Make Money as a Life Coach® with Stacey Boehman | Radical ROIsAs many of you know, I’m currently going through my 30-million-dollar reinvention, which means I’m constantly shattering my upper limits in my own business and making huge investments in myself. And when I make upfront, full, non-refundable investments in the thousands, or any amount for that matter, I always get radical ROIs.

So, this week’s episode’s goal is to answer the question many of you are thinking about: how do you maximize returns on every single investment you ever make? The way I show up always gets me insane results, so I’m sharing my thoughts and the genius that has come out of me as I’m going through a deep state of growth right now. 

Join me this week to discover how to get radical ROIs in your business. You’ll hear why being fanatical and obsessive about your investments is vital, what to consider if you’re either afraid of investing or you haven’t gotten the results you want from your investments, and how to start thinking about making a radical return on all of your investments. 

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What being obsessive about showing up 100% all-in and committed to your investments looks like. 
  • How I think about making a radical return on my investments. 
  • One question to ask yourself if you’re not experiencing the radical ROIs you want. 
  • What you need to know if you’re afraid of investing and betting on yourself.
  • How to engage your emotional body and brain to produce maximum results from your investments. 

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach® podcast where sales expert and master coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 203. Today we’re going to be talking about radical ROIs, radical returns on your investments. I’ve been thinking about this a lot for myself as I invest a lot of money in my business. And I am currently, I just invested, if you listen to the $30 million Reinvention you know I’ve just invested in a new mastermind for myself. And I’ve been thinking about my approach to my behavior in this mastermind and my approach to how I show up to all of my coaching.

I also recently recorded a podcast several months ago on increasing my coachability. So you could also go back and listen to that one. But I’ve just been paying attention to how I show up in the world to my investments and why is it that I get such huge returns on my investments? What do I think, and how do I feel, and how do I show up that creates such massive returns for myself? And I’ve been thinking a lot about that because I’m also thinking about for my students, how do I get them massive returns on their investments?

So let me just say so we have a couple parts to this episode but let me just say first of all that I think any investment you make that gives you any amount of return is a good one. So I was recently telling one of my students, she paid 25K and she made 41K for her first round of 200K for the first three months. So we still have half of the mastermind to go. But within the first three months she paid 25K, she made 41K. And I was telling her, “If that were an ATM, you would do that every time over without any thoughts and any fears about yourself investing. You would just make that return.”

I think that’s a good return no matter what. If you pay, even if you paid 25K and you only made 25K, but you learned skillsets and thoughts that will fuel you to make more money moving forward forever, it’s still a good investment. But if there’s even a little bit of a higher return for 25K to 41K, that’s a good investment. We’re just not taught to think that way. But I have been thinking about, but what is the difference between the people who do 25K and 41K versus 25K and say 100K? We have a lot of people that will come in and they’ll do a 100K return on their 25K investment.

And I want to say that first of all, any return, again, you’re not doing it wrong. You’re doing it very, very, very right. But how can we do it better? How can we make that return, how we maximize it? That’s what I’m thinking about for all of my students. If I could turn that 41K investment into 51K, for example, 25K for 51K, whatever. I’m using very specific numbers, this was someone’s very specific numbers. But that additional 10K matters. What if it was 20K more or 30K more?

And I have really, really huge returns every single time I invest. So I’ve been thinking a lot about and talking to my students a lot, and people on my list and in my audience, a lot about their thoughts about investing and their thoughts about doing the work once they’ve done the investment, how they approach the work. And I’ve been looking at their returns and I’ve been watching the students who get huge returns and trying to mine for that brilliance.

So I want to say that at the very beginning that this episode’s goal is to answer the question, how do we maximize every single investment you ever make in your business? That, I want you to have that whether you ever work with me, or you work with me once, or for years, whatever it is. I just want you to be able to have that result, where every investment you ever make, whether it’s in life coach training to become a life coach, one-on-one coaching, masterminds, programs, going to events. I’m about to speak at Life Coach Live. I’m super excited about that.

