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1000 Ready ClientsWe’re celebrating here on the podcast today because my 2K for 2K program has just reached 1000 clients! This concept of imagining 1000 ready clients just waiting to work with me is something I’ve practiced believing for a few years, and I’ve even shared it here on the podcast with you. It has finally come to fruition, and I’m using this milestone to show you that you can have the same reality if you really want it.

Something I used to fear, and what I hear many coaches and clients object to, is the idea of not doing one-one-one coaching. There is a belief that working with more people means producing less value and therefore less results, and I’m here today to prove that belief wrong. The results my clients have been getting in 2K for 2K have not only been growing in number, but in quality too, and I’m sharing why this has been possible.

Listen in this week to discover how my belief of 1000 ready clients waiting to work with me has become a reality. I’m offering the questions you have to consider to become the coach who is ready for all those clients, and showing you that it is absolutely possible for you to make this happen in your business too.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Two beliefs I live by that have brought me mind-blowing results.
  • Why both coaches and clients have a lot of fear around not doing one-on-one coaching.
  • What I’ve learned after running two years of 2K for 2K.
  • How I created a program that gets more results with the more people it serves.
  • The questions I asked myself and the actions steps I took to be ready for 1000 waiting clients.
  • Why serving more people can bring more results with higher quality.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches. Welcome to episode 64. How are you guys doing? Happy Wednesday. We, me and my fiancé just got back from Napa. If you don’t know, that is where we are getting married, in Yountville. Cutest little town ever. And we had our last wedding planning session.

And oh my god, they put together a mockup of our table setting and florals. Like they actually brought the tables out and set up the dishes and the florals exactly the way it’ll look, and I bawled my eyes out. I’m a crier if you don’t know already. I am a crier. It’s going to be so beautiful.

We’re 114 days out, nearly our last 100 days as fiancés. I cannot wait to be his wife. It’s going to be the best thing ever. And start a family. Seriously, this has been the most incredible experience. Planning our wedding, dreaming of our future.

There have also been some hard things, some stressful things, but I got coached by my coach in the Caymans and I decided there was nothing worth taking away the joy of marrying Neil and I am sticking to that. So bring on wedding week. I’ve already lived it 1000 times in my head.

I always remind myself that how much we spent on our wedding, I’m like, but this was also for the 18 months of pleasure of thinking about the wedding. It’s not just for the one day. That’s how I’m rationalizing it. But I also know there’s like, no way to imagine quite how amazing it will be.

I’m actually flying – this is so funny. I’m flying out one of The Life Coach School coaches who is an amazing makeup artist. I’m flying her out to do my makeup. I’m going to need makeup touches all day. I just imagine at the end of the day, my makeup is going to be like, streaming off my face. It’s so caked on. I’m just going to cry over everything all day. That’s what’s going to happen. I just can’t handle the anticipation.

But luckily, we have so much we’re creating right now in the business that I’m going to be very occupied for the next couple of months. I recently met with my team in Napa and we created the necessary foundational steps, like the processes and systems to create a 10-million-dollar business. That’s not our goal this year, but we always think three years ahead.

And so we’re creating all of the steps we need this year. But when they’re fully operational and we really get a hang of it, I know that’s a 10-million-dollar business and I’m so excited. And we also created the final plans for our next 200K mastermind, which is going to be unbelievable, and we are going to hire a new person in our business soon.

We created that job description and that position and we mapped out where we wanted to go for the rest of the year and what we’re going to do. I want to hold a live event for my 2K for 2Kers, so stay tuned. But you’re going to have to be in 2K to get access to that.

So it was hard work. We worked nine hours straight for two days straight, and it really left me feeling so energized about this year and having a really tangible plan in place to execute it, in a way that – it just feels spacious and luxurious. That’s a phrase that came out of this current 200K mastermind that we’re in.

