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Advanced SellingA lot of people come to me with questions about the different principles I teach in 2K for 2K and my 200K mastermind. Your mindset as a coach and the level at which you’re learning to sell is vastly different at the beginning of your business versus once you’re in the swing of things. So today, I’m giving you the big picture overview of what these differences are, when you need to implement certain steps, and why.

Advanced selling is a concept that I came up with, and this is what I teach all my 200K mastermind students. I’m giving you all the details of what it entails, and why, before you get there, foundational selling is so important to master first. I’m showing you what you should be focusing on if you’re just starting out, and then how you can start leveling up from there.

Join me this week as I give you an overview of what each piece of the puzzle looks like as you go through your business and level up. Many of you have questions about the key differences of what I teach at different levels of business, and I know having the big picture in mind will help you figure out what your next steps are.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why I teach different things in 2K for 2K versus the 200K mastermind.
  • The best marketing to take advantage of in the beginning of your business.
  • Why you need to manage your mindset in a different way at the start of your business.
  • The first thing to invest in when you start your business.
  • How your selling has to change when your business starts growing.
  • The difference between foundational selling and advanced selling.
  • How I know if you’re hustling to your next goal.
  • Why you aren’t ready for advanced selling in the beginning.
  • Examples of results someone who has mastered advanced selling will have, and the results someone who hasn’t will have.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches. Welcome to episode 70. Today we’re going to talk about advanced selling. But first, I want to shout-out my client Catherine Morrison from my 200K mastermind. I don’t give them as much love as I should, but I felt really inspired to share this. She actually posted twice in our group this week, and I felt really inspired to share it with you.

So she said, “I’ve signed three clients since March 25th and I have another consult tomorrow. That’s $18,000 in two weeks. It will be $24,000 in 15 days, after the consult tomorrow. When the 25K in 30 days challenge was posed in the last mastermind, my brain thought it was years off. But that challenge opened a new window in my mind and it started wondering how I’d be showing up as a 25K a month coach and I started showing up that way, like it’s done.”

She then later posted an update and she said, “Both consults signed today, so that’s 30K in 15 days officially done, in a pandemic, in a recession. Prior to this, my highest month was 15K. What I’m realizing the thought that has been so powerful for me is even before COVID, I have started to really feel in my bones that mindset is the key to money creation. And as the pandemic made all of our thoughts louder and more clear, I doubled down on that belief. It’s my model and it’s working. It’s always working.”

I just had to share that with you. I love the power of sticking with something and not giving up. I think that’s so fun. Just double down on the belief. Let the possibilities sink in and keep working them until they become inevitabilities. And I love doing this follow up because I did the podcast on the 25K in 30-day challenge a while ago.

And so I love that you get to hear a follow up from someone who didn’t make it happen that first challenge, but because the challenge was presented and she had shown up for it, now, six months later or less, however long ago that was, now she’s doing 30K in 15 days. So good.

And also, some of my clients in 200K are now making fun of me because I say so good all the time. Now I’m really aware of it. So today, I wanted to tell you about a concept I created called advanced selling. So a lot of people ask me about what I teach that’s different in 2K for 2K versus the 200K mastermind and why.

And I do teach very different things because you need to focus on different things at different levels in your business. So I’m going to break down what those different focuses are and when you need to implement them and why on today’s podcast.

So first, let’s start with foundational selling. That is what I teach in 2K for 2K. Foundational selling is about learning the very basics of selling yourself, selling people on themselves, and becoming a salesperson. Selling is the most important skillset that you can ever develop in life and there is a very specific mindset you have to have, and then an actual step-by-step process you have to execute to close a client.

But that’s just what you have to do when you get them on the phone. There is also pre-selling that happens in your marketing. So that’s what marketing is. Finding people, letting them know who you are, and how you can help them. That’s selling too.

In the beginning, free marketing is the best marketing you can take advantage of. That’s organic marketing, whether it’s in person or online, meeting people face to face, meeting people virtually, you’re a walking advertisement. You have to learn how to be an appealing walking advertisement. How to make an impact when you’re advertising.

There’s a lot of mindset that has to change for you to do this. So in the beginning, on top of learning how to market yourself, you’re also up against all of this uncertainty you have within you about whether you’ll succeed, if people want what you have to offer, you’re kind of overwhelmed with what to do and how to spend your time, and you’re hyperly focused on making money and getting a sale.

