Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Wisdom from Last Year's 200k and 2 Million Dollar EarnersThe 200K Mastermind is creating $200K earners at an unprecedented rate. This container is producing the largest group of moneymakers in this entire industry, and you get to listen in to their success stories today.

This week, you’re witnessing our latest 200K Mastermind Awards Ceremony, where the coaches you’ll hear from have either made at least $200K in the last 12 months and are back for more, or a 2 Million Dollar Group student who is well on their way to making millions.

Listen in to hear my 200K and 2 Million Dollar Group students share the thoughts that helped them make $200K and beyond. Where they are today is where they’ve always dreamed of being, and I hope their journeys inspire you to go after your own dream.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The thoughts that helped my students make $200K and beyond. 
  • How my students were always willing to try something new.
  • Why the support they received in the mastermind was crucial to their success. 

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 214. Today I have a special podcast, I just got back from Cabo San Lucas and our January 2023 class of the 200K mastermind’s advanced selling live event. It’s a mouthful, I know. We spent four glorious days together, we had a welcome ceremony, a closing dinner, three intense days of teaching and breakout session masterminding and hanging at the pool together.

We’re all very, very tired in the best way, so this week’s episode, I wanted to share with you the wisdom from the last class, the August 2022, those students who returned on and made $200,000 or more in the last 12 months took the stage once again as we do every round, to share the thoughts and the things that really propelled them forward and kept them going.

One of the things I noticed in this awards ceremony were how many students said that 2022 was a really tough year for them. Our entire live event was titled “When Things Go Unplanned” and we had a real conversation. I have never ever spent an entire live event talking about fails and when things go unplanned, but I also had a hard year myself in my business, and I told everyone and I will tell you that if you did, you’re not alone. If you didn’t that’s fantastic but you might the next year.

We sign up for business for life, and so we don’t either personally or professionally, we’re not entitled or guaranteed to have an amazing year every year, even when we’re life coaches. So listen to the things that helped those students get through their year, and stay plugged in, and still make 200K or more, and also listen to the students who had breakthrough years and created history, and did something that no one else has ever done, or that they’ve never done. Blew their own minds, there were so many amazing things said.

One of my favorites was from our million dollar earner, Edie Wadsworth, make sure you listen. I think hers was my favorite from last round too, but this one was really good for me to take as well, and I won’t share it with you because I want you to listen to hear for it, but every 6 months I’m so inspired. For everyone to come on stage and really crack me open as well with all of their thoughts and their wisdom.

These are always your favorite episodes, you tell us every single time we play one of these or we stream them live on IG, we do this to bring you along with us, one of the things said in the room as well was that this is truly a room when people come in for the first time, where they realize that their success is everyone else’s success, and they’ve never been a part of a room where everyone wants them to succeed as bad as they want themselves to succeed. And care and take that responsibility on to help them get and accomplish their goals, and that’s really how it feels.

Everyone in the room wants you to succeed, even if you’re not in the room we want you to succeed and we want you to join us. So here is our wisdom from that stage from 200K, 500K, 700K, a million and two million dollar earners, this is going to be an amazing episode for you to refer back to week after week if you need the encouragement to just keep going, even if your year is starting unplanned. Alright, let’s dive in.

Alright, are you all ready? 200K awards. So good. So everyone here that will get an award today has made $200,000 cash revenue in the last 12 months and is a returning student coming back to make more. Or they are one of our Two Million Dollar Group students and they’ve made a shit ton of money. So we’re going to award them too today. Our meeting is not tomorrow but the day after, I’ll be in Cabo with them for a few more days.

And they’re going to come up, we’re going to try to be very brief but they’re going to share the thoughts that helped them make the money they made so that you can borrow those thoughts from them and use them for you to make money. If you are a new student and you have not heard about these awards I want to make you really, really, really want one. These awards were created by the same company that does the awards for the Emmys. So these are legit. They come in a beautiful box. You’re going to just get the award but then you have a beautiful insane box to take yours home in.

Please do not try to take this through TSA, it’s pointy. You might have issues, especially in customs, pack it in your bag, send it home if you’re receiving one. Okay, are we ready? Without further ado.

Male: Sarine Edes, $200,000.

Sarine: So two years ago in January I was in 2K, and I had made $1,000 in my business and I had a newborn. And Stacey said, “Do you know you can actually make more money by doing less?” And I was like, “If that’s true I want that thought.” And that is the thought that helped me make 200K because it helped me use the power of my thoughts and let them do the heavy lifting and not my action line. The thought that helped me keep going was that it’s safe to be bigger than I ever have.

Stacey: That’s so amazing. I almost, literally tears just came out of my eyes. Congratulations.