Whatever it is that you put your money into, even if it’s the stock market or ads, this is another thing, even for ads. I’ve had radical returns for ads, whatever you put your money into, how do we maximize the return? And here is something I have noticed is I have noticed that my emotional body, so my thoughts, and then the vibration those thoughts send through my body and the way I’m able to work myself up with compulsion, and excitement, and energy, and drive.

The way I’m able to do that, the chain reaction I create in my body has me showing up to my investments in such a ridiculous way, such a radical, obsessive, compulsive way, in a good way, not like the other way. In a very good way that serves me, that the returns I get are absolutely insane. And so I actually prerecorded a portion of this podcast, so the other piece of this episode is I really want to be sharing my thoughts, and my inspirations, and kind of the genius that comes out of me in its raw, vulnerable form as I’m going through my $30 million reinvention.

And as I’m going through a deep state of growth for myself I think sometimes we don’t see business coaches in the industry talking about that as much because we’re teaching business, so we don’t share as much, it just happens that way, that you’re in your expert energy more often, you’re not sharing as much of your own stuff. So I really do try to do that for you all. And I’m going to be doing more of that. And also just in general for business owners.

I want you guys to know what it looks like to go through massive growth and to fail, and to rebrand, and reinvent, and do all those things. So I’m go be trying to share these things with you as they come out of me. Sometimes I give you, a lot of times, most times, I give you on this podcast very organized content that I’ve spent lots of time thinking about. And I think that that has lots of value and I’ve really organized it in a very pretty digestible way.

But I also think that hearing my stream of thought, my stream of conscious thoughts are super helpful as well. You just have to mine I think a little bit more for the genius, but it’s there. You guys loved the episode I did on digging out of a hole. It wasn’t as organized. It was just if we’re having a conversation here it is. This is the same one. But one of the things I’m going to be trying to do as I share my journey is I’m just going to hop on my phone and just record it as it comes out of me as soon as the idea gets to me.

Because we work so far ahead in our business that if I don’t do that, I could write the idea down but the podcasts, we’ve already decided what they’re going to be for an entire quarter in advance. And so there might not be room to get it in. And by the time I do have room to get it in, I’ve already moved on from it. And the ideas that are exploding out of me, they’re not as exploding out of me anymore. So I’m going to try to share these either in bonus episodes or on episodes like this, regular weekly episodes.

I want to get it out of me and get it to you so that you can come along with me on the journey. So this episode is going to answer the question of how do we maximize returns for you. How do I think about it in a way that serves me so well to get me such huge returns so that you can borrow my thoughts. And it’s a little bit of a raw episode of me just letting my thoughts out about a particular subject. And for this one it’s being very radical with returns and with showing up to the current investment I just made.

And what I think is a little bit different in the way that I approach it that I see other people doing it. I don’t know if I mentioned this already, but I was talking to a student recently and she was trying to decide whether she wanted to continue to do another round of 200K. And she had a lot of thoughts, and I basically coached her on none of those. But the thing that stood out to me was that it didn’t feel like she was emotionally engaged in a way that was compelling her forward about her goal. And because of that, the investments she was making was also not compelling her forward.

So when you’re not compelled in your goals and when you’re not radically approaching achievement of your goals, then you won’t radically approach the coaching to get you there. So then if you look at the model, our thoughts create our feelings. Our feelings drive our actions and then those actions produce results. If you’re not having radical thoughts that create really engaged emotions to fuel massive action in the investments you make and in the work you do, how you implement what you learn. You’ll never produce a massive result.

What I would say is 50% of my students are kind of in the middle. They are showing up. They are working hard. They’re putting a ton in, but they would love to be getting probably 10 times more than what they get from their investments. They would love to put 25K in and get 250K out first time around. And I think that’s possible, but I think the link is in how you approach it in your body, how your entire body gets lit up and how you interact. And then interact in the learning and then implement will determine that.

So if you’re in that 50% where you’re doing well, you’re getting a pretty decent return, but you want a radical return. And you know, when I say radical return you know if you feel like you’re getting that or not. If you don’t feel like you’re getting a radical return I want you to ask yourself, are you showing up radically? Are you showing up to your business, and to your learning, and to your implementing in a radical way? And so I want you to listen to this recording that I recorded and hear my energy and see how I talk about specific things I’ve done already since I joined my mastermind.