And all of that uncertainty and overwhelm and confusion and hyper-focus on the sale makes yourself as a walking advertisement, not a good one. Not an appealing one. So you have to learn how to manage your need to make money and the need of your client who needs to feel comfortable and needs to find out that you can help them, you have to manage those separately so they don’t collide and create a really unimpactful, unmemorable experience with your brand, with you.

So when you’re a start-up, the first thing you want to invest in you and your brain and your mindset and learning the skill of interacting with people and creating intrigue in your offer and learning how to turn that into a sale. You will be putting a lot of you into the world personally.

Your time has to be spent making personal connections. You are effectively selling you, with your energy. You get out into the world, you make a sale. My fiancé always calls it getting out there and shaking some trees. You can do this method, the shaking some trees, you getting out there and marketing yourself, you can do this method for a few hundred thousand dollars.

I did it to like, well beyond $300,000. Some people get really good at this and they build huge audiences on social media or become well known in networking circles, and they’re really good at engaging with people, and people will buy anything from you when you’re good at this. Like, anything.

You make such powerful connections with people, you and that person, that they just are buying you. They don’t care what you’re offering. They just want to be with you, be around you. You are what sells them. So there’s advertising with your energy, selling with your energy, with you being the driver of sales, you using your time – I want you to think of a presidential candidate uses their time.

Grassroots, getting out there, talking to people. And then again, there’s the actual tactical process of learning how to sell on a consult. And that would be like, debate prep. I’m sure there’s a very specific way to train for debates and sell yourself on the presidential stage.

You’re building relationships personally over an extended period of time. People get the closest connection to you. That energetic line goes straight from you to that other person, and then the sale is made. The votes are in. So this is what you need to learn in the beginning for your first 2K, but even – I mean, you’re going to use these principles your entire business, but specifically for your first 2K, your first 20K, your first 50K, and beyond.

But then, when you reach the point where you no longer have any more of you to sell, meaning if you wanted to make twice as much money, there isn’t twice as much of you to go around, you have to do something different. You have to learn advanced selling.

This is selling with technique in a very different way that makes it less about you and the personal connection you have to your audience, and more about positioning your brand, your tools, the value and quality of the content you put out, your intellectual property, and the quality of your advertising to sell for you.

A great example of this is Nike. I just read the book Shoe Dog, and in the beginning – and by the way, can I just say before I move on, best book ever. I seriously could not love a book more. Definitely recommend. So I read the book Shoe Dog. In the book, he talks about the beginning of his business. It really was this grassroots business.

They went to track meets all over Portland and the west coast, and they went to Olympic events, and they just got out there and met and talked with people. They shook hands, they told people who they were, they told people what they could offer and why they were different, and they made sales.

And they grew their business that way to several hundred thousand dollars. But then after a few years, as they grew, they started advertising to the masses. They had to grab people’s attention in a different way. They can no longer go out and just shake people’s hands and be at every track meet.

They had to find a way to get their message out to more people with less of them. And when you do this, what you find is the less personal connection, the more standoffish the people are, so the tighter your selling has to be, the more clear and concise you have to be.

This is not a problem. You just have to now connect in a different way to someone who’s never met you and get your branding and your positioning out in the world in such a clear way that people get who you are instantly with just a few words and images, and your total brand look and feel, and they just know that you are for them or you’re not for them. They just get it all at once. That becomes what sells.

Like Nike, just do it. So fascinating, by the way, that Nike wasn’t even the first name or the first shoe company that Phil Knight founded. He didn’t even like the name Nike when it was first presented to him. He didn’t even like the swoosh. That made the shoe famous. The swoosh, the name, the slogan. All of it came after years of grassroots talking to people and figuring out who they were in the world.

Same is true for my brand. People think I stumbled on 2K for 2K and the idea that my one sentence of I help life coaches made money. No. I built a grassroots business talking to people for years, then I had to figure out exactly who I was going to be in the world and what would make my brand stand out from any other business coach.

And in the beginning, I thought 2K for 2K was like, I wasn’t sure about it at all. I was like, I mean, I see that it could be kind of catchy, but also, I don’t know if people are going to get it. I don’t really get it. I had to sell myself on my brand and my program and get clear on what it was. And what I was going to teach for an entire year just selling myself on it. And I had to figure out my messaging and my specific coaching philosophy by me.

