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“How do I get consults?” Every single coach I’ve come across has asked me this question. You might think there’s an algorithm you need to know about, or that you’re one funnel away from making it big, but I’m here to tell you all that has nothing to do with how you book consults.

This week, I’m sharing how I’ve booked consults on my own journey, and how I teach my clients to do the same. There’s a little faith that has to be had with this process, but trusting it is going to get you the results. I’m presenting a new way to think about why people take action or stay in inaction, and practicing these questions will completely transform your approach to potential clients.

Listen in today as I dive into the top question I see when it comes to coaching! If I can go from making 20K in the first six months of the year at one point to making 130K in the second half of the year, I know you can do it too.

What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why “how do I get consults” is the wrong question to ask.
  • 4 questions to consider that are more valuable than “how do I get consults.”
  • The main reason potential clients don’t reach out for consults.
  • 3 things I focused on to compound inspiration in myself, and in turn inspire clients into action.
  • The secret to success.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula. Let’s get started.

Hey my coach lovies. Welcome to episode 17. I am so excited. We’re going to talk about how to get consults. It’s the stuff you really want to know, I know it. Let’s do this.

But first, I just have to read you this testimonial from my client Seepa. She said – she’s in our 2K for 2K and she said, “Stacey, friends, I am so happy to share that I signed another client today and I have officially made my $2000 back.”

She said, “It’s been just over two months since I joined and I’ve signed three amazing clients. I watched every video, did all the exercises, made my notes for the five-step close, practiced my beliefs and coached myself a lot. And now this work feels engrained in me in a totally new way. I have up-leveled my thinking, my approach to sales, my confidence in my coaching ability, my commitment to showing up for my clients. It’s all so much greater than it has ever been and this is just the beginning. My energy feels so aligned with making $100,000 this year because I have truly gone all in on myself and my business and I’m having so much fun.”

She went on to say, “The best part, this whole time I’ve also been decluttering 17 years’ worth of storage, moving, doing other time sensitive projects, and I haven’t been spending as much time on actively getting clients. I just keep looking for ways to show up in service of people, working on my selling, thoughts, and skills, letting go of all the thoughts and things that no longer serve me and having total faith that people are coming who desperately want to work with me. And in between all the other things I’m doing, this stuff works.”

I love it. Seepa, I’m so excited for you. I loved getting to meet you in person a few months ago and I just love the energy that you bring to the program and I love inspiring stories like this. Just love to share this with y’all. Get y’all pumped and excited for what is possible when you just buckle down and do the work.

Alright, so talking about how you can get clients without even spending a lot of time trying to get clients, I love it. Let’s talk about it. How to get consults. It’s the number one question coaches ask me. How to get consults, how do you get them. That’s what they ask. I’m in a crazy mood today. Get ready.

So every coach asked this question and really, I think they ask it until they figure it out. There’s a time where you will actually have an answer. That answer comes when you have mastery of it. Like not from someone telling you, but like, you deeply knowing. So I’m going to explain it to you in the best way I can but there’s a little faith that has to be had with this.

You just have to trust the process, you really do. And if you trust it, you’ll start to see results from it. That’s what faith is. And then when you see results from it, it’s just going to confirm your belief over and over and over. But today we are going to dive into what I think is the best way to teach you how to get consults as a life coach.

So with everything in your business, you want to think about the client. You want to be in your client’s mind. That’s one of the things I really want to teach you as a listener on my podcast and it’s what I really work to teach my clients is really, the more you can be in your client’s mind, the more money you’re going to make.

And not just when you’re like, “selling” on a consult, because you’re always selling, like marketing is selling. You would just always want to be thinking in your client’s minds. At any point in any part of what you’re doing in your business, always be in your client’s mind.

So when you think about how do I get consults, it’s really the wrong question to ask. The question to ask is why does someone sign up for a consult. So I want you to think about that right now. I know a lot of you listen to this while you drive, but if you’re listening and you can take a second and stop and press pause and actually think about it and write it down, I want you to think about what would be your answer.

I think you should ask yourself this question every single day and answer it for yourself every single day. allow your brain to come up with a ton of answers. Even for my emails, I ask this question. Like why would someone sign up for my program?

And then let’s also ask another question. Why wouldn’t they? If you can stop the podcast, stop it. Ask yourself this question. Why wouldn’t they? Actually, that just made me think, my voice got really low. I got very excited. One of my clients in my 2K group, I was on a Facebook Live training and my voice got really low and she goes, “I love when your voice gets really low.”

I’m such a dramatic speaker. It’s from when I was pitching like, you would create kind of this like, roller coaster experience by raising your voice and lowering your voice and it’s just the dynamics of being a really great speaker. But I just cracked myself up when I got really low. Why wouldn’t they?

But let’s seriously think about it. Why wouldn’t they? I ask myself this when I’m writing my emails, when I’m making a post for social media, when I’m creating a free training. Like, why wouldn’t they sign up for this training? Why wouldn’t they? It’s such a brilliant question to ask.