And the way that I approach advice I get, and if I ask a question, the way I approach every single answer I give, especially if I crowd source. I ask a bunch of people how I approach that. I talk about my thoughts in this prerecorded portion about how I approach learning in general in a way that really does maximize my returns to where they feel absolutely radical. I was telling my student, if I invest 50K I’m going to get 500K back in six months. I’m going to make millions compounding because I made that investment but I’m going to 10x it right away.

I’m going to get every ounce, every single call I show up for is going to be worth 50K if that’s what I paid. I’m going to get literally everything I came for and I’m going to be the one driving that and controlling that. And no one is going to have to do that for me and I believe that. I was telling one student, I’m like, “I just invested all this money.” I didn’t even know what the process was. What I was getting, how it was structured, who was in the mastermind, how many people were in the mastermind, how much time I got with the coach. I knew nothing.

The sales page was very direct, very minimal. It was sold at an event that I wasn’t at. I just banged hard on the door to get in. And it didn’t matter because who I am, I am a radical investor. And I get radical returns for myself. So I’m going to give you my mindset, and how I approach investments and how I approach my masterminds, and how I approach my learning. Or just free advice that people give me on the internet, whatever it is.

Because I also leveraged free advice on the internet from a Facebook group, hundreds of people gave me advice on how to get pregnant and it worked. That’s a radical return you all. Pregnant first try after I implemented every single person’s advice. So that level of energy, do you have that in your body for investments?

If you don’t, listen to the second half of this episode and let’s figure this out together. How you’re going to engage your emotional body and your brain to produce for you the most maximum results you can get so that you feel like a very powerful investor and a very powerful creator in your business. Everything will change when you feel that way. Alright, let’s dive in.

Hey coaches, I am having massive transformation after massive transformation. I’ll tell you why here in a minute. But I have just lots of ideas flowing through me as I am in constant breakthrough right now in my own business and my own life or working through a breakthrough. I’ve got a lot going on. I am working through a massive upper limit in my own mind and my own business.

And I am in Brooke, my coach, Brooke’s mastermind, created a Reinvention Mastermind. And there were 10 of us in our group and we’re basically going through an entire reinvention. And I’m already going through a reinvention because I just had a baby and I’m a new mom. And I’m now a new mom with a $10 million business. And I’m getting coached every week on that with my one-on-one coach. So I just have a lot going on in my brain and in my mind. And I want to share some of this with you.

If I invest in a massive transformation for myself those of you who work with me in my programs are obviously going to get benefit. But I also want those of you who listen to this podcast to benefit from that as well. So I’m going to share some ideas with you. So this is the one particularly that I’m thinking about today. I’ve been thinking about the way that I think and the way that I approach my investments that gets me such high ROIs, returns on my investment.

And I just want to share with you a couple of things, they’re super simple but it’s just the way that I show up that gets me these insane results. And what happens, this is the reason I want to share this is because I show up this way and because I think about my investments this way, and I get so much out of them. I’m never afraid to invest in myself. And I just recorded an episode on the upcoming possible recession that everyone’s afraid about. And I just invested $50,000 upfront, full payment, non-refundable for this mastermind.

And I have no fears about it. I have some fears about the discomfort that I’m going to face throughout this process and things I’m going to have to change. And I’m just going to have to get really out of my comfort zone. But I don’t have fears about I’m not going to make my money back, or I’m not going to make this investment worth it. And I think so many of you, when you’re thinking about your investments, you either are thinking about the money going out as an expense, a cost. And you’re not thinking about the money coming in.

And then if you are thinking about the money coming in you’re thinking about the investment bringing that money in for you, not what you’re going to do. And when you think like that, when you think, let’s just use 200K, or Two Million Dollar Group, or 2K, whatever, any of my programs. I’m just in the process of going through our upcoming 200K launch. So that’s the one that I usually use, it’s just the one I’m thinking about.

