Ep #95: 100% Results and 2 Million Dollar Group

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100% Results and 2 Million Dollar Group

I just received my second award from the Two Comma Club over at The Life Coach School for making $4 million in the last 12 months. So naturally, I had to make an acceptance speech, and this got me thinking about what it took for me to make it to this incredible place.

I never set myself the goal of making $4 million in 12 months. Instead, what I did was set myself the impossible-R of 100% results for my clients. And I decided I was going to do whatever it took to get 100% results for every single client that came through 2K and 200K. And the decision to live in that model is what I needed to thank for this achievement.

Join me on the podcast this week to discover why committing to 100% results for your clients is the key to having a high-achieving coaching business. I’m also sharing my plans for a new group that so many people have been whispering about: my 2 Million Dollar Group. You do not want to miss this episode.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why I decided on my impossible goal of 100% results.
  • How helping my clients get 100% results helps me reach my highest potential.
  • Where I see coaches getting complacent in terms of the client-coach relationship.
  • The power of teaching others simply by living in your models.
  • How a philosophy of 100% results allows you to truly scale your coaching business.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches. Welcome to episode 95. So, I just got, in the mail this morning, my second award for the Two Comma Club at the Life Coach School. I actually have four. They sit on my media console, as soon as you walk in our house.

Eventually, I’m going to put them in my office, when I get beautiful shelves put in. But I have them on display like the Grammys. Or maybe for me, it’s like SAG Awards. That’s what I would have always dreamed of, you know, the award you accept while you’re in the shower. For me, it would have been the SAG Award.

So, I got one, one year, for making six figures. And one for winning the Brooke Castillo award, which is like the best – I think it was the best content. I know I won it for the content I have created on this podcast, I think it was last year. Which was so amazing.

And now, I have two, for making seven figures two years in a row, for being in the Two Comma Club for the second year in a row. And this one said – I’m going to try not to cry on this episode, but this one said, like, the second year in a row winning, or something like that. These beautiful see-through Tiffany’s glass plaques. They’re stunning. I love looking at them. And I’m just blown away.

So, for my first year, it was for 1.5 million. That was the first – they do a 12-month period and it changes a little bit each time. So, the first time, it was for 1.5 million. And then, this last 12 months, it was for $4 million.

And it’s weird because they asked us to create a little video. And when they first send the email, I tried to make the video right away. But I felt a little removed from it. Like, it didn’t feel like this giant accomplishment until it came in the mail, the Tiffany’s box. And I opened it up and I’m holding my award and I text my mom about it and I told her that her daughter just received this award and that I am now the second highest-earning student at the Life Coach School, I think, as of this year. And just all of the tears came.

And then, I did something that I recommend all of you do, even if you don’t have an award. I did an acceptance speech in the middle of my living room, the really long kind where no one can fade you out with music, with Belle and Bear as my audience. And I just, like, I felt in my bones the contribution that went into this goal and this award and the thought work that I have done to get here and the honing and dedication to my craft, the investments I made, the giant projects my team and I have taken on over the last two years, the people I hired to help me do those projects, the drive I have fostered inside of myself that compels me to reach always for my highest possible potential; my dedication to 100% results for my clients.

And I was thinking, that’s really where it all started. I had a different podcast planned for you today, but that’s what I wanted to share with you today. It just happened to be the recording podcast day and I was like, “I’m scrapping what I was going to do.” Not that it wasn’t an amazing message, I just really felt compelled to share that with you today and talk to you about this idea of 100% results, because it felt like, if I could just boil it down to one thing, that’s what created it.

So, 100% results is a concept, a standard I set for myself, a result I aim for because of who I become and the results I create in the effort of trying to create that R.

So, at the Life Coach School, when we work with the Model, we call our results just an R, like the R-line. And so, I’m going to refer, in this podcast, to that R, to that R-line. It’s just that you’re trying to create. And for this, for 100% results, it’s like a really impossible R. Because you can’t create results for other people.

No matter what I do, the resources I provide, the coaching I give, the container I set, none of that actually creates someone else’s result. Like, we can’t create other people’s results. We have to create our own results.