That question is so much more valuable than how do I get consults. So recently, I did a six-email series to my email list. I sent six emails over three days and I offered a bonus. And one of the things I thought about is why someone might not take action on a bonus.

And the answer that came to me is also why I wouldn’t take action on a bonus, which is another great question to ask yourself. So I’ve given you three so far. Why would they, why wouldn’t they, and why would you, or why wouldn’t you. So four. Look at that. You came to this podcast, you got four amazing questions to ask yourself every single day.

And so here’s the answer that came to me because I’ve been disappointed in the past. Books, PDFs, trainings that were pumped up to be the exact resource I needed and fell so flat and like, were completely surface level. Like, designed so that you really don’t get information in a way and they just get your email and then you have to sign up for the program to get more.

I hate that shit. So I wrote an entire email about a recent experience I had actually had. Opting into someone’s website, like their marketing was so good I was for sure that I was missing something vital about making money and signing your first 10 clients that I wasn’t teaching my clients and I was failing and like, this coach was doing it right and I had to get my email in as fast as I possibly could to get the answer and then the shit I got, I was like, really?

And so I know – it goes back to last week’s podcast when I read that podcast testimonial about someone almost didn’t sign up for my free training because they feel the same way. So a lot of coaches are opting in to a lot of things and they feel terrible because they don’t like what they’re getting.

And so for me, I create my trainings and bonuses to be life shattering. So I wrote an entire email about that and I talked about why my bonus was different and why what I create is different and why I create what I create is partly because of this. I want to create things that are so valuable it changes the way people think about signing up with someone, about doing programs, about investing.

That’s where my money back guarantee came in, my risk-free guarantee with my 2K program. I was like, how can I differentiate myself, how can I bring trust back into the coaching industry? Okay now I’m getting off on a tangent, but I feel really passionately about it. So when I asked myself that question of why I wouldn’t and why they wouldn’t, that’s the answer and so that’s the value that I deliver to my client. That’s the way that I talk about it. That’s the way that I present it to them.

So hopefully by now you’ve been able to – while I’ve gone on my tangent, you’ve been able to think about why someone might not take action for you to sign up for a consult. So I’m going to zoom out for the rest of this podcast and talk about the main reason. It’s like the umbrella reason. But I want you to be asking this question every day to find all the things that fall under this umbrella.

If you’ve been listening to this podcast and you’re caught up, you might already even know the main reason. What’s the main reason people don’t take action? Think about it this way. What is selling? Selling is inspiring people into action. So when someone isn’t sold, they don’t take action. And when they aren’t sold, it’s because they aren’t inspired.

So when clients don’t reach out for consults, it’s because they aren’t inspired. Period. So what can you do about that? Inspire them. What do you need to do to inspire them? Be inspired. It’s really that simple, I promise. When you are inspired, you have access to inspiration, to ideas, to motivation.

So many of you are building your businesses on confusion, doubt, overwhelm, and literally sheer willpower. Your clients are also building their lives that way. So if they’re going to hire you, you have to be doing things differently. You have to be an example of what’s possible for them.

Now, I know y’all have heard me say that. You’ve heard other people say it. Be an example of what’s possible. That means be inspiring. And you can’t inspire anybody if you’re not inspired. So your job all day long, if you aren’t booking the amount of consults that you want is to get into inspiration, and you can do that many ways. That’s the fun part.

There’s no right way to inspiration. You can coach yourself and get coached on all of your thoughts and just your general beliefs that you hold with the world that are leaving you uninspired, you can fill your ears with podcasts and trainings that flood your senses with inspiration. I’ve done those. I’ve done all of them.

But I sat here and thought about it, and truly, there are like, three that are the top three that got me where I am today, that had clients constantly reaching out to me, like, one after the other. In fact, there was one point where I signed 16 clients in eight weeks and went from 20K in the first six months of the year cash, to 130K cash in the last six months. Isn’t that crazy? That’s possible for you, by the way.

And it was really – it was a result of compounding inspiration. So the result of focusing on these three things. You ready? Number one, finding gratitude and sufficiency in my current life. Like, loving my life as it was. That’s the first thing we ask our clients to do. It’s being a product of our product as life coaches.

Living in the miracle of what is makes you the best teacher for other people who think their life should be what it isn’t. I remember having one of my first coaches, I was at yoga with her and one of my best friends and I was just such a negative Nancy. And she just looked me straight in the eye and was like, “Seriously, enough. You have so much to be grateful for. You have got to snap out of it and be in the attitude of gratitude. You have to find it.”

And I was like, “I just don’t feel like I have anything to be grateful for,” and she started listing all of the things that she could be grateful for and went on and on and on. It was almost embarrassing. What a little shit I was being with me life, and it really changed me. And I started doing that. Rampages of gratitude and not just fancy mantra gratitude. Really truly understanding that I had a life to be grateful for, choosing actively to see it that way.