But let’s just say, when you think about 200K giving you an investment, you sit around waiting and you’re not 100% sure since you’ve never been in 200K if it could actually provide you the investment. It feels kind of out of your hands, feels a little bit scary, feels a little bit like it’s up to me, feels a little bit like it’s up to 200K, it’s up to the other people that are in the mastermind. Who’s in the mastermind? How many people are in the mastermind? What am I going to learn in the mastermind?

It’s like very all the things outside of you, all those dominos have to fall in just the right perfect place for you to feel really great about your investment. Versus this is my plan, this is exactly how I know I show up to every investment I ever make. I always win. I always get more than I came for. I’m always happy with my choices. Having that confidence in your business and in yourself. And so I was thinking about that because I am a radical student. I’m going to use that word ‘radical student.’

I heard this once from Grant Cardone, I was reading or listening to, I think it was Sell or Be Sold, but he talked about how you have to be, and this might not have been his word, but he was like, “You have to be obsessive, or you have to be radical going after what you want.” And I have found that that is true when I really want to grow, I am radical about the coaching that I get. So I want to tell you this process and what I’ve been doing and just kind of walk you through the way that I think about being in this mastermind that I’m in and on this Reinvention process.

So we had a couple of leadup calls and then it actually started where we’re meeting every single week. And then we come together in January for our first in-person meeting. And in January I have some major things I know I’m going to want coaching on, big level things going to 20 million. But then there are a bunch of little things that could get cleaned up right now that I want to do between now and January.

And so I want to just kind of walk you through my process and the way that I see me showing up versus maybe my students showing up, just in my own programs, or I see other people when I’m in masterminds. And I’m not calling anyone out on this current one at all. I’m just saying, I’ve been in masterminds for the last 10 years. I know how people sometimes show up to them. So what I see is different from what I see in other pupil versus me. So for me, I come at this investment like it is, I’m all in, 100% committed. And what I mean all in 100% committed, I mean all in 100% committed.

So my husband and I recently went to Nashville, and we were having our second call of Reinvention. And we went down on a Monday to look at land and to look at houses. We’re moving to Nashville by the way, not immediately, in the next couple of years.

It was the first time I was away from my son ever. It was a whole thing, I never thought I would be leaving him at all before his first year. But then we had this opportunity and we realized it would be a lot to take him and our nanny offered to stay in our house overnight and take care of him. And I feel really safe with her. So we decided to do it. And we thought about driving down and back in one day. But then we were talking to our friends of ours that had just had a baby. And they were like, “Oh my God, you just don’t realize how much you need time alone with each other.”

And so you get back in that time alone with each other and you’re like, “I needed this.” So we decided to stay the night, make a date night of it, go to dinner, get a fancy hotel room, and then head back in the morning, have breakfast and head back. We could have been home by 11:00am, noon at the latest if we had just gotten up, had breakfast, and left. And we’re heading down and I’m like, “Oh my God, I have Reinvention on Tuesday. The call’s at 11:00am Eastern.”

So I talked to my husband and I’m like, “I’m on the list to get coached and I’m third on the list, so it’s likely I’m going to get coached. I don’t want to be in the car getting coached. I want to be at my computer at a trusted Wi-Fi source. I want to make sure that I’m not distracted, that I’m all in present. I really need to be on this call.” And my husband was like, “You’re right.” We both kind of, our intention for my $50,000 investment is that I make an extra $500,000 having done the investment.

If I could do that, just 10x my investment then it’s totally worth it. I think I will make even more than that, but that’s the goal. If I’m going to invest 50K, I want to make $500,000 more than I would have had I not invested the 50K. And so he’s like, “There’s a lot on the line. It’s a lot of money. You’ve got to show up. You’ve got to get coaching from Brooke.” I’ve enrolled him so much that he sees the value so much that he’s like, “Yeah, I’ll just wait around in the hotel room. You’ve got to be on that call. We’ve got to set you up for success.”

And so we ended up not getting home until four ish in the afternoon. And that’s two full days away from my baby, but I wanted to be on the call. And I got coached for 30 minutes straight. And it was breaking my brain, coaching on some very limiting thoughts that I had. I felt a breakthrough instantly, first of all, I felt that shift happen. And then luckily I had a three hour drive home to really get into the work of that breakthrough and really take it all the way through. Spend time with that, that self-coaching work and put some of the coaching into play.

