Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Writing Sales Emails When You’re Not Inspired

This week, you’re hearing a snippet of a coaching session from inside our 2K group. One of my students posed the question, “Stacey speaks about writing sales emails even when you aren’t feeling inspired. Doesn’t that energy come through then?” 

Why does writing sales emails feel impossible when you’re uninspired? Why does it seem easier to write better copy when you’re inspired and motivated? And how can you access your highest-level thinking, even if you’re in a negative headspace?

Join me on this episode as I offer my answers to these questions. You’ll hear how positive emotion isn’t what results in better writing, how to create a balance in your emotional state when you’re feeling negative, and two skills required for you to write sales emails even when you’re uninspired.


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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why you feel like you write better sales copy when you’re inspired.
  • The reason learning new skills often feels like garbage.
  • How to pull out information from your brain, even when you’re uninspired.
  • 2 vital components of writing sales emails even when you’re uninspired.


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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 247. Today we’re going to talk about writing sales emails when you’re not feeling inspired.

Now you can actually use this episode and what I’m going to talk about in today’s episode really with writing any sort of content or showing up in any way in your business. I’m gonna talk about why we think we need inspiration and why we actually don’t but what inspiration allows us to do or why we think that we need it and really give you a process to be able to show up and produce content selling for your business, even if you’re not feeling super amazing, you learn how to do this skill.

This really sets you free. Like this is one of the number one things I feel like my coaches tell me is like, especially my 200K coaches is they’ll tell me, I really want to learn to turn the money faucet on and off. I want to believe I’m in control of the amount of money I make. And I really genuinely believe this is the answer when you’re selling stops being dependent on you feeling good, you being inspired the stars aligning and you can just produce work always no matter what’s happening that creates money, then you will become a money machine. You can turn the faucet literally on and off. You just do content and money comes in, right?

You write a sales email, you get sales, you create a dependable brain, a dependable CEO, a dependable sales person this way. So I’m really excited. I’ve listened to this a couple of times for myself. It’s one of those things where when you’re in the zone and things come out of you and you’re like. Oh, that was really good.

I needed to hear that for myself. That was this episode for me. So this is actually content I pulled from my 2K for 2K program. So we do weekly coaching every week inside 2K for 2K. And most of the time it’s open coaching on anything, making money as a life coach. And specifically constrained to the 2K for 2K process, you know, meeting people, making offers, clean selling, consultations, and walking people through the money conversation and overcoming objections.

And so most of the time it’s open coaching on those things. Every once in a while, though, I get asked a really interesting question in our Facebook community that I think everyone needs to know the answer to. And this was the question that I got asked is how do you write sales emails when you’re not feeling inspired?

And so at the beginning of the call, I went into a little bit of a, it wasn’t even a rant, but just like a really good explanation that really even surprised me on how valuable and useful it would be for everyone to hear. And I kind of logged it in the back of my head and thought, maybe I’ll put that on the podcast.

And I just listened to it again and was like, I got to put it on the podcast because it’s so good. I want everyone to hear it. So save this episode ear market for every single time. Gotta write some launch emails, some sales emails. You had writing content or doing a Facebook live or making a webinar, whatever it is for you had something on your schedule and your feelings are not aligned with what you have to do for work.

Use this episode. I’m so excited for you to dive in. Okay, let’s go.

Hello, hello, hello. I have a couple of fun things to share with you. So number one, I’ve been thinking about this, this is so interesting. So I am writing all new sales emails mostly for my next 200K mastermind launch. I don’t write them new all the time, but I’m writing some new ones now.

And what’s so interesting, I was just writing one about the 200K method. Like there are three parts of the 200K process, advanced selling, business planning and execution and thought leadership. And I was talking about how for the last five years, the process has been based off of these three core components.

Then I started thinking about this room and how we’ve added like one step to the 200K process, which was really the first step. And I just pulled them out into two steps, organic marketing and making offers. That used to be one step and I just made it two so that I could really spend time on making offers because it’s like.

The one thing that I find people like, I’m not making any money as a coach. How many offers have you made recently? Oh, I haven’t making any. So we actually made that a whole full part of the process that I’ve been thinking about how extraordinary it really is to have these processes that even after I’ve sold $35 million of coaching.

$35 million dollars of coaching and gotten to the eight figure business level and been in all of these rooms with other seven and eight figure earners and learned so much in the coaching industry and how these core pieces that hold up the 2K for 2K and the 200K mastermind. Have stood the test of time pretty remarkable and so I’ve been really thinking about why I think that is because I want to be able to pass that information to you all when you all create your processes and your intellectual property and you go out and offer your things to the world. Can you create work?

It doesn’t have to be burned down and redefined every six months or every year. Can your work truly, like no matter how much you learn and how much you grow, can the things you teach stand the test of time? And then if so, like how do you create that result? So I don’t know the answer for you right now. I just have been thinking about it this morning.

And so maybe a podcast will be coming that talks about that because I do think it’s really interesting. I see. Just thousands of coaches changing their offers all the time and changing what they’re teaching all the time. There’s nothing wrong with that. But like, what is it that can create something that lasts forever and ever and ever?

