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The month of January has been all about sharing content that I know will help you achieve your goals this year, and today is no different. This idea I’m sharing with you today is something I created for my 200K mastermind, and I’m so excited to have you start seeing your results in a brand new way because it’s going to be life-changing.

There are only two types of results; working results and accomplished results. I know that lots of you have goals set for 2020, whether in your business or any other area of your life, and it can sometimes feel like the needle isn’t moving, which leads to quitting on yourself. The concept I’m sharing with you today is going to keep you curious and finding ways to accomplish that result and help you harness the right energy to do so.

Join me this week to start seeing your results – even your failures – as something you’ve accomplished in your life. The power you gain by doing this is unmatched in helping you create a mindset that will keep you working towards your goal, and I guarantee the money will come flowing in.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • How this way of thinking about your results will keep you out of self-pity and hopelessness.
  • Why there are only two types of results – working results and accomplished results.
  • How focusing on what you’ve accomplished will have you approaching your working results differently.
  • Why looking at your failures as accomplished results can be empowering.
  • How thinking of all your results as one in progress will keep you from quitting.
  • 2 things you have to do to be present with the process of your working results and appreciate all you’ve accomplished.

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Full Episode Transcript:

Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast, where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Welcome to episode 56, my lovies. How are you doing today? I am fantastic. I asked you to leave reviews for the podcast if you listen through iTunes and I have been reading them and loving them so much. It helps me connect with what’s really working for you, the things that I talk about that you want to hear more of, the way that it impacts you.

I love it. It just fuels my creativity for this podcast. And I feel like it just lets me get to know you a little bit more, so keep them coming. This one is from – it says CatsRule. I know that’s not the name of the person who wrote it, but I wanted to read this one because it feels special to my heart and I’ll tell you why after.

But she says, “Stacey, I’m going to LCS in March and I’m scared, but when I listen to you, my fears fade away. You always keep it real and I appreciate that so much. I listened to Selling with Appreciation today and it blew my mind because you talked about how you were completely content with how you were living when you started coaching. That’s where I’m at.

I also loved the reminder to create a gratitude list daily. I just put it in my journal. Thank you for all you do and I look forward to meeting you in the near future. PS, I cracked up when you shared about smelling all the unpleasant things because I too have a nose of a bloodhound. Must be a Scorpio nature.”

Oh, this is from Lisa. So she does have her name at the end. So Lisa, this is why this touched so close to my heart is one of the things that feels so important to me, I remember I got certified with The Life Coach School, which is where my coaching certification is through. I got certified there in 2015 and I remember how impactful all of the coaches were that had come before me.

And to me, being in that room and me seeing their success and seeing who they were in the world and how they were showing up, I just felt so proud of myself to be in that room. And then when I started becoming successful, the first time I actually – they do awards every year and I got awarded for being the most improved player, and that meant so much to me to be in that room with all of these people I looked up to and to get awarded as the most improved player.

I made it my goal that year that I got that award to be the most improved player, and from that moment on I decided to do that and I wanted to give back to people that came through that community, and I wanted to be that person that they could look up to and be inspired by and see themselves in and see their goals being realized through. That’s so important to me.

And so I don’t want it to be this thing about you have to get certified to be a successful coach. I really just from my heart feel so in love with being a part of that community, the way I think people feel in love with being in my community, and we have so many people in 2K that have the same exact mindset where they just want to give back.

They’re making hundreds of thousands of dollars but they go into 2K and they give back because they know what that feeling is. And so that’s the feeling I have being a part of The Life Coach School is everything I do for that community, when I get to teach, when you get certified and you go through entrepreneur track, I get to teach you in that track.

And if you’re in Self-Coaching Scholars, which is another part of The Life Coach School’s company, I get to teach there and I get to give back there. So it just means a lot to me and every time I get to teach on stage at The Life Coach School’s masterminds or business events or whatever it is, I just feel so grateful to be a part of that community.

So this really just hit my heart on like, I have accomplished that. And not only – I’m getting emotional. Not only have I accomplished that but there are people that have not even gone through the training, who have not even been a part of that school that are listening to this and being inspired and will become a part of that community.

I’m hitting the people that haven’t even gone through that community with my intention, and that feels so incredible to me. So I did not intend to cry on the beginning of this podcast, but that really meant a lot to me that I’m inspiring you if you haven’t even become a coach, and even if you’re not going to ever become a part of that community, it inspires me that I get to do that for you and it just hits home with LCS specifically, just because it’s my community and I remember being scared to go to LCS coach training and start that.