So it was really amazing and really brilliant. There was a lot that clicked for me instantly. So we ended up missing two days basically away from our baby, that’s the point of the story. But then this is what I wanted to share with you guys, I have since watched that coaching three additional times since the first time. Watching it over and over, catching every little thing, watching myself in the thought errors, in the disbelief, in the unwillingness to believe something new. Watching myself operate in that space, hearing myself say the things that I know don’t serve me.

Listening to every single thing my coach is trying to say because you can only take so much in, the first time. So taking it in again, just even having her energy and the way the problem felt so simple for her, hearing that over, and over, and over. Every time I get into the work of implementing the coaching and it starts to feel a little bit hard, l pull that call right back out and I start watching it again. And then it rejuvenates me, and it gets me back into the mind space of where I was in that moment when I got coached and I had the breakthrough.

And so I keep doing that and I have noticed that I don’t see my students or coaches out in the world operating in that same way with the sort of fanatical showing up to their coaching and watching calls over, and over, and over, watching themselves and how they interact. Let’s just say this, I will definitely get coached more than once. But if I had only gotten that coaching one time for the entire mastermind, if that was all I got I know I will get my $500,000 more than I would have made if I had not joined.

I will get my 500K worth just from that 30 minutes because of the way I treat that 30 minutes because I show up to it so fanatically, so obsessively. I’m going to learn every single thing I possibly can from that one session. That’s the way I show up, because I was willing to stay in the hotel room and miss an entire second day with my son and get home late, which of course my husband also doesn’t love. He loves to get up and go. I was willing to do that, enroll my husband so much so that he felt like, no, we can’t leave. It’s so important that you’re on this call.

Because I showed up for that I got the coaching, and because I keep watching the replays, I keep getting more, and more, and more out of the coaching. And then my willingness to implement the coaching right away quickly in an experimental way, to put myself out there. Now the next time I do get coached or the next time I’m on a call I’m in such a different mindset place from where I was when I was on the call the first time. That I’m going to get incrementally compounding more shifts, and more breakthrough, and further along because of the work I’ve done in between calls.

It’s literary been, this call happened last Tuesday. So it’s been, what, nine days or something since that call. And I have already implemented, I have talked to my team about changes that we’re making. I have written new copy for changes I’m making. I have new plans for next year based on changes that I’m making. I am a completely different person. And I know it’s just the beginning, just the little inkling of beginning of the transformation that I’m going to have.

But the way that I showed up out of the gate has brought me so much confidence for how I’m going to show up the rest of the year. That I was telling my husband because he’s so afraid, not so afraid but he’s got lots of thoughts about the recession and how it could possibly hurt our business. And I’m like, you all, “There is no way.” There’s no way because of the way that I show up to the coaching. First of all, I invest in myself to get myself in rooms like this. I will always do that especially in times where it could be harder. I’m always going to put myself in a room.

I’m always going to put myself around people who are solving problems at the highest level. But then I know how I am, I am fanatical to showing up to my own coaching. I am fanatical about it. I’m obsessive about it. So I know that where I’m going to be a year from now could be double where I plan to be because of how I’m going to show up.

So then the second thing I wanted to offer is that this doesn’t even always have to be things you invest in. I was fortunate enough to get a call with a gentleman who is big in the business world and works with a lot of venture capitalists. I had an hour with him, and he looked at my P&L which is our profit and loss statements. Some of you may not have it, if your business is not that big, you probably don’t need it. You can just do it yourself on your own. But once you get to a $10 million business you’ve got to have someone doing your books for you and itemizing everything and all the things.

So he looked at our profit and loss statement, and all of our expenses, and our revenue, and everything, just looked at all of that in the business. And based on that with his expertise, he gave me what he sees and what he’s seen in other businesses and questions I need to answer, areas I need to work on, things I need to consider with my team. And my coach arranged it, my one-on-one coach. And I think I met him on a day that we had an actual life coaching call. By that next week I had already implemented three major things that he had given me.

