Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | Planting the Intention to Make 200KWhen we run an event, so many of you follow along on our Instagram, or write to us and tell us how badly you wanted to be in the room and that you’re coming for us. And we love that! So today, I have a special episode for you as I’m sharing some insider moments from the awards ceremony of the recent 200K event in Cabo, San Lucas. Get ready to be inspired!

The awards ceremony is one of the highlights of the entire 200K event, and it’s a beautiful opportunity for students to take in their accomplishments. But it’s also a great opportunity for you all listening to create intentional belief seeds that you can water, which will have you creating 200K and $2 million in your own businesses.

Don’t miss this episode as you’ll hear live footage from the 200K awards ceremony, how much the winners have made in their businesses, and the thought processes that got them to that point. I want you to use this episode as an audio vision board to come back to over and over to help you feel the energy you need to build wealth in your life.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why the awards I’ve won mean more to me than my college diplomas.
  • How to use other people’s success as a catalyst for your own.
  • Why these students are an example of what’s possible with this process.
  • How to let these awards be an acknowledgment of what you want to achieve.
  • The driving thoughts from the students who won awards in the ceremony.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 139. Today I have a special podcast for you. So, I just got back from the 200K event in Cabo, San Lucas, I already told you about that on the last episode. And I was thinking that I wanted to share some insider moments with you all from the event. So many of you follow along with the event on our IG, and you write to us, and you tell us how bad you want to be in the room and that you’re coming for us. And we love that.

So, when I was thinking of what I wanted to share, what came to mind most was the awards ceremony. It was, I think one of the highlights of our event, not because of what we taught but because it really gave our students the ability to feel being up on that stage, to create a strong vision for themselves and imagine being there to accept that award. And for our students that received them it was such a beautiful moment to take in their accomplishments.

I remember when LCS, my coaching school started giving awards away and they gave away the most improved player award. And I felt that deep inside of me. I said, “That will be me next year.” And I went out and I held that desire and that intention all year. I am the most improved player. And the next year I was. I showed up to the first mastermind having made 18K, that was the mastermind where I heard about this award.

And the next mastermind I showed up and won most improved player having made $211,000. So 18K to $211,000 just because my school offered an award and I believed that that award, I latched onto it and I believed that that was for me, that I could do it. That that award created that intention for me. And then I went out and did it. And then they created the following year the Brooke Castillo Award for best content. And I said that year that I saw it, “That will be next year.”

And I started this podcast, the Make Money as a Life Coach podcast and I held that intention all year. And I got to work to see myself as a thought leader who creates incredibly valuable content, which was what that award was all about. And I came back the following year, my peers nominated me for that award. And it felt like winning a SAG. To me that was the epitome of my peers voted me in, that my content was the best content of that year.

It was an incredible feeling and it changed my self-concept so deeply, to wish for that award, to desire that award, to put in the work to create that award and then to receive it. That is what I want to create for you all with this episode. And I also have sat with being a six-figure award winner with LCS and a million-dollar award winner. And now I’m imagining myself being on stage for the highest earner award. So, these awards mean more to me than my college diplomas and having them for 200K, creating awards for 200K felt like something I knew I had to do and I had to do right.

And so, I have to share it with you. Even if you’re not in the room yet you can start imagining yourself being in that room accepting that award, having made 200K or $2 million. You can let the existence of the awards be an acknowledgement for you for an intention you want to set, you want to go to work to create and then you want to receive the recognition of that work and having created that thing into the world. And so, I want you to be able to use this as sort of an audio vision board, to come back to over and over, to help you feel that energy and believe yourself there.

And you will get to learn the driving thoughts from my students who did receive those awards. What were their thoughts that got them to 200K? And I have asked them to share how many rounds they had done of 200K. In 200K Mastermind we strongly encourage our students to commit to three years in the mastermind. Because when you do the same thing over and over again as you become better and better and you get coached at a new level of thinking, and approaching that work at a new level, at a higher understanding your results compound.

I have an example of that effect. After four years in my Million Dollar Mentoring group which will be eight rounds of 200K, the equivalent of eight rounds of 200K by the end of this year I will have made $20 million. What? And I ask them to do this because we tend to just think everyone’s results happened overnight. If you listened to episode 138 Slow and Steady Growth last week, it was important for me, for the students to share the investment and work that went into these results to normalize that.

Nothing has gone wrong to make significant investments in yourself, your business and for it to take time to achieve these things. Everyone in the room with me and my mastermind has been doing business for at least six years, some of them more than 10. And we have all invested hundreds of thousands of dollars into our coaching to get to millions, not into our businesses. I’m just saying we can count the money we’ve put into our business in marketing and all the things, all the business expenses, hundreds of thousands of dollars into the value of our brain.

