Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | 3 Steps to Making 200KWe are continuing through this month with our series on 200K-level concepts. And if you’re not at that level yet, just note that all of these concepts are incredibly useful whatever stage you’re at right now. So, this week I’m talking about the three steps you need to give the most focus as you work towards 200K in your business.

As we make more money in our business, it’s natural for our brains to think that because the number is getting higher, the areas we need to concentrate on grow at the same rate. However, that is simply not true, and I’ve seen way too many coaches overcomplicating this process for themselves. But the good news is there is a simple way to direct your energy when you’re going for that 200K mark, and I’m giving it to you this week on the podcast!

Join me this week to discover the three steps to making 200K in your coaching business. These steps are equal parts strategy and mindset, and when you get down to it, they’re so incredibly simple and will have your clients begging for more.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why the process of making 200K in your coaching business doesn’t need to be as complicated as you might think.
  • How we tend to want to overcomplicate things when we’re making a big jump in the amount of cash we make.
  • Why clarity on your philosophy is so important when you reach the advanced selling level at 200K.
  • What makes a non-hustle sales cycle so valuable to both you and your potential clients.
  • The most common excuses I hear from clients about why they haven’t implemented a solid sales strategy.
  • The 3 simple steps to making 200K, and why what I’m sharing applies no matter what stage you’re currently at.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches. All through the month of April, we will be featuring 200K level concepts and interviews leading up to the 200K Mastermind open enrollment, May 3rd, 4th, and 5th. Now, you might be tempted to think, “This doesn’t apply to me yet…”

But I want to encourage you not to skip past these episodes. Often, learning more advanced concepts will make the foundational concepts seem even easier. It’s like running on a hill when you train so that the flat terrain becomes easier. So, don’t skip this.

And if you’re ready for the advanced selling level and you want to take your business to $200,000 over the next six to 12 months, you can join our mailing list to get all of the information on our upcoming enrollment as it rolls out. And you can apply for the 200K Mastermind on May 3rd, 4th, and 5th all by visiting Enjoy this month’s episodes. Let’s dive into today’s lesson.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 120. So, today, I’m laughing a little bit. I had this idea for this podcast. And then I had this thought, “Wait, I think I’ve already done that.” And I had to scroll through every podcast episode I’ve done to see that I hadn’t done it. But it feels like have. So, I’ve clearly just taught this so many times or had this in my mind that it should be there that I already thought I had created it into life. So, we’re going to do it today. Are you ready?

We’re going to talk about three steps to making $200,000, what? It’s actually really simple. There aren’t, like, a million things you have to do. There are three areas that you need to focus on. Three things.

I simplify it in this way that I’m about to tell you because right around $50,000, $60,000, especially at $100,000, I find my students’ brains starting to want to overcomplicate the process and add a bunch of things to the process of making money, a bunch of steps, a bunch of have-tos and shoulds in order to make money.

And when you want to make a large sum of cash, when you want to make a big jump in cash, your job is to first simplify the process as much as you can.

The answer to, “What do I have to do to make that result happen?” should not confuse you. It should not seem like a lot of hustle or direct you to major changes in your business.

So, for example, when you think you need to change or hon your niche or change your website or start a new marketing method or start a new marketing platform or multiple platforms or double your content that you release, like double the volume of content you release. Doing something major outside of what you normally do.

I want you to consider instead that making 200K or 400K or 600K, and especially when you get to millions, is often really small shifts that end up making huge leaps, or really few steps. There aren’t a ton of steps to making a million dollars. It’s actually all about subtracting, right?

And when things aren’t working, so when we’re going towards and big goal and we’re trying to make huge leaps, when things aren’t working, it’s super-important to have a simplified process so that you can simplify the possibility of what the issues can be.

So, if there are only three steps to making 200K, there are only three things that can go wrong when you’re not making 200K. There are only three things you need to work on. So, I’m going to give you a data-based example for this because some of you all are more data-based thinkers. You understand the math better.