And my coach, Bev, she was so impressed that I had already put so much into action. And I was thinking about that, the difference between people who get coaching and sit on it forever, and then people who get coaching and just take action immediately. And I think that it’s two things. Number one, I’m just willing to feel uncomfortable, if I know something resonates, and I know I need to do it, the faster I do it, the faster I get where I’m going. And so I don’t want to delay that, trying to just avoid discomfort.

Because the whole time I’m avoiding the discomfort you know what I’m feeling? Uncomfortable. Think about the energy of when you’re thinking you need to do something, but you haven’t done it yet. Maybe it’s a tough conversation, maybe it’s making that offer, whatever it is, like the fucking laundry. I need to do it, I’m dreading doing it, but I know I’ve got to do it. The longer you spend in that energy, you’re feeling terrible anyways. So I just go out and get it done right away. If I know that that’s the plan and I’m going to do it, I’m onboard with the coaching then I’m going to do it.

If I’m not onboard with the coaching, I’m going to figure out why and get onboard with the coaching as fast as possible. This is where the difference of the ROI is. And it goes back to being fanatical. A lot of you all want to sit there and argue with the coaching. You want to say, “Well, no, that’s not the coaching for me and here are all the reasons why, that won’t work and here are all the reasons why. Or this is it, the way I see it. Here’s all the reasons why.” You just want to be very stuck in where you are and very committed to where you are.

And believing that where you are, you’re like, “I’ve thought it so thoroughly through where I am, that this is for sure where I want to be.” But remember, where you are is not where you want to be. You want to be somewhere else. The decisions that you made to get where you are have gotten you only where you are. They’ve not gotten you where you’re going. You have to do different decisions in that regard. You have to decide, okay, that might have been a good reason to get to where I am. It’s not a good reason for where I am now.

So for me I remember when I was in Brooke’s first mastermind when I got coached on 2K for 2K. And I was like. “That’s a pretty dumb name. I don’t think I like that at all.” I spent two weeks fanatically and obsessively coming up with all the reasons why it was such an amazing idea. I sold myself so deeply. I did that for two reasons because a lot of people mistake that for following blindly. I did it because number one, I wanted to be in the room. I chose to be in the room. I chose to get coaching.

So why would I choose to be in the room and choose to get coaching and then not listen to it, and not investigate it, and not be all in with it? So I’m just willing to do that. I’m willing to choose it, go all on with it. And because I know that if I find 100% agreement and get all onboard and just try it, from being fully committed and all in. And then get the result I want, that’s how I know I’m actually committed and all in, is I actually get the result I want.

From the result I can decide if I want to keep doing it again or not. I can decide, you know what, I made a $1 million with 2K for 2K, I did it. And now I don’t like that name so I’m going to change it. I can do that if I wanted. What I don’t do is say, “Okay, I’m going to investigate her reasons for why she thinks this is a brilliant name, and a good idea, and a good marketing tactic. And then I’m going to come back to where I’m going to tell her, “Listen, I heard what you were saying. I went there in my mind. It’s still a no.”

No, she knows so much more than me because she’s been doing it longer and she’s made more money than me. She’s further ahead. And even if she hadn’t, even if you have a coach that hasn’t made more money than you, they have a different perspective than you. They’re not in your emotions. So I want to trust someone who has made a lot of money, who I respect and look up to, and who is where I want to be and has more experience than me. I want to trust that they see something that I don’t.

And then I’m going to also trust myself, that if I can create the results their way that I don’t 100% understand immediately. When I get where I’m going I can decide if I still want that to be my way. Sometimes I have and sometimes I haven’t. So I have so much power in me. I’m not sitting around waiting for coaching that makes me feel good or that I agree with. And I’m not stuck in this space of not taking action because I’m afraid to be uncomfortable or because I want to argue with the coaching that I got. I’m just like, “Let’s go, I’m all in, I want to learn as much as possible.”

