the launch didn’t sell, let’s say the result did happen, it didn’t sell, I coach my clients so often on, they can get wrapped up in that result, that unwanted result or they can focus on what’s the value you’re going to create between now and the next one.

So now I’m going to go back to the when you’re not hitting your goal for an entire year because that happened to me. I tell this story all the time, that the year that I scaled to a million I did five or six launches for 2K for 2K and none of them were even close to my goal. My goal was 50 people, I took 16, 20, 30. I think 36 was my highest ever for an entire year, brand new offer, brand new program that I had no idea if it was going to actually make me millions or not. No proof and I’m making $30,000 a launch. I’m like, “There’s no way I’m ever going to make millions with this.”

And when that was happening there was so much anxiety. That year I would literally wake up in the middle of the night, my brain just spinning in anxiety. But what I would do is while I was working on all of those emotions and really trying to regulate my emotions that entire year the other thing I would do is focus on the value I was trying to create with 2K for 2K. And figuring out how to explain that value clear to my audience so that they understood the value. And once they understood the value then they would buy.

If you make a very public mistake, I’ve done that before, I’ve made a very public mistake. And I had to answer for that. Or if someone tries to cancel you, you get really bad feedback from a customer, and they share it with the world. I remember maybe a year ago I had the worst, now there is a couple of them, so I’ve moved through the emotion of that. But the worst – what do you call it, it’s an anti-testimonial? The worst feedback that humiliated me on my podcast. Someone wrote some really terrible things on my iTunes. You can probably, if you are curious, go back and look them up.

But I’ve had several now and you can’t remove those. It’s not like an Instagram comment where someone leaves something terrible. You can delete those. You can’t delete, trust me, I’ve looked into it, I don’t think you can delete the podcast ones. And so, I’ve had to sit with that. But what I thought about with my podcast is listen, I can let myself be wrapped up and absorbed in the negative things that people have to say about my podcast. Or I can just keep pouring value into the podcast for the people who think it’s valuable.

So, what I did at that time, I’ll just give you a little tip, just if this ever happens to you is I screenshotted all of the most amazing testimonials. And any time I was getting ready to record my podcast and while I was actively experiencing the drama of the negative reviews I would read the positive ones and then I would record my podcast. Another example of this is I think this was last year, the thing I want for you to think about is if you ever lose a ton of money, so I’ll give you an example.

Last year, I thought it was last year, we mis-anticipated, I don’t know if that’s the proper word, but we did not properly anticipate our taxes and we ended up at the end of the year owing or at the beginning of the next year, owing $600,000 more than we had allocated, more than we had planned for. I want to repeat that, $600,000 more than we had planned for. And long story short so that you don’t think oh my God, that could just happen to me.

How it happened to me was we weren’t paying quarterly taxes. We started paying quarterly taxes because at the time we started making so much money that the penalty of not holding onto it was a lot more than what it would be worth, the benefits of holding onto it. And so, we switched over and in the switching over, what happened, if I explain this correctly is our launches for 200K were in May. The quarterly taxes for the next year are due in April.

So, we basically ended up having to pay taxes on money quarterly that we hadn’t actually brought in yet. It’s a very tricky loophole I feel like situation that most of you will not fall under. But the quarterly taxes for the anticipated money we would owe for that year that we were paying on was for money we hadn’t created. So, we hadn’t made the 600,000 yet but we were having to pay on the millions of dollars that we bring in, in our 200K launches, we were having to pay that before the money had come in.

We’ve learned that lesson since, but I remember feeling the extreme negative emotion of putting out $600,000 more than I expected. And that came out of, I believe either our – I think it was our personal money because I didn’t want to tap into our reserve, and I decided to take it out of our personal money. But it just felt like a really big blow. And how I got out of it was I thought, okay, let’s just go make $600,000 more. So, I have to create $600,000 of value that I just didn’t anticipate. And I’m just going to go do it because I’m a CEO.

I take care of the business. So, any time you are down, your business is down, when the world is down even in pandemics, or during political unrest, or something happens in the world politically that is very upsetting to you. We’ve had a lot of that happening recently. Whenever it just feels like things suck or are terrible, the answer is to create value. Here’s why this is so important. This stops whatever model is happening in its tracks.

Whether it’s a model where there is an unexpected circumstance, just things just happen in the world or there is a model that you were in that created an unwanted result. It doesn’t matter. What happens most often is once have whatever it is that we don’t want, we focus so hard on that, that we perpetuate more of it. Think about law of attraction, what you focus on grows. So, you can focus on what’s happening in the world, what’s happening on social media, what’s happening with your launch that’s failing.

New coaches, a lot of times you guys focus on your life not being what you think it should be in order to be a coach. You can get lost in that. Or you can create value. You literally interrupt your current model with a value model. You put the R, the result that you want in the model and then you work your way backwards. You create an action line full of value. You think about all of the actions that you could take to create that will create value, that would pour into your bank enough to create the result that you want.