Like the model from my school, from my coaching school, right? Like what is something you’ve learned that has literally stood the test of time? The first thing that comes to mind is that. It’s things that are taught simply based on kind of universal truth or a universal knowledge that maybe you’re tapping into or like tons and tons of experience where you’re able to like pick it apart and say, no matter what, like, these are the core things that work every single time.

But I’m going to think on it. I’m actually going to truly think on it and record a podcast about it because I think if I can like simplify this into an actual process, it could be extraordinarily valuable to all of you. So someone posted in the 2K for 2K group. So the question was something along the lines of, okay, so it says Stacey speaks about writing sales emails, even when you aren’t feeling inspired, doesn’t that energy come through then?

Can someone elaborate? In the beginning, I think why you all have to tap in when you’re new and you haven’t made a ton of money yet as a coach, why you need inspiration to write is because inspiration is what is helping you access your higher level knowledge. The things that you know that are valuable, okay? 

When you are not feeling inspired, when you are struggling, when you’re feeling overwhelmed, when you are feeling disappointed, when you’re feeling frustrated, all of those negative emotions, that if you are a new coach and a new entrepreneur. So those are two separate things and you just happen to be new to both of those things. 

We always say life is 50/50, 50% positive, 50% negative. Well, I think a lot of times when you’re doing two new things at the very same time, while possibly also working full-time and being a mom full-time or a dad full-time, right? When you’re doing all of that, I think the ratio of positive to negative emotion is 20/80, right? 

It’s 20% positive, excited, maybe when you log into 2K for 2K, you tap into that excitement. But it’s like 80% feeling like garbage because you’re just working up against all of your belief systems, all of society’s belief systems, and you’re learning all these new things. So there’s just a lot of negative emotion. 

That negative emotion gets in the way of the inherent or learned or experiential skill that you have, the things you know, the things that you can offer your people to help them, right? You have this knowledge. You have the things. You know, really, what to say. That’s why when you feel inspired, you feel like you write better copy. It’s not because the feeling of inspiration creates the copy. It’s because the emotion allows you to access your brain better. 

I think that all of us could think about when you’re trying to solve a problem and you’re feeling really stressed about it, and then all of a sudden you don’t feel stressed and then the solution seems obvious. We all have that whether it’s at work, whether it’s with our children. Like maybe if they’re screaming and freaking out and throwing a tantrum, it’s really hard to think straight.

Or if you’re fighting with your spouse and you’re just forgetting that you love them and you’re screaming at them. And you guys are so mad and you’re both in survival. And then you’re able to, if you both calm down, come back to it and be like, okay, let’s talk this through. 

We have more access to, I want to say higher thinking and more expansive thinking, but literally sometimes it’s just our basic thoughts. Like we don’t even have access to our basic thoughts. If any of you have experienced road rage, you literally lose your human mind. All thoughts go out the window if you feel rage when you’re driving. All of it, it’s just gone. Like if you are a PhD, you could literally forget yourself on the road, right? 

So when emotions are high, our intelligence is low. When negative emotion is high, our intelligence is low. So that’s why you all tend to or feel like when you’re feeling inspired, you write better. It’s not that positive emotion increases and creates better writing. It’s just you have access to your thoughts. 

Here’s what I will say in teaching my 200K mastermind, one of the things that you work on when you go into that room, you’ve made enough money that your negative emotions are a little bit lower. You aren’t getting triggered by maybe it’s not going to work out for me. I’m never going to become a life coach. What if I never sign a client? 

A lot of the circumstantial things or circumstantial results in this room that really trip you out, they’re not doing that anymore once you’ve made 25k. You believe in yourself. You believe you’re a coach. You know you can make money. You have proof that you can make money. You have proof that people want what you have to offer. So your emotions are a little more calm. And that just typically, mostly stays that way. It’s less fight or flight. 

But then we actively spend time figuring out, for you, how to access – And this is not a 200K sales pitch, I promise. I’m going to tie it back up to 2K. But we spend time figuring out, how do I access that knowledge all the time, even if I am in fight or flight? Even if I am feeling super negative. Even if I’m feeling really unmotivated in my business, how do I access the knowledge that’s just on the tip of my brain, tip of my brain, that can help people even when I feel bad? 

And we use the PSPR method to start pulling that out so that you have it in front of you, and you have it on paper, and you have it at all times. No matter how you’re feeling, you’re like, “Oh, I just input PSPR.” 

For you, I want you guys to think about if you go to step four of the process in 2K, bridging the gap in the consultations. Bridging the gap, if you take that information, the things that you would plug into your life wheel, for example, when you’re on a consult. If you take that information and you have it out on paper for you, that is a really great way to look at that information and say, “Okay, this is the information that I need from my brain, even when I’m feeling uninspired.” 

Because the value is not in your inspiration. The value is in how you help your clients, what you actually do for them, the coaching tools that you utilize, the thoughts that you have about the result you help people create. If it’s losing weight, making money, bettering their relationships. You want to be really careful that you don’t tie the belief to I have to feel inspired to make money. That isn’t actually true. 