So, if we, my company, if we’re in a launch and we aren’t getting sales, we will look at our email open rates first. And then, we’re going to look at our click rates. So, the people who open the emails or read the emails, the amount of those people, the rate of those people who clicked on our sales page.

That will tell us if the subject line wasn’t compelling. If the subject line wasn’t compelling then our open rates will be low. Or if the content in the email wasn’t compelling, if that’s the case, the click rates will be low. And then, we can also look at the click rates on our sales page.

And if the open rates are high and the click rates in the email are high, but the people go to the sales page but they don’t buy, they don’t click onto the sales page and buy, then we know it’s an issue with the sales page. Those are three places that the issue can be.

And it’s the same with ads. We can see what we need to change so that we can get those changes made faster with little mind drama. And I have really, I had so much drama with the technology stuff and open rates and click rates and Facebook ads and all of that, that now that I really get it, I’m like, “Oh, it really is the same with our mind.”

I tend to understand the mind better. But it’s like, it’s both. It’s the same process. The same is true for making money. When you want to grow or when you aren’t making money like you want, you have to know where to look and you want it to be a small amount of things. It’s very simplified. So that you can problem-solve faster and clearer and more effectively with as little drama as possible. So, that’s the goal of this episode.

So, in 200K Mastermind, I break each of these areas down. We’re going to talk about the three areas. But I break the, down even further into processes so that you can narrow them down even further, which is I give you a simplified overview of an ad situation or an email situation. But even within those, there are some things that you can look at and you can be like, “Okay, this might be the issue and this might be the issue or this might be the issue.”

Okay, so let’s dive into the three things. I’m just going to give you an overview of this. So, the first step to making 200K, I call it value before. It is literally the value you provide before someone pays you; the transformation that you give people ahead of time, the value that they receive just through interacting with you and your marketing and your content, your presence, whether that’s in-person or online, whatever it is, that value that they receive from interacting with you before they pay you. So, literally value before; value before they pay you.

In 200K, the process that we use to work on this and to increase ethe value before someone pays you is with advanced selling principles. So, you commit to one offer. You market to your best clients who will get the most value from you. You get clear on your process and your philosophy and you use that to guide all of your content for that one offer. So, all of your social media posts, your emails, your podcasts, and your webinars.

So, you aren’t selling anymore with energy and emotions. You sell with value. Meaning, in the beginning, what I see a lot of coaches do is they get themselves – and I did this too – you get yourself really inspired and in love with your clients and then you write some really inspiring and transformational post to get your clients. But even if this works, it’s not the most advanced way to sell.

I don’t want to say it’s not the best way to sell. It’s not the most advanced way to sell. It is the way a lot of us learn how to sell in the beginning. But it isn’t sustainable to hundreds of thousands of dollars. You don’t want to be dependent on feeling good to write emails and record podcasts and create your value before.

Especially at the million-dollar-level. We don’t have time for that in our business, to wait for me to get into inspiration. We’ve got to go. I have to have a mind that can produce that at any given moment any time my company needs.

So, you become someone who can create massive value before someone works with you any day, any time, it’s just who you are. It’s what you bring to the table no matter how you’re feeling. And that’s, again, whether you sell general or specific life coaching.

And then, something that intermingles with value before and the second step, which is value during – these are very simple. Value before, value during. I’m going to tell you about that one in a second – what intermingles with those two steps is copy; getting really good at selling with words, getting good at making those words highly valuable to your audience, giving them lots of value with those words.

Something is really valuable when you’re able to use words in an email to get someone moving towards a result they want, to give them a mini-transformation ahead of time. When your words are that effective that it changes something for them when they read them, and they’re able to go out and apply and implement what you said and get results, that makes them believe even more that if they pay you, they will be able to get those results.

The same is true with your content. So, if you’re giving – let’s just say you’re doing a webinar or a podcast, your ability to clearly articulate the process to getting results that you offer to your clients and its value to them, that articulation of the process and the philosophy is what makes someone say, “Oh my gosh, this hour I spent on my webinar with you, this changed everything for me. So, now I feel safe and I know that I can pay you and I will get an even bigger return, I will have an even better experience, I will get even more transformation.”