So, I think in so many ways you getting to be a part of this awards show will change your brain forever. It will allow you to really create intentional belief seeds, that’s what we’ll call them, intentional belief seeds. That if you water will have you walking across the stage, will have you creating 200K and $2 million.

And the last thing I want to say before we dive in is the people accepting these awards, many of them should have gotten five awards by now if we were doing them the whole time. And I say that to you to listen for how many rounds some of them have done and think about how much money that has added up for them to be. How much money that can add up to be for you. And so many of our students are in the middle of making 200K to get their awards for the next round. But they’ve had so many huge milestones before that.

Maggie Reyes was actually one of our awards winners. I think she won – she made 300K. But I remember her first round she came in and she made $46,000 and that blew her mind because she had made $46,000 all of the year before. And had essentially come in and done what she did in an entire year just in her first round in her first six months of the year. And then the next round she did it again. She went from 46K in six months to I think 86K in six months.

Rebecca Olson has done four rounds, she’s in her fifth now and in two of those rounds she created her first 100K. And then if you remember, I had her on the podcast and we talked about her work to believe that 100K wasn’t a fluke. And to teach herself that she knew how to make 100K until it was just who she was and what she does. And this past round she made 90K in one round. So almost 100K in just one round. So first of all, I would say she nailed that work.

But there are so many students who have had so many transformations and made so much money who are currently in the mill of achieving that 200K mark. All this to really just drive that point of normalizing that it does take time for about 80 to 90% of people to make these insane dollars that you’re about to hear. And I want you to really know that and know that there are so many celebrations that will happen way before this award. You will literally be out of your mind if you do what you did all of last year in just six months. That will really blow your mind.

It will feel the same way as accepting one of these awards for making 200K. And of course, you’re going to hear from some of those 10% who made insane money in just one round. And you can believe that that could be true for you too because I don’t know that those people thought that it was going to be them before it was. So, if you’re going to use doing impossible things use it for yourself, not against yourself.

So, when you listen take what’s just most valuable for you in the stories of these coaches, whether it’s the people who did it really fast in one round or the slow and steady growers who are at 400 or 500K now but they’re in their fourth or fifth round. Use what serves you. Put yourself in the room, place yourself on stage accepting these awards. Let’s go.


Here’s our winners, so these awards are for returning students who have made 200K or more using this process. They are an example of what’s possible with this process. So, as you do round after round and you make your 200K or 400K you will also be awarded.

So, what we’re going to have you do is we’re going to have you come up when we call you. And I want you to share how many rounds you’ve done, whether it was your first or your fifth, exactly how much money you’ve made year to date, if you know, if it’s not accurate on the board because some of you guys have been making lots of money. In between when we submitted these and now and then I would also love for you to tell everyone the biggest thought that got you to 200K. So, then everybody write all of them down. So, you have a whole list.

So, you’ll come up, you’ll accept your award. We can get a photo, a professional one. We’ll make sure that you get it and then you’ll tell everybody your round and your thought. And then at the end we’ll have you come back up because I want to do a big group photo of the 200K earners and the million-dollar earners. What? Okay, but we’re going to start with a video. So, if you are not on this video, we asked you to submit a video. I think everyone’s on it. Yes, okay.

Alright, so this is everyone who has made 200K and we have asked them to just share their journey. It’s a little compilation that we’re going to share with you first. Alright, let’s go.

Speaker: When I started working with Stacey in December of 2018, I had made $47,000 that year, according to a percentage calculator, that is a 538% increase. Let’s have a moment for that.

Speaker: One of the first things Stacey taught me in 200K was that money is created with my thoughts.

Speaker: Number one, I get clients with my mind.

Speaker: With our beliefs we’re going to be able to create results.

Speaker: The beliefs come before the strategy every single time.

Speaker: 200K is a given and it’s everything beyond that that I am also looking to.

Speaker: Why would you not make it inevitable?

Speaker: I do impossible for breakfast.

Speaker: It’s almost day and night, unrecognizable how different I am as a person.

Speaker: The intention of that creation process that Stacey teaches here in 200K. That has probably changed my life, not just my business.

Speaker: I’ve never been in a room with this many smart, driven, successful women from all different backgrounds.

Speaker: There is absolutely zero reason why you can’t have this – the results that you want.

Speaker: There will be moments of doubt. There will be moments of shame. There will be moments of embarrassment. There will be moments of frustration.

Speaker: Failure is part of this. I have made friends with failure.

Speaker: I learned that I can love myself through this process of being a coach.

Speaker: I love me. I can figure it out.

Speaker: Stacey has created this room that challenged me to believe in myself on a deeper level than I ever have before.

Speaker: You are really getting off of that I’m amazing, I’m terrible, failure rollercoaster to be on my own team so that that evens out a little bit more.

Speaker: Intentionally believing every step of the way it’s happening, even if I don’t see it, it’s happening. Even if I don’t know exactly how it’s all going to work out, it is happening and it has.