Male: Paige Bowman, [crosstalk].

Paige: Last year as some of you know was one of the hardest years of my life. My husband was going through a lot and the main thought that got me through both being there for my husband and making $200,000 in one year was, I’m doing this. I’m doing this. I’m making enough money for him to not need to worry about anything and be able to handle what he’s going through. I’m doing this, I’m making $200,000 in one year, what? And this is my fifth round.

I wanted to be on stage in Orlando because I love Disney and I didn’t make it. And the second thought that got me through five rounds now is if I don’t give up, I’ll get here. And here I am.

Male: Melissa Lawrence, $205,000.

Melissa: Okay, I can’t believe I’m here because I actually had to look this up. So last year I was at 70K when I applied, and I got accepted to pre-enrollment today one year ago. So the fact that I’m here just blows my mind. And I was trying to think of all of the growth I’d had along the way and the thing that it boiled down to was that I’m worthy of the success that I want to create and that I’m worthy of being visible, now I’m going to cry, and taking up space and having my name known. And I’ve never gotten an award before until today and it’s not here yet.

But this picture behind me is shattered crystal and glass which represents us all breaking our own glass ceilings inside and external and what I do for my clients. And I’m so glad that I am here and that I’m going to continue on. So, thank you.

Male: Melissa Parsons, $206,000.

Melissa: It’s $240,000 and I am owning that shit, $38,000, that’s nothing to fucking sneeze at. So the thought that I had back in Orlando was it’s as good as done. And that got me to grounded certainty which is my favorite feeling to feel in my business. And it helped me to being asked to be a breakout instructor. I was nervous, I fucking slayed, and it helped me build my belief that I’m ready to go to group. And so I’m ready.

Male: Niha Wunnava, $212,000.

Neha: My name is Niha Wunnava. I am thrilled to be here. I am so proud of myself. And there are so many people in this room that are part of that and I’m grateful for you all. I was sitting over there 18 months ago, and Stacey gave me coaching because I kind of went like this and she saw it. And then she didn’t let it go so I tried to leave and my people at my table were like, “No, you’re not going. You’re not going. You stay right there.”

And I got this coaching from Stacey and Stacey was like, “Niha, you have to get right here.” And I watched it and I got coaching on it and I froze and I had anxiety so much and I don’t get anxiety but I did in that first round. I am so proud because I’m really a different person and I’m just going to tell you the thoughts. I am a leadership genius. I am world-class. It can only be me from me. And the one I’m adding after this one is, oh, you, you really need this right now. And the final thing I want to say is, it is really, really, really important that people who look like me are fearless to run the world in their brilliance.

Male: Marie McDonald, $215,000.

Marie: My business about 13 months ago and the thought that from that very moment, I started thinking and I’ve been thinking the whole time throughout this year as I’ve run my business, well, first I want to say that coming into this room last year was like finding my people. And sitting in the room with Dr. Kimmy in our small group last year and the rest of the women I felt like these are the women I want to become more like. And these are the people I want to spend this career with and starting this career.

So the thought that I thought this year is I am supported, and it was so amazing to have that come up today so much in Stacey’s conversations because it feels like that’s what all of you give. And then the thought for each time that I tried something new was, this is me going for it. And the reason I want to offer that to you is because when I failed, and I felt it was like this is me going for it. And then when something succeeded and I felt really proud I said, “This is me going for it.” So I offer that to you for your year.

Male: Jenna Harrison, $223,000.

Jenna: The first thing I have to tell you all. When I was creating my notes document for the last round my fingers made a typo. And instead of putting 200K call notes, we put 220K call notes. And I looked at that and I thought, my guess it’s a sign, okay. And that was my goal from then on out. So the thought that got me here is leapfrogging off of something Stacey has taught about sufficiency. And I’m calling it radical business sufficiency and what I mean is that in any given moment I have, my business has everything it needs to reach my next goal, my current goal.

So my brain wants to go to, well, to get there I’ll need to increase my audience size, or I’ll need to improve this skill, or I’ll need to amplify my energy. I need to amplify my energy. And I keep bringing myself back to all of that stuff that I’m doing and learning, the skill building, the audience growing, that’s for next year’s goal. But I have everything I need right now. My audience is enough. My skills are enough. And as I keep bringing myself back to that it just creates this simplicity and groundedness. And then I’ve been able to just prove it to myself again and again.

Male: Janae Young, $226,000.

