Ep #47: 25K in 30 Days with the 200K Mastermind

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As promised, this week I’m bringing you an interview with my clients in the 200K mastermind. I set them a challenge of making 25K in 30 days, and they’re here to share their experience. They had to implement the simple offer without breaking the rules of the challenge, and it’s fair to say all of them struggled in different aspects of their business.

These ladies had to think about their long-term growth, and that meant having to say no to the way they’ve been running their businesses so far and letting go of money they would have made otherwise. This is scary stuff, but the evidence is right here on the podcast today. I’m quizzing them on what’s worked for them during this challenge and some of the struggles they faced.

Listen in this week to hear their perspective on achieving this goal of making 25K in 30 days, and you’ll gain some insight on how you could turn your business around and think about your long-term growth too.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What has worked for these ladies since they joined 200K mastermind.
  • The major things they’ve been working on in the group to make 25K in 30 days.
  • Three questions that they continually asked themselves throughout the challenge.
  • The struggles each of my clients faced in this challenge.
  • Why you can’t have the results as evidence that you can succeed before you believe it.
  • How my clients pushed through their resistance to grow their businesses.
  • Why niching your business gives you so much power.
  • The different approaches you need to take in your business when you’re in 200K versus the 2K stage.
  • What one thought each of them found most useful throughout the challenge.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hello lovies, welcome to episode 47. Today I’m having a conversation with my 200K mastermind. I gave them a challenge. 25K in 30 days cash in their simple offer. And I asked a few of them to come on and tell you about their experience of achieving that goal with that standard.

They had to decide where they wanted their business to be in three years, create one offer, and business model and plan that supports that, and then make 25K in 30 days in that offer. Without any funny business. So no side hustle offers, throwing something out there like a retreat or a workshop or something like that.

No payment plans, no saying yes to people who weren’t their best most ideal dream clients. None of that. And all the money had to come from their one offer to their ideal people and it could not have any negotiating inside of that.

I did this challenge because one of the things I believe is we make more money when we head towards our growth. When we do quickly the thing that scares us the most like go all in with our niche or stop offering payment plans and do only upfront payments, or raising our prices and sticking with them, when we do that, we make more money.

We think it’s the opposite, that we will make less money, it will slow us down because we’re starting over, but the way that I teach my 200K masterminds and the way it’s always been for me is it always speeds things up. And that is the standard that I hold my 200K clients to and the one that I ask them to hold for themselves.

These students are such an example of that work, so let’s dive straight into the conversation.

Stacey: Candy, let’s hear it. I had you actually post in the group and say what was working for you because you’ve actually really killed it. We’re between 60 and 90 days, but how much cash have you now generated since you joined in mid-August?

Candy: Yeah, so just in the simple offer it’s been around 45K and I did have payment plans before, which I am no longer taking, as you mentioned earlier. And all of that, it’s around 55-ish, I think is what it was. Something like that.

Stacey: That’s so good. And your business was at 25-30?

Candy: When I started 200K, yeah, somewhere around there, I think.

Stacey: Okay. So I had you post in the group and I said tell everyone what’s working, so why don’t you just start there? What worked between – because all you have focused on is the simple offer. So what has been working since you joined? What have been the major things that you’re doing if somebody else wants to come in and make that kind of money in a small amount of time?

Candy: Totally, yeah, I wrote a big post on this in our 200K piece. So I’ll just kind of touch on the things. It started with that very first weekend when we were all together and teaching us – you teaching us that we could turn inside and believe and trust ourselves. That blew up my mind and gave me a new possibility for I can have these answers inside of me, I can learn to trust myself in a new way.

And having us do what worked, what didn’t work, and what I’m going to do differently, asking those questions continuously, even though we didn’t write it down on paper, but asking those continuously throughout the week, that helped me figure out new things to do.

Stacey: I’m going to interrupt you. I want to ask something really specific because it’s so fluffy to say like, to turn inside yourself and you can have the answers inside of someone else. We say that in personal development all day, but I want you to give a very specific example of that.

What was something within the challenge, your 25K in 30 days, where you had to make a decision for yourself, or you had to – where you wanted maybe to badly reach out and ask someone else to tell you what the answer was and you had to give it to yourself? Can you think of something super specific?

Because I do think this is the answer, what you said, but I think in practice, in application, we talk about it all day long in personal development. The answers are within you. But the application, that shit is hard. Because as soon as you have a big decision to make, you’re like, wait, but I need someone else to make this for me that has more experience, that has made more money who’s already done it, surely they know the right answer.

And if I don’t hear what they have to say, I’m going to make the wrong decision. This is what we do. So do you have a very specific thing that is just a great example?

Candy: Totally. And that was my MO, looking outside myself, looking outside myself for all the answers. So I think the biggest, specific thing within the 25K 30 days for me was I did – that very first week, my brain was like, what? I just learned how to make 10K, are you crazy?

Stacey: Let’s just stop there. The people on this podcast, by the way, we started the mastermind with the 10K in 30 days challenge. Many of them thought – and in their simple offer, so it had to be – for Candy, it was no payment plans in her very specific niche, in this very specific pricing, no negotiating, doesn’t matter how much you love that re-up that’s about to come up.

They’re paying in full at the price you decide. So we had just come off 10K in 30 days and many of you were like, mind-blown that you did. And then I’m like, okay guys, 25K in 30 days next month. That’s going down. We’re speeding up. So I love that. Okay, keep going.

Candy: And that very first week I was spinning. My brain was like, is she insane? Oh my gosh, okay. And I buffered and I bought like, 14 dresses. I’m not kidding. That’s what I do. I don’t emotional overeat now. I still have all these dresses on my table that – but that’s what I do.