Speaker: And that question was who? Who do I need to be? Who is this person that creates this result in her business?

Speaker: You don’t just kind of wait around for demand to show up, you create the demand that you want.

Speaker: Through the 200K process I was really able to come back and create safety for myself and inch by inch get out into the world in a bigger and bolder way.

Speaker: This is the moment where I’m going to spend $25,000 and I’m going to turn it into $2.5 million as quickly as possible and almost a little bit longer than a year later I did just that.

Speaker: So, here’s my magic pill. Are you ready? Unlimited possibility.

Speaker: Not just getting to that first 50K, not just to the first 100K but really all the way up, it’s about your beliefs.

Speaker: I just am so grateful to Stacey and to my mastermind sisters who have held me up at times where I just did not have belief in myself.

Speaker: Because it’s not just about me getting my results. I want everyone in the room to get their own results too because this is the best mastermind and we’re all going to kill it.

Speaker: And I believed I could do it, of course I can.

Speaker: To say that 200K worked for me would be an understatement.

Speaker: I am so grateful for this room, that opened up endless possibility for me.

Speaker: I am all in, Stacey, [crosstalk].

Speaker: This is just the beginning, so I love you so much and I’m so grateful and so honored that I get to be surrounded by you and all these amazing women.

Speaker: And here’s to all of us making $1 million and more.

Speaker: I look forward to making millions to come and doing it in this community of amazing coaches. Let’s go make some money.

Stacey: Let’s go make some money.

Made me a little weepy, you guys are so amazing. Alright, so before we get started, I have to tell you guys this. This is just – first of all, it’s your birthday, right?

Maggie Reyes: Yeah.

Stacey: Happy birthday Miss Maggie. It’s the official three-day event of Maggie, just she sits here. I see her every day and all I do is think about Maggie. Maggie was at dinner last night and she sat next to me and she said that she felt like these three days was Oscar week. She was like, “All the events, all the glamour, all the outfits, it’s Oscar week.” And what you did not know that’s really fun is that when we were thinking about awards I got the idea from my school, LCS does awards. And they have these beautiful clear Tiffanies crystal awards and they mean so much to me.

They mean – I was just talking about this on a podcast, they mean more to me than my diplomas. I look at them and I’m like, “I did this in my business.” I have one for being the best content creator. And I have one for being the underdog, or they call it most improved player. I have several for making 100K and several now for making $2 million or $1 million or more. And they mean so much to me that I really wanted my audience to have that experience. But it needed to be my flair and it needed to be my personality and the vibe of this mastermind.

So, we set our team to work to find something that would be equally cool to the Tiffanies awards. And Mia found the company that makes the Grammys and the Emmys. So today those of you receiving awards these are the exact boxes, Matt has received three Emmys so he knows. This is the box that you receive when you win an Emmy. So, these awards are legit. They match the power of the people in this room. It really is Oscar’s week, Grammy’s week.

Alright, are we ready? Alright, Andrea Giles come on up. Oh good, we want all the tears. Alright, tell them how many rounds, what’s your thought? And if our numbers are off a little bit, feel free to correct us.

Andrea Giles: My second round, I’m at 210 right now since July of last year. Gosh, the thoughts, I think the thought that has made the biggest difference for me is that when I trust that I want matters, and when I honor what I want it allows greatness in all the people that I serve. The more that I honor myself and trust that my desires matter, it elevates all the people that I get to work with. And it’s helped me – it’s helped me to make $200,000 by trusting myself first.

Stacey: I love that. Awesome. Good. Alright, let’s stand right here. Wait, where’s the thing? Did you get it? Alright, yay.

Andrea Giles: Thank you.

Stacey: You’re so welcome. Alright, I can’t carry all of these. Alright, Chavonne, Chavonne Perotte for making $200,000. These are heavy, guys, good luck getting them home. Customs is going to be like, “What is this?” Here you go.

Chavonne: So exciting. Alright, so this is my third and a half round, 3.5. And I think I’m probably at 210 since July of last year now. And I think the biggest thought that has gotten me to this point is I’m the best marriage coach in the world. And I say that with one of my best friends also being the best marriage coach in the world. And I think as even in that video, the self-concept that I embody is the secret to my success. And so, I choose to believe that I’m the best. That is an over-promise to myself about how I have to show up in the world and how I have to deliver to my clients.

And so, I’m the best marriage coach in the world. You are the best at your niche, no matter who else is doing the niche, you are the best. And the more that you embody that the more it will be true.

Stacey: I love it. Alright. Thank you. Alright, Ellie, Ellie Frey Zagel. You are virtual. Where are you at girlfriend? And I think we have your award because we thought you were coming. Alright, how many rounds have you done and what’s your thought that got you here?