But when I aim for that, in my R-line, and really my R-line is my result is my clients get 100% results. So, my clients, it’s who I am, I’m just the coach where my clients get 100% results 100% of the time. The thoughts and feelings that I am required to find and step into, the actions I take, my belief, it is possible, help me reach my highest potential.

I teach at my highest level. I take problem-solving, teaching, and coaching and I assign it the highest importance. I find sometimes coaches can use the whole, they have to get results for themselves, your clients have to be 100% responsible for themselves and for showing up, you can’t get results for them – they kind of use that as a way to be complacent in the client-coach relationship.

It’s like, you can take either thing too far. You can take believing in this impossible R of 100% results, or being complacent and you have no responsibility at all for your clients’ results. You a take either too far. This is a really great middle ground where I try to walk that middle line where, when my R is 100% results from all of my clients, part of my plan to make that happen, of course, is to teach my students that same concept, to teach them that where it starts is 100% responsibility for our own results.

So, how could I put anyone else in my R-line when I haven’t mastered putting myself in my R-line and being 100% responsible for that result? So, I take 100% responsibility for everything I can control as a coach, then I teach my students to take 100% responsibility of everything they can control as the client in our relationship.

And when we are both showing up to our relationship, at our highest level, with our highest authority, that is where the magic happens. It’s just taking 100% responsibility for everything you can control, for every role you play, as the coach and as the student. Like, that is where we create results that surpass anything we can imagine possible.

It kind of astounds me that I am about to have, in the next 12 to 18 months, I’m about to have 10 of my students make their first million dollars. And I will have 100 students or more make their first 200K. The august class of 200K mastermind this year has created almost $10 million in revenue. Not counting my revenue; just theirs.

As a group, they’re at $9.2 million year to date. Just in the first 60 days of our mastermind, they had made $3.2 million, in two months. That is what it looks like when we both show up to play with our A-game.

And I like to think about this. Even if I never taught my students how to be 100% responsible, just me being in the world, showing up 100% responsible for my results and also working the model of 100% results for my clients, just being around me, my energy would create new possibility for my students. It would teach them without having to teach them, by being the example.

We learn so much from our coach’s nonverbal communication, from them simply being in their models, living and breathing their philosophies. So, this model of 100% results, even though it’s a bit of an impossible R, it creates the highest-level thinking and problem-solving of everyone who comes in contact with it. and my goal is to spread it far and wide in this industry.

So, here is the more subtle way it deeply impacted my journey. When I started making money, I was hustling so hard to make money. I love selling on my most abundant days, like always. I love to be able to sell. But that combined with massive underlying lack and trying to prove something to myself and the world and gain sufficiency by earning money, which never works, my friends, never. It only makes you frantic and miss things in your time and your money management, miss things with your clients. It makes you unaware of the most important things because you’re always hustling so hard to put out fires and to get to the next sale. And you don’t have time to analyze and evaluate and make smarter, more well-thought out decisions. You don’t have time to look and see what’s happening in your business.

So, 100% results for my clients, that concept and standard that I set for myself forced me to slow down. It made me think so much harder about my journey and about their journey. It made me be completely invested in studying my clients, where they are, why they’re there, where they want to go, how they think they will get there, the things they will try, why they will fail at those things, where they will get stuck, how to balance the line of teaching them ahead of time and also not doing the work for them and actually allowing them to fail so that they can learn and gain experience and then have hat experience in order to get to the next level.

They have to have that. And have capacity to make bigger decisions for themselves at a higher level from that wisdom they created inside of themselves through failing and gaining experience. And how to help them be more resilient and manage plateaus in their business, or the extended purgatories they find themselves in.

I dedicated myself to studying all of that and answering all of those questions. You benefit right now because all of the answers to those things have ended up on the podcast, in different concepts I’ve created answering those questions.

But when I was dedicating myself to this, what I couldn’t do is hustle and sell and make money. My busines started telling me how much money I could create based on the time I had leftover to go out and sell.