I remember being there. I remember being – you guys have heard this story of when we got – me and my best friend Nicole got our paperwork in the mail and we had to describe what our definition of causal coaching was. You guys have heard that story. But I just remember being terrified. I remember walking into the room and seeing all these – what in my brain were very rich women sitting around the table with their Louis Vuitton’s.

And I was just this little girl selling mops in Walmart. And I just remember being that person, being scared to go. I remember being in certification and just fearing that I wasn’t going to get certified. I remember having to go through all the drama to do all the things and then I just recently went through master coach training and got master certified.

And it was the same thing all over again at another level, and actually, as I’m recording this, I’m heading to the Caymans tomorrow with my amazing fiancé and I’ve been asked to help train new incoming master certified coaches and help be a part of their weeklong education in the Cayman Islands.

So I get to go. Seriously, how amazing is my life? I just go teach for one day, one day, and then we’re also going to meet for million-dollar mentoring. So two days of my time, and one of those days doesn’t count because that day is for me. And I get seven days in the Cayman Islands with my fiancé for being a part of that community and lending my expertise. It just feels like winning the lottery.

So anyway, I didn’t mean to just bawl my eyes out to y’all for six minutes, but there you go. That one hit me hard. Harder than I even knew when I started this podcast. Alright, so today we’re going to talk about working and accomplished results. So this is part of our January podcast series geared towards concepts that I have geared towards helping you achieve your goals this year.

They’re concepts that I’ve created for my 200K mastermind and that I teach them in the mastermind. I’m also getting ready in February, in the beginning of February to go to Atlanta and teach a brand-new group. So I’m excited to walk them through this as well.

So I created this concept around results. This idea of working accomplished results. It’s really an idea, a way of thinking about results that I wish I had when I first started my business. Because when I launched my business, I felt very aware that there were results I had that I didn’t like, and results I wanted that I didn’t have, and I felt very far away from them.

And there were times where I felt like nothing was working and I felt very hopeless, and I would take a lot of action and then it kind of felt like the needle barely moved forward. And my mindset was just so black and white when it came to the results I wanted and I had.

This is in the very beginning when I hadn’t even hired a coach I think. When I was listening to Tony Robbins videos in the morning and at night and throughout the day, just trying to kind of work on me. And then when I decided to become a coach, I think that was the hardest period for me. So again, I just really identify with those of you that are like, just trying to make your first dollars or you’re just signing up to get certified or go to and kind of coach training or whatever it is, or you just hired your first coach. This is where I was.

So I taught my 200K mastermind a way to think about results that really opens your mind wide up and can be life-changing. It will keep you in action and massive action and keep you out of self-pity and hopelessness. So I want you to think in these types of results that from here on out, they are the only two types of results we ever have. We have accomplished results and we have working results. Those are the only two types of results, literally, that you can ever have.

So we have results we’ve achieved and we have results we’re still working on. That’s it. That’s always the truth. Let’s sit with that for a second. Even if you’re just starting out and you think that you haven’t accomplished any results, you have. You just have to look for them. An accomplished result is any result you currently have.

If you are in debt $5000, that is an accomplished result. You did it. Congratulations. That’s a whole ‘nother podcast because I really do feel like debt is completely neutral. I don’t have the drama that other people have around it. But I’ll even give you with this example that it’s a result you don’t want, it is still something you accomplished, right?

So I want you to think about that in this way. I’m giving you this example because I want you to think neutrally about accomplished results that they aren’t good or bad. They’re just accomplished. It’s just something you’ve done. And I also think – I want to use this example because some of you feel the same way about having made $30,000 on your way to $100,000, that you think about having $5000 worth of debt, which is very interesting.

For you, it isn’t 100K so it’s a failure. or you might feel this way about $600 when you’re trying to create your first $2000. You don’t feel any accomplishment. You don’t celebrate. You think of it as a result you don’t want. As a failure. Not all of you, but many of you.

So even if this goal, let’s use the $600 on your way to $2000 is closer to the goal that you have, closer to your goal than before, you treat it and yourself as unaccomplished because it isn’t the big goal that you have set. Then you approach your new move, what you are doing moving forward with that mindset and that energy of what’s unaccomplished, of failure, of not having.

And we know that not having just creates more not having. Really think about how you show up to your goals when you think what you have accomplished isn’t enough, or that you haven’t accomplished anything. So many of you just completely discount the money that you have earned, just tossing accomplishment aside because you think it should be more.

Again, our brains tend to think things are – think in things being black and white. So either you have it or you don’t. But if you spend all of your time taking action from, I don’t have any results, or I haven’t made any money, or my clients will sometimes get into I haven’t made my money back, because when you join 2K, we have an open guarantee.