By writing about it every damn day for a year. And I had to learn to sell it to people who had never heard of me before, who had no prior relationship with me, no loyalty to me, who aren’t going to give me the benefit of the doubt. And I had to put my time and attention there.

I had to take basically my winning strategy, what was working, and stop doing it, and develop a completely new strategy. In the beginning, the reason you’re not ready for advanced selling and thinking of your business in this way is you won’t be clear on who you are in the world. You’re not going to be clear on your brand.

You just have to be serving people because you can’t spend time worrying about all these other – your brand and your philosophy. You don’t have time to worry about that at the expense of your revenue. You just have to get out there and generate money. It’s the most important thing you do in the beginning is get money coming in.

And the best way to believe that you can make money is to make money. So I don’t even want you to worry about that because in the beginning, you don’t have the mental capacity to worry about that yet. You’re just trying to get the words out, “I’m a life coach.” Get them out of your mouth.

You’re trying to learn what life coaching is and how you can help people and the value of your offer, and you’re learning how to get results for you and how to get results for other people, and how to explain things and how to answer questions when people are confused or they challenge you.

So any time you spend taking branding courses and setting up your website and trying to nail your one sentence of who you are and what you do before you really understand the value of coaching itself, before you believe in yourself and that people want to buy from you, before you’ve gotten out there and interacted with the world, with real humans and shaking hands and listened and had powerful conversations, you will spend a lot of time trying to answer questions and be someone you’re not ready to be, and answer questions you’re not ready to answer.

This is also why I say not to feel pressured to have a specialty or a niche right out of the gate. You’re not ready for that. You just need to get shaking hands and telling the world. But once you do get good at this, once you have the mental capacity to not think about and be consumed by earning money, once you get yourself in a place where you feel like you can breathe a little and the basic things are now under your belt and you’re ready to level up and you have the energy to do it, now you start thinking about who you’re going to be in the coaching world and what you’re going to create and how you’re going to be different from other people.

And those will become your selling points, and you learn to communicate your selling points and your difference and your value to people in just one sentence, in just one image, in just one post. Nike, just do it. That swoosh of the air behind as you run. That marketing campaign nailed it.

People got that brand and that it was for them instantly. And without needing to know who Phil Knight was at all. Because now the brand was selling. In the beginning – and if you read the book, he talks about Phil Knight was selling in the beginning and people knew who Phil Knight was and they bought because of the connection with Phil Knight.

But now, people don’t know who Phil Knight is unless they know the brand Nike, unless they bought the book. They know Nike. That’s advanced selling. When you transition to advanced selling, you decide what your brand will be, you sell yourself on that brand, and you figure out how to sell it to the world, and not using yourself to sell it.

Your personal identity takes a backseat to your messaging, to the look and feel of your brand, and you start removing you from the equation. Your marketing replaces stories about you and your experiences, which is what I teach in 2K. In 2K, you’re getting your experiences and your story and you’re becoming the hero, and you’re putting yourself out there in a way you never had before.

But then in advanced selling, it becomes about what your clients are learning and nailing who they are in a few sentences and their specific problem and the solution that they want, and how you are unique and different than anything they’ve ever seen and why it’s to their advantage, and how your approach is the one and only solution for them.

And the tone of your messaging, the words you use, the cadence, everything paints a very clear and very quick vision of your brand and your ideal client meshing together. And it instantly turns people off and it instantly turns people on.

And I went with the turning off first on purpose for effect because this is how you know whether you’re ready to move into learning advanced selling is are you ready to emotionally deal with turning people off? You move from trying to be everything to everyone, to being one specific solution to one specific type of person.

Along with that, to help your messaging be clear, you also develop a coaching philosophy and a coaching program. Your specific solution, step-by-step, the tools you teach that take your client from where they are to where they want to be. So your calls will no longer go from letting your client talk about whatever they want, to being very specific steps that you walk them through.

You’ll become, not just a coach, but a teacher. So you have your positioning, your unique branding in your marketplace, you have your coaching philosophy and your process. You have a very specific client who will benefit from this process. You know them inside and out, and then you have an offer that brings this all together.