Janae: So that updated number is close to a quarter of a million dollars. I graduate in June this year from college from Stanford. And so this entire live event I’ve really been thinking about everything that I’ve accomplished and where I am. And one of the things that I was talking with my breakout group about was because I put myself in this room at the beginning of my junior year I don’t have to graduate and work a job where I’m not valued. And I get to work for myself because of this amazing room and I’m so grateful for the past version of myself that was audacious enough to believe in something that I couldn’t see.

And I think my two thoughts have come from three pivotal moments in my business. The first was when I started my business when I was 15 when I learned the model at 16 and I decided that I would be a millionaire before I was 25. But I didn’t know how I was going to make that happen, but I knew that it was important for me to believe in things that I couldn’t yet see. The second was when I was 18 and the pandemic started, and I was really struggling with depression and I almost closed my business. And the third was when I joined 200K.

And in each of those three scenarios, I didn’t know how I was going to make it happen. And the two thoughts that got me through were, I will figure this out and I will figure this out because there are people to help. And I think for me both of those thoughts, connecting with my purpose which I truly feel is serving Black and Brown students. And if I can just intersect in their mindset early on for them to have success in their academics and in college the ripple effect of that brings me so much joy.

So when I look at that number I think more than anything I’m proud of myself for not giving up, for believing in something for six years. And I’m so blessed to do the work that I do. And I won’t stop being the best coach for the students, for my Black and Brown students because they deserve it. And because of that, I know that my million-dollar business is inevitable.

Male: Sara Fisk, $221,000.

Sara: Much like Paige, congratulations. I had a terrible, terrible 2022. And two things happened this round that reminded me of why I’m here now. Clare Ochoa reminded me of something that I said to her, I don’t even know when, but she said, “You said to me the only way you don’t succeed is if you quit.” And I just haven’t quit. I guess I think that if any year would have done it, it felt like last year might have and I didn’t quit.

And I think the reason I didn’t quit is because of a connection that I made when Maggie was talking and she said there were lots of years before she found Stacey as a coach where she just thought, I don’t know if this is going to be a viable business. I don’t know if I can sell this, I don’t know. And the thought occurred to me, I have never once had that thought. I have never thought that there’s not going to be a way to be successful because I’m in a room with so many people who are and if she can do it I can do it. And so some years it’s just not quitting that makes the most difference.

Male: Christina Langdon, $266,000.

Christina: It’s 297, so I’m calling it 300. This was really the year of belief for me. I think I broke through my own self-imposed passion and when I finally recognized that I was the biggest influencer in my life that it was really a game-changer for me. So it was the year for me.

Male: Debbie Sassen, $280,000. Kimberly Reynolds, $272,000.

Kimberly: I’m currently at $355,000. I called my husband, and I told him I was going to get an award. He’s like, “What, you just win awards every year now.” But the thing is I used to work in academic medicine and I used to work so hard. And I was such a good teacher and I tried so hard to teach and I felt like no one saw me. And I would always try to win the teaching award and I never won. So one of my thoughts now is I make money and win awards because of my brain. I do this because of what’s happening in my brain. So that’s really great.

And then I’ll just have this pause for a moment just speak to Dielle because I don’t know if she knows what she means to us. It means everything that you’re the first Black millionaire, it means everything. And likewise one of the thoughts for me is I am also an example of what’s possible. So I’m going to keep going because there’s someone looking at me as that example the same way I did Dielle, so thank you, Dielle, thank you, Stacey.

And thank you for everyone, all of you are incredible and I just love every single one of you. And even if I don’t get to speak to you, just please know that I love you so much and thank you for just creating this room and allowing me to make so much money in here.

Male: Candice Toone, $293,000.

Candice: I spent a lot of time in my business working in other people’s businesses, making them look awesome. And I love that about myself, I think it was so fun that I did it. And my thought that got me to 293 and I don’t know if that number is accurate right now but probably is more. But the thought was, I’m in charge of this now.

Male: Hala Sabry, $309,000.

Hala: I just want to tell you guys, this is my [inaudible] I guess in the first round because it’s not over yet. But I have never talked to Stacey in my life. I’ve never gotten coached by Stacey, and I just want to tell Stacey why I hired her. I actually never even was part of 2K, I wasn’t part of anything really. But I made a shitload of money and that’s wrong, it’s 325 I think. But okay, I hired you because you were pregnant, so I am a doctor. And I went into medicine to be a CEO of a hospital.

And I have so much experience and I’m so fucking smart. I’m going to tell you, I have five kids I want to just say that, but I was up for the next promotion, and I was on maternity leave, and I took five weeks off after a C-Section. And three weeks in they said that that position was open, and they were going to let us know in three days who was going to fill that. So I was waiting for my name, and it was Rob and that’s not my name. But when I asked why I was not considered they said I just had a baby, and I should consider being a good mom.