You either make your money back or we give you your money back. And the whole thing that we focus on in the program, that first marker is making your money back. That’s all I have them do is focus on just making that money back. And then when they do, we focus on making more. but that becomes a marker.

So a lot of you even use that against yourself. You’re like, I haven’t made my money back. And what’s fascinating is that I tell people like, you can get through the program in about 30 days, but people will start saying I haven’t made my money back in like, one week. It’s really fascinating.

So think about who you are and how you show up to everything when that’s what you’re thinking about. When you’re there, when you’re in the not having, which only creates more not having, versus I’m working on allowing for there to be space between when you first want something and then you get it.

Working results allow for a lot of space, which you’re going to need. Going from nothing to 2K, you will need space to be working on that. 2K to 10K, you’re going to need space. Going to 100K, a million, you’re going to need space between when you first start working on that result until you accomplish it. That’s a working result. 100K or a million that you could have for an entire year.

Some of you, your first year might be 30K and 50K. I gave my 200K a challenge when I taught them this idea of working and accomplished results, I gave them a challenge of 25K in 30 days. That was the result they were working to accomplish. I had them thinking in this idea that there are working and accomplished results and it changed everything for them.

So going back to accomplished results, focusing on what you have accomplished and really seeing it in that way that every result you have is something you have created, especially when it has moved the needle closer to where you want to go will have you approaching your working results, what you are creating, with greater clarity, with a higher level of mindset and with more energy and commitment and determination.

It’s like, when you don’t think what you’re doing is getting you anywhere, you don’t want to keep doing it. You just want to avoid it. You want to sit on the couch and you want to watch Netflix and you don’t want to find that babysitter to go to that party where you could get out and tell people who you are and what you’re about. You don’t want to do any of that.

But when you feel like everything you are doing is moving the needle, you will take massive action, and that is seriously the reason I think once I started succeeding, I started succeeding so quickly is I just learned how to look for where the needle was always moving forward. I allowed myself to feel accomplished for showing up and trying something new and for failing.

I believed consciously in the moment it was all getting me closer to where I wanted to go, so I kept going. I didn’t spend very much time in the energy of it’s not working and this thing I’m doing doesn’t matter. Thinking of every result as an accomplished result is also going to guide your thinking and problem solving with ownership.

It allows you to think about how you accomplished something. How did you create 5K of debt? Let’s find out. Sometimes we think that that happens to us like, debt just happens to us. I lost my job, or my car broke down, or I joined – this will happen a lot is like, I joined this program and then I had an unexpected expense.

And we think these things happen to us, but when you think 5K of debt is something I accomplished, you get to find out. What did you do? What were the decisions you made that created this result? They happened way before you hired your first coach and then an unexpected expense came up.

The decisions you made let leading up to not having the money and having to go into debt, that happened way before that specific instance, right? So what were the decisions that created that result? What was the thinking that created it? How are you feeling?

If you created zero dollars, that can go in your accomplished result. You have accomplished that. How have you accomplished it? What have you done and not done? I always want you guys to be thinking about that, especially if you’re in 2K and you’re like, I did all the modules and I haven’t made my money back. Okay, so what have you done and not done?

Don’t just say you finished them all. What have you done and not done? You might want to believe that zero isn’t something that you accomplished or that you didn’t have anything to do with it, like, you did everything and you just ended up with zero. But I want you to go beyond that and think, you know what, I did accomplish this zero and how did I do that? The answer to making money is in that. How did I accomplish zero?

Also, I would argue that – I just want to offer that it takes more effort to make no money than to make money. So again, if you don’t want to think zero is something that you have accomplished, you want to say zero is something – or money is something I haven’t accomplished, instead of zero is something I’ve accomplished, I want you to just go there in your mind. We think it takes so much effort to start a business, and I think no.

It takes so much effort not to be doing what you want. Not to make and have money. It’s pushing against the truth of who you are day in and day out. So much effort. Especially in your brain. The drama that comes up when you aren’t taking action, when you aren’t going for it, when you’re hiding and avoiding. When you haven’t made a ton of offers, when you haven’t gone to a ton of networking events or met a ton of people online, when you haven’t told the people you’re a life coach.

It actually takes more effort not to do that. So I would look at zero is something you accomplished with a very specific set of things you did or didn’t do. And those things you didn’t do probably took you more effort than the things that you intended to do that didn’t. See what I’m saying here?