Then you learn to sell it to people who have never heard of you in a few sentences of less. The work you put into the world this way will have 10 times the impact your previous work did. You will do less and create more because it’s so honed in. And your clients start associating with your brand rather than you, which helps you also start to kind of remove yourself in the coming years from being the only person who delivers your brand. Thinking even further down the line when you’re going to scale to millions.

I get so many referrals and people tell me all of the time that they just told someone that they have to join 2K for 2K. They never tell me that they said, “Oh, I told my friend they have to look you up.” They don’t tell their friend about Stacey Boehman. They tell their friend about 2K for 2K.

Now my brand is its own self. Its own living, breathing thing that can survive without me. It can sell without me. It makes money without me and all of my energy. I get to just keep that. Now, this might seem like I’m in, yes, I just want to jump in and dive in and get started. But where I see my clients – because it sounds really easy when I lay it out like that.

It’s like, oh yeah, I mean, it is very simple. It sounds simple when I lay it out that way. But where I see my clients struggle in the beginning when they transition to foundational to advanced selling is that what it requires is for you to step out of the identity of who you were and learning to think and filter your ideas and your actions, your decisions in your business through your branding and positioning and make sure that’s always aligning.

It’s a very mature way. You can’t throw stuff out there anymore like you used to be able to. Foundational selling, you can throw anything out there. You can sell anything, you can experiment all day long, you can change your prices, you can change your niche, you can change your program, you can keep making money.

But in advanced selling, everything that you do goes through a filter to make sure it’s the most potent version of your filter, and that it matches and aligns with the message that you’re constantly putting out into the world, so that everyone is receiving the same message all of the time. When all of your audience receives the same message over and over and over and over, they just start buying over and over and over and over.

The clear and more consistent your message gets, the more money you make. But this actually is the hardest thing for my clients because they’re used to being able to just be creative and throw everything out there and try this and try that, and talk about this and talk about that.

And it’s just a more constrained way of making decisions, selling, and thinking. And it really is an identity shift. So in the beginning, you can just throw stuff out there, you can talk about everything, you have so much freedom. In the beginning, when you all get confused about what to say and what to talk about, I’m like, talk about everything.

There will be a time where you don’t get to do that if you want to make more money. And talking about anything and everything really in the beginning is what helps you find your thing. But once you find it, you have to have the discipline to stick with it.

I spend a lot of time in my 200K mastermind coaching my clients to just be sticking with who they’ve decided they’re going to be in the world. So you don’t see me throwing out stuff about relationships. You don’t see me doing livestreams in my yoga clothes. You don’t see me throwing out different programs and offers, and you don’t see conflicting messages.

You see a streamlined message. The same offer over and over, and you see my clients making money, getting results over and over. I remember when I started my million-dollar mentoring group with my coach. I had eight offers. I had a program called Six-Figure Society, a program called Diva Business School, a program called Diva University, one-on-one coaching, I had one-on-one VIP coaching with business incubators, I had solo business incubators, I had retreats.

I mean, it was crazy. And on top of that, all my one-on-one coaching were all on different payment plans at different amounts. And I remember my coach, we wrote them all on the board and me really seeing that I had spent years just selling all of those things. I, in my brain, was like, you can’t sell the same thing over and over again. Every month I need to be selling something different so people don’t get tired of me selling the same thing. That was the thought I was coming to it with.

And so I remember Brooke writing them all on the whiteboard and I’m looking at it and she looks at me and she says, “Clean this up. We are never talking about this again.” And we took what I was teaching in all of these things, in all of these programs, and we said, okay, what’s the central message here? What are we teaching everyone? What specifically does someone have to learn from you to make money?

And we created the 2K process right then and there. And I thought about why other business programs aren’t working for people and what’s missing in the marketplace, and I realized it was the first 2K that was the hardest, that people were glossing over that with the first 10 clients.

And I had even been marketing that way. But the effort and change and grassroots getting out there that it takes for that first 2K, I was realizing was making people quit way before the first 10 clients. They never even get to the first client because their expectations are so high and their understanding of the amount of effort is so low.

Another thing that I saw in the marketplace is how much people are buying business programs without any guarantee of a return, and without understanding how to get a return for themselves. So we decided to intentionally set me apart with a risk-free guarantee. Like hey, you might not know me, but I have a super simple process to help you make your first 2K, the hardest part, and you either make 2K with my program or I give it back to you.