Someone said that and we just all love it now. So we’re like, it just feels spacious and luxurious. Anyways, that brings me to something else that we got to celebrate in Napa, and something that I want to celebrate here with you today on the podcast. Drum roll please. We have now officially enrolled 1000 students in 2K for 2K and created two million dollars with this program.

Do you remember the podcast that I did? Was it making a million or making two million 2K at a time? We did it. This is so special for so many reasons, but there are two specific ones that when I was thinking about it, that I wanted to share with you today that are kind of blowing my mind. It’s like, two beliefs or concepts that I live by and operate by that have come into fruition, those results are very tangible in there.

So number one, this has to do with getting results for your clients. I remember my biggest fear when I was going from one-on-one clients to group and then from group and one-on-one to just a program, not just a program but like, I stopped coaching one-on-one clients and stopped doing group coaching and went to a program two years ago. 2K for 2K.

And my biggest fear was that I wouldn’t be able to get my clients the same results with less of me. Less of my one-on-one coaching and direction that you have with one-on-one clients. And I think that this is a fear a lot of coaches have. And as clients, I think that we have this fear too. Like if there are a lot of people in a program, we think we might get less results.

We have this fear of slipping through the cracks, and I think that’s the biggest objection coaches have that keep them from joining something that could really help them sooner, and the same with your clients. It keeps them from joining your program sooner because they’re afraid they won’t have enough individual attention.

And after two years of running 2K and adding 1000 students to this program, here is the truth at the sort of end of the rainbow. More people are getting bigger results with my program than when I was one-on-one coaching. The more people we add to 2K, the more celebrations we keep seeing.

Like, they haven’t slowed down. They have sped up. What? That is literally insane. It goes against everything that we believed. I want to say it goes against what we think is physics. I don’t know. That’s not the right word. So I want you to let that possibility sink in. The more people you serve, the more individuals will get results and the greater those results will be for the individuals.

It really seems like it should be the opposite. And to some degree, it can be, if it’s not done with the right mindset of the course creator or the client taking the course. You can definitely not show up and not get results and be victim-y and blame the one-on-one touch or blame your ability to coach your clients one-on-one as the reason they’re not buying.

Or we can create a program that isn’t created for 1000 people, or right now we’re thinking of creating 2K for 10,000 people. You could not do that with the right mindset, but with my experience, even coaches who have never really been taught how to be responsible for getting their results and to get what they came for, even those people have been getting results in 2K.

Because I take responsibility for teaching them that. And now that you’ve heard this podcast, you’re going to take responsibility for teaching your clients, those type of clients that as well. So it’ll always be within your power to have an incredible program that gets more results the more people it serves.

So you might be wondering, how is that possible? And I’m going to tell you. So here is how we did it with 2K. Number one, I worked the belief that the more people we enroll, the more money everyone will make. If you think of it like energy – for those of you that are into law of attraction, like attracts like.

So the more people you put yourself in a room with making money, the greater your proximity to money, the greater your chances of making money. So you could have one person supporting you in making money one-on-one, or you could have 1000 people supporting you in making money. As everyone learns the process, everyone has value to add to the process. Value in ideas, skillsets, experience to lend, advice to give, support to lend, cheers to shout out.

We become this hive mind for making money. And for those of you that are in 2K, you know what I mean. The Facebook community alone is constantly buzzing with money energy. And then if you were in 2K and you go to Ask a Coach forum where coaches can write in for coaching on their thoughts and run models, that’s the coaching tool that we use in 2K, and then certified model coaches and myself go in and answer those questions, you can literally scroll through and read the most powerful conversations around making money in the industry, that I would have killed to have.

Think about if there were only three people asking questions in Ask a Coach. You wouldn’t learn a whole lot. But when you have hundreds of people asking high-level questions, and some low-level ones too, let’s be real – actually, I feel like those are usually the ones that stump us the most.