So when you can see every result as an accomplished result and you can ask yourself how you accomplished it, you get your power back to make changes, to create a new accomplished result that becomes your working result. Something you are working towards.

I really love the idea of working results because I think it lends to this idea that it will be accomplished. It will get accomplished no matter what. You’re just working on it. Not like, there’s this impossible thing that I’m trying really hard to accomplish and it may or may not happen, that I may or may not quit on. This is why so many people quit on their New Year’s resolutions or their goals.

The way that they start them is with a thought process that isn’t set up for commitment and seeing it all the way through, no matter how long it takes. Working it until it works. Instead, they come in with this mindset of this is a goal I’m going to try and accomplish. Anything you’re going to try and do, you’re 100% going to fail at because the idea of – I remember one coach I had once, I kept saying I’m going to try.

I was in such victim mentality of like, I’ll try, I’ll try that, I’ll try that. And she gave me a piece of paper and she said I want you to try to rip this paper. And I ripped it. And she was like no, I want you to try to rip this paper. And I was like, I did, here, I ripped it again. And she’s like, no, try to rip it. And I was like, I don’t understand what you mean. I’m either ripping it or I’m not ripping it. And she was like, exactly.

You’re either doing it or not. There is no try. But this is the mindset that we start so many goals with. I’m going to try to do it. Not this is my working result and I’m working it until I get it. I’m working it until it works. A working result is always in process. It’s never something you quit. It’s never something you’re trying. You’re working on it.

And all of your accomplished results along the way, those little ones, we talked about little markers last week. They will lend to you the path to get there. You’ve made 10K on your way to 100K. You’re still on your way to 100K, even if you’ve only made 10K, even if it took you six months to make 10K.

Some of you guys put time periods on it. And if you don’t accomplish your working result in the time period you said, you’re like, couldn’t do that, and you quit on yourself. Again, when it’s a result in progress and you think of it like that, you will stick with it. You will ask more questions. You will become more empowered. You’ll find more useful information to guide you forward.

Something I want you to consider is asking yourself questions like how did I create this accomplished result and what part of this creation will serve me moving forward towards my next accomplished result? And what has to change in between this accomplished result and the next to get to the next? What do I have to do differently?

I always teach my clients in 2K, I teach them a very detailed evaluation process to help them with this, to help them go from working results to accomplished results. What worked, what didn’t work, what I’m going to do differently. Because there will be things you want to take with you in your working result, while you’re working on it, and then there are things that you don’t ever want to do again because they didn’t work.

You want to leave those behind. And a combination of those two will also – what worked and what didn’t work will also lend you towards what you’re going to do differently, something brand new that you’re going to try that you’ve never tried before. You always want to be looking at it like that.

Now, the last thing I want you to think about and really sink into your bones is that you will spend 90% of your time in your working results. The goals that you’re actually working on, creating those. 90% of your time will be spent creating results. And 10% of your time or less will be spent having achieved your result in your accomplished result.

Because even when you accomplish something, the moment it becomes inevitable, your mind will already be onto the next goal. The next working result that you want to create. If you think back to the three stages of belief podcast series, and you haven’t listened to those, I recommend you going and listening to them, but the working result happens mostly during the impossibility and possibility stages.

And then as you move into inevitability, it starts to become your accomplished result. At 90K, you will believe you’re going to make 100K. At 95K, you will already be thinking of your next working result, your next goal. Many of you try and even pass through the accomplishment. You never even spend any time in that energy.

On a smaller scale, you sign a client and you spend no time there in the energy of having signed a client. You move onto your next consult or the next amount of money you want to make. Or into the drama of will they actually pay? What do I do on their first session? Sitting in that energy of I signed a client is the most powerful thing you can do.

You want to expand that energy. You want it to be a place in your body that you can go to even when you are not signing clients. That’s having done energy. Accomplished energy. When you approach all of your working results with accomplished, having done energy, you will create so much in the world.

So if you spend 90% of your time in the working result and less than 10% of your time in the accomplished result, you have to do two things, and I gave you one already. You have to expand that 10% in your mind and body as much as you can. Really give those moments all of you.

And then you have to love and appreciate, talking about selling with appreciation, and to be all in, present, for the 90% of your life that you will be in the working result, in the working to create the result. The way that you think about the results that you don’t have yet and working towards those. The way that you experience being in impossibility especially, and even possibility, those two stages is everything.

You either experience loads of resistance, lots of not having, shaming yourself, beating yourself up, trash-talking yourself, whipping yourself, being angry at clients who tell you no, blame them for why you haven’t accomplished your results, blame your husband, your family, feel resentful and envious to other people who have already accomplished what you want to accomplish, discredit their work, discredit your own work, blame your coach even, be angry at the world, or you love the process of change and growth.