Stacey: The C is 25K in 30 days and your A was buy 14 dresses.

Candy: Totally, girl. Totally. The thought line was this is crazy, I can’t do this.

Stacey: So how did you solve it for yourself then?

Candy: So what I did is I did get a little coaching. I coached myself, but then it was that next week when you said we’re getting better at practicing feeling bad. Bam. It was that that shifted me, that took me from your steps of impossibility to maybe this could be possible.

That thought of what if this could be possible, that shifted me to that next piece. And then I was able to start asking myself those questions. What worked, what didn’t work, et cetera. And then my brain blew up with all these different ideas.

Stacey: What were some of the ideas that blew up your brain?

Candy: That I didn’t even know were in there, but I just started to allow myself. So some of those ideas were, well, I’m going to start a free private Facebook group and I’m going to call it Get Ahead of the Holidays, and I’m going to teach them how to stop emotionally overeating before the holidays.

And I did a five-day – I showed up every single day. Gave them some good juice in each one of those classes, gave them a really juicy PDF to do homework in every day. And people reached out, I got consults. So that was one thing.

Stacey: This is really amazing because what you didn’t do is say, Stacey, I have this idea. I’m going to do this Facebook group. What do you think?

Candy: Yeah. I said I’m just going to do it. I’m going to trust me. And then another thing was I put on my calendar the word consult in yellow. And I planned for that to show up and they did a couple of – two, three, four times. And so just in that process, and then I said okay, what else am I awesome at? I’m awesome at speaking in person.

So I’m just going to go out and try and find speaking gigs. Found a couple speaking gigs. Couple people came there and I just went to lots of networking events. I did all the things organically. And there was another thing that I did.

Stacey: While you look for that, I think the key is that you did a lot of things organically. And I think a lot of people are afraid to do that. They’re afraid to trust themselves that they might have an idea that might work, and they want to ask me. And I’m like, I don’t know. Go test it and try.

Or people want to know what my launch strategies are, like exactly how I do it. I’m like, it’s different every single time. We think that there is the right formula. There is not. We just test. We’re like okay, let’s see if this will work. And then we just work on our reasons why.

Like I want to test this and here’s why. And then do I like this reason? But I don’t ever know. I’ve done longer launches. Someone asked me actually, where was I? I was at dinner in New York recently with my photographer Danielle. And she was asking me, have you in your experience, find that longer launches work better than shorter ones?

And I’m like, I have no idea. I don’t even know the answer for that from my business yet. We haven’t done enough, I feel like, to really test and to know. I’ve done long ones and made 500K and I’ve done really short ones and made 300K. Does the time and the energy, does that difference matter? I don’t know.

We just experiment. We’re like, hey, this organic idea came to me, let’s try this, let’s experiment. We’ll do what worked, what didn’t work, and what we’re going to do differently, and then every launch after just comes from what we’re going to do differently. But it’s not the right way. And how I do it is going to be different than somebody else’s so you have to be willing to put yourself in this idea.

And we talked about in the mastermind the value super-thinking, but you have to be willing to do that super-thinking in how do I create more value. Come up with that organic idea, and then instead of asking somebody else if it’s a great idea, just go implement it and then find out and do what worked, what didn’t work, what you’re going to do differently, because it’s probably not going to be either it was a bad idea or a good idea. It’s going to be, these are the things that worked, these are the things that didn’t, and these are the things that we’re going to do differently.

I think that’s so brilliant that you were willing to just go out there and do that and I love the planning for consults because I tell everybody to do that. If you want to have 10 clients, out 10 hours on your schedule and make it happen.

So the last thing I want to ask you, differentiate for me how did you do all this coming up with all these organic ideas and putting this new group out and putting this into play. How did you do that without it being hustle-y and graspy? Because I think that is also the line that a lot of people struggle to walk is they’re like, doing everything that you just said and they’re coming up with lots of organic ideas and they’re putting it all out there, but their energy is crazy. And that’s why it doesn’t work. So what was the differentiator there for you?

Candy: It was kind of how I felt in the 10K challenge. A little bit tired at the end, and that’s part of the reason why my brain went crazy. I’m like, oh my gosh, I’m going to have to exhaust myself so much more. And I just decided, no, I’m not going to.

I’m going to figure out how to do this and I’m going to take care of myself, because my MO in the past has been to run myself into the ground and just physically, and I’m committed to not doing that to my body and mind anymore. And so I just decided to do that.

And so I did the super-thinking. I gave my brain time to come up with answers, and part of that was how can I take care of me today too? And how can I have energy by the end of the day so I get to show up who I want to be by the end of the day each day?

Stacey: I think that’s the key is just the mindfulness to ask yourself how can I do this and have energy? I think that’s the key. Okay, so let’s hear from Danielle. What are your thoughts?

This is a really great contrast. So Candy came in and she had made from January to August, like 30K and then just doubled her income in two months. More than doubled her income. But Danielle, you were already making a lot of money and still had a lot of drama about the challenge, so let’s talk about that.

Danielle: Just throw me on the spot. Yeah, I had a – you know, it’s interesting because I feel like most of my drama all comes from that place of ego. I think most all of us have a place of drama that comes more from the ego place of our being than the other place.

So I remember feeling so aligned, I’m doing all of this, I’m creating this money, I’m feeling super – I don’t know, I felt so jazzed by the clients that I was working with that were fully in my niche. Everything felt good. And then you brought up the 10K challenge and I just had this slippery little thought. I just put itself right into my brain.

Like, what if you’re the one person that doesn’t get it? How are the other people in the mastermind going to look at you if you’re the one person that doesn’t get it, even though you’ve had a track record of doing well, but now’s your time to totally F it up? Now is your time.