And I think sometimes that’s where you guys end up creating an unwanted result is you improperly estimate how much value and the type of value that has to be poured into your bank to make it overflow so that you can take out deposits in the form of money. You improperly estimate that. So, you’re like, I only signed two clients and my goal was 10 for my launch. That’s because you only put in 20% of the value that was needed, and you got two people. So, you needed 80% more value.

So, when you’re doing your model, when you’re working it backwards you want to think about, I want to make sure I put in 200%, not 100%, 200% of value into my value bank to make sure I can pull out a 100%. So let me make sure I have a ton of value added here. Now, that doesn’t mean a ton of hustle, it just means a ton of value. Every email is worth how much money I want them to pay for my program. Every line they read is transformational. Everything else is cut out, nothing is fluff.

Every minute they spend with me is valuable for them. If I’m going to do a Facebook Live or a podcast they’re going to listen to, I’m just pumping it full of value. I’m maximizing it. I make sure my action, all of my actions in my model are maximized value. Then I create an emotion that allows me to execute that value no matter how else I’m feeling. So that could be resilience, courage, determination, love, sufficiency, service. And then I love to find a thought that humbles me, or empowers me, or fuels me to go out and create.

I’ve been specifically with my coming off maternity leave, I’ve been looking at thoughts that humble me and thoughts that create a lot of value or a lot of gratitude for me. I’ve said value too many times on this episode. That create a lot of gratitude for me. So, I’ve been thinking about the freedom my business gives me to spend more time with my kid than most people get. It’s not all the time because I’m the businessowner but who gets to work from home and only work three days a week and make millions of dollars?

That gives me four other days to be totally obsessed with my baby. Who gets to have a nanny work full-time and travel with us so that I can maximize the joyous times with my baby? And I can also know that my nanny and my baby is always in my house while I’m working. Everybody’s here, everybody’s okay, everybody’s good. I’ve been fueling my brain and just thinking of all of the gratitude.

And I have the best nanny, we pay her, listen, I love to pay my employees lots of money and get the best of the best and I did that with my nanny, so freaking grateful. She’s freaking amazing. So, you find a thought, it’s literally you’re creating a value model. Every line of the model is focused on value.

And listen, the thought that you create or the things that you create, they don’t have to be big. I have talked about them a little bit in a big way. But I want to kind of bring it back to it can also just be in the beginning something that just moves the needle forward. Especially if you’re working with a deeply unwanted model that feels really big, find something that just moves the needle forward a little bit. That’s what I’ve been doing in this situation for me, when I’m really struggling to think about coming back and leaving my baby.

It started so small and now it feels huge. My heart feels like it could burst with excitement for the things we’re creating. I’m so fired up, I just can’t even, like I can’t wait to just get back on a meeting with my team and be like, “What’s the status of this, and this, and this, and this?” And I have new ideas I’m going to throw at them. Eventually it will start amping up and then the train will just take off, almost without you. So just start with something that moves the needle forward towards creating value.

And you might still have some personal stuff to work through, those thoughts and emotions that aren’t the model of value. And that’s okay, work through them. But while you’re working through one model you can be working on another. And if you do this you will stop even the biggest circumstances that are our of your control in their tracks. And your results will look very different down the road. And sometimes instantly, you can just interrupt an unwanted model in your business and step into a value model and just interrupt it and create new results instantly.

And sometimes it’ll be six months from now, but I promise you, you cannot lose money in the long run when you keep investing. When things are low you buy in. You don’t pull back or pull out, you focus on solving things for other people and you will solve everything for yourself. So, I’m going to give you one more story. This is an unwanted result that happened this year for me. I think it was this year. Gosh, I’m losing time. Maybe it was actually, no, it was the end of last year. So, it was October ish of last year.

One of my team members came to me, they sent me actually a Slack message, I was on vacation at the time, and they sent me a Slack message. And they basically told me that they were really unhappy working for my company. And that they were having a hard time getting along with people and they didn’t enjoy the company culture. And then they said that they weren’t the only ones and they asked me to speak to other people on the team. And it was a message that was really shocking to me because it’s not at all who I am and what my company stands for.

And so, I took it really seriously, I messaged them back right away and I set up calls the next week to talk to every single person on my team. And I told them exactly what had happened. And I said, you know, I told them there wouldn’t be any sort of retribution, but I wanted them to be bluntly honest and tell me everything. And I didn’t try to coach them out of it or change their thoughts. I just literally learned more about my company in one week than I probably knew about it in the entire time I built it.

I wrote everything down, every suggestion, every complaint, everything. And what it had really boiled down to is that we had just hired a bunch of new people and they felt like we had sort of just thrown them to the wolves, that we hadn’t given them proper training. We had systems and processes in place, and we just expected them to learn from the systems and processes. And that is really how my COO learned the job and she created the job as she went along. That’s how I’ve learned things. And we expected other people to learn like us.

And then on top of that with our company culture my COO and I have a very specific way of communicating with each other that’s very blunt and very – it’s just minus all fluff or what’s the word I’m looking for? Pleasantries, just being nice to people or thoughtful to people. Something simple as I don’t think to say, “Good morning.” I just start rattling off things that we need to work on, or things that need to be done, or things that are wrong, or things that we’re creating or whatever it is. It’s just like my brain goes, it’s the way that I think is from point A to point B fastest way.