So, really value before. And I teach this to my students when we’re in the mastermind. It’s like, when you’re going through the process and you’re looking at all the things that could be within value before, your offer, the type of client you’re selling to, the way that you’re selling and how you’re communicating your process and philosophy, being able to communicate the process of how you get people results is the most important thing. And usually, the number one thing that makes or breaks that value before, that compels people or confuses people.

So, that’s the number one thing we work on is getting your process and your philosophy clear. So, your philosophy is what you believe that makes your process what it is. So, the thoughts I have about selling, what I know about selling, what I know about why people buy, that’s what supports the process I teach, in 2K at the foundational level, in 200K at the advanced level.

So, the value before is the value that gets someone to pay attention to you and literally gives them a transformation, what feels like value to them before they pay you. So, the second step is value during. So, this, I want you to think of, value before and value during very much intermingle with each other. But the way that I want you to think about value during is literally value during a sales cycle or sales experience and the value they receive during this experience.

I’ve never said the word during so many times. Value while you’re selling is another way that you can think about it. So, there’s value in your marketing and value in your selling.

But I really love just thinking about it as value before, value during, and you’re going to see where this is going, is the third step is going to e value after. Before they pay you, while they’re thinking about paying you, and then after they’re paying you.

So, the process that we use in 200K to make the value during your sales experience and your sales cycle so high is business planning and execution. So, you’ve heard me talk about advanced selling principles, business selling, and execution.

So, business planning and execution is – let me rewind. Here’s what I find, especially at the 100K level, is it’s really hard for students who come into 200K or who I’m talking to, if they’re messaging us online and they’re telling us about their problems, it’s really hard for them to have a non-hustle sales cycle, or you can call it a launch, a non-hustle launch. Or even if you’re selling one on one, it’s like when your business is a mess behind the scenes and it’s so complicated and there’s so much going on that it makes it really hard for you to spend time selling and marketing. It’s like, “I don’t have time for that.”

And that may not even mean that your business is a mess. The way you might communicate it is, “I have too many clients. I have so many clients, I don’t have time to market and sell.” That’s what a lot of people tell me. But really, what’s happening is your mind is a mess behind the scenes and you haven’t grown your productivity, your capacity to have clients and have a bigger business. You just haven’t grown that yet.

So, when most of you think of creating value while you are making offers and selling your offer, what you’re thinking about is content that you write in your emails and your copy and the content in your podcast and your webinars. And I just want to offer that that is only a small part of the value that you give during a sales cycle and a sales experience.

And it’s actually the result of your mind and your simplification in your business, the behind the scenes of your business. If you look at your mind, that’s what creates the behind the scenes of our business. And then, the behind the scenes of your business is what creates the power and the effectiveness of the content that you bring forth on your marketing and then in your sales cycles.

So, it’s your calmed mind and your clean organized business that actually creates the most value when you’re selling. What? I’m going to say it again. We think it’s yeh content, the copy. Again, those are important parts of it. But those parts are made better with a calm mind and a clean, organized business.

I think this is the most surprising thing when people come into 200K that they’re like, “Wait, what?” It blows their mind. They can’t anticipate doing the work of a calm mind and a clean organized business. They’re thinking, “I’m just going to teach them how to make amazing content and sell, sell, sell, sell, sell and sell at the advanced level.”

But the way that I do that, the way that you guys see me sell at such a high level has come from as the result of my calm mind and my clean organized business. That’s what allows me to create really amazing content. Okay, so I said it twice to really let it sink in.

But I want you to think about the 200K launch. If you have ever watched me sell 200K before, I want you to really think about it. Or, if you haven’t, watch me sell in this next open enrollment. It isn’t sloppy. It’s well planned and it’s well executed.

