Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Happily Ever After and What’s NextI don’t share a ton of my personal life or thoughts here on the podcast, but I wanted to share them with you today. The last three days at The Life Coach School Mastermind have been a complete whirlwind, I’m still basking in the glory of receiving my $10 Million Tiffany award, and I wanted to take this episode to unwind my mind in real-time with you.

I spend a lot of time talking aggressively about making a lot of money, and you all know the ins and outs of my business journey at this point. We’re well on our way to making $16 million this year, even with me taking three months off for maternity leave soon, and while I want to be an example of making as much money as possible, I also want to exemplify the joy of finding your happily ever after.

Join me this week as I share my personal revelations about the peace, happiness, and joy I’m experiencing in my life right now. I’m inviting you to both go after the money available to you while also remembering to never let your life slip by you in the hustle. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • The realizations I had from The Life Coach School Mastermind. 
  • Why this experience was one of the greatest moments of my life.
  • How no amount of money or accolades can rival how I feel right now. 
  • Why I believe money is both everything and nothing. 
  • The importance of reminding yourself why you’re showing up, especially when it’s hard. 

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey, coaches, I wanted to record this message for you tonight. I just got home from The Life Coach School Mastermind and it’s midnight Eastern. So, eleven Austin time. And I am in the bath which might be weird. I was thinking, that’s probably weird. But I am just sitting here thinking about the last three days that feel like a complete whirlwind and several conversations I had today. And I’m trying to unwind my mind so that I can go to sleep. And I wanted to unwind my mind with you all.

So, be like the Delilah Radio edition of the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast. But today was one of the most incredible days I’ve had in a long time for many reasons. But I want to just back up and say that you all know I’m very pregnant at this point. Tomorrow I’ll be 36 weeks. And we think he’s going to come early, so could be even less than 30 days. And two weeks ago, we flew to Palm Beach to train seven new employees.

And it was the most amazing trip, but it hit me for the first time how exhausted I was and how I finally hit the mark that everybody tells you where you don’t want to travel anymore. And I knew I still had the trip to Austin coming up. And I spent a week, literally I was in Palm Beach for a week. I came home and it took me the entire week to recover. I was so worn out. And I didn’t work basically for a whole week. And I spent the whole week trying to convince myself to show up in Austin.

And then we did, and so we flew out on Tuesday. We had dress rehearsal on Wednesday, and I knew I couldn’t fly out and do dress rehearsal in the same days. We flew private to make it, you know, we just don’t fly commercial anymore, let’s be honest. But one of the big things was we wanted to make the travel as easy as possible for me. And so, it wasn’t like it was, even with flying private it just still takes so much out of me. And so, we travel on Tuesday, we had dress rehearsal on Wednesday and the mastermind started on Thursday. It was Thursday and Friday.

And I was speaking on Friday. And I had planned to go to only potentially the first half of the Thursday day, because my doctor had said, “You can go but you really need to rest and manage your energy.” And I wouldn’t be doing a lot of socializing. So, we had posted in 2K, in 200K, “Wave to me from afar but I’m not really going to be able to chat or hang out at this event.” To try to get me through the whole thing. And I woke up Thursday morning and just from flying, and traveling, and rehearsal I felt like a truck had ran me over. And I literally could not get out of bed.

And I spent the entire day, morning until night in bed. We just had room service brought in. Actually, I introduced my husband to Shake Shack which was so fun. And we just never left the room. And I was so exhausted. And I was so sad, I missed my coach, Brooke’s opening. And I missed some of my dear friends speaking on stage and some of my clients that I was looking forward to seeing on stage. But my body just was so exhausted.

And I was really worried at that point that I wouldn’t be able to give my speech and speak on stage the next day. And that I would let people down, I would let myself down. And so, I just slept all day Thursday. And so today came along and I didn’t go to bed until late because I had slept all day. And so, I didn’t get very much sleep, but I woke up at seven and started getting ready. And then started feeling really nervous. There were 1500 people in the room.

And people don’t think I get stage fright or stage anxiety. And I get really bad stage anxiety. I’m just good at hiding it. But I do get very sick to my stomach and queasy before I go up on stage and so I was just all the things like I’m going to fall flat on my face. I was wearing heels. And can I stand the whole time? And I had asked for a chair just in case. And am I going to be able to get through my whole speech or am I going to be breathless? The baby’s pressing on my diaphragm, or my lungs, or whatever, it’s pressing on all my organs y’all, all my organs.

And so, I’m backstage and just breathing deep, trying to remember what I’m going to talk about. And I get on stage and my husband, we got preapproval for him to come in and watch me do my speech. And there was a sea of 1500 people and I just see him standing in the back. And I just felt so calm. And I went out and there have been many times I have spoken for LCS. And every time I get off stage, and people always tell me it’s amazing, but I always have critiques like, this should have been better. This wasn’t great. And I literally nailed it.