We’re like, oh, our thoughts create our results? What? Shocked. Seriously, I think about this, I would have given anything to have access to what other coaches were thinking and struggling with and the answers to that thinking and those struggles when I first started out because you feel so alone. Like you’re the only one that’s going through this and you’re just not doing it right.

And so the more you start to see other people going through it, having the same struggles over and over and seeing the same solution over and over, it verses you in the conversation of coaching and entrepreneurship and making money. Like in the beginning, you have no idea anything about making money as an entrepreneur.

But after 1000 people have gone through the 2K process, you could take a few days to read through the Facebook community and the Ask a Coach answers and be versed and have such a clear idea of exactly what you need to do to make money, to understand even the language of it.

So this is what I want you to take as a student and a teacher. As a student, you want to be part of a program this size. You want to put yourself in these conversations, to put yourself in the money-making hive mind energy that attracts more money every single day. And then as a teacher, you want to know that the bigger you get, you have to question your mind when it tells you that the more people you work with, the less value they will get. It just isn’t true.

How I’ve gotten so good at teaching making your first 2K, 20K, 200K and beyond is by coaching groups of people and seeing all the similar problems they have and finding solutions that work for everyone, no matter what their business model is, what their niche is, what their background is, or where their starting point is.

I have become an expert at taking anyone from ground zero to making money because of the volume of people I have coached on it. Not in spite of it. So every single day, my program, my coaching becomes more valuable. Yours will too. So you can just ignore all that other shit your brain feeds you and tells you. It’s not true.

Okay, now here is number two. It’s like, my secret selling and delivering tactic that helps this be true and inevitable. It’s really a concept. It started with this idea when I was one-on-one coaching and trying to fill my coaching practice that there were 100 clients ready to work with me.

I used to say 100 ready clients to myself all of the time. And if that were true, when I believed that, I would think about what I would do for myself and my business and how I would show up. So I remember asking myself this five years ago and the answer for me was the first three investments I really made in my business coaching, in certification, and in my own life coaching on my brain.

I wanted to be the best coach and the best salesperson for those 100 people. I read everything I could get my hands on. I did my own work tirelessly on changing my own life. And on loving my life exactly as it is. I made myself well-versed in life coaching and entrepreneurship.

I stopped watching TV and listening to music for two years. I just put podcasts and audiobooks in my ears and I invested every dollar I could scrape up in myself and I showed up constantly to make sure those 100 people could find me. And then when they did, I’d be ready. I’d be a walking example of what’s possible with life coaching.

So I would just walk around thinking, “I’m getting myself ready for when those 100 people are coming and every day it counts because I never know when they’re showing up and I want to make sure I’m ready when they do.” So somewhere along the way, I’m sure I worked with 100 clients and it became 1000 ready clients.

You use the number that will like, blow your mind and make you think bigger than you currently do. So that turned from 100 to 1000. Now we’re thinking about 10,000. And so I was always thinking, 1000 people are coming. What will they need? Who will I need to be? What will I need to create for them? What will I need to teach for them? What skills am I missing?

I created the consultation code knowing 1000 2Kers were coming. I created Ask a Coach in our member portal because I knew 1000 2Kers were coming. I just wrote a book called Advanced Selling, where I imagined 1000 200K students were coming. And if I couldn’t tell them everything in my brain individually and just sit down and have hours and hours and hours of conversations with them, I’d need to have it written down for them to have all at once, so I did.

I wrote everything I learned from taking my business from $300,000 to $2.5 million, like, everything. From copywriting, business models, plans, when to launch, what type of revenue stream, how to create intellectual property, I created it very meticulously for 1000 people. If I needed to help 1000 people understand, it would have to be clear, direct, and specific.

Nothing could be left out, and even the hardest things had to be explained simply and the most simple things to me had to be broken down step-by-step. In your most difficult purgatory, which we recently talked about that a few weeks ago, in the biggest failures, what will keep you going is knowing that there are 100 ready clients out there waiting for you.