People tell me all the time how much they learn just by watching me sell. And it’s not what we are saying. It’s how we deliver it that is so impressive.

So, when you think about adding a lot of money to your business, increasing your revenue, your brain wants to go to, “I have to do more.” And what I teach you in 200K is that you have to do less.

You have to edit out everything that isn’t necessary. You have to give yourself time plus spaciousness. So, Catherine Morrison, she’s the one that coined this in our mastermind, but we call it luxurious time, luxurious space to create, the idea of it just being luxurious, having so much of it. So, that time plus that spaciousness to plan everything out in advance so that when you’re selling, you are present with your audience when they are thinking about taking action to work with you.

You need space to coach yourself in believing in them, to coach yourself on the offer that you’re offering being perfect for them, to think of new ways to explain things to them, new ways to get through to them, to troubleshoot if your original plan isn’t working, to be available for their questions.

You can’t do this when you’re rushing emails out that you’re writing the day you need to send them. Write as you go is what I call it. I used to do this a lot. I’d be literally writing the emails all day long. So, I’d write the morning email and then I’d write the afternoon email, and then I’d write the evening email. And then, the next day, I’d get up early and write the morning email. And I’d be just sending them out as I write them.

When you’re doing that, you’re working and there’s no time to be thinking about the people engaging with your sales experience. When it’s done ahead of time, you have all of your time and only your time to focus on people engaging with your sales experience.

Let me just say, the value I gave to my audience at that time, when I was writing as I go, that was nowhere near the same ballpark as the value that I give my audience now when I’m focused and available. Because everything is done ahead of time.

Even now, in our launches, my team and I, we do everything ahead of time and then, in the launch, what we’re doing is adding to. We get really creative and inspired by what we’re seeing people comment on social media or in our programs. We just did Higher Converting Consults, which by the way, we had almost 1000 people go through this training. We old over 20% of those people. They bought 2K after they were in the training because they got so much value. It was absolutely insane. We did half a million dollars in one week.

But specifically, during that training and watching what people were saying, one of the things that blew me away that I wasn’t even fully prepared for was how many people sold coaching, signed clients, that class was on a Wednesday, how many people sign clients that day, on Wednesday, or Thursday, or Friday, and how many people were reporting, “I used this on my next consult and I have a clients because I attended this class.”

I knew that people were going to make a lot of money from that class. But that quickly, to implement it that effectively, that blew me away. So, we were like, “How can we use this? How can we use this?” And then, we had, like one part of the Q&A that was really powerful where all of my panel of coaches answered someone’s question, like it was one question and I had them all go around and answer it for them. And the answer was just so powerful that I’m like, “Okay, we’ve got to send an email out about this. We’ve got to direct people specifically to this moment.”

So, we were, like, engaging with the work we had already done and thinking about, “How can we present it to be really useful to people right now if they have consults right now?” So, that’s what I mean by having the space to do it. We wouldn’t have been able to do any of that if we were still writing emails as we went.

Now, I’ve given you an example for how the value during works in a launch, but I actually want to bring it back to one on one and simplify it even further, like having that calm mind and that clean business. I want to bring it back to the one on one. Because we have a lot of people who join 200K that they’re making 25K, 50K, 100K, they’re still doing one on one.

So, here’s a really great example of this. When we were selling Higher Converting Consults and we offered a replay for three days and people were telling us that they didn’t have the time or couldn’t watch the three-hour class over a three-day period, in those three days, 72 hours, they couldn’t find time to watch the three-hour class, whether all together or broken up, they couldn’t do it.

And here’s one of the things I told them, is that if you didn’t have three hours in your schedule in those days to make that class happen, you also didn’t have time for three extra clients. Like, really think about that. So, even if you’re selling one on one, if you don’t have open space in your calendar to plan your selling ahead of time, you don’t have time for more clients.

So, this applies no matter what stage you’re in. You have to decide, if you’re selling one on one, how many more clients do I want? And clear that time and use your calm mind to use that time to create value before and value during for those clients. If you can’t do that, there’s too much happening in your business.