Stacey: On the public stage.

Danielle: Like on the public stage, yeah.

Stacey: That’s what my brain says.

Danielle: Yeah. And so then I saw it. I saw that sneaky little thought and I was like no, not today. And yet it just came, and I think that was exactly the moment I went wrong. Because usually when I have these sneaky slippery slimy thoughts come in, I welcome them. I’m like, oh, come on into the party. I’m not going to hang out with you. There’s some food over there, take care of yourself, but we’re not chatting.

Like, you and I are not going to be friends at this party. And this one, I was like, nope, not allowed. And you know how they say in the psychology world, like whatever resists persists. And so it was slippery and it came in, and instead of welcoming it and acknowledging it and just not interacting with it, I tried to pretend it wasn’t there.

I tried to just push it out. And that’s just kind of where I spun and things really went wrong for me and then I was like, I don’t belong, what’s the matter with me? It’s obviously going all downhill.

Stacey: I would die because I have such different – I feel like you and I talk about this a lot where my thought about you and where your thoughts are about you, which is always the truth about where your coach’s thoughts are about you, but I’m like, what is happening? Stop it.

Danielle: And so then finally, as I see the things crumbling and falling, I was just like, Danielle, seriously, WTF? This is ridiculous. This is such an old story. You 100% belong. Everybody in here loves you, you love all of them. Knock it off.

And so I knocked it off and then the other thing that you said to me, because we just have a lot of personal stuff going on right now that I really – I needed to step up for, for our family financially, and so I – you’re like, either you just make money for your family or you figure your shit out. Figure it out in your mind and go all in.

Stacey: Let’s stop there for a second because I think this is super helpful for people. Because we get a lot of messages of, should I get a job, a part-time job when I’m building my business? Or should I just focus on getting clients and not do that? Will it be a distraction?

And so it was a little bit the same situation, just now you make a lot of money as a coach. So what you were doing is you have all these people coming to you and they’re not necessarily 100% in your niche. Some of them just want to be business mentored by you, some of them want to coach with you in life.

You have all these people coming to you and so you have the opportunity to say yes to money all day long. Except that will keep happening. You will be able to say yes all day long to money that’s coming to you, but it won’t be exactly what you want to do. And so your simple offer was no, I help you have better sex or more sex or I coach you on sex.

And that is who I want to serve and who I want to work with. So you have to say no to all those other people to make room for these people coming in. And then you have the circumstance really. We think it’s truth, but the circumstance of things happening in the family.

And so what I said to you is, listen, you have two options. Go out there and just take those people that are coming to you and make some more money so that you can get yourself out of this lack that’s been kind of plaguing you for a while, or buckle down and fucking make your niche work. Go out there and make a ton of money. You can do either, but do one instead of being in this in between.

So what did you decide? What did you choose? Because we didn’t really check in. It was just like, all of a sudden you were making a bunch of money again.

Danielle: Yeah. So I just had this thought, I was like, I totally can. I can just go and make money and then I had this thought like, it was more of a feeling, like that little disappointment. I felt my heart get sad for a minute because it – in a way, just going and making money felt like yes, this is going to take care of our “problem” family-wise or financial-wise, but I don’t want to go backwards.

It felt like going backwards and I’m like, what would I need to believe to just do the damn thing this way? The way that I actually want to do it. And even people that might have reached out to me for consults and they’re like yeah, maybe business, maybe this, that what I did too, I was like, but I can also just talk to them about pleasure, about their sex life, about what’s going on, how they think that would impact their business if they were to focus on this.

And so instead of just automatically saying no if somebody reached out to me, I’m like, let’s get on the phone and see what you think you need and then I’ll let you know what I think you need. And I just got more creative in how I was able to explain the impact of what happens when a woman is sexually pleasured and why would you not want to focus on this? Maybe if we pull back and not focus as much on your business and being so graspy, then you’re still going to get the result.

So I was able to get really creative in my mind for the fact that people were still reaching out and I can take advantage of the fact that people are reaching out, regardless of why they’re reaching out. But there’s tons of business mentors out there. So the fact of the matter is if you’re reaching out to me, you have some intrigue in what I do.

Stacey: I think this is key because this is what I said I want people to take away is this is when you change your mind instead of changing things in the business. So instead of, even trying to change the people reaching out to you, you’re like no, you can reach out to me for business or whatever you want, but I’m going to be in charge of what the solution is and the solution will be what my solution – what I believe the solution actually is, but I’m going to stay in that instead of giving you what you think you want.

I’m going to give you what you need. It’s going to be within my simple offer, within my – what I am offering, period. And I’m going to just change the way I’m thinking about the consult, the way I’m thinking about the people, the way I’m thinking about positioning my offer. I’m going to change that step. That is the key. What I want everybody to hear.

Instead of saying I’m going to go get different people, I’m going to go change my offer. I’m going to just say yes, I’ll do it this one time. It’s like no, I’m going to change everything around in my favor, in my mind. And of course when you believe strongly that your solution is the offer, people will too.

I think that’s so brilliant and I just wanted to slow it down so everybody could hear that. And I want to add one more thing, which is I felt like you were a really great example of there are a lot of coaches in our mastermind that are making the kind of money that you’re making. And they have that same – that if they change things up or they really go into their growth and what their offer is and they stop negotiating with all these different things and they go all in for what they want three years from now for their business, it will slow them down in making money.

And so they don’t do it and they resist it, and I did this for a long time. When I was in Million-Dollar mentoring, I think the number one reason I didn’t hit a million dollars the first year around is because I had that fear that I can’t just stop taking on my clients or I can’t refund. I had Brooke give me that same advice, refund these people, and I didn’t.