So, let me give you an example. Client experience is part of getting 100% results and working that model for myself, their experience helps create their ability – the container I create helps create their ability to get results on my end, on the things I can control. So, I’ll give you some specific tangibles of how that slowed me down.

So, we spent the first three months of the year working on our systems and processes to enhance our client experience, like literally looking at every step in order of how our client engages with us and seeing what they see, literally looking up and being like, “Hey, when they interact with us on our business Facebook, this is where they go, this is the first thing they see, this is the first step they take,” and looking for what needs to be improved so that their experience is seamless and they take the exact actions we want them to take and don’t get lost, and they end up in 2K from wherever they find us.

That was our result. We want them to end up in 2K, no matter where they find us, and we want that journey to be seamless. We did no webinars until that was done. Our ads weren’t working at the time either. I talked to y’all about that on the podcast when we went through ad purgatory. So, during that three months where we’re working on our client experience, we only made sales that came in organically. Just enough to keep the lights on in the business. Joking… sort of.

So, that’s one example. The second example is we spent eight weeks putting together a large event for the 200K mastermind. We’d never done it before. And I wanted that experience, as part of my 100% results, I wanted that experience to be like we were presenting it to 500 people, like with that amount of fanfare. Not 50 people. 500 people. And it was.

But in order to do that, we had to put on hold a few sales cycles that we had planned for 2K. So, when you have your client experience and their results as your first priority, it forces you to take on less of them, less clients in the beginning. But what happens is you slow down, you create higher-level content, higher level experiences, higher level systems and processes to support that experience. You make better decisions. And ultimately, you create a container that ends up speeding you up and growing your capacity to have more clients.

So, bringing it back to the second Two Comma Club award for a second, I was astounded that we had made $4 million in the last 12 months because I hadn’t been focused on that. It hadn’t been R I was even thinking about. It hadn’t been the priority goal that we were working on.

But when all of your clients start getting results – and let me clarify, no matter how many people are in your groups. The more people who join 2K, people just keep making money faster. And they keep making more of it.

My assistant was just pointing out to me the other day how many people reported five-figure months recently in 2K. And then in 200K, people freaked out a little bit that we added more people this round, yet I have done so much work to create a business and a container that can hold that amount of people that we brough it. Guess what, we have never had a higher-earning mastermind to date. 100% results.

It’s what allows you to truly scale, meaning you make more money with less time and less of you while your clients get more results. Put an impossible R like that in your model and what you create are things that have been impossible in this industry until now, until someone like me and someone like you has the gall to think it’s possible.

Do you feel that in your bones? I sure do. I feel it to the tune of $4 million, while focusing only on what I truly care about. I mean, listen, I care about the money. I love me some money. But we all know that, as coaches, we got into this to help people.

I remember thinking, if I can make 100K doing this, my life is complete. Some of you might feel like that. Promise, it just makes making $4 million doing what you love even better. But this entire last two years, I’ve made the most money I’ve ever made doing the most of what I really love; solving problems for my clients, coaching my clients, helping them get results. It’s the best feeling.

It’s created from the model of 100% results. You start this process, this model as soon as you join the 200K mastermind. We get to work. This January, we’re going to get started.

But something that really hit me about this round specifically is we had over 40, or 55 people make their money back this round before we ever started. They said, just their self-concept growing from signing up created for them 25K, 40K, 60K, 100K of income in just the four months before we ever even started, before they ever came to the live event for three days straight, before they ever learned the advanced selling processes and before we even dove into the actual mastermind, before all of it.

So, you’ll even start on 100% results for yourself and your clients before we even meet for the first time. And then, you’re going to hone this model as you go to 200K and then from 200K to 2 million. And this is where the very first class of the $2 dollar group will start.

You know, I held off launching this for over a year. And it was hard. I saw my students growing and starting to need a new container. But I wanted 100% results for the $2 million group in m R-line too before I ever launched it and I wanted 100% results for myself in that R-line before I launched it. meaning I wanted to make millions of dollars over and over. I wanted to make $2 million over and over before I started teaching other people how to do it.