Now, once we made these decisions, I had to let all the other stuff go that I was teaching that didn’t fit into the five simple steps. I had to focus all of my thinking and creating on just my five simple steps. How do I teach anyone these five simple steps and guarantee that they make money with them? I had to become an expert at teaching these five steps and selling them, and selling the idea of the first 2K and selling my client on themselves using the process.

So advanced selling requires constraint and filtering your ideas, and learning to channel your ideas into one thing. So you aren’t getting compulsive ideas for other things that make you step out of your brand and confuse and conflict your messaging with your people who are just meeting you, just finding you, and the faster that they understand you, the faster they can pay you money.

It makes your selling so much more powerful. Then there is a process for writing copy. The words you write on your posts and your emails to sell that makes all of this come alive seamlessly. Instead of doing calls one-on-one all the time, instead of selling to people individually, you’re going to start selling through your writing, through your teaching.

You can write in a way that conveys your brand, your clients’ problem, your solution, your tools and philosophies, and your offer and its value, all in one content piece. One email. One post. When you master this, you start selling to people who have never met you and without much warmup needed, and you explode your sales.

Now, the other thing that you might not realize goes into advanced selling is planning. Thinking far enough ahead to see where your brand will go and how your business will transition and start working on what you need to make that transition now so you’re ready to execute when the time comes.

So for example, creating an offer that matches your current demand, and then thinking about the offer you want to make next and the demand of clients needed to fill that offer, and what you will need to do to create that ahead of time. So if you’re one-on-one coaching and you want to switch to group seamlessly, meaning you don’t decide to start a group on a whim because you simply want to and then you think it will be easier to sell and cheaper to buy in.

You actually look for the demand for your one-on-one coaching, the size of your audience, the level at which they’re engaged with you, and you work ahead, knowing you want to launch that group and you decide what needs to happen in order to guarantee a full launch out of the gate.

I worked with my client Lindsay this year on this. Her first group, 100K launch filled because we made decisions ahead of time and we worked toward that mindset and making sure the demand was in place and the offer matched her positioning and her messaging was spot on to immediately engage people who came into contact with her.

That’s the kind of planning that makes your selling so much more potent. And financially planning for that transition. Not just planning for a launch and creating demand ahead of time knowing what’s coming ahead and what you’re going to be offering and positioning your offers to match your demand, but also knowing that there will be a financial transition when you add new offers.

I find a lot of coaches who want to make huge changes in their business, to their offer, to their niche. They don’t realize the financial reserve they will need to account for, for failure and the changes that they’re going to make. They’re not prepared for the learning curve and the financial result from that learning curve. Meaning they don’t have enough money saved to sustain them learning how to sell this new offer.

In the beginning, you’re just so excited to bring money in, you’re not thinking about strategically managing it for the overall growth of your business. And many coaches also spend money instead of learning how to do something themselves or learning how to be productive, and the more money you spend for things you aren’t good at and don’t want to do, the less money you have in your business to help you sell in a more sufficient way and plan out your selling in a way that lets you be very strategic.

The more of your business you delegate out, the more of your profit you delegate out. So it’s important in a transition in your business that you are financially secure so that you don’t sell with desperation. And this happens at six figures, it happens before six figures, it happens beyond six figures. Money runs out when you don’t manage it properly.

So I call this entire process so far, like, it’s like all maturing up. That’s what advanced selling is. It’s mature selling. It’s deciding, planning, selling one offer, one problem, one solution at one price point with a coaching philosophy and program that delivers consistent results to your clients while maintaining enough money in your business for your business to be healthy and profitable.

That’s it. That’s when you’re selling at an advanced level and you’re handling your business at an advanced level, with you using your time and energy and effort better than you ever have so all of this is happening with you not being overextended and exhausted and burning out.

You can kind of hustle your way to a few hundred thousand. I did that. But you won’t be able to do it to a million. So in my 200K mastermind, we make decisions thinking three years ahead. We strategically think about your brand and your revenue goals, your offers, your clients, your money, and then we execute the plan.

We think about it, we make high level decisions, thinking far enough ahead, and then we execute. And you learn how to execute without hustling. You make decisions about the health of your business, rather than chasing money. So many coaches come to me with hustle-y goals.