And I don’t do a lot of the things and so the culture was a little bit not inviting and welcoming. And then on top of that we had kind of created this culture where you couldn’t ask questions. You had to go be resourceful. But sometimes that was working against us. It creates extremely resourceful employees, but it can be one end or the other. It can be really good when it’s really good or it could be really bad when it’s really bad, when you don’t let people ask a lot of questions.

So, I could do an entire episode actually just on this and so I will earmark that for a later episode. But I took notes on everything. I listened to everyone. I thanked them for their time and some of them I even asked them to come on and help me, be on a team to help me unwind it. And so, what I did is I had my COO, Michelle, I had her fly down to my house and we spent two days just talking about the culture as it was and where we wanted it to be

And discussing what we needed to change for the both of us to get there, even if it wasn’t our most natural way of being and even if it worked for her and I. We started thinking about all the different types of personalities that could come into our company. And then we started building out what we wanted our company manual to be. And we wanted it to be something representative of our company and exactly who we are. And so, we had to make changes quickly. And then we made a plan to create a team training, and an onboarding.

And the way that I explained it to my team and to Michelle is I said, “The one thing that my 200K Mastermind is known for is that every single step of the client journey is accounted for.” We have the most insane process, you log into the member portal and literally you’re not going to be lost. You’re just going to be minute by minute fed the most incredible value. And from beginning of the live event to end and beginning of the mastermind to end, every single detail has been thought of to where it is you’re just walked into making $200,000.

And our clients feel like they have won the freaking lottery. That’s one of our values is a winning the lottery experience. And so, I told my team, I said, “I really want your experience to be a winning the lottery experience.” When someone gets hired I want it to literally blow their mind that they work for us. And so, we spent a solid six months on this. And then I invested over $100,000 in a team training right before I left on maternity leave. And we went all in. Three days full out of training, doing a full training and a full onboarding. And rolling out our company manual.

And it was absolutely insane. And what it created for us was the most insane culture now everybody, Michelle’s always telling me that everybody just wants to hang out together. She’ll create these meetings where they could just meet online but she’ll fly everybody to a city together. They’ll rent out a meeting room and actually meet in person. And I was telling her, I was like, “I don’t think that’s necessary. People don’t want to travel.” And she’s like, “This team wants to travel. This team wants to be together.”

And we hired all these new people, and all these new people were telling us how held they felt and how supported they felt in their job, and how easy it was to get onboard. And how empowered they are to really run with their jobs. It’s actually insane the before and after we created. But listen, there is no way it could have happened if I had gotten that feedback and just lost my mind in it, and spiraled out in the negative emotion.

But when I had those meetings I knew my only option was to focus on creating value for my employees. So that could be the same for your clients. If you have a bunch of clients quit you could have a meeting with them and you could find out what’s going on. And then you could focus on creating value for the future. I did that.

I had a 200K Mastermind once where the rate of return had been so high for so long and then it just dropped dramatically. I think it went from 93% to 54%, it was a big drop. And I got on a call, and I said, “Hey, tell me what’s going on. I want to know. If it’s something I can fix I want to fix it.” And what a big part of it ended up being is that I had assumed once you make six figures that you just aren’t going to have money drama. And that I didn’t need to coach people on the money drama that could come up once you make six figures. And now I know that.

And then there had been some issues with people selling in the group. And so, we created this incredible code of conduct, and then we even created these guidelines for peer coaching that I basically taught everybody in 200K how to coach like me. It was insane. An entire module on how to peer coach effectively the way that I would coach you. And it just changed everything. The next round was absolutely insane. And people were so grateful that we had taken the time to do that.

So, whenever you’re tempted to hide and run, or whatever it is, whatever your fight or flight would be, or spin out, or eat cookies on the couch, whatever it is, instead think about what’s the value I could create. And it doesn’t mean again, don’t evaluate, learn, and grow. If you have a failed launch, you’re not going to just go focus on the next launch and don’t even learn from the last one. But it just means you’re not going to get lost in your drama or other people’s drama. You’re going to be processing your emotions, evaluating, learning, growing on one side.

And then you’re going to be focusing on creating value on the other. And you’re going to make sure especially when things are really tough, and really hard, or really bad that you’re focused on value. You get to work. You keep depositing. You deposit when it’s the hardest. You deposit value as the first line of defense. You deposit as the solution to every single thing you will ever face in your life and business. And you will come out ahead. How I handled my employee situation is now going to create $20 million for us in our company, a $20 million company I know it.

We have the most incredible team, they’re all working flawlessly together and how fast we’re able to create value is insane because of six months of concentrated effort on creating value and being in a value model to create the result I wanted after being made aware of an unwanted result. That’s it. You will always come out ahead if you focus on creating value as the solution to every unwanted circumstance or every unwanted result in your life and your business. Alright, that’s Value Bank 2.0, folks. I’m back. Love you so much. Are you ready? Let’s go.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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