I was so proud of myself, and I just kept looking at my husband. And then of course there was Brooke in the front, and my coach Bev, and my new friend, Ryan. And I was just seeing all these friendly faces, my client, Brigg. And I just was anchoring myself to the love in the room. And it was the best. I have never enjoyed speaking so much. And I was so aware that I had my son with me. And he was getting to energetically witness that, that moment was being – I don’t even know what happens scientifically. But literally put into his DNA.

And I got off stage and my producer, radiographer, Matt Care was filming. He works with The Life Coach School as well. And he was filming. And I just got off stage and I did this insane dance, like I fucking did it. And I have never been so fucking proud of myself, just everything it took to get there. And then I sat in the front row after my speech for the rest of the day and I just cried my eyes out at all the speakers, all the speeches. And then they did the $1 million awards, the seven figure awards. And then they did the eight figure awards.

And so many of my clients walked up on stage to get their $1 million award and I was just crying my eyes out for them. And then it dawned on me that I was getting an award for making $10 million in my business. And they had these stats displayed where they talk about how – and I hope I’m remembering them right, it’s very late. But how .045% of women-owned businesses make $1 million. And .0049% or something, it’s an even smaller number, whatever it was, make $10 million, something so insane.

And it dawned me, my son is in my tummy, he was kicking me while I was on stage and it’s like his mom just made $10 million and has been recognized for that. And it just hit me. I literally sobbed. I kept asking for tissues. They never showed up. But I had, literally everyone that was on stage with me was like, “What’s happening with your face, Stacey?” Just sobbing, tears everywhere. And it really felt like one of the greatest days of life, one of the greatest moments of my life to experience that level of success and to know that that was being imprinted on my son.

And then to see my husband in the back of the room there supporting me, and seeing me, and all weekend he would leave to go get me coffee or whatever I needed. And people would stop him and tell him how much they loved his wife. And he would come back just beaming about it. And it was the first time he really got to see me at that level. He comes to all of my 200K events. But to see me in The Life Coach School community and see that level of success as well.

It was just the most amazing time, even though I was so sad to have missed the whole first day and to not get to see so many people that were texting me and I knew were there and so many of my clients. And I just want to say hi to everyone, and hug everyone and hear everyone’s story and just be in the mix of it. Mastermind is always my favorite time. I love connecting with other coaches. And so, my body to not be able to handle that was disappointing.

And then just to have this day even with the disappointment, to have those moments on stage just I can’t even describe it. And so anyways, after the event I went and had lunch with my friend, Tanya, and we had a two or three hour lunch, that felt like, and it was just so fun and so amazing. And then I went and met with my coach, Brooke and we talked for a couple of hours and just about our businesses, and our lives. And when I was leaving one of the things she said to me really hit me and it didn’t hit me for a couple of hours.

But she said, “Stacey, your life is really perfect. You have the perfect life.” And when she says perfect and when I hear perfect we both acknowledge that there is 50/50. And I have had my share of 50/50 this year for sure, 100%. But she said, “You have the most amazing husband that you’re so in love with. And you have a baby on the way that you’re so in love with. And you’re so rich. Your life is perfect.” And she said that, and I was like, “Yes, you’re right.” And then I left, and we were rushing because we had pushed the plane back an hour so that I could meet and see Brooke.

And then they had said, “If you’re not there by this time you literally can’t fly. The plane will leave with you. You have to purchase a whole another private flight.” So, we were rushing, so now I have to do that and to get home, our dog sitter had already left. And so, we were really in a rush. And then we get on the plane and it’s all hitting me and I’m getting so tired and winding down. Then we land in Kentucky some time after eleven. And I’m exhausted.

And we’re driving home, we had just gone to Taco Bell, that was literally the only thing open. And we’re driving home, and my husband is – we’re counting the events of the day. And he was like, “I just can’t wait until you are the top earner. I want to see that for you. I want to see you hit the top, the top earner, do you think that will be next year or the year after?”

And I said, “For the first time I think it will be really cool to accomplish that but at the same time”, and this is when it hit me, what Brooke said to me, and something I’ve never thought really about intentionally or told my husband and something I wanted to share with you all.

My husband grew up with the best family. I literally love my in-laws. I know a lot of people don’t get along with their in-laws, but I genuinely love my whole in-laws, all my family, all of Neil’s family. I just love them. They’re the best humans on the planet. And they love me so much. We have a really great relationship. And my husband had the most incredible childhood, safe, loving, just rainbows, and daisies, and butterflies really, truly. And that’s not to be diminishing, just really a great childhood and a great life.

And I did not. And I was telling him, “I don’t have a lot of happy memories after fifth grade. I have happy memories before fifth grade, but I don’t have a lot of happy memories after fifth grade.” In fact, most of them are pretty awful, and scarring, and traumatizing. And really it hasn’t really recovered, and I’ve done so much Byron Katie work, and forgiveness, and letting go, and just doing the work on myself, and my family, and my past. And I have gotten to such a good place now.