So, let’s just say you’re at, like, 15 clients, 18 clients, you’re like, there’s no way I could add more and there’s no way I have time to even put a group together. I don’t even have time to think about how I would plan the process and what I’m going to teach them and the content and then make the selling and do the emails and advertise it. I don’t have time for any of that.

If that’s where you are, you also don’t have the capacity. Say you want to sign 10 clients into that group that you want to sell, you don’t have capacity for those 10 clients yet. First, what you have to do is clean up your business. You have to simplify it. You have to edit down. You have to get rid of a bunch of things you’re doing and then you also have to clean up your mind and calm your mind down so that your work is more effective, it’s more simplified, you’re more productive at bringing a higher level of you to the time that you are spending.

I see a lot of people who are coaching 15 clients one on one, they’re going 15 to 20 minutes over every single call. And then they’re like, the time between their calls is not used at all. It’s like they’re recovering from the call. They’re using the restroom. They’re taking a snack break. They’re jumping on Facebook. They’re running to make an errand outside and they’re running to the doctor, running to Target. They’re doing all these things.

Or they’re doing too many things. They’re producing too much content in that time that they have. So they’re like, “I have no extra time.” So, you’ve got to clean all that up. All of that has to be cleaned up Your business has to be very simple if you want to make more money and you feel like there isn’t more time to make more money.

Now, at the 100K and the 200K level, you do need to know how to do a well-planned and well executed launch and how to turn your process and your philosophy into content and deliver that dynamically.

So, at that level, that is something you add to it. So, we do that in 200K Mastermind with the launching course and the webinars course. I teach you step by step how to plan a launch ad execute it at the highest level with calm, with the least amount of drama in the most effective way.

In webinars, I teach you how to deliver your content in a simplified, clear, calm manner and then sell dynamically on that webinar, or whether it’s a live training or whatever it is, whatever your method is, how to do that in a way that’s really compelling that delivers a lot of value for people who come and interact with your work.

So, whether it’s a post, a podcast, a webinar, a life stream, a Clubhouse chat that you do. I don’t know what those are called. But whatever it is, that that is produced at the highest level so that people get transformation and they want to find out how to work with you.

And we start by substantially subtracting from your current list of to-dos and editing down and simplifying your business to make your brain available for delivering value, helps your client decide to pull that trigger and work with you.

And step three is the value that someone receives after they pay you. Sometimes, we get relieved. That’s the word. We get relieved after someone pays us and we think that the hardest part is over and our job is done and all we have to do now is show up on calls. That’s not quite the way I want you all to think about it.

So, I teach in 200K the process for creating a lot of value after someone pays you is through thought leadership and delivery, the concept of delivering 100% results. So, traditionally, in the coaching industry, when we talk about making money, a lot of what’s offered for how to make a lot of money is all geared towards marketing and selling.

And even in the beginning, I’m a huge proponent on selling. That is one of the biggest things I teach all of my clients. I’m a master salesperson.

But I’m going to give you a little insight into why I’m a master salesperson and why my selling is so good. It’s that I understand that a huge piece of making money, if not the biggest piece to making money has to do with delivering to your clients.

So much of the income my company has brought in has come from clients retention. Again, we talked about this concept of 100% results in a previous podcast. So, if you haven’t listened to that podcast, scroll back through and find the one that talks about 100% results. I think it’s the two-million-dollar group and 100% results. Or maybe it’s reversed, 100% results and the two-million-dollar group, something like that. Find that podcast if you haven’t listened to it already.

But spending your time actively believing that you can deliver results to your clients, that it is up to you, not from a graspy way or a controlling way, but as a thought leader. You can develop thoughts, tools, teachings, concepts and develop your own coaching and problem-solving skills to guarantee your clients’ results.

This is the best example. I was thinking about this, is I want you to imagine the scientists working on the coronavirus vaccine. I want you to imagine that they believe, “Well, all I can do is make a vaccine. I think it will work. It’s up to the body to respond. It’s out of my hands really. Can’t control that part.”