In this room, we want to tap into better-feeling emotions intentionally, just simply because I already know that when you’re out in the world working in your business, you are struggling so hard to feel positive that it just makes thinking straight so much harder. So I do help you create this positive emotion balance. This emotional balance that gets you back to just maybe breaking even, right? Like 50/50. 

I think you start with so much lower, potentially, a lot of the time because of the circumstances and obstacles that you’re facing being a new coach and being a new entrepreneur. But if you want to write more emails and you’re not feeling inspired, you want to go to the bridging the gap module, just start there and be like, here’s my person. I’ve done this in the 2K modules. 

Here’s my person on one side, they’re starting out. Here’s their before, here’s their after. And what are the little steps in between, the ladder steps for me that will help them get the result they want? And then I just go write a marketing email about that. I go write a Facebook post. I do a Facebook Live. 

Here’s what I will tell you, I have done some of the most engaging trainings, Facebook Lives and written the best emails when I have felt like shit, simply because I access my brain even when feeling bad. How do I do that? I know how I help people, that’s written out on paper, bridging the gap. And also this is the second component that I want you to think about, is I don’t resist my negative emotion. I allow it. 

So if you want to write emails when you’re not feeling inspired, you want to take the information from your bridging the gap, and have it on paper so that you’re not trying to pull it out of your brain in a moment where you feel terrible. And then you need to be able to allow the negative emotion running through your body. 

So I was just at a mastermind this weekend and one of the seven-figure earners gave this exercise where she said, “Sometimes it’s really hard for me to feel an emotion when I’m really triggered by that emotion.” So for example, let’s say it’s disappointment. Disappointment is like the one negative emotion that you really struggle to experience. It’s terrible and you really resist it. Or shame, you’re like, oh my God, this emotion feels like it would actually kill me if it could. 

Whatever it is, sometimes naming that emotion is too much. And thinking about the thoughts that are creating that emotion, it’s all too overwhelming and it’s too big. She was like, so I like to just sit and think. There are thoughts happening in my brain that are creating chemicals all over my body. Right now I am experiencing a chemical release, head to toe. It’s going all the way down my head, out my arms, through my fingertips. It’s going down my body, through my legs, it’s in my toes. 

It’s literally everywhere. There is a chemical reaction happening in my body. I don’t even need to know what it is, I just need to know that that is what’s happening. I am having a chemical reaction in my body. And she was saying how that’s so helpful sometimes to just think of it that way. Like, oh, I’m just experiencing a really strong, really aggressive chemical reaction and that’s what’s happening. 

And when I can get to the point where I’m like, okay, even though this is terrible and I really don’t want to experience it, I’m also okay. I’m not unsafe. I can look at my physical surroundings, I can look at where I’m at, I’m in my office and I’m not actually physically unsafe. No actual physical harm is coming to me. It’s really uncomfortable, but there’s no harm actually happening to me right now. 

Physically right now, I am okay. Emotionally, not so much. But physically I am. And the more you can do that, the more that you can allow there to be a really strong chemical reaction in your body and you can work on just allowing that to be there without trying to do anything to get it to go away. When you can do that, what will happen is it’s actually going to bring that emotion down. 

The more you allow it, what will happen is it will fade away. It will just leave your body eventually, if you allow it. That’s what allowing emotions is, or when you process all the way through an emotion, right? I don’t even think you have to process through an emotion if you’re just willing to allow it, then you get part of that access to your brain. 

So it’s like carrying around a heavy purse or a heavy weight. You’re like, oh, today, I thought I was going to write a bunch of sales emails and feel inspired. Instead, I’m going to walk around with a 25 pound weight all day and that’s going to be super annoying, right? It’s going to feel really heavy, but I’m going to take it with me. I’ll just sit it on my lap while I write my sales emails. I’ll just sit it on my lap while I eat my lunch. Then if I’ve got to talk to a client, maybe I’ll put my headphones in and I’ll just walk around with that weight, get my workout in. 

So knowing you’re bridging the gap, having it on paper, knowing some of the things that you would talk about with your clients if they did a consult with you, accessing the value that you offer to people as a coach, no matter how you feel, you have value no matter what. And then being willing to allow those emotions is how you write sales emails, even when you’re not inspired. 

Feeling inspired is not a prerequisite to making money. Just accessing the value inside your brain is how you make money. Feeling inspired, pulling up inspiration is just how you access your highest thinking, but only because you haven’t done all of the other work to allow yourself to just be consistently working while allowing an emotion and maybe feeling negative. 

You will grow that skill, especially if you stay in my rooms. You will definitely grow that skill once you make 25k. You get in the 200K room, we spend a lot of our time doing that because you’re really ready for that. But I wanted to give you guys a shortcut in this room first, which is bridge your gap and allow your negative emotions. That is how you will write emails even when you’re not feeling inspired. 

Okay, I hope those two things were extraordinarily useful. All right, y’all have an amazing week. Bye. 

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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