And to this day, it’s still – I regret very little. It’s one of the things I regret is not refunding this group and moving on. I still think about it to this day, and I’m like, man, where would I have been at the end of the year?

Now, we always end up fine and I’m making millions now and it’s totally fine, but it was a huge lesson for me of like, I wish I had been brave enough to listen to Brooke in that moment and refunded the money and just cold turkey, I don’t serve these people anymore and these are the people I do serve, and this is the offer, and move forward. I wish I had been brave.

So I feel like you’re in that space of the example of what’s possible for being brave and saying, I’m refunding these people and I’m not going to negotiate and I’m not going back. I’m only moving forward. This is where I’m going and I’m committed to it. So I just want to honor you for that. I think you’re such an example of what’s possible.

And to tell everybody that’s listening and your colleagues that are in the mastermind, it makes it go faster, you become who you want to be three years from now so much faster when you’re willing to just cut ties and move forth with exactly what you want.

Danielle: Thank you. Because that was really painful. I think it was $18,000 or $19,000 total of refunds right off the bat of mastermind and then it was – then that’s when our financial stuff happened. I was like, what am I going to do? And freaking all the drama.

Stacey: Join the mastermind, paid this big fee upfront, then refunded 18K, then had all these money expenses come up in the family.

Danielle: And I was just like, what am I doing? And then I was like, wait a minute, I know exactly what I’m doing. And it did. There was so much negative emotions but the idea was that oh, I get to move through these now? How amazing. Because I get to go through these now, which is going to propel me forward and like you said, the growth is so much quicker.

Stacey: Yes. I always say when you decide you want to become someone, the universe will always give you immediately a lot of opportunities to become that person very quickly in the form of obstacles.

And Megan, I feel like that’s a little bit of your journey too. You came into the mastermind, you were ready to blow it up with some money and then we come in and we decide right off the bat that in your simple offer, you’re going to change your niche basically. And then I’m like, okay now there’s this challenge of 10K in 30 days, and then 25K in 30 days.

And you had all these consults lined up that were not in your new niche, and you’re like, but I can still like, do those consults and sign those people, right? And I’m like, well, you can, but do you want to prolong becoming who you really want to be three years from now? So talk about that experience for you because you were like, the next week, signed a client in your new niche.

Megan: That blew my mind. So I was so scared when you were saying, from now on you can only serve these people, I immediately thought of my calendar. I had four consults lined up. They seemed super promising based on their pre-session questions. And I think what really shifted it for me is when you talked about your experience and just prolonging.

I think you said, if you keep taking on anyone that you know you can help, you’ll never have a reason not to do that. It will just stay that way forever. And I had been holding myself back from really making a powerful decision and committing to a group of people because someone would come to me and if I thought I could help them, I would take them on as a client.

And that’s how I built my entire business up until the mastermind, so that was the only way that I had experienced making money. So to let that go right off the bat felt so scary and oh my gosh, like, this is why I’m here. If I keep doing things the way I always have, what’s the point of hiring you as my coach and learning from you?

So what that looked like was referring out consults right off the bat, and then so perfect that you just said it feels like you get these opportunities right away because I swear, that week after we got back from Chicago, I had five people reach out, which felt like more than normal.

And it was like, person after person that wasn’t a fit. That was looking for general career coaching, or relationship coaching, or just things that I wasn’t specializing in. And I remember you said it’s like, taking the leap before the cushion appears. And it just felt like chance after chance to just – I just became a referral machine.

But then I also actually started speaking to my people and putting my message out there and not watering it down. And it kind of blew my mind that three people who are the exact type of people I want to support just showed up.

Stacey: They didn’t just show up. You created them. This is what I see a lot of people doing is they are trying to live – and I taught this to you guys at the live event. This idea of straddling models, straddling different belief systems. So there’s the person that you are, or the person that you were.

We’ll give this example. The person you were, serving all these different people. Then there’s the person that you want to be, serving this one specific person. And when you try to live in both of those at the same time, you water your message down. And then you attract, really, neither of them. Not in a strong way that’s going to stack up and scale and bring you lots and lots and lots of money, which is what we’re talking about.

It’s like, everyone that’s in this specific mastermind is capable of making money. It’s how much money do you want to make and we think – it’s like, we’re so afraid to trade off that little amount of money that we could make right now, but when I’m thinking about your guys’ businesses, I’m thinking but like, how much money are you leaving behind or giving up by not just stepping fully into the person that you want to be, serving the people that you want to serve?

Megan: Yeah, I think what really stood out to me too is when you talked about the power of having a niche, and you were saying, when you focus on this, it actually opens up the floodgates of ideas. Like, the more that you narrow, the more expansion you actually experience.

And I really felt that and it kind of blew my mind because I was so – I thought writing about anything or everything, I could relate to everyone. But then it just flooded out of me. I think I created a whole seven-day email series in a couple hours because I just knew who I was talking to and I knew exactly how to support them.

Stacey: Yeah. This is a misconception I think a lot of people have about me. And I think this is actually the best example of the difference between 2K and 200K. In 2K, it’s like, listen, I don’t care if you have a niche or you don’t, it’s not an excuse. Go out there and tell people, literally say I’m a life coach, I can help you, and make your first dollars.

That is really what it’s about. And it’s about learning how to sell on your consults. But when you get into 200K, I’m not saying oh, you don’t need a niche and don’t have a niche. I’m going to be like, listen, who do you help?

Because I teach you guys from a place of not where you are trying to make 200K. I teach you guys as if you’re making 200K and you’re getting ready to go to two million, that you’re prepping for that. So we’re having high-level conversations that can be really difficult and I just love your willingness to be like, okay, let’s do this.