But it occurred to me, and this is what I told my husband is I don’t have the experience of a happy family. But now I have it. But I told him, I said, “You can’t possibly understand this but there is no amount of money, or a top earner status, or anything, any accomplishment that can rival how I feel right now in my life, the peace, and the happiness, and the joy that I have with the family that I created with my husband, and our baby, and our dogs.”

And I said, “I have gone my whole life without it. I don’t want anything, anything to take away from this moment.” Not that my business could and not that growth can’t. I was telling Brooke that what’s so crazy, I think we’re going to do somewhere between 14 and 16 million this year, literally even if I am not super involved in launches, and leadership, and management. I could literally just show up and coach and do the bare minimum for the rest of the year. And I think that we would still do that.

I have such an incredible team. We have support coaches in our community. We have systems and processes in place, my clients, I literally don’t even know if they notice when I’m not there. They are getting so much value everywhere, from each other, from the Two Million Dollar Group, from the modules, just literally value is pouring out of our business. And so, I was like, “I think it’s just going to happen no matter what. No matter what, demand just keeps growing.”

And so, I say that to say I don’t think my business really could take away. But I’m not going to spend time in my head trying to figure out an extra four, five or six million dollars and stretch myself and do an impossible goal. That’s what I mean. We’re still going to have massive growth whether I put my foot on the gas pedal all the way down or not, whether I cruise control or put it down. And I was like, “I can’t possibly describe it to you but it’s what I’ve wanted my whole life, what I’ve never had. And I want to live in it and just breathe in every second of it as much as I can.”

Because I’ve been so without it for so long and it’s just never been more important to me than in my entire life. This is the family that I created and it’s wonderful. And it’s just now I’m living in the joy of that, and I wanted to share that with you all because I do talk aggressively a lot about making a lot of money. And I don’t share a lot of my personal life. But for those of you that have been where I’ve been, you might have come from broken families and broken lives. You guys know this is why I became a life coach. This is why I feel so passionate about helping other life coaches.

And it’s why I will forever be indebted to The Life Coach School, to Brooke for helping me manage my mind and become the person, I could have this life, create this level of money. But also have the relationship I have with my husband and have the thoughts I have going into having my baby. I know it will be hard, but I just don’t have any of the dialog that makes me feel stressed about it.

There’s a difference between hard and stressful hard, and that we create in our mind, that extra layer. I don’t have that right now. Because it’s just if you’ve never walked in the shoes of someone who has come from a broken home, it’s like you just can’t quite understand. But I know so many of you have found life coaching because you do understand. But I’ve waited my whole life for this family. And I’m looking forward to all the hard. I am so grateful for my business to allow me to be able to lean into that and be present for that. And I’m just feeling so much gratitude.

I guess I just want to say that the money is everything and it’s nothing. Don’t forget the core of what we do is to be here and be happy. Don’t let the goals take you out of the life that you want to live, which is likely how you got into coaching. And for sure don’t let any awards or accolades be the reason that you don’t just absolutely breathe in and soak up every ounce of what your life can be. And you are a coach but you’re more than a coach, you’re a human too that’s also living a life.

And there is the time that we’re teaching other people, there’s the time that we’re making the money and being the business owner. But then there’s the time where you’re being the human living your human experience. And you just want to make sure that that never slips. And you don’t forget to take care of yourself and enjoy yourself and enjoy your life along with the business and along with the coaching clients, and along with the personal development.

We can get really wrapped up in that and so I just want to offer that to you. It’s just also just unwinding my own brain and kind of letting you guys know because so many of you were there and wanted to talk to me, and wanted to get photos with me. And I know that you guys look forward to that. I know that that means everything to you. And I couldn’t do it this time. And I was telling, Brooke, the whole nine months, my brain does not understand that my body can’t keep up with my brain. It’s never gotten used to it, ever. I haven’t learned. I overschedule myself. I commit to things. And I didn’t realize I don’t have the energy for it and it’s shocking every time.

My brain is just, I don’t understand. I’m guessing that it’s going to eventually get there with the baby, and breastfeeding, and all the things. But it’s been difficult to step away from things that I normally do or things that I want to do or the energy I want to have. And to be all the things, all the places and I just can’t be. So, I thought maybe I could just record this message and so you could at least hear about my experience even though it was more of a move this year than it’s ever been. If you aren’t a part of The Life Coach School you can just still hear about this experience.

And maybe it will be an example of what’s possible as far as making money but also I know that there are not as many examples of business owners making this level of money who are also talking about, “Hey, wait, it’s not just about the money, it’s about the life you’re living outside of the business.” And making sure that’s as whole and as complete as your business processes and your systems, and attaining your goals. And there aren’t a ton of examples. I was talking to Brooke about this as well.