And even if I don’t stick with this I’m going to learn a ton along the way. But I promise you, this is what happens because some of you all think there’s a right way and a wrong way. And you think I teach that a lot too, PS. But here’s the truth, there’s 100 right ways and I also believe that. So my way could get me there, her way could get me there. I could get there but I’m getting there slower probably if I follow my thoughts because my thoughts haven’t created $20 million yet. Her thoughts have created $20 million so I’m going to listen, why not?

That could be the right way that time. And when I get to 20 million I can decide, maybe I don’t want to do it that way anymore. Maybe there’s a new right way that emerges. Maybe the wisdom I get from her and then my own wisdom mixed together produce something completely different that neither of us could have predicted. But my mindset is so willing and so open.

So going back to the gentleman that helped me, the same was true for this conversation. There was a couple of things that I was like, “I don’t know.” I’m going to go in and I’m going to try to understand that coaching instead of just discrediting it right away. And there are some things that I know to be true, that’s it and then I’m not going to avoid the negative emotion. I’m going to go into the negative emotion because I know either way I’m feeling negative emotion. I’m either going to feel the negative emotion of anticipating something I have to do that seems scary.

Or I’m just going to do the thing that seems scary. Either way it allows me to move so fast and get such fast results. I remember talking to my coach and she’s like, “I can’t believe you put so much into action.” And I’m like, “Yeah.” The other thing is I’m not an askhole. I used this term with my brother recently. And he was like, “What is an askhole?” So in case you don’t know what an askhole is. An askhole is when you ask for coaching and then you don’t take it. Or you ask a question, and someone answers it for you, and you don’t listen.

I do see this sometimes in my communities. I’m calling you out but jokingly and lovingly I promise. Where I will see someone ask a question and then they get 20/30 people commenting and leaving helpful things. And then I see that the post was two weeks earlier and not one response on any of the comments. That’s being an askhole. Asking and then just not even remotely taking advantage of the people who took the time to help you. This gentleman took the time to help me. So I’m going to listen, that’s it.

These are really, really simple things but they make the world of difference. If you want to get fanatical, obsessive returns on your investment, 10x returns, 20x returns, 100x returns on your investments these are the ways you have to think about them. You have to think about every single opportunity to be coached or when you’re listening to somebody else be coached. We’re not listening to other people be coached. I’m also listening for all of the things that I can take from their coaching as well that I didn’t even know I needed.

That’s the power of listening to other people coach. So I’m going to show up to every single investment I make looking for a 10x return, deciding how I’m going to get that for myself. I’m not going to be an askhole ever. I’m going to ask questions and then I’m going to utilize the answers. I’m going to utilize the coaching. I’m going to listen and I’m going to do the coaching. even the hard stuff, even the stuff that I don’t fully understand. I’m going to do all the work to understand it. I’m going to create the result that I want. And then I’m going to evaluate if I want to keep doing it that way, from a place of truly understanding the coaching.

The only way you know that you understand it is if you implement it and you’ve gotten the result from it. It’s the only way you understand it. I’m going to watch the calls over, and over, and over. I’m going to make sure I’m there and present for every single thing. I’m not going to miss anything, I’m all in. And I’m going to show up super vulnerably. For that call I showed up super vulnerably. I laid it all on the line. At one point I think I said, “I think I’ve lost the ability to coach myself on this.”

I think my truth was, I told her, she was helping me believe something new. And she was like, this is so good by the way. She said, “Listen, do you want to believe it?” And I was like, “Well, yeah.” And she said, “Okay, so I want you to know that the experience I have of coaching you right now is that you see a dress and you like the dress. And I’m like, “Try it on.” And you’re like, No. I couldn’t possibly.” She’s like, “I’m not suggesting you buy the dress. I’m just suggesting you try the dress on. And you’re telling me you can’t try the dress on.”

And I told her, I was like, “I just feel like my brain is so filled with exhaustion from nursing, and having my baby, and being a new mom. And it just feels so much of that, my energy is going there, that I just don’t even have energy to believe anything new.” And that’s a big thing to say, to be honest and be like, “Here are the reasons why I feel like I can’t implement the coaching you’re giving me, that I can’t get there. I’m going to be honest in the conversation, so you know what’s going on with me.”