I need to do a podcast about that. Let’s do one just one hustle-y goals. Listen, I will be the first one to teach you. It will be from mastery. I have had a lot of hustle-y goals in my life. But advanced selling is truly the opposite of this. So let me just say in a blanket statement, this is, just again, in general. If you want to more than double your goal, chances are it’s hustle-y. And I’m rarely ever wrong.

I see people wanting to go from 30K to 300K, or 100K or 200K to a million. And I really think this happens from thinking about your business now and thinking that you can just do more of what’s working for you now without realizing truly all the moving pieces, without having awareness for all the things that you’re going to have to stop doing that’s working now to scale and build that machine.

It’s like an awareness of the fact that what you’re doing now won’t get you there and how much you’re actually going to have to change to get you there. And then the time it takes to make that actual change. It’s just a lack of awareness of what it takes to scale a business that much in one year.

So that is a really big piece of this advanced selling concept as well is that your goal has to reflect your awareness of the amount of work you have to do to get there. Everything has to be working in tandem. You have to create a grownup business.

And it’s the hardest thing you’re ever going to do besides making your first 2K, but we can do hard things. And having a business that is bringing in 200K and ready with ease to start scaling to 500K and a million, with you feeling sufficient, thinking in a highly mature way is the most fulfilling and exciting thing you can work towards, and the best investment of your resources. Your time and your money.

Now, a lot of you might be wondering, when is this transition right for you? And I want to just offer, there is no specific timeframe. In my mastermind, I require a minimum revenue of 25K for that mastermind, simply because for sure that is like, the minimum baseline of you’re not ready to learn this until at least then.

Now, there are extreme cases. We let someone in this time that had only made $9000 when she applied, but I loved her. She had everything. I just love a good underdog. Someone who is like, I really will put my money where my mouth is. I need this, I want this, I’m all in. I could tell her application, everything about her.

And so I told her she’s in, but she has to make 25K before we start. She had a couple of months and she totally did it. So that’s why I say there’s no specific timeframe or there really isn’t even a specific amount, but just for the general, because we have so many people apply, I’m like, 25K is the absolute minimum you had to have made.

25K I think gets you out of the desperation for money and for clients, and you’re in a different place. I remember when I hit 25K in my business and I remember standing in my sister’s kitchen, telling her I’ve made $25,000 in my business, I’m going to make it. This is an actual business.

And it was the first time it really hit me. It felt like I could live off this money if I had to. Now, I would have to live very frugally, but I could live off this money if I had to. It was the first time it was like, my business could keep me surviving. So you just have a handle on things.

You can start working towards growing your brand even before you need to, if you’re in a sufficient place. If you’re at 25K and you’re in a sufficient place, you’re still just going to be focusing on making money for the most part, but it never hurts to be a step ahead of the curve. To learn this stuff before you have the chance to create a lot of bad habits and then reinforce them with success and making money.

A lot of multiple six-figure earners come to me and they have such a hard time breaking their habits that have worked for them in the past and made them a lot of money. Their brain freaks out a little bit when they have to give up their winning strategy that they’re relied on for maybe years and hundreds of thousands of dollars in order to get to the seven-figure mark in one piece with all their sanity.

That’s what happened to me. I’m just so good at hustling and selling. My coach Brooke – I mean, I think the first two years of our million dollar mentoring was all about her trying to get me out of hustling and selling and the kill of making money, that energy of just bringing more and more and more money in, getting me out of that to think and focus on strategically planning my business and creating all the pieces necessary to create a million-dollar business.

So I think anywhere from 25K to 100K is a great place to start working on this. It will plant amazing seeds and grow you faster in the long run. Now, I also get a lot of coaches who are making more than 200K coming to me to learn advanced selling because of the results they have in their business that they don’t like, and the results they want to create.

And I’m going to tell you what those are here on this podcast. Because you can use your revenue to decide when you’re ready to move on to more advanced selling, or you can look at your results and let your results tell you. So here are the results of someone who has not mastered advanced selling.

You will have unsold out offers and not enough demand. You’re going to have inconsistent messaging and branding and it will show up again in inconsistent selling. Your clients won’t be getting massive results because they aren’t getting consistent teaching from you. You’ll have a mixed audience of perfect and not so perfect clients.