No, they believe they 100% can create a vaccine that will prevent the spread and contraction of COVID19. And they aren’t stopping there. I was recently reading an article. It’s so fascinating that the promise of the MRNA vaccine, the type of vaccine that the COVID19 vaccine is can actually be used to cure all types of cancers. That’s what they’re thinking and that they’re moving towards, and that it could even potentially be tailored specifically to each human that contracts it. It’s so crazy and fascinating and full of hope and just really exciting stuff. I was very fascinated by the article that I read.

So, I was thinking about these scientists and what creates that level of creation and innovation. It’s their self-concept of believing, of being actually, not trying to believe, but being 100% in charge of that result and pushing themselves to create at the absolute highest level. To think about it, 95% effective, is that it? Or is it 98%? It doesn’t even matter. That’s an astronomical number.

You really have to step into the belief that you are a leader of thought in this industry; a coach with new ideas and new contributions to the scientific endeavor of the mind in order to do this.

And you can start early. I was believing I had something new and different to offer at $25,000. Now, here is why this matters. Client retention is the fastest way to grow your business.

I could do a whole podcast just on this, and maybe I will actually. But I want to give you an example of this. I went from making $150,000 a year to making $325,000 in a year in just a few months.

If you remember my story where I signed 16 clients back-to-back over eight weeks, well all of those clients all came up for renewal at the same time, over eight weeks the following year.

I had served them so well, created so much value in our relationship that resulted for value for them in their lives, they renewed. I think all of them, if I remember right. And I had doubled my price and I went from hour to half-hour sessions because I’d gotten so fast at coaching that we didn’t need an entire hour, just like that, just by making sure the clients I had were taken care of.

I used to spend a lot of time, if I couldn’t figure out how to coach them on something or if I had gotten stuck or we kind of went round and round on a call, I always spent time unwinding that, talking to my coach about it, figuring out where I was getting stuck. Just really walking through the conversation.

Or I would always say, if I couldn’t coach someone on something it’s because I had that, that I needed to coach myself in that area. And so, I would be like, “Okay, where can I find this in my life that I haven’t mastered? Let me clean that up and then I’ll come back to the next call and I’ll be a little bit more clear on where to take them.” But I spent all of my time focusing on that, focusing on being a better coach for my clients, thinking about believing in myself so deeply that I was the person that could walk them into the result they wanted, really working on those two things created so much value for my clients and created so much money for me, just by making sure that my clients were always taken care of.

That’s it. So simple, y’all. So, I said it twice. Making sure your clients are always taken care of. Now, I also want to share a little value before slash marketing slash getting new clients ninja trick with you. So, bringing more revenue in, here’s my ninja trick. Any time I wanted more clients, I started focusing on giving the clients I already had more attention and love and service and that energy of serving the clients I did have always created more.

Sometimes, that looked like just coaching myself into love for each of my clients individually and working on my belief that they can create the results that they’re working towards.

Sometimes it meant a quick call to check in with them and tell them that I’m thinking about them or, “Hey, I had this idea. I was thinking about this thing you’re really working through and I wanted to offer you this,” which is like how you doing, let’s have a little casual chat, right? Or I would give them a text or an email.

I had a very non-businessy relationship with my clients, so calling to check in with them and tell them I was thinking about them was not weird, but some of you might be like, “I would never do that with my clients.” It doesn’t have to be that thing.

But sometimes it meant, for me again, because I had a non-businessy relationship with them, sometimes it meant going to see them and taking them to lunch, or sending them a gift, or sitting there really thinking about our last discussion and how to help them more by the next call. Just giving them more space in my brain, holding that space, my belief, for what it would feel like when they created the life they wanted, just imagining them being there all of the time.

You can show up a million ways. But being with your clients that you currently have in mind and body and spirit, believing in them, spending time solving their problem, that is all value, value, value. It made my marketing better. The energy of my business changed for people watching me and my clients felt cared for. And we both came to our coaching relationship at the highest level so they got better results.