Megan: Oh my gosh. Well, it was like, once I saw it from the 200K future perspective, I couldn’t unsee it. So like Danielle said, taking on those people would have at that point felt like a step backwards and that felt kind of icky. So thinking and making decisions from my future self and really what you said about make a decision and implement quickly, that was a game-changer too because I was kind of a perpetual slow decision maker and now I’ve experienced the power of the clarity that comes in when you do – can tap into that courage and take action before you have the proof.

Stacey: Yeah. Listen, this is what it is. We want to get the result before we believe. We want the results to be the evidence that helps us believe. It just doesn’t work that way, ever. My brain still tries to negotiate that with me too. It’s like no, but we need this and we need that.

And it’s like, no. When you believe, that is when you will create all the little markers of evidence that will create the big result that you’re looking for. It has to happen that way. And it does. It takes an insane amount of courage and it does feel like you’ve jumped off a cliff and you haven’t quite built your parachute yet.

Megan: Totally. And I think what you said on one of our calls was if you hit this goal, then what will you believe? And going to that place, the first thought that came to mind for me was well, then I would believe that this niche works. And so in that moment, I saw my work, my thought work is how can I get my brain on board to believe this works before those people show up.

Stacey: Yeah. Okay, I’m going to say this one last thing and then we’re going to move on. You really keyed me to something. So we were talking in 2K the other day about proof of concept, which is not something I created. I learned that from my mentor.

And I said, one of the things that you want to use 2K for is to just get your proof of concept. If you have a niche that you want to try out or whatever, you’ve got to go out and get 10 people to pay you. But what people think that means is I have to see if the niche works, and I will know if it works when 10 people pay me.

No, no. You have to believe the niche works 100% in order to get 10 people to pay you. Once you believe the niche works and how we know that you believe that is you have the result of 10 people paying you. That is when you have proof of concept. Really, it’s like, proof of belief. That is what you have to have.

Anyway, we could go down tangents forever. I absolutely love that. Thank you for articulating that so well for the audience. Alright, so let’s hear from Diana. I think you’re an interesting offering to the group because you’ve been making good money for five years, but just not six figures.

Diana: Just not six figures.

Stacey: And I think my experience of this challenge for you – and you can tell me your thoughts, like what your biggest challenge was within the challenge – I think your challenge was being super honest about your clients’ behavior and what that means. Because I would always see you in the page talking about, well, the invoice is out, and I’m like, “How long has the invoice been out?” Six weeks, right, or they’re following up or they’re making the decision. I’m like, but what if they’re just a no?

And I think that is the key piece for you. And why the challenge and the simple offer is so important is when you change a bunch of other things, when you let them do payment plans, when you let them think about it for 48 hours, when you let them do all these things, we don’t get to find what’s happening in your brain, which was they’re a yes when really they’re a no.

Diana: Yes, so I, for three years, I’ve wanted to hit 100K in 12 months and then, when you offered the 25K challenge, I was like, yeah but that’s my goal already. It’s been my goal since July to have 30K months. And I realized I was thinking always in it happening to me, like I’m going to hit this certain spot and it’s going to happen, but it always was in the future. I was always waiting for it to come.

And the minute – because that’s where the energy changed, is like, on the calls I’m like, “No, you make this decision now.” But I had to change all my thinking that I could create this now.

Stacey: This is what was so fascinating is because you were in the future…

Diana: Always…

Stacey: It’s going to happen to me and I’m going to create it. Your clients were in the future, right? “I’m totally going to do coaching. Coaching is going to happen to me eventually.”

Diana: I have your card on my desk, I’m going to do it… So the reflection of my change was I – literally I watched this happen; I’m at a networking event that I used to think was not my people and they were without a speaker the next week and I just said, “I can do it.” What do you mean, you can create something in six days? I go, I could do it right now if you wanted. And I was owning who I coached and I literally created a yearlong client in that talk.

I have others that are coming. Those relationships are being developed, but both of the people that I closed in this challenge were literally on the spot yeses. Energetically, they paid in 24 hours.  I required the answer, I coached them…

Stacey: You were committed, right? Isn’t that so fascinating?

Diana: I totally committed. I was like, if you’re not going to say yes here, I’m going onto the next one and I’m not waiting anymore.

Stacey: This is so huge because this is how I sell. Even now that I don’t sell on consults and I sell, like we’re about to do a 200K launch and the way that I did it last time and the way I’ll do it this time is we do applications, we do a call, I decide who’s going to be in the mastermind, we send out the offers, you have 24 hours to pay, otherwise we offer it to somebody else. I don’t give any time or any thought – and I was always this way, even when I was just signing my first few clients. I never think about the people who are thinking about it, the people who are trying to come up with the money, the people who are asking someone if they can do it, the people who’ve got to talk about it to their husbands. I don’t spend any time thinking about those people.

I’m like, no, our only opportunity to make a decision together is right here right now. What’s the decision? And then I’m moving on. It doesn’t mean that they can’t come back and say yes later, but I’m cutting the cord, as they say in the spiritual world. I’m energetically releasing any aspect of this relationship and I’m moving forward to the people who are yeses right now. That’s the people I wasn’t to work with. And I see so many coaches spend so much time – I would say if we set a percentage of time, it’s like 80% of their day goes to thinking about people who are undecided, who are maybes, who haven’t said yes yet. You can’t be in that energy as a coach. You have to be in the decided energy, and when you’re fully decided, it’s so clear to see who isn’t on the other end and to really see if those people are just nos.