You’ll make your decisions without realizing it by your worst clients in mind. With your worst clients in mind, not your best. So you’ll make your decisions out of fear of losing money or losing current clients, or you won’t offer a program because it might not work for this person or that person. You’ll be thinking about the people it won’t be working for.

Your calendar will be a mess. Full of I-don’t-know-what-to-do’s, or full of to-do’s that you’re not doing. You won’t know all the pieces that go into a launch or creating a program. You won’t know how to schedule for them, so you have no idea when you’ll be ready for the launch, when it’ll actually be ready to go, when you’ll be ready for the next thing, and you won’t have a belief that you’re going to actually fill it and it’s done with a deadline.

You won’t feel in charge of those deadlines. You’ll also have too much time on your hands without knowing how to utilize it. You might be selling out of necessity. You won’t have built a tribe of raving clients around your one offer, even if it’s that one-on-one coaching, whatever your offer is, you know whether you have a tribe of raving clients.

Another result you’ll have is that your goals will change with your emotions and your level of belief. That’s a big one. Some days you’re committed, some days you’re not, some days you’re going to make 100K, 200K, sometimes you’re not. You’re going to make 30K on this launch, you’re not.

You’ll be all over the place. You’ll be negotiating with your goals. You’ll be negotiating with your timelines. And you’ll be a little hustle-y and you’re going to have to take breaks from burnout. Those are typical results of what’s happening in your business if you haven’t mastered advanced selling.

So that will be the time, either you can work on it before those results come or you can work on it after you have those results. These are results that you will have when you master advanced selling. You will have a clear, irresistible offer that you can talk about simply. You’ll have positioning or branding that communicates who you are to new people instantly.

You’ll have sales copy that streamlines your identity, your offer, and your client’s problem and the solution. You’ll have sold out offers. You’ll have repeat customers who get results. You’re going to have testimonials for days. You’re going to have assets that deliver and sell for you.

They’ll deliver your coaching philosophy, your unique teachings, your intellectual property, turned into – I’ll give you hardcore examples like modules, books, podcasts, trainings and funnels that work for you. You’ll have your money budgeted 90 days in advance. You’ll have a reserve of cash to support investments and low selling times.

You’ll have plenty of rest and time to think and create. You’ll have a plan for the year that you have to simply follow and just execute. You just have it and then you execute it. And you’ll have a plan for three years to support all the decisions you make today.

So whether it’s 25K and you want to learn these things before you have to unwind bad habits, or if you’re in a place where you’re ready to make several hundred thousand and at the same time create a business that will be ready to scale to a million. So advanced selling will take you to your first 200K, your first 200K quarter, your first 200K month, and beyond.

Now, the last thing I want to address because I know some of y’all are in the middle, and this happens. You’re making really good money but you’re not selling at a high conversion rate with little effort. So one of my colleagues last year went from selling her program one-on-one to selling it through a funnel, like with a video.

And she wanted to sell her program without her selling it, get people enrolled, have that all as a process and a system so that she could scale to millions in 20 hours that she wanted to work. And her funnel was performing, but not as great as she wanted it to be.

She knew it could be more, and she had a pretty big business. She made $375,000 last year. She wants to scale to a million this year. So her funnel was converting at 4% when she made $375,000. And she took the whole weekend to do just the 2K process and go back over the foundational things in selling that she might be missing.

And she took notes and she applied everything she learned and she made a new funnel, and now it’s converting at 20%. Think about if it was converting at 4% and makes her $375,000, how much money it’s going to make her at 20%. And it was just a few foundational things from the 2K process that blew it up.

So some people come to me and they want to learn advanced selling, but they aren’t sure if they should do 2K first and I always say do 2K first. They are the foundational pieces that I teach in there that if you don’t have, it doesn’t mean you won’t make lots of money, but there are things in there that can make you a lot more money without any effort or any changing on your part.

Some small tweaks can make a huge difference to your bottom line. And if you don’t have all these pieces, the ones that you’re missing in the foundational pieces will be exacerbated as you grow. So I also make all my 200K people take 2K anyway. I don’t take any precious time away from advanced selling techniques and teaching that process to teach foundational selling.