So, of course, they wanted to keep paying to get results. And even if they didn’t get 100% where they wanted to go, they had the belief that it was done. They were never making the decision to renew from, “Oh my god, I’m going to have to or I’m never going to get there, like I’ll really never get there.”

I’ve seen this in my 200K mastermind. Our retention rate is astronomical. I’ll actually give you the percentage after this next enrollment, but it’s really high. But I’m going to tie it back to the other two steps.

My 200K students get insane value from my podcast, my emails, my webinars, my 2K course, the value before, the value during, and then even the value after in my foundational course. They feel so amazing being part of my sales experience. They learn so much from me, not only in how to make 200K and two million in the value I give during a launch, but in how I sell and the way that they experience my selling, the energy that they feel, the self-concept that they get.

Even the videos we have everyone make when they apply, they always say that that gave them so much value because it made them step back and think about where they had been and what they have accomplished and celebrate themselves and they get really intimate with where they’re going and why.

So, they get extreme value. And they will tell me too that they spend so much time on the application. They’re like, “I really thought through every answer on that application.” So they get, from the application and the video they have to submit, they get so much value just from that even if they don’t get it.

And then the investment, it changes them. They make possibly the biggest investment in themselves they’ve ever made upfront in one day and they know in their deep soul, like, this is happening, I’ve put my commitment all the way into this result, and that transforms them.

And in the Hunger Games call, even though the call is like, sell me on why you should be in, why you’re a great fit, and it’s high-pressure, they always tell me that just being on call transforms them to be in the room with that caliber of coaches that this mastermind attracts. They’re like, “Holy crap, I didn’t know that this was even possible in this industry.”

And even the people who don’t sign up, just from following our IG and our ads and our emails, they tell me they’re transformed. They make money. Their self-concept is raised. The energy of my selling uplift theirs.

And then, the students who don’t get in, they always tell me that that was a transformation for three reasons. They say that they – because they always know exactly why they didn’t get in and what they need to work on, so it fuels their work to work on that even more and come back and reapply and get in the next time. They realize how bad they really want it and they find their belief in themselves and their own resourcefulness to make it happen, to get in the next time and create even bigger business results for themselves in the meantime. And they also have the transformation of having their own back if they don’t get in.

That’s seriously the most value a container like this enrolment process can provide and the most loving response you can give to yourself, like, seriously invaluable to learn, to get the opportunity to have the lesson to have your own back.

So, all of that gives them so much value before and during our sales process. So, they know for sure, if they get in, 100% they’re going to have a lot of value. And then, if they do get in, the experience of the live event at the very beginning, their first interaction with us, whether it’s virtual or in-person, they get their welcome packet of it’s in person so they can book their travel right away and they get their box if it’s virtual with all their materials and their swags. And they get pre-event videos, which all of them always say is work the $25,000 itself just the seven days of trainings leading up to the event.

And if it’s in person then we have huge welcome ceremony and they have drinks and food and they can just say hi to everyone and meet all of the amazing people that they’re going to do the mastermind with. And then, in three days, we blow the lid off of whatever they believed was possible for them over a three-day period.

They come in not realizing what three days can do for them, how fast they can transform, how simple their business can be, how easily they can make decisions and commit to them. And then, they get six months of life-changing coaching. They get to learn from me and my students who have already done what they want to do and are now either making or scaling to one million. They get to learn from each other, support each other, exchange ideas, celebrate. That is their experience after paying me. So, of course, they want to keep going.

It’s above their expectation in every way possible. And as I, me as the coach, as I spend that six months with them, I’m thinking of them, their goals and businesses and the process and how to teach them better and more simply and more clearly and I’m finding new ways to teach them and new things to teach them, and that value just spills over into my value before. I create concepts and then I share them on the podcast as I work to create them and make them even better.