Ellie Frey Zagel: Yes. So, this is actually my sixth round. And I’ve made a little over 236,000, I think I’ve made about $236,000 in 12 months. And my thoughts that got to me the 200, over 200 mark are this is fun and I’ve got my own back.

Stacey: You’ve worked hard on that one, I know that. Yeah, awesome, okay. I’m going to accept your award on your behalf and then we’re going to mail it to you.

Ellie Frey Zagel: I appreciate it, thank you so much.

Stacey: Here you are. Alright. Jackie Murphy, $200,000 and had a baby. Hi. You’re so welcome. Yeah, go tell them, all the things.

Jackie Murphy: Okay. I’m going to be honest. You guys sent me the invitation to get this. And I thought they made a mistake because I’m still learning how to integrate the coaching you gave the very first round, that I can be a mom and make multiple six figures. So, I think she must stop. So, it’s super hard for me to stand here right now and say, “Yes, I did this and I produced a human.”

So, oh man, you guys, the thought that got me here is I can put anything I want in that R line and that means lots of money. And it means a beautiful family and lots of time with my little boy. So, thank you.

Stacey: You’re going to make me cry now. Alright, come over here and stand on this line, dry all of our tears. It’s okay, we’ll have them edit out the snot. Keina Newell, $200,000. Here you are, you’re so welcome. Alright, tell them what’s up.

Keina Newell: So, this is my second round. I think the thought that served me the best is this is who I am. I thought a lot in different spaces this week about where I started. And realizing that I charged somebody $40 for a meet up group in 2018 and I made $1500 that year. I remember you coaching me in 2K and I was like, “Oh my goodness, I’m never going to get another consult.”

Stacey: It was $200,000 later.

Keina Newell: Yeah. But yeah, I think this is who I am has really been a thought that has served me really well to just embody this is the person that I’m becoming. And selling myself on it’s not a matter of if it’s going to happen but when.

Stacey: So good, alright, come and get a photo. Alright, congratulations. Alright, Laura Dixon, $200,000 and a baby. I feel like I’m handing them a baby. It’s so delicate.

Laura Dixon: It feels like it’s heavy as a baby. So yes, they asked me for my numbers on Saturday. And I was just telling them, in the last 48 hours I made another $15,000 just hanging out here. This is my third round. I made let’s see, 2020 I made $30,000 cash and in the last 30 days I’ve made $60,000 cash. And I got one of these thoughts from Maggie actually that she said, “It doesn’t have to take time, it just takes alignment.” And it always brings me back to doing some thought work.

Stacey: Doing some thought work, I love it.

Laura Dixon: Is there anything else we were supposed to say?

Stacey: I think that’s it.

Laura Dixon: Okay, perfect. Thank you.

Stacey: Amazing. Alright, come and get a photo with me and your award baby. Congratulations. Alright, Leigha May, making $200,000. You’re so welcome. Alright, tell them everything.

Leigha May: Right. So, year to date I am at 140,000 and in the last 12 I’m at 200K, yeah, 200K, that’s right.

Stacey: 140,000 year to date. Dang, alright, I love it. What’s the thought that created all that money?

Leigha May: My favorite thought is I’m willing to feel any feeling to create this big audacious life. I have a lot of feelings and they’re all okay, they’re all okay.

Stacey: So good, I love it, alright, come and get a photo. I love it. Congratulations. Alright, Melissa Parsons.

Melissa Parsons: So, in the past year I’ve made $213,000 and I quit my job as a pediatrician in April. The thought that has gotten me here is my success is inevitable, just keep going.

Stacey: Good. Alright, Andrea Nordling. $200,000 without ever talking to me. I love that they come with little cloths to wipe them off.

Andrea Nordling: They’re so fancy.

Stacey: It is fancy.

Andrea Nordling: Fancy. Second round and my thought is this is fun. But my family and I, I was thinking as I was watching everyone else. My family and I sold our house last year. So, no, last year, last 12 months 211K and we have been travelling full-time in an RV. So sometimes it’s like this is fun. Then sometimes this is fun. But it’s always the same thought, so that’s my thought.

Stacey: I love that. Congratulations. Alright, Dex, Dex Randall. How are you doing?

Dex Randall: Hi, Stacey.

Stacey: I’m accepting your award right now on your behalf and we’re mailing it to you. It’s on its way. But tell us what’s the thought. How many rounds have you done and what’s the thought that you got you to 200K?

Dex Randall: Well, this is my second, I’m on about 230 at the moment.

Stacey: And the thought that created it, tell us.

Dex Randall: I think probably it’s still I’m emitting possibility because it seems to be the best one I have.

Stacey: So good. So good, I love it. Well, congratulations, Dex. Alright. Kristen Finch, $240,000.