I didn’t sue them although that would have been really good. But instead as a big eff you to them I created the largest women physician group that exists in the world. But that’s not how I made this money. I thought if I had enough people around me that I would feel better. And that is true, this is what’s different about this room. When everybody’s in survival mode, which is what exactly that group is, the thoughts that were not helpful that I used to tell myself a lot.

And if you look at old interviews of mine I would quote this, is I’m building the plane as it’s flying. If you think that way the plane will crash over and over and over again. And one year ago it crashed, and I was very depressed and that’s not normal for me. And somebody came to visit me, and they were trying to cheer me up. They were like, “Well, what about your coaching business?” And I was, “Eff the coaching business, I’m shutting it down.” And I coached one person, I don’t know, it was on creating legacy and creating more money and more power and more everything.

And they’re like, “Eff the patriarchy, that’s what I do.” And so she was like, “What do you mean?” I’m like, “I don’t even know what I do. I don’t even know what my messaging is.” And I think [inaudible] showed me a video of yours from the 200K portal but don’t get mad at her because then I was like, “I need her.” I watched the first video, and it said you have to make your money back. And even though I didn’t want a business I wasn’t going to fail out of this room. So I made 25,000 and I did nothing else. And I showed up in September.

So all of that money is from yeah, it’s October really. So I just want to tell you guys, the thought, the thought that got me there is I wasn’t put in this world to create more followers. I was here to inspire and create more leaders because that’s going to be my legacy. And I hope you guys will take that as you wish as you guys are trying to grow on social media, the people around you are not going to change your thoughts in your brain right now.

Stacey: So many people say, “I was in this drama. And then Hala said, when Hala coached me.” So we have to give Hala a round of applause for also just showing up for everyone else in this room every single day.

Male: Annelise Harris, $326,000.

Annelise: So the last room, because it was my first room I attend this room and I knew nobody, and I was so impressed. I was like, “Are those women making so much money.” And the awards ceremony happens and names after names after names. And then I realized I was in the top earners, even if I was not going on stage. I was like, “I’m good at what I do.” And then this room just made me realize how much I accomplished. This year has been challenging and I have to remember myself, I’m good at what I do.

And in the hard times, I still had to remember that I am a French Black woman and there was not that many of us visible online making money. And when I felt so down and I just want to give up, I have to keep going because I’m good at what I do. They want me to succeed. They need me to succeed. So I love what Tara said. I mean [inaudible] don’t give up, [inaudible] just keep going and yeah, that’s why I’m here today to say thank you because without this room this year would have been a disaster for sure. And that’s really helped me to just keep being good at what I do.

Male: Marjena Moll, $347,000.

Marjena: That is 400K, babies. I was advised last year when I joined in my first round to have a non-growth year. Now, I’m very open to coaching, to concepts and teaching but I thought to myself I do not believe in that concept. I understood the meaning behind it that you do not change your revenue goal. But come on, when you use an entire year to create business balance, develop skills, work on your selling self-concept of that next revenue to come. I did so much I got it all done, there was so much growth and that’s a promise for what’s to come.

So I’m overjoyed and I also want to say lastly, I feel so held by this room. This room is such a force for good. It’s amazing. I’m just blown away and I have you to thank for it and all of you.

Male: Olivia Vizachero, $394,000.

Olivia: 445. And the thought that got me here was actually inspired by a thought Maggie gave in this room when we were here last time. And I remember hearing it and I thought to myself, who thinks about themselves that way? And her thought was, I’m the best marriage coach that exists in the world, I’m the best marriage coach. And I remember that self-concept feeling so far away from me at the time. And I’ve tweaked it a little bit but now my thought that got me to where I am now is I am the legal industry’s life coach.

Male: Maggie Reyes, $397,000.

Maggie: My thought that got me on this stage is this is who I am now. So I grew up with a single mom, you know your two spoons, I had one pair of shoes, and though that may be weird, but I was so young. It’s a blessing here because of all of you. And you have the type of focus of an encyclopedia, 200K, that’s selling knowledge. And when I was younger that really annoyed people, to hear people get excited about it. And so this is who I am now. I am one of the best marriage coaches in the world because I believe it. And then my clients believing it will happen.

And I started believing it before it was true because Stacey did a podcast called Belief Plans. I highly recommend, and now it’s the actual truth, this is about so much more than [inaudible.] And I just want to say, keep going. I know there are a lot of first-rounders in the room, keep going. I used to use the Lindsay Dotzlaf as my inspiration. My first round I had made $2500, and I was so excited. And Lindsay Dotzlaf had a $40,000 week. And instead of using that against myself I would say, “This is possible for you.”