I don’t even want you to think about value before, value during, and value after as like a linear one two three step process. It’s really more of a circular process. It’s like the what comes first, value after or value before sort of thing, the chicken and the egg, what creates what. If you’re doing it right, you won’t be able to tell.

Think about this. I started free coaching and took care of those people so well, I was in the result of clients being taken care of, like that was my result, so I created new clients that paid me. Do you see what I mean? I was my first client. I created so much value by showing up to my coaching work and being willing to be so courageous and going after my own breakthroughs that I created the free clients.

So, it’s this circular process where each step feeds the next and repeat and repeat and repeat. And y’all, this isn’t hard. It’s just a process that you put your focus on and hone.

Now, I was – I thought about whether to eve give you the 200K example of the value before, the value during, and the value after because that example is the result of five rounds of honing and creating more value. So, of course, it’s like there’s a lot going on because I’ve had five rounds and three years to really work on it.

But I will say, that is the importance of a simple offer. Going all the way back to the beginning, part of your value before, starting with one offer, having one offer at a time that you build this process with. Because you see what’s involved with it now.

To create loads and loads of money, you’re going to spend a lot of time centering all of your value before and value during and then spending a lot of time in your value after for each offer. So, I tell my students, you need to master this with your first offer and then move to the second.

And even when I scaled my business – so I was at $325,000 when I started this process and changed my offer to 2K for 2K, I didn’t offer 200K Mastermind for six months. I just focused on my value before, my value during, and my value after for 2K.

So, even if you gave two offers already, so let’s say if you’re over $100,000 right now, I always recommend to my students that they spend the first round of the mastermind learning this process with their main offer. You choose one, you get it under your belt, and then you know how to do it with the second one and the third one and a fourth one if you ever create that. I see, for sure, a fourth offer coming my way.

And then, you come back and you focus on that second off in the second round. So, you do one offer every six months and you master this value before, value during, and value after process. And that’s still what I do to this day in my business.

Now, we’re a little bit faster at it now, so it’s more like every quarter we focus on one, like, 200K Mastermind and then 2K and we alternate. And sometimes, we alternate every month. It might be a 200K focused month and then a 2K focused month. But we give our clear time and attention and focus into one offer at a time as a team in the value before, value during, and value after.

Okay, so I just want you to really consider after all of this – this feels like my argument that in order to make 200K, I really want you to see that all you have to do is focus on value. That’s it. Value will take you to 200K. It will also take you to 500K. It will also take you to a million. Value before someone pays you, value while someone’s deciding to pay you, and value after they pay you. That’s it. Everything else has to go.

And each step you put effort into, each of those steps will create a ripple of value into the other steps. And if you’re not making the money you want to make, you just laser in on which of these steps isn’t creating the result you want. And it’s easy to figure out. You either aren’t having enough of the best people reaching out to work with you, engaging in your trainings, telling you that you have transformed their life or gotten them results without them even having to pay you.

Or you aren’t selling the amount of people you want to sell in the time frame you want to fill those spots. And depending on your conversion rates, that can be because you didn’t have enough people interacting with your offer, value before, or you didn’t close enough of those people, that’s your value during. And then finally, if you don’t have a high enough number of renewals, students moving either continuing on with you or moving into your next advanced level of your teaching, or maybe even just referring other people to you, that would be your value after.

And so, you just need to know where to focus your energy to fix it. And there can only be those three things. This is such a calming fact for your brain.

Now, we teach these three things over three full days live at the 200K event and then we apply them for six months. We break each one down into a process even further so you can troubleshoot it even clearer, really laser in on what you need to work on.

I wanted to give you an overview today so you know where to start looking in your troubleshooting and you know where to put your energy. But I really suggest that you apply for 200K if you want to take tis work deeper and you do want to have a calm, simple business with lots of clients getting results.

It’s like, calm business, simple for your mind, and clients who love working with you and are getting what they came for, that’s the most fun life coaching business to ever have. And then making loads of money on top of it is like the cherry on top. Alright, I’ll see you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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