Kristen Finch: Fourth round, two on, two off, two on. The thoughts – I’m so emotional. It’s never a fluke, that’s what made me leave for two rounds, not believing that I was the one creating it. I believe my thoughts create all my results, except money. That’s what I did believe. So, it took time but it is, it’s always working, it’s never a fluke, for sure.

Stacey: That’s so good, I love it. Congratulations.

Kristen Finch: Thank you.

Stacey: Alright, come for your photo. Alright, Laura Conley. I love this festive outfit, I love it. It’s just like your personality right here, I love it.

Laura Conley: It’s very yummy mommy.

Stacey: Yes, it’s very yummy mommy.

Laura Conley: Yeah, okay, this is – hi, guys.

Stacey: 250,000.

Laura Conley: Wait, hold on, it’s not hi, guys, it’s hi yummy mommies, because we’re all yummy mommies, you don’t know it. I’m not saying guys anymore. Anyway, this is my second round and the thoughts are just, I just don’t quit. I have fun and doubt is coming and that means I’m on the right track. It actually means I’m doing it right when I notice doubt or disbelief is there. Doesn’t mean I believe it or entertain it but it can, it can just hang out.

Stacey: That’s so good, I love it. Congratulations. Alright, Elizabeth Salazar, $253,000.

Elizabeth Salazar: So, this is my eighth round. And this is actually my fifth time making $200,000.

Stacey: Whoa, wait a minute. So, you have made $1 million?

Elizabeth Salazar: I have. And before I met Stacey, I had two years of making $6,000. And so, in four years, making a million dollars in the second time, the thought – because this has been a different 200,000 for me. It’s been building a program and building a group. And the thought that I have now has been that this isn’t about me. There are people who need this. And there was so much money I made focused on me and focused on what I wanted. And I see so clearly how the growth from here is really about focusing on other people in such a bigger way.

Stacey: That was good. I can’t believe you’ve made $1 million in your business, that’s amazing. I mean I can believe it but I’m so excited. We were talking about that last night at the dinner. Adding up how much you’ve made in a time period. I’ve made $15 million in the time that I’ve been in my business. That helps me believe I can have 15 million in one year. So good. Alright, Sara Fisk, $267,000.

Sara Fisk: Maybe I will cry, maybe. My husband asked me, “I don’t get to come with you? What kind of meeting is this?” And I just said, “You have had your whole life, people helping you create your business, other peers and mentors cheering you on. And I just need to be with mine. I need to be in the room with the people who are pulling for, and creating, and helping me in the way that it just doesn’t exist.” This is my third round. I’m – I don’t know – maybe 275, 280 by now.

And this is the first time that I actually understood some of the concepts that I’ve been learning for the last three rounds. So, you can make a hell of a lot of money with a half-managed mind and about half of an understanding of the concepts in this book.

So, it’s – the thought that I’ve had which is a good thought and as I’ve discovered, a thought that needs some help is it’s all working, it’s all coming together because it’s a great belief but it has also kept me out of really close examination of my processes. Because if I just kind of believe it’s all working, it’s all coming together then, so I’m ready to do the close examination of processes and things. And I just – if you can do this half assed, I mean it’s going to be amazing.

Stacey: You’re going to make a lot of money. I love that. Alright, Vikki Louise, $273,000.

Vikki Louise: Okay, hello. Hi. So, I did two rounds of 200K and now I’m in my second round of 2 million. And when I applied to 200K we were told not to apply unless we’ve made over 25K. I just got off the back of not getting hired by Stacey after applying, so a big rejection from the dream job. And then I went on in that first round to create, blow my mind what I could achieve in a year in six months. And that changed my brain. And so, the thought I want to give you all is someone else made up the success rules and we get to create new ones and that’s it.

Stacey: So good. I love it. Congratulations. Alright, Danielle Savory.

Danielle Savory: Okay, so what is the thought? I think for me and even in our first round, so I’ve been in this round, six rounds I think, that’s how long you’ve had it, yeah.

Stacey: A while.

Danielle Savory: A while. And I was like I’m not sure if women really want better sex. So really for me so much of my work was women want this, the world changes the more women are pleasured. And I truly, truly believe that. So just every time a woman has an orgasm because they’re owning their pleasure, the patriarchal system that we are in crumbles a little bit more and that is the thought that keeps me going.

Stacey: Alright, Maggie Reyes, $300,000 and happy birthday.

Maggie Reyes: I have more than one thought to the surprise of no one. One of my favorite thoughts that has given me so much confidence to sell is my clients always get everything they need. So, someone comes into my space, whether I need to know it, whether it’s some inspiration, some resource, whatever it is, they always get everything they need and they always do. And so, I feel so strong in selling that because I believe that. And then it happens.

Stacey: So good, and remember, delivery is what makes your selling better.