Diana: You attract those that are decided and the few new clients that I’ve signed up, one, she is like doing self-coaching like a coach. We’re having so much fun. So what that occurred to me is like what you’re talking about, best client, I also fired a client. I’ve never fired a client. And I knew I could help her but I was pulling her along for three months and I was showing up in a way I didn’t love. And I know I was turning it around, but there was this point where it’s like, you’re not my client. I love you so much, but I am not going to pull you along anymore, it’s not good for either one of us. And I think that was a real defining moment of letting that money go, because the second payment was due.

And all these thoughts I had about this ideal client, it was like, no, no there’s other facets of what makes this ideal client. Not just that they’re a senior executive or a CEO. And I am now loving the energy change of coaching people you want to coach and then what that attracts has really changed for me.

Stacey: And I think that’s another difference between the concepts I teach in 2K and the concepts I teach in 200K. In 2K, I really think you’ve got to sign anybody that comes your way, coach your freaking face off, and deal with all the, “Difficult,” clients. Figure that out, figure out how to coach them. You have to really go through that. I feel like that’s part of your first year, first 100K hustle that you got to do.

But when you get to the 200K level, sometimes it’s just the decision of, like, I don’t – it takes my energy to coach you, a lot of my energy. Like, I have these one clients over here and then I have these clients over here and these clients are killing it and here are all of the things that they possess. Like, I had you guys figure out who your best clients are and their attributes and who your worst clients are and their attributes.

And my best clients are clients who are all in, they’re committed, they are super passionate. They’re grateful for everything. Like, I have a very specific image in mind and if clients don’t fit that then we love and release and that’s part of the 200K mindset that is a little bit different than when you’re first making your first dollar. So I just wanted to insert that in there because I don’t feel like I don’t do a ton of podcasts aimed at the 200K level and the last couple of podcasts have been and I feel like maybe the audience that’s listening is going to be a little bit like, “Wait, that’s different than what you’ve been teaching.”

But it is different because it’s a different level and so you think differently at that next level and this is part of that is, if you’re not who I want to serve and you’re not the best person for me to serve, for me then, I love and release. And it’s a huge lesson. It’s one of the hardest lessons to learn. Alright, Samantha, let’s hear your experience of the 25K in 30 days challenge.

Samantha: Yeah, so I feel like the big lesson for me was seeing this for myself. I remember when you first gave that challenge I was like, I don’t want to do that.  I mean, like, I like the idea of that, but I can’t do that, that’s not for me. And I was mad. I was like, well I want to be on the podcast but I can’t do that.

Stacey: I did bribe them. I gave them incentives to be highly motivated, that they could be on this podcast.

Samantha: Yeah, so the first thing for me was getting away from, like, this is Stacey’s goal, not my goal, and committing to it for myself. That was like the first round of self-coaching that I had to go through. And then just believing that I could do it, like I did the belief scale work almost every day.

Stacey: That’s so interesting. I think a lot of people on the mastermind went there with, like, well this is Stacey’s goal, 10K in 30 days, 25K in 30 days. This is just what she wants us to do. But I think the question – I don’t know if it was you or someone else that I asked is, but why wouldn’t you want to do it? Like, if someone presented you with the idea of a really challenging goal, why wouldn’t you want to do it? So what was your answer for why you would want to do it?

Samantha: Yeah, so what I came to was, as a coach, I’m teaching people that they can create their results with their thinking and I need to prove that I can do that when it’s something I think I can’t do, and that was really the work for me.

Stacey: I think that’s the work for everybody, right? We’ve talked about that a lot in the mastermind; at the core of what a life coach is, is someone who can set a goal for something they want. It doesn’t matter what it is, but they say, I want this result by this time, and then I go create it. And how can you teach other people to do it if you can’t do it?

So I’m always, for me, like, that is always what I’m searching for and that is what I was talking about when I taught you guys about living in breakthrough is what is my next breakthrough, what is my next growth, what is the deadline to which I’m going to give myself to achieve that, and then I’m going to go do it because that’s what we do as coaches, and then that’s what I’m going to turn around and teach my clients.

Samantha: Yeah, it felt like an integrity thing for me, like this isn’t optional. I have to figure out how to make this happen because this is what I teach. There wasn’t an option not to.

Stacey: So good. So what do you think is the number one thing that – once you decided that’s not an option, once you thought, I really want this for myself – what do you think is the one thing that helped you bring it home?

Samantha: It was being willing to believe, like, for no reason. Like, without any evidence, it felt crazy and it wasn’t just like sitting down to journal and to shift to new thoughts once a day. It was like, all day long, every day, any time I felt doubtful choosing to get back into belief even when it was like, this is crazy, this is unrealistic. Like, I got to the last week and had to make $18,000 in seven days.

Like, I had never even made $18,000 in a month. I was like, I cannot do this. But I did it because I kept choosing to believe, like, I’m just going to do this.

Stacey: Yeah, how many people do you think – because you rocked 2K, you were in there and you did, like, you started at 2K months and then 5K months and then 8K months. And you used it to make 100K and it was so fascinating to watch you do that. How many people do you think, in 2K, go in with this mindset that I’m going to do 2K in 30 days, which is what we give them as just a measurement for, like, hey listen, you’ve got to go all in for 30 days to see what result you create with that, and then adjust from there. But how many of them do you think go in? Because I see the post, two weeks in, they’re like, I already know, we’re halfway through, I’m not going to make the money. How many of them do you think stop at some point in those 30 days, stop believing they’re going to make the 2K?

Samantha: All, all that don’t do it.

Stacey: All that don’t do it.

Samantha: Yeah, I made money in the first week. In the middle two weeks, I made no money, the last week, I made almost all the money.