I have never been more excited to teach my students how to make millions I was thinking about all the things that when I was giving my award speech – again, I highly recommend you do it. I was thinking about all the things that contributed to the two awards. And I wanted to share those quickly with you here on the podcast as well. Because I want to plant the seed that this is possible for you no matter where you are now, that you can get yourself into 2K and make 25K, and then you can get yourself into 200K and then 2 million. Like, anybody listening right now, you, listening to this podcast, if I can do it, you can make millions too.

I went from two spoons – a lot of you don’t know this. But for a time in my life, I lived in a trailer, a mobile home, with my dad. And I felt so much shame about that for years. I noticed my living situation was not the same as my friends and that I wasn’t rich, I’ll say that. But I had nothing to my name.

I noticed, even in my late 20s, early 30s, I noticed I wasn’t living life the way everyone else was. And I went from that life to the second highest earner at the Life Coach School, to the top 5% of life coaches in the entire industry. Next year, we’re going to make anywhere from $10 million to $17 million. I’ll be in the top 1% of the coaches in the entire coaching industry.

If I can do that, anyone can. You listening, it literally doesn’t matter how far you have to come. We always overestimate what we can do in the short term and we underestimate what we can do in five years. That’s where I’m at now, five years into my journey. Wherever you’re listening from, wherever you’re starting, whoever you think you are now, you are underestimating what you’re capable of in a five-year time period. So, I want to plant that seed.

So, here are the pieces that contributed to my last Two Comma Club awards and I think you can use this no matter where you are. The first, which I have already talked about with 100% results is contribution; really focusing on my result, the most important result being serving and giving to my students and creating to help them get results faster and get bigger results. Just that, creating concepts, creating intellectual property and value out into the world.

The second is my constant dedication to the craft of coaching, to wanting to always be a better coach, to always be deeply thinking and challenging beliefs and challenging status quos, challenging societal beliefs, challenging all of it to expand my mind and super-think in a way that I’ve never challenged my brain before. Like, even asking myself to create an impossible R, that feels like, to me, a dedication to the craft of coaching.

Like, getting mastery level coach training, all of that, the dedication to that as an actual craft that I will never stop honing. And along with that, I would say the commitment to getting coached and self-coaching and to doing thought work as a standard for my life and coaching in every part of my life. Like, I just never give up wanting to reach my highest potential and grow to my next level.

The next thing is investing. I was thinking about this especially with the two-million-dollar group that I’m creating, it’s a sizeable investment. It’s the biggest investment my clients will have ever made. And I was thinking about this, that the level that you invest shows the level of return that you’re really after.

We’re going to have spent close to $2 million this year in our business on investing in ads to reach more people, to get our message to, investing in high-quality people, and investing hundreds of thousands of dollars in my own coaching, investing in having the best experiences for our students. We spent like $75,000 on our virtual event for 200K. I’m like, we’ve got to have the best.

The boxes that everybody freaked out about, we spent like $40,000 on those. You know what, it’s going to be worth it, we’re going to blow their freaking minds. Let’s just sped all the money on them. So, just really investing, not just on coaching, but on your business, investing into people, hiring amazing people. And to be clear also, investing the time to hire a lot of non-amazing people to find the amazing person.

I was recently talking to my besties the Lindseys about my house cleaner and how much I love her. But she’s like our fifth house cleaner. I’m like, we went through some doozies and now we pay her to take vacation. We’re like, “Take the week off. It’s paid. We love you so much. Never leave us,” because she’s so amazing.

So, hiring amazing people, paying them a lot of money, way above standard, managing them. That’s the next one. I spent a lot of time, these last Two Comma Club awards, becoming a better leader and manager and more articulate and communicating to my team how to think like I do and how to problem-solve and make decisions like I do, so I’m not the only one making decisions. And investing and giving opportunity and platform to other coaches.

We’ve spent so much money, almost 100K this year on my students who are excelling at my process teaching my students as well. My $2 million students will help teach my 200K students, like they learn and they pass that knowledge down and we hit what I teach at every possible angle. Everybody has a different way that they interpret my message. And every time I let my, say, 2K students get taught by one of my instructors that have made 100K or 200K using my process, they hear it a different way and it has that much higher chance of absorbing into them.