Maggie Reyes: Yeah. So, the second thought was I am a genius. I put that in my desktop. And then I got interviewed by Brooke Castillo and she said, “That’s genius.” And the moment that I happened I was like I thought it first and then one of my most important mentors said it. Then three weeks later I said something to Stacey, she said, “That’s genius.” And I thought I’m going to keep thinking things because this works.

Stacey: Yes, I love it.

Maggie Reyes: This is my sixth round. I always say I’m on a three-year plan, this is the three-year plan. But now I’m graduating to the lifer plan, that’ll be in the next iteration of the process.

Stacey: I love it, so good. Congratulations. Alright, Maisie Hill.  For our virtual audience, I’m accepting your award Maisie on your behalf. It’s on its way to you. Alright, tell them how much money, if it’s any different than what we have, how many rounds you’ve done and what thought created all the monies.

Maisie Hill: I think what you had was right. I think it’s 350 for the last 12 months.

Stacey: With a membership?

Maisie Hill: [inaudible].

Stacey: Michelle and I are just over here just crying our eyes out.

Maisie Hill: I just can’t believe that I’m about to go into a group that’s called the 2 Million Dollar group. The thoughts, oh my gosh, my thoughts. So, I found out, this is my second – I did two rounds of 200K and this is my first round going into the 2 Million Dollar Group. And I was diagnosed as autistic at the start of the first round and the thought that has really worked for me is I have the perfect brain for this. And the other one that I love is I create an impact everywhere I go and that people are always supporting my work and I don’t even know that they’re doing it.

Stacey: So good. Congratulations, Maisie. And I will see you tomorrow in 2 Million Dollar Group. I love that one. I have the perfect brain for this. Yes. Alright. Claire Byrne, $358,000.

Claire Byrne: So, I just said to Lindsay Dotzlaf when I heard about that this was similar to an Emmy, that this is a very full circle moment for me. So, I’d like to thank – let me play out my childhood dream, you guys. So, I, like Maggie, have multiple thoughts, similar to Chavonne I was thinking. I think it was always I’m the best fucking heartbreak coach on the planet. But then I felt like that kind of got stale for me. How many rounds? Elizabeth said eight and I know I was with you the whole time, so that includes 2 million.

But I felt like is that just getting stale or whatever? And then I really realized, reflecting over the last year, which by the way, there was still a lot of drama playing into creating all of this. But when Stacey said to me actually in January, “This is what you’ve been meant to be doing all along.” That’s the one that really landed with me because I had thought I was supposed to be doing something completely different. But I have never been more in love with what I do than what I do now.

And that’s just everything to me, when I really thought that it was supposed to be something else. So, when you said that to me on the first day of 2 Million Dollar Group, that really did change it.

Stacey: Congratulations. Alright, Melanie Childers, $360,000.

Melanie Childers: I’m looking at that now and I’m like for real? Did that happen?

Stacey: For real.

Melanie Childers: For real. So, this is my sixth round and like a lot of you I have many, many thoughts, most of which will most definitely make me cry if I stand here long enough. So, one of the biggest ones that kept me going was that I can fucking do this, if I don’t give up. That was my whole trajectory, it’s part of my story, this big give up cycle. And if I don’t give up anything is possible. And in the last year one of my driving thoughts has been the more money that women make the more we can change the world for everybody.

And it is as feminist as fuck to make a lot of money and use that shit to change the world. And we’ve got a lot of work to do, let’s fucking go.

Stacey: Alright, Amy Latta, $368,000.

Amy Latta: Yeah, as of this week it’s about 375 and so…

Stacey: Guys, that’s almost $400,000.

Amy Latta: Yeah. Well, and I’m going to get to a thought that I have here. So, the thoughts – I’ve been working with you for four years, it was that year where I went to work with your mentor. So, I don’t know how many, was it six rounds maybe that I’ve been in? So, it’s been four years. And what got me into the 2 Million Dollar Group was I am the best confidence coach in the industry and what I do is necessary.

And that number there is not the most I’ve made in a 12 month period. I’ve actually made over 400,000. But I was actually coaching 22 hours a week. That number, I coached two hours a week. So, the coaching we’ve been getting in the 2 Million Dollar Group helped me be okay with that. And so that’s when I realized my new thought is I’ve absolutely believed ever since I made 200K that obviously I’m a $1 million earner. This is the year I become the woman who is the $1 million earner.

Stacey: So good, I love that. Congratulations. And I will tell all of you, 368,000 from group and programs is not the same as 368,000 one-on-one. It’s such a huge accomplishment. Alright, Lindsey Mango.

Lindsey Mango: Okay. I’m going to try not to cry. So, I did two rounds of 200K and now I’m on the second round of 2 Million. I also have made more money doing one-on-one but I’m now doing a program. And I think the value, when I think about the value of what I’m learning in 2 Million, I was making a lot of money before, but my life was a living hell, I made my life a living hell. So that’s been one of the biggest transformations is that I’m just calm, and certain, and I get to be in my life and make a fuck ton of money doing it too. And so that’s just been huge.