You see it as a choice you are putting yourself in. You know deeply why you are doing it. For me, I want to evolve and create as much as I can in this life. With each major stage of growth, I feel like I become a completely different person with a completely different life and then it feels to me like when I’m in those accomplished results, that I am living more than one life in this body, in this lifetime.

And to me, that is the greatest thrill and the best use of my one chance on this planet. So this is what I’m signing up for and I’m all in. I’m all in for half of my time or more to be here in the river of misery. I’m all in to live my life in impossibility and the way that impossibility feels. I am comfortable being there. I’m okay with it. Signed up for it. All in. Done. Signed on the dotted line.

I’m even comfortable with the resistance and the anxiety that comes up. It’s not even like I’m just making impossibility amazing all the time. It’s just that when it’s not amazing, I’m in for that too. When it comes up strong, I remind myself yeah, this is what I’m here for. I’m going to keep putting myself in this because I am playing the game full out. This is part of it.

It’s like I’m watching football with my fiancé, Neil, and I’m sitting there thinking like, these football players, they don’t get on the field with the mindset of resisting getting tackled and slammed to the ground. One of Neil’s best friends used to play for the NFL and he told Neil that each play in the NFL feels like a car wreck.

I want you to really think about that. Every play of one football game feels like a car wreck. But they don’t go into the game trying to avoid the car wreck. They don’t get angry about the car wreck. They don’t feel envious to the kicker who doesn’t get tackled. They don’t wish the game was over and they knew if they won or lost. They play the game. It is what they signed up for. They are there for the tackle.

75% of the game is played in those car wrecks, in those human-to-human contact moments. 10% is the touchdown. Less than 10%. That touchdown is not why they play the game. They would play even if they lost 90% of the games. They are the game. It’s who they are. They have to play. It’s in them.

We are life coaches. It is in us. We have to play. We have to grow. We have to evolve. We have to work towards results. We have to work towards accomplishing results. We have to be in unaccomplished results. And most of our play is going to be in that working and in that creating, in that impossibility, in the smallest bits of possibility. The inevitability can’t be the only reason you play the game. It’s such a small part.

And the game, it can be played as if you’ve already won. That’s an option too. You can feel the touchdown any time you want. I think about Peyton Manning, like the great football players, or Tom Brady. They, I guarantee, play that game as if it’s already been won. That’s how they approach it.

When they’re down – I remember a game Eli Manning played actually against the Patriots and they were down. They were losing the Super Bowl. It was four seconds left, I guarantee, he was approaching that game as if they won it because he was still thinking so clearly of how to win it and he won it with four second. Four.

I just think that’s amazing in itself. But you can feel that. You can believe that you’ve won it. You can be in there all of the time. The inevitability can’t be the only reason you play the game. It’s such a small part. And the game, it can be also played as if you’ve already won. You can feel the touchdown anytime you want.

Feel the accomplishment as often as you can. Live it. Be it. That feeling. Let that be who you are, an accomplished person. You can do that before and after you physically accomplish something. But you also have to be willing to be the unaccomplished person. You have to know that that is where you spend most of your time and what you make it mean and how to experience it determines what you create moving forward.

If you’re down in the football game and you’ve only got a couple of seconds left, the way you experience that will determine if you can come back and win the game or not. So I’m going to leave you with this. I’m going to leave you with some points to remember and to think about.

Every result is accomplished. It’s something you’ve accomplished. And those accomplished results are neutral. They’re neither good nor bad. Often, we tend to think of things we’ve accomplished, even if they are closer to our goal as before as unaccomplished because they aren’t the thing that we want to accomplish, the big goal that we’ve set. We approach all of our goals with unaccomplished energy and we get less done. Focusing on accomplished energy creates more getting done.

Thinking of everything as accomplished keeps us curious and keeps us thinking, how did I accomplish this? This gives you power back to make changes. When you created it, you can change it. Your new accomplished result becomes your working result, the thing you’re working on. And working results lend the idea that something will be accomplished, working it until it works.

You spend more time in your working results than accomplished results, so you might as well working towards a result. You can also feel, therefore be your accomplished result at any time, before or after its actual physical accomplishment. I like to say there’s no belief police.

Alright, so get to work on your working results. Figure out what you’ve accomplished, what you need to take with you to accomplish the next one, and commit to working your working result until it works. Have a great week. Go make some money.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program, where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to www.staceyboehman.com/2kfor2k. We’ll see you inside.

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