And here’s what she said that blew my mind and I will give this nugget to you as well is, “It takes the same energy to not believe and want to believe than to just fucking believe.” She’s like, “What you’re doing now requires energy.” And that really hit me by the way. For all of you who are like, “I just can’t believe and I’m spending so much energy trying to believe.” You’re also spending so much energy not believing. You’re spending the same amount of energy. And I want to offer this to you if you guys are afraid of investing.

You’re spending the same amount of energy and money by not investing and then not having help getting where you want as you would if you actually just spent the money to invest. And then went fanatically all in betting on yourself, taking full responsibility. It’s going to cost you the same amount of money. I know it doesn’t feel like that but trust me. If I hadn’t shown up to this investment, not having invested the $50,000 would have cost me a lot more money. I can tell you that for sure just for the end of this year. And we haven’t even officially started. We officially start in January.

I am telling you that I guarantee my $500,000 return will come back in this year before we officially even started. So I could have been really worried about $50,000, we want to buy land. We want to do this. We have a new baby. My husband’s talking to me about the recession. I could have been like, “It’s not a good time to invest $50,000.” But it would have cost me the same if not a lot more to not have done it. And then it would have cost me, if I’m trying to believe something new.

It’s as uncomfortable to actively not work to believe something new, to give up on unbelieving something new, to give up on your goal, to give up on understanding. That all takes just as much energy as the uncomfortable thing to move you forward.

Okay, so let me ask you this. The last investment you did, did you ask for coaching? Did you utilize coaching given to other people whether, you know, if you did or didn’t get coached yourself, did you utilize the coaching given to other people? Did you utilize the coaching given to yourself? If you asked questions of your colleagues did you utilize that coaching? Did you do that work? Did you take it in if you paid the money, did you take full ownership? Did you watch your coaching over, and over, and over, and over again to understand at new levels?

Have you watched yourself being coached and seen? Just watching yourself, I’m telling you guys, if you just watch yourself get coached, it’s a really powerful thing for your brain to see yourself not in belief and actively resisting belief. And actively being in that space of disbelief to watch yourself do it, to watch yourself give the excuses, to watch yourself say the resistant thing. To watch yourself be confused. It’s the most powerful thing you can do because you’re going to see how un-useful it is. Watching myself getting coached, I’m like, “What am I even doing? What’s happening there?”

And then to see the breakthrough, to see myself in breakthrough, to see that vulnerability of allowing myself to lay it all out there and say the truth of what’s in my mind and have the shift. And to see that relief in my eyes and in my body. And then to go out and actually start implementing it and having ideas from it. And then to show up and be like, “Okay, so it’s been nine days, here’s all the shit I’ve done.” I have a coaching call. She’s meeting individually with all of us one time before we start. And I have a call with her today in a few hours.

And I’m like, “I’m going to show up and be like, “I’ve done this, I’ve done this, I’ve done this.”” Because I’m just all in and I don’t want to show up to the next call being like, “Well, I’m still stuck. I know you said this, but I’m still confused about this. I just can’t get there. I’m just really struggling with this thought. I mean I’ve gotten coached a lot on it.” A lot of you guys say that too, “I’ve been coached a lot on this.” Why have you got to be coached a lot on it? You really don’t need to be coached a lot on one thing.

You need to be willing to feel uncomfortable and be willing to work hard to understand the coaching and take full responsibility of it. And make an agreement with yourself that you made the investment. Go all in, listen to the coach, or the teacher that you wanted to learn from, get the result. And then mix your thoughts with their thoughts, with the result you have, the person you’ve become, mix it all together and see what you want to do next. See if you want to keep doing that same thing. See if you want to do something differently.

That’s my advice for you, be radical, be obsessive. Come hard at what you want, go all in, be very vulnerable, very brave, and very willing to burn it all down, start everything over. Listen, listen, listen. Listen a 1,000 times until you hear it and go get at it no matter how it feels. It feels just as uncomfortable to not get at it. And decide for yourself, I am a person that never ever has to be afraid of ever investing in me and in my business because I will always fanatically go after that return and 10x it because it’s who I fucking am.

Have an amazing day you all. I love you all so much. More to come, see you later.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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