So, investing in high-quality people to fuel your message and help that result line of 100% results. And giving a platform to other coaches. I’m at this place now where I get to use my huge podcast platform to promote other coaches and their businesses and their work in the world. It’s such an exciting incredible gift. And that only expands.

The more money they make and the more people I connect them to, the more people get connected back to me. It’s the most abundant thing. And then the other thing is reserving cash and energy. I’m going to teach my $2 million students how to scale in the black.

Meaning how to have so much money that you can always sacrifice new money for the sake of current clients, so you can always pause your selling to make sure your experience and your clients’ results are exactly what you want and put all your time and energy there so that they can weather and pandemic and a potential economic crisis, so that they can invest in everything they ever want, so that they can also do ridiculous things like pay their people too much money, in the best way and donate ridiculous amounts of money to causes they care about and fly private and have a stylist and all the crazy things that we can do with money. Frivolous and not.

And the other thing that helped me win the two Two Comma Club awards that I will teach my $2 million students is creating systems and process I said this to the Lindseys recently. We did a girls’ sleepover weekend. It was the most amazing ever. And of course, we talked about our businesses endlessly.

And I was telling them that the thing I learned the most this year is that the less needed you are, the more valuable you are. So, that’s really about unbinding yourself, challenging what you have to do and what you think only you can do and allowing other people to do your job that you would do at 100% at 70% because they’re not you, and only you can do what you do at 100%, so that you can free up your time to give yourself the opportunity to think at your highest level at 100%.

So, there are so many things this year that I let go of doing and allowed others to help me to do so that I could focus on 100% results. And I think that the last one – we had to record a video to accept our Two Comma Club award and they asked, what’s the thought that you tell yourself a year ago from where you are now?

And my thought was that it gets to be easy, so letting it be easy, editing the things you spend your time thinking about and working on for only the most essential things, which is really part of becoming less needed and more valuable and unbinding yourself and creating systems and processes. But really, challenging is it necessary, do I have to spend my time on this?

You guys, I’m so excited. I’m going to help create the next wave of the top 5% of this industry. Now, all I can say is you better be coming along. I’m taking whoever wants to come.

Now, I will say, a lot of you have been whispering about $2 million group. I’ve heard it from other coaches. And so, I will let you know. We will enroll ever six months as well with the $2 million group alongside the 200K mastermind. But this next year, for 2021, the first year of $2 million group, I am enrolling as of now straight from 200K because I have a number I’m capping the first year of the $2 million group. And my 200K students, they qualify, so of course, they get first dibs on getting into that group.

And I’m keeping the group small the first year and focusing on 100% results. And also, mostly because for you, as someone making, say, 250K and you want to go straight to $2 million group, 200K Mastermind teaches you how to clean up your business and get it ready for scaling. And you really want to do that before investing in something like $2 million group. It really will be a win-win for you to get in with a smaller investment, clean your business up.

So, if you’re at 250K already, come in, make 250K plus in six months in 200K, get your business ready to really scale. Then join $2 million group and scale it and make more money in less time with better client results. That’s just a total win-win for you.

So, if you want to be in $2 million group and you’re whispering about it, start with 200K mastermind if you’re not already there. you could be in the $2 million group that enrolls next May. Like, when will we enroll 200K again? So, we’ll enroll in November and we’ll enroll again, like, end of April, early May next year.

Either way, if you’re listening to this five years from now, go to the 200K page. Enroll in that in its next opening. Get your business ready. Get into $2 million group. It is more possible than you think it is for you. I literally don’t care where you’re at right now listening. I don’t care if you are a 26-year-old Walmart mop salesperson driving around with a fold-up stage and slicers and mops in your car, driving across the country listening to this podcast thinking you could be a coach one day, your car smelling like onions and cleaner.

If that’s you, you can be making millions of dollars in the next five years. That is possible for you. It starts 2K at a time, then 200K, then two million. We’re starting small this next year. But I’m going to create a room with 100 millionaires. That’s the room I want to be in. And it’s going to be the most desired room in our industry. Are you coming? You better. Alright, I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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