I just want everybody to be on the same page. So money isn’t always the indicator of whether you should learn foundational or advanced selling, or both at the same time if you’re in that place, where you’re making good six-figure money but your conversion rates aren’t in the 60% or 75% range. It’s worth making a run through the basics because it only gets harder to convert cold audiences that you don’t know from there.

As you expand your reach, you will really have to rely on the basics as well. When I was pitching, I had to learn how to sell with the mechanics of selling, based on human psychology of why people buy. I had to do that because none of those people knew me. In fact, many were hostile in the beginning towards me.

That is what I think it’s like when you go to reach cold audiences, people who don’t know you. Their first impulse will be to be wary of you. So in 2K, that’s really where I start teaching you a sales process that disarms the wary and takes untrusting prospects and speaks to where they are and what they need to hear and how they need to be guided through the process and the energy they need to receive from you to be open to being sold by you.

And whether I’m selling one-on-one, or to live groups on webinars and Facebook Live trainings, on my podcast, or in my email, or through Insta story, I know exactly how to formulate my sales pitch and exactly how to troubleshoot when it isn’t working and get what will work because of the foundational selling principles.

And sometimes regardless of your income, a good tweak in foundational selling will make a lasting difference on your revenue for the rest of your business’s life. And then, using strategic advanced selling to scale gives you everything you need to have a healthy growing business that isn’t dependent solely on your energy holding it all together.

So I hope this was really helpful. I know it was a lot of information but I thought a lot about it and I wanted to give it to you all in this kind of big overview because I think having all of the pieces presented, even if you have to listen to it multiple times, even if it doesn’t all make sense in the beginning, having it all laid out in front of you gives you an idea of what the big picture is.

It’s like, this episode felt to me like showing you what the puzzle looks like before you start putting the pieces together. So I know it was a lot. I hope it was super helpful. And the other thing I just want to offer is it’s not a secret that my most successful students have done the 2K process multiple times and the advanced selling process multiple times.

Some of them are in their second and third year of consistently being in the 200K mastermind. Because we teach you all of this stuff all at once. You learn this all in the very beginning of the mastermind. I have a book that lines everything out, every single thing we covered, step by step by step with exercises to work you all the way through it.

So you don’t just take six months to learn it. You learn it all in the beginning. You get the entire puzzle piece, but then you have to go to work on it. And even for me, scaling my business, there were things I learned the first time around that I couldn’t fully execute on because of where I was in my brain and I had to keep working at it year after year.

What eventually happens with consistent striving on both foundational and advanced selling techniques is you get further and further ahead in your money and your work and you have more and more time to plan and think ahead, and that is when your growth explodes.

I see this happening in me. I see this in my clients. Some join 200K and I remember, when they had their first 10K months and then their first 25K months, and now they’re having six-figure launches. I think three or four of them so far just in this mastermind, just this year, and it’s only April, have already done six-figure launches.

I’m going to have them on a podcast to talk to y’all about it. But I remember when they hit their first milestone of 100K and now it’s like, January and they’re at 100K. Well, it’s April now, but in January they were at 100K. The first quarter of the year. They’re already planning for 400K and 500K, prepping for their first million-dollar year.

If you stay consistent and you don’t jump off the tracks early, you will get it. So 200K mastermind is opening soon. I’m taking applications. If you’re ready to start learning these advanced selling principles, make sure you apply. It’s a 25K revenue minimum. It’s a 25K investment. It’s worth every single penny. You will now learn these techniques anywhere else in the industry and you will use them forever in your business.

So you can learn about the 200K mastermind at www.staceyboehman.com/200k-mastermind. We’ll link it up in the show notes. You can find out when we’re opening. The next opening currently is May 4th, 5th, and 6th. You can apply then for our August class. So we always sell it three or four months in advance. And we only open twice a year.

So this round, we always start in February, so if you want January mentoring, end of year mentoring, you have to be in the August class. If you want to work with me at all at this level, this year, you have to join the August class. You won’t get another chance until next year to be in it after that.

But we always put the next date available. So if you’re listening to this a couple of years from now, you’ll be able to see the next enrollment, when we’re taking applications. You’ll be able to see when we’re actually starting the mastermind and all of the details. We open it up, we close it up, I choose the best group of participants to join together. We make you an offer, you join, you make money. Alright, I’ll see you inside 200K.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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