Waiting for you to become who you need to be to teach them. Waiting for you to meet them and tell them you’re a life coach and make an offer to help them. And when you launch your first group or that first course, and your brain tells you to be afraid that you might not have enough energy to coach them all or to walk them all across the finish line to the result you promised, ask yourself if there were 100 or 1000 people ready to join your course and you had to make sure they got across the finish line, what would you have to do?

What would you have to create for them, to teach them, to believe for them, to feel for them? For me, I have to believe in them enough that all their sad circumstances don’t get me in the pool with them. I know a lot of coaches who tell me they don’t want to coach beginners because it’s too hard.

Like, clients new to making money to losing weight with no prior personal development experience, they want to start coaching people after they’ve made money, after they’ve lost a little weight, after they’ve got over the major grieving process, whatever it is. And this is only because of the feelings you are unwilling to feel and the space you are unwilling to hold for your clients.

Meaning your thoughts and feelings about them and your unwillingness to work on feeling neutral and unaffected by their failures. If you join 2K and you come to Ask a Coach and say you went through the whole process and didn’t make any money, I’m going to say so what? Why didn’t you make money? What did you do that created that result? What didn’t you do and how many more times are you willing to try?

I’m not going to say, “Oh, I don’t want to coach beginners because it’s too hard and they fail a lot and then I have to stress about them failing.” Nope. Just going to be okay with failure. I’m going to get energized by it. I’m going to let it and the successes affect me the same way.

What? I remember when I was coaching one-on-one, I felt like I hung on every success and every failure. I would get just as worked up about my clients’ successes and on my own private time, just as down and stressed about them not getting results. I just felt so much more attached. I wasn’t experienced at holding the space and being in a neutral place.

And growing to 1000 clients has really helped me maintain neutrality, that it’s all the same and I don’t get in that same emotional connection and tie because there are so many people. And it makes me such a more powerful coach. Not a less powerful coach, which I used to be so afraid of. Like, I’m going to add so many people, I’m going to be less powerful. It’s actually the opposite.

There are so many people that I hear the same stories all day long, and I’m less affected, which makes me more of a powerful coach. Okay, so the last thing I want to say with this little celebration that we have 1000 clients and 1000 ready clients came to fruition and they’re all getting more results than ever before, the thing that I want to just say, to make sure is clear is that I was ready for 1000 people because I intentionally decided to become ready for them.

You have to intentionally decide. You have to think about 100 clients, even if that won’t happen for you for next year or the year after, I like to think three years ahead in my business. You have to think about how many of those clients you want to have, and then you have to go to work every day to be prepared for them intentionally.

You will never just stumble on 1000 clients or 100 clients. You have to decide to be ready for them. And now it’s so fun to see them here, to see you here. That number manifested into reality. Brought from my imagination and created through my willingness to take action on my imagination and bring what I was thinking into reality.

And deciding that all of those clients were going to get better results than I had been giving previously, and they’re getting better results than my wildest dreams. It’s so fun to get on that page and just scroll through and see all the celebrations. Even the failures really, because I’m seeing how many coaches are actively putting themselves out there to make this business happen for them. To see the money that’s being created and going to be created through trial and error. That energy.

It’s about to explode to 10,000 people. Y’all better buckle up. Get ready. 10,000 coaches are out there wanting help, wanting to make money, wanting to serve. And I know my maturity as a business owner and my resilience in creating ways to find them are what will bring them in. They will be here in three years or less.

So I’m going to get to work prepping for them. Prepping for you. Borrow this concept for yourself. Get to work on your 100 ready clients, on your 1000 ready clients. On the days that no one comes, and there will be a lot of those days, think about them with even greater intent. They are coming. Clients are coming.

I like to call it the calm before the storm. It seems like nothing is happening, something is about to happen. As long as you’ve been happening, right? Instead of eating cookies on the couch or pitying yourself into quitting. They’re coming. Get ready. Alright, have an amazing week y’all, I will talk you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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