Male: Julia Lakaemper, $425,000.

Julia: My thought is making money is fun. And also which is more important, coaching is important because making money and how coaching has impacted me has changed my life, it has changed my family’s legacy and it’s changing my clients. And I’m so proud to be part of this journey. I’m so proud to be part of this room. And I’m forever grateful to Stacey that I’m actually here and making a shit ton of money and it’s so fun. So, thank you all for supporting me, for believing in me and let’s make some more money.

Male: Claire Pelletreau, $422,000.

Claire: The number, because I did not report this, or not the correct way is 491,000. So I will be brief. I spent most of my adult life hating myself and I highly recommend that you go back to the Orlando event, day one, Edie’s breakout session because you will see me. And you will then watch today’s breakout session with Lindsay and it’s just a totally different fucking person, so different. And my thoughts are, I’m Claire fucking Pelletreau. Thank you. I am extraordinary. And then this one came from future Claire, you couldn’t fuck this up if you tried.

Male: Charlotte Smith, $457,000.

Charlotte: 535,000. And just before I purchase Two Million Dollar Group, so I don’t want them chasing me. I know. I know, I’m just dying, I was here a year and a half ago and Two Million Dollar Group was on my five-year plan. So it may happen slow, but it could happen a lot faster than you think too and it’s been really fun. I have had a thought since I dreamed up my program two years ago and at that time I thought that it was the best program. There’s nothing like it anywhere in the world for farmers.

It’s the best place and every farmer in the world should be in that program. I’ve thought that every day since then and still to this day. And if I meet a farmer in the grocery store or anywhere I tell them that and they confirm it. It’s been really fun. One thing that was pointed out in my breakout room, that I made $535,000 doing launches really safely. And if I do something scary I make myself feel really safe again. And that’s holding me back so this round it’s going to be about instead of 10 launch emails I’m going to do 26.

And I’m going to feel embarrassed and ashamed and like I’m putting myself out there too much and I’m not going to make myself feel safe, I’m just going to do it. And someone asked me in the bathroom, “What’s your advice?” And I said, “Well, that’s what I’m doing now, I’m not going to try to make myself feel better.” I’m going to go into the shame and embarrassment because that’s holding me back. And being able to do that from here forward will just turn into millions so I can’t wait.

Male: Lindsay Dotzlaf, $768,000.

Lindsay: My thought, I’m going to break the rules a little bit because that’s what I like to do. Instead of sharing the thought that got me here, I’m going to share the thought that’s going to make me millions. I actually shared this in my breakout room, and everyone was like, “Yeah.” I’m going to share it with everybody. I love to fail, I’m going to do it over and over and over and over. And you’re just going to watch. It’s going to be great.

Male: Dielle Charon, $1.8 million.

Dielle: So many thoughts, and so many circumstances and so many thoughts. Just the main one that I just kept thinking all the time was I want to make history. I want to make history. I just, that was my main thought, I want to make history. So the thought that got me here was I want to make history. And I was going to remind all of you that you are making history too. Each of you in here, you’re making history in your own way with your families, with your communities and your niches and your industries, you’re making history.

Male: Edie Wadsworth, $1.3 million.

Edie: Oh my gosh, I miss you guys so much. I wish I was there. That’s actually $1.8 million. I’m so excited. Here’s my thought, you all. As I scale my business I scale my life. More joy, more love, more fun, more adventure, deeper marriage, better relationships, better momma, I can’t wait, I’m so excited. Thank you, Stacey.

Male: Stacey [inaudible], $1.57 million.

Stacey: My number is 2.2 million, better take that.

Stacey: Listen, why are you guys getting the numbers wrong?

Stacey: It’s probably us, it’s okay. So I tried to get into Two Million a year ago and nobody responded to my email about Two Million Dollar Group. So I cornered Stacey at Brooke’s Mastermind event and I said, “I want to get in Two Million.” And she said, “No.” So she told me that I had to join 200K last round. So I said, “Sure, why not?” So I came here last round in 200K almost at two million and I got so much value out of it. I am so grateful you did not let me join Two Million last round because I really needed the 200K process.

And I think my thought is probably, first of all, I don’t like when people tell me no. So that really wanted me to get in this room. But why not me? Why not me? So I think that is just a thought you can take with you at any moment. And my new thought is I’m just getting started.

Male: Clotilde Dusoulier, $1.84 million.

Stacey: I want more people on the stage. Who’s coming? Yes. I want to get to the point where we can’t do the award ceremony that way. I want to get to the point where there’s so many of us we fill the stage. So not only do I want you to come but bring your friends with you, let’s go.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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