There aren’t a ton of examples in this industry of people who are willing to pass on money, that could be made through hustle or through hard work and grind for the sake of their mental health and their personal wellbeing and enjoyment. Most business coaches out there are going to tell you to, “You can do 20 million, let’s go, let’s stretch.”

And there aren’t a lot of people out there saying, “Take three months off for your baby, for your maternity leave and be willing to figure out how to make money while you’re off or just don’t make money. But either way let that time with your baby, you can step away.” I’ve helped so many of my clients make money on maternity leave while not working through many different solutions. And I am personally choosing just not to which is so crazy because I always talk about the pregnancy tax. And how we shouldn’t miss opportunity.

And we shouldn’t miss being able to make money. But I don’t feel like I’m missing it. We’re going to make 14 to 16 million even with me taking three months off. It’s not even going to affect that because I’ve done the work of learning how to create any result I want with my brain. And so, I don’t think there’s a lot of representation for that as well. And so, I don’t share a ton of my personal life or a ton of my personal thoughts. But I wanted to share these today because I felt like they were so important.

And I know I’m rambling a little bit and the sound quality might not be good and it might be weird that I’m in the bath. But all things aside, I wanted to record this for you all, and for myself, and for my son who might one day listen to these episodes. And it’s his mom doing her thing. And so that’s it. I haven’t had this level of happiness in a long time. And we have Two Million Dollar Group coming up in a couple of days. All my Two Million Dollar students are flying into Kentucky because tomorrow was the last day that I could travel.

And so, they’re flying into Kentucky on Tuesday and then we open 200K Mastermind the next week I think and yeah, the next week. And then I’m on maternity leave. And so, I suppose one of the last big things to wind down before I get to just focus on my baby. And I was crying to Neil and some of my friends before we left for Austin. And I was like, “The hardest part of feeling really, really”, I said, “I’m looking forward to maternity leave.” I know people say it’s really hard, and breastfeeding is really hard.

And I was talking to my friend who just had a baby, and I was asking her what’s harder, the last month of pregnancy or that first month of having a baby? And she was like, “Well, there’s such different hards, but this hard is I have this thing that I’m obsessed with in front of me all day long. And it fuels the lack of sleep. And it’s just very tangible for me to see her and be with her.” And I’m butchering it a little bit, but she was like, “That makes it just a little bit easier.” And I told her, I said, “I think it will be easier for me because I won’t be working.”

So right now, I feel like complete ass all the time, and my team is needing things from me. And my clients need things from me. Or I have things, deadlines to respond to. I have to work. I’m working. I’m scheduled to do calls. I am scheduled to write emails. I’m scheduled to record podcasts. And I’m scheduled to write a speech and deliver it. And so, I feel like I can’t focus. There were days where I was just feeling, especially the day after I went to the ER, it was just feeling so upset of just really struggling with, all I want to be able to do is focus on me and my body and I can’t do that.

And so, we’re home and I feel like we’re getting to that place where I get to just do that. I’m doing it but I get to just do that with nothing else for three months. And it feels so glorious to be able to do that. So that’s what’s happening with me. My brain at midnight after the longest, most amazing day ever is I’m basking in the glory of $10 million. I’m basking in the glory of my perfect little family. And I’m basking in the glory that I’m 30 days out from welcoming my son and stepping into a new chapter of my life.

And I get to do all of those things and have all of those things. They get to all be part of my result line. And I just want to offer that they get to be part of yours as well if you choose. So, if you were not at the LCS Mastermind, what are you doing? Go sign up to be a life coach with The Life Coach School. And then come into 2K, and then 200K, and we will hook you up. You will make all the buddies. But if you were there and I didn’t get to say, hi, or hug you, or take a selfie, if I just had to wave at you from across the room, just know that I love you so much.

I hope you had the most amazing time. I remember my first masterminds when I was still building my business and there was just hope radiating through me and meeting every single new coach just was the highlight of my year and it fueled me for the rest. And it was just the most, and this was when there were only 100 people there. There were 1500 people there. It was absolutely nuts, just insane in the most amazing way. And so if you were there I hope you had the most amazing time.

And I am just sending you all so much love. I only got to do the last day, but it was the most amazing. And I’m so grateful I went. I am so grateful I coached myself. I am so grateful that I took care of myself the first day so that I could be so present for this day. And even though it was hard, God, I would have missed out from not being there. I would have missed all of this. I would have missed the realizations that I’ve had. I would have missed getting my $10 million Tiffany award. I would have missed this be imprinted in my son’s DNA. I would have missed all of this.

So maybe the final message is, show up even when it’s hard, show up and remember why you’re showing up. Alright, that is my rambling message. I love you all so much and I want all of this for all of you. Alright, I’ll talk to you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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