So that’s number one. Number two, and I’m going to talk about that one more in a second, but number two is getting my ass coached. Like, hardcore in my face, aggressive, triggering coaching that made me look really hard at everything I ever believed and left me having the most monumental shifts.

It required such deep vulnerability to see myself as wrong and open up into it. And that’s why people don’t get coached hard and receive life-altering coaching. They want to hold on to being right. Early on, my coach told me you can be right or you can be rich. Which do you prefer?

I get go of being right. I wanted to be rich right away. So I surrendered to being wrong. I got vulnerable. I got my ass coached and I was a walking, talking – I know I’ve said this a lot, but just breathing example of transformation. I was living the results of coaching.

Like, listen to me, the best way to be an inspiration is to have breakthroughs. Breakthroughs in your own coaching come after really tough coaching. They come after you break down everything that you have been thinking and doing and make room for something else. Like, secret to success. Getting your ass coached.

And number three, focusing from a place of abundance because I was also remembering in gratitude and sufficiency on who I would be when I had clients and being that way right then and there. One of our mentors in our 2K for 2K, Lindsay Dotzlaf recently commented somewhere in the Facebook community I just saw, I think actually someone reposted it as like, a mind-blowing moment.

But they said that the best way to sign clients quickly is to become the person you will be when you already have them and then let the clients come to you. This is it. Even now, I love every second of where I am, the journey. I know that might sound cliché but I just realized early on, I would look back and miss the first days of building my business.

I would miss growing my belief for the first time, I would miss feeling the energy of signing those first clients, of blowing my own mind, of blowing my clients’ minds, of having my mind blown when I was coaching. I remember those moments. I knew then that I would miss it all and I do.

And so I really work hard to not think somewhere else will be better. I’m a human, it happens. You slip out of it. You just have to get back to it, and from this place of knowing there is only one chance to live this moment and from abundance of what can come, I show up to this moment as if I would if I had a five-million-dollar business.

So I think as my five-million-dollar self living in and loving this moment. Like, I am the five-million-dollar earner, which in turn, makes this moment even better. Before I’ve even earned five million, I just automatically get to feel the way it feels already. It’s great.

So if you want to attract a lot of clients and be booking consults at a level that blows your mind, this is the answer. Those three things. Finding gratitude and sufficiency all of the time, getting your ass coached, and then thinking as and being the person who already has what you want and already has the clients that you want.

If you consistently do those three things all of the time, you will feel inspired all of the time. This is the answer. You have to be the person who has the clients and is booking all the consults. You have to be that person now. I have a client now that’s going through this stage and I see her. I see this happen for her.

She’s rocking this. she is the 250K, the 400K earner that she wants to be. She is having breakthrough after breakthrough, she is getting coached hard. She’s coaching herself hard. She’s loving every second of this journey. She’s blowing her own mind, she’s blowing her clients’ minds, I’m blowing her mind. She’s booking consults like crazy.

She’s doing at least three a week and they’re reaching out to her organically and they’re signing. So she’s at this place where she’s totally abundant, she doesn’t need any more clients, and they just keep showing up. She’s signing them left and right. And people want to work with her because she’s an example of what’s possible because she’s so damn inspiring because she’s so inspired.

And this is happening to me right now in my business. These three things all day long. People are reaching out to me like crazy, I’m getting 20 emails a day asking about my program. Actually, now I’m getting people saying like hey, this is the second email I’ve sent you, I’m reaching out again because we can’t even keep up with the volume of enquiries and people are signing up daily for the 2K for 2K. Inspired people inspire people.

This is how you book consults. It has nothing to do with an algorithm of being one funnel away from making it big, and it has nothing to do, for god’s sake with your niche. It has nothing to do with the pricing of your program. Yet this is what coaches spend all day asking about, obsessing on, getting coached on, and it’s the opposite direction really of where you need to be.

And some of you right now might be thinking, “Yes, but I’ll feel much more inspired once I figure that out, my niche and my program and my pricing,” and some of you might be thinking, “Well, once I sign clients I’ll for sure feel inspired,” but it doesn’t work that way.

When you are inspired, you have answers for yourself. When you’re inspired, you take coaching and you run with it. When you’re inspired, you don’t ever feel confused. And when you’re inspired, you don’t waste time thinking about you. You get out there and spread your message and connect with people and you know that none of the little shit matters.

If any of that little stuff matters, you aren’t inspired and I encourage you to drop your questions and get coaching that leaves you inspired, that you find gratitude and enoughness immediately. And you go to the coach who has the clients and you feel into being her or him and you make a decision from there and move forward.

That is the only way to sign clients. Inspiration creates more things to be inspired than anything else, so go out there and get to it. Find inspiration, create it, pass it on. Alright, have an amazing week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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