Stacey: Yeah, like could you believe that you could make your 2K on the 30th day? Could you maintain that belief? And I just re-filmed  Start Here modules for the 2K and one of the things I said is, no, no, no you’ve got to approach every single day as the day you’re going to make 2K and you give yourself 30 attempts in one month to make your 2K in 30 days instead of giving yourself an entire month to do it. That’s what it’s got to look like.

Let me be clear; there are many, many people in 2K. A higher percentage have made their money back probably than haven’t. However, 100% of the people who haven’t made their money back is because they haven’t believed all 30 days straight. They stopped believing, whether it was – and I always think it’s fascinating to figure out when you did stop believing, even the people in the current mastermind who didn’t do the 25K in 30 days, is what was the point when you stopped believing? If you can gain that awareness, like, my year that I first tried to scale to a million, we did six launches I think for 2K and every launch I could find the time I stopped believing and exactly why I didn’t hit my goal every time.

If I looked back, because I always did my what worked, what didn’t work, what I’m going to do differently, I was always able to find the exact day and moment that I stopped believing, and then that was always, of course, when I looked at how I proceeded, that was always the reason I didn’t create the goal that I set out. And I failed five times in a row, but it was always because of that.

And I remember doing my first 200K launch, like the exact moment where I was like, whoa, wait a minute, what if I just believed this was going to sell out just because? There’s no belief police to tell me I can’t believe it. What if I did that just for my experience of this launch and it was the first time I had a launch that I enjoyed.

Samantha: Yeah, I love that. Like there are no belief police, because I think that that was kind of what I was like. Wait, no one’s checking in on my thoughts to be like, wait a minute, you’ve never done that before. You can’t do that, you know. I just was like, I’m just going to enjoy believing and see what happens.

Stacey: That’s so good, I love that; I’m just going to enjoy believing and see what happens. Alright, Simone, you, my friend, had a lot of growth in this challenge because you made – how much money did you make outside of your simple offer within the 25K in 30 days challenge and then have me go, it doesn’t count, it’s not in a simple offer?

Simone: 20K.

Stacey: 20K. But then what I loved is underneath you were like, okay, well I could still make 25K in my simple offer. That’s still possible. And when you had that thought, how far in the challenge were you?

Simone: It was past half, past the halfway point. And it got to a point where I was – sorry – I was disgusted with myself because the only reason I went outside of the simple offer and just hustled so hard to make so much money in such a short time was because I had such an aversion to the thought, I can’t make money, I’m not making the money, where’s the money? That was so painful.

And I was like, I’m like a drug addict, I have to get clean, with this compulsion to make money any way I can. And so at that point, I’d been thinking about, what was the turning point for me? Because I decided – I announced it publically in the 200K group, I said, I don’t care if I don’t make a single dollar, single other dollar for the rest of the year, I am not selling anything that’s not my simple offer. And I was really resolute in that moment and I coached myself hard to see money as neutral, like the dollar amount as neutral.

And that was actually also the time when I was coaching myself around the new mastermind price and I saw my brain going through so much drama about, oh my gosh, 25K, is she crazy, as opposed to 10K and there’s no way. And that was such a transformative moment because I took my brain to a place where 25K was equal to 10K.

Stacey: It is, it’s all a circumstance.

Simone: Like, that would have sounded crazy to me a month ago. And I took my brain to a place where I saw my bank account like in the red, and I was like, if that is the cost of growth, I look at that negative bank balance and I’m like, yep, I’m here for it. I’m not kidding, this is so weird, I had like five consults in the next week. They all said yes with zero price objection. It was crazy.

Stacey: Yeah, because you released yours, which is so huge. This is the thing, when you can start selling from a place where you aren’t hustling to get that client to mean something about you or your safety and your security, when you’re in that place of just like total unattachment, you coach so much clearer and better that it’s not like they just because, like, energetically an exchange happens and they’re just yeses. It’s the value you create when you’re in that space and clean thinking is always the value is just too much.

Simone: It’s so compelling.

Stacey: Yes, it’s so compelling. And I was telling you, like you and one of the other girls in the mastermind, that both of you have this thing where you make ridiculous amounts of money, 40, 50, $60,000 in a month. But this is what people think; they think that once they make the money, the scarcity will go away or their belief in themselves will increase and it doesn’t happen unless your belief changes. Otherwise you’re just still making 60K months and fearing that you’ll never be able to do it again, that it was a fluke, that the money is fleeting. So that was really your work to see, like, wait a minute, I can make money at any point and it will always be there. That is who I am.

Simone: None of my clients believe me when I tell them, like, the money that you make is not going to give you the security. Because I had my biggest meltdown freak-out after I had my first, like, 45K month and I was like, “I’m never going to make money again.” And that thought came back so often and that was the thought that I was battling in the first part of this challenge when I was hustling, like, going so far outside of my simple offer, you don’t know how to make money, prove that you can make money. What’s going to happen now that you don’t know how to make money anymore?

And that, it’s like, the only place that that can be solved is within your own brain. You can make five million dollars and that’s not going to solve it if you don’t do the work in your head. And I learned that so hard this month.

Stacey: I really genuinely believe money only enhances who you already are and how you already think. So if you have millions – and I know this because my brain – I don’t know that we get to this enlightened place of total abundance where we never experience scarcity thoughts. I’m not there, I don’t know. So at millions, it’s fascinating to watch my brain see $600,000 in our account and be like, we don’t have any money, we’re running out of money, it’s awful, it’s terrible, like, it’s fascinating to watch that. And so I have to work on it at every level. The money doesn’t – people think, having all this money, it must be so easy for you to sell because of how much money you have. And I’m like, no that’s just a C.

Simone: That’s so not true.