But the main thought that created this and I think created my first 200K and continues to push me to show up every day is if Stacey never had the balls to show up at a networking event in little, little Kentucky I wouldn’t even know what a life coach was. And that, I think about that every day, that there are women and people who don’t know their purpose and who are sitting there waiting for me to have the balls to show up and give them that opportunity. And that gets me out of bed every day in the morning.

Stacey: Alright, Miss Rachael Bodie, $423,000. Hey, Rachael. I’m accepting your award on your behalf. It’s on its way to you.

Rachael Bodie: Thank you so much. I’m there in spirit. I’ve got my Cabo gear on.

Stacey: I love it.

Rachael Bodie: So, it’s my third round. And I’m going to cry too. All you people are just – I’m trying to – I keep crying because it’s just so inspiring. So, I have – I started my business last May – or sorry, last March. And just this room, what it has made possible for me and just having a coach to stand in the belief for me. And the thought and the peer coaching, not just Stacey, but talking about peer coaching, Maggie coached me. And the thought that she uncovered that I even – I said was, “I have everything I need.” And that has just been huge for me.

Every time I question, Stacey, I come in, she’s like, “5K in a year, let’s do 10K in six months. We’re going to land your niche right now.” And I just didn’t question it, I just kept on myself, I have everything I need. I’m going to coach my brain, raise my self-concept. And I have. And it’s just been everything. And I think for me the other piece has been huge is not just I have everything I need, but really shifting to this is what she needs. My coaching is what someone’s been waiting for out there, just like I was waiting for this container.

Stacey: So good. I love it. Congratulations. Alright, Becca Pike, $486,000.

Becca Pike: Hi, guys. Oh my God, the emotion in this room. Maisie Hill just fucked me up, for real, for real. Okay, so last round was my first round. And the container that this place is, is just stunning to say the least. I was very hustly, no one had ever put a process into my brain. No one had ever calmed me down until last round. And the process works, it really does.

Stacey: That’s a good thought, the process works.

Becca Pike: Yeah. I think I just trusted the process from the beginning. You know what I mean? And so that was really helpful. The thought that I think has really embedded in me in the last year is just when I was starting my first business, I wish that I had had a me so badly. And when I put myself in the shoes of other people that are starting businesses, I know that they need me and that’s concrete, and that’s all.

Stacey: So good. I know that they need me. Yes, alright, congratulations.

Becca Pike: Thank you.

Stacey: Alright, Dara Tomasson, $486,000.

Dara Tomasson: Okay. So, one of the things I teach my ladies is that you need to worry more about what you think of you than what other people think of you. And when Stacey told me that she believed that I could make a lot of money selling life coaching, quilt, Losing Weight for Quilters. And she said, “Dara, if you want to make a lot of money do what I say.”

Stacey: Can you believe that?

Dara Tomasson: I can actually. And I am so grateful. And so, one of the beliefs that I had is like Brooke says, the more willing you are to be vulnerable the more success you’re going to have. And I definitely put myself out there every day and I’m actually really, really proud of myself because the work that I do changes generations. And I have my kids just down the road surfing and having so much fun. And I’m changing the life of my people, my family and my people are changing the life of their families.

And so, so darned grateful for that day that I showed up at 2K and Stacey sell it to me because I have replayed that in my head over and over. So, you need to believe in yourself, believe in your tools and just get to work and be courageous to be you. Alright, have you got that? Thank you so much.

Stacey: You’re so welcome. Alright, Kathryn Ann Morrison, $525,000.

Kathryn Ann Morrison: It does feel a little bit like a baby. When I started 2K two years ago I went through four rounds of 200K. And I came to the live event with a breast bump because I just had my third kid. And everyone could hear it in the back. And so, it’s just kind of fun that now I’ve got a little baby to hold on to. So yeah, the biggest thought. I’m going to go a little out there. Actually, I’m going to get a little weird with everybody.

Stacey: Not shocked.

Kathryn Ann Morrison: My thought is I was born for this. And I was sharing with a few people last night and it was resonating so I’ll just go there. In a lot of spiritual traditions, when a woman was having a dream or a vision it was meaningful. And when a lot of the women in the village started to dream the same thing, it was like a prophecy. And I think a lot about the coaching industry and I feel like we’re birthing new Earth. So, when I think about that, the power of what we’re all collectively doing in this room and that we were all born for this and the compound effect of what we’re all creating, it’s fucking crazy. So, let’s do it.

Stacey: So good, I love that. Congratulations. Alright, Bonnie Koo, $527,000.