Stacey: Just a circumstance and then your brain just takes whatever is happening and spins it around in drama and then brings you scarcity and you have to be able to work through that. It’s crucial, otherwise you will just have a lot of money and have a lot of clients and have a lot more responsibility with all the same drama.

Simone: That’s so true.

Stacey: That’s so good, I love it, and I love that you were able to just say, “Listen, okay, halfway through the month, no problem, let’s just start over and do it again.”

Simone: Well, honestly, it wasn’t like that. I was flailing. I had so much drama. I got coached on it. It might have looked like that form the outside, but it was like, I’m embarrassed, I’m a drug addict, I have to get clean. And it was like a real moment in my soul.

Stacey: Okay, so it was like this sobering up.

Simone: It was really a sobering up. I was like, I can be broke, I don’t care, I’m going to lean into this growth. I’m going to stick with my simple offer. And then I made so much money in the next week.

Stacey: Yeah, and how did you feel though after? Did the money coming in matter? What was the experience after that?

Simone: It was really surreal because it was actually so sudden. Like, I said, it was like five consults in a row in like a week. None of them had price objections. They were like, “Okay, $6000, fine.” And I couldn’t put two and two together. And alter, I was like, oh that timing was eerie. That all started happening the minute I got clean in my soul and sort of like let go of that compulsive addictive, like, “I need to make money.”

Stacey: Yeah, I love that. And, you know, for your own growth, just know that may continue to come up over and over and over.

Simone: Oh, I’m sure it will.

Stacey: Anytime we’re addicted to something, it’s going to come right back up. But this is my goal for this mastermind is to create entrepreneurs who feel secure with money and who feel like they have agency over it. Melanie Childers taught me that idea of agency and having that personal power over it. And I think that’s the most freeing thing that you can do when you’re making money is also be free from it and to feel powerful within it, like you have control over it. You can make it whenever you want.

It’s like we talk about turning the faucet on and off, like, genuinely, when you really believe you have the ability to turn it on, there will also be times you choose to turn it off. And that’s really fascinating. When you choose not to make money, like Lindsay Dotzlaf was talking about that. She was in a place in her business where she is actually choosing not to bring on new clients and she’s working on a new group program. And so there wasn’t a good reason for her to make the 25K in 30 days challenge, so she decided for herself, like, I don’t love any of my reasons that I would do it, it doesn’t make sense for where I’m at.

She decided to turn the faucet off, like that is also what we teach and that is part of this process and it’s so powerful to know that you have that freedom over it, that you have that control within it. It’s the difference of having a successful business that is a fucking mess behind the scenes, and a successful business that is not, where you’re working however many days a week that you choose, you’re not thinking about your business in your off time, you’re not totally consumed by whether your clients quit or not, like Megan, I know we had to go through that with you, when your clients have…

Megan: That was fun…

Stacey: That was fun, yeah.

Megan: That was a huge growth experience for me. And being in the mastermind, just hearing, like, this is something that happens…

Stacey: It is something that happens, of course it’s something that happens. Clients quit, clients blame you, clients think that you’re the reason they didn’t get results. Clients think that you didn’t give them what they offered. Like, someone joined 2K and then sent us an email was like, “This is very network markety. This is exactly what they teach in network marketing. I don’t want any part of it.”

And Michelle sent it to me and literally laughed because I’m like, did she watch any of the modules? It’s the complete opposite, I feel like, of what they teach in network marketing. But it’s like, people will misunderstand. People will be confused. A confused mind will always say no. And it’s like, when you can even be just totally like, any of the clients could quit – even in my programs, I offer money back guarantees. And every mastermind, I refund at least probably one person, two people, and just like, yeah, that’s what happens and we do that, that’s not a problem. The problem is being attached and thinking it’s a problem if it happens and thinking it shouldn’t happen, that’s the problem.

The other things I teach you guys is to plan for that and to be able to handle that. It’s like, someone wants their money back from the retreat and you have a spot open, go and sell it to someone else, don’t convince them to be in it, which is advice I gave to Whitney last mastermind. So it’s like, all of that is so available when you’re thinking of your business from such an elevated logical mature place, and that’s what I think all of you did in this challenge.

Okay, so we’re going to wrap up. I would love to hear rapid fire very quickly the thoughts that you predominantly had that created the result of 25K in 30 days in your simple offer. Simone, let’ shear it from you.

Simone: This is the only way to grow.

Stacey: That’s a good one. Diana…

Diana: I feel like I have so many, but I love my business and I love coaching CEOs. And when I just dove into that and didn’t look at the money, I just had a blast.

Stacey: Yeah, that’s been a big one for me this entire year, just having fun, yeah, I love it. Danielle, what’s yours?

Danielle: I had a couple.  Mine was, this is so fun, I’m so close, and keep going, it’s working.

Stacey: I love it, so good. Megan, what about yours?

Megan: Mine was, this is what I’m here for. This is what I’m in the mastermind for and also this is what I’m here for.

Stacey: So good, I love it. Candy, what about you?

Candy: It was really, I am so excited to see what I’m capable of…

Stacey: Yeah, and maybe even really it was, this is what I’m capable of.

Candy: This is what I’m capable of and I’m doing it.

Stacey: Yeah, oh I know that because you created the result and then some, right? Samantha, what was yours?

Samantha: Mine was, this is who I am.

Stacey: Yeah, we rock that one a lot in this mastermind, this is who I am. I love it. Thank you, ladies, so much for being on, sharing your struggles, and your breakthroughs and your wisdom of making 25K in 30 days in your simple offer. And congratulations to the other women who made it who couldn’t be on the call, for the people who came very close who are still working on it, I just love all of my masterminders, they are the best.

Alright, see y’all later. See you on today’s call and I’ll see everyone on the podcast next week. Bye.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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