Bonnie Koo: This is my third round, one round 200K and then my second round of 2 Million Dollar Group. And God, I remember when I hired my first coach in 2018 and she told me my success was inevitable but I didn’t believe but she held the belief for me. And then I will say it wasn’t until this weekend that I really started to believe it for myself. And I think it was Sara Fisk was saying, I didn’t understand anything until this weekend. I’m like, “Oh, this [inaudible] thing sounds really cool. And then at the pool I was talking Liz Salazar, I was like, “I know the process.” I was like, “I don’t think I do.”

Of course, I do, and so I think it just goes to show that you don’t have to understand everything to make a lot of money. And I just added up all the money I’ve created in my coaching business since I started and it’s over $1 million. And now I just get to figure out how to do it in 12 months.

Stacey: Yes. Lindsay Dotzlaf, $575,000. The thing you all may not know about Lindsay is I had a retreat in Cabo a couple of years ago right here. And she said, “I don’t know if making $1 million is something that I want to do. It just doesn’t really feel like it’s for me.” Halfway there. Congratulations.

Lindsay Dotzlaf: Okay, so I can’t look at Stacey because I’m going to cry.

Stacey: I’m over here.

Lindsay Dotzlaf: Okay. You’re going to love what I’m about to say. So, I don’t know how many rounds, all of them, 100 maybe, all of the rounds, that’s how many times. So, it works. And I think – so usually when I think about what is the thought that got me here I a lot of times go to something that’s outside of myself, work is important, people need it, very thinking about all of the other people. So, I think the kind of differentiator for me recently has been just working on the thought, this is just who I am, it’s what I do and I’m really fucking good at it.

Stacey: Yes. So, we have three awards, two we’re going to do today, Simone is not with us but we will honor her in spirit for $2.5 million. And she just had a baby so she is with her baby giving him all the love and attention, and money, all the love and attention and money. So, Simone, we are with you in heart, we love you, we’re accepting your award on your behalf. So, we have two left. These are our students who have made over $1 million. So, Samantha Siffring.

Samantha Siffring: I’m going to try to keep it together. I was like, oh no, I’m going to be so good, not to be emotional. That was a lie. So, a lot of my thoughts were your thoughts. And so, I really wanted to think about something different to offer you. And what came to mind for me that has been kind of an anchor for me throughout the process of building my business was actually on the mug from my first round. So, I’ve done five rounds with Stacey, two and 2 Mil Group. And it was – this is just the beginning.

And I think I made a 100K in my business total at that point. And that felt so big. And I read that on that mug and you said it all the time in this phase. And it was just immediate perspective of 100K feels so big and it’s just the beginning. And so, each achievement, that has felt so big and felt so amazing, I’ve soaked that in. And I have also had this awareness that it’s just the beginning. So, I want to offer that to all of you. I know that’s how I feel about making $1 million, that it’s still just the beginning. There’s so much more that I’m building.

I feel the same looking at Stacey’s business. I’ve seen so much evolution of you, and this program, and this brand. And it’s still just the beginning for you. So just hold on to that, remember that, cherish every win and know also it’s still just the beginning.

Stacey: So good. Love it.

Samantha Siffring: You’re welcome.

Stacey: Congratulations. I have to just tell you all really quick before we give our final award away, that that thought, this is just the beginning came from just one call. LCS does a monthly call for their certified coaches and this was years ago when I had no furniture and I was in my little apartment. Brooke and some of you that are in, our old LCS people will remember this. But she played one call an hour and it was called The Circumstance Game. And she’d written all these circumstances down, good and bad. Amy, do you remember that?

And she told you, think of a life sentence that you wanted to live by in the good and the bad. And then she, once you had your sentence, she would hold up a circumstance. And you had to imagine approaching that circumstance with that belief. So, it would be circumstances like $1 million, cancer diagnosis, whatever it was. She gave so many different examples. And the thought that I chose was this is just the beginning. And I never let that thought go. And now it still fuels me to this day.

And it’s so fun to see it fueling you as well. So, it’s the little things, those little moments that end up compounding. Alright, are you ready? Our highest earner in the 2 Million Dollar Group, Miss Kristen Boss at $3 million in the last 12 months.

Kristen Boss: Yeah, emotions come up at the mic. When I applied for 200K I had made a 100K in my business. And I applied just to learn to make 200K and to prove that the first 100K wasn’t a massive fluke. And obviously it wasn’t. And the thought that has carried me over and over again because my brain really likes to tell me somehow this is a fluke. And I’ve realized that every time I say that I’m realizing I’m pushing away the thought that it’s not safe for me to be the most successful version of me.

And so that has been the thought that honestly has propelled me is it’s safe to be successful. And it’s safe to have, so thank you, Stacey.

Stacey: You’re so welcome, congratulations. Let’s give the biggest round of applause for all of those thoughts, from all of our 200K and million-dollar earners.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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