Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | The 13 Million Dollar Launch ModelOver the past few years, I’ve been working on my mastermind with the intention of obviously delivering massive results, but also scaling the number of students we can take at one time, so nobody is left waiting in line to make 200K. Now, with a major life change on the horizon, I’ve set it up in a way that guarantees each and every launch will be huge.

This process wasn’t easy, but it encompasses all of the work we’ve done recently on scaling, both using PSPR and by creating intellectual property. And so this week, I’m sharing the planning that gave us our highest-grossing launch ever and will continue to allow me to provide an incredible experience for my clients while I’m going through a transformation in my own life.

Tune in this week to discover how we prepared for our highest-grossing launch for 200K. Over the next couple of episodes, I’ll be sharing how my team and I planned and executed this launch, the Thought Model and coaching behind the whole thing, and how I was able to orchestrate all of this in really only a handful of working days.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • Why it was so important for me to spend years working on my 13 million dollar launch process.
  • The story of how we had our biggest ever launch while I was the sickest I’ve ever been.
  • What has changed and made our launch process so much more efficient, so we can enroll so many more people.
  • Where I see entrepreneurs believing that having a massive business will have a negative impact on your life and become an energetic prison.
  • How we created value for our clients while they were still on the waitlist before the program even started fully enrolling.
  • The work we’ve done over the past three years to make our launches as stress-free as possible.
  • How to steer clear of overworking your own Thought Models around your launches.

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Full Episode Transcript:


Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 151. Today I’m going to share with you my 13 million dollar launch model. Are you ready? It’s going to be a really good episode. It’s one you’re going to – I say this a lot but you’re really going to want to take notes on.

I first have to tell you though I have some allergies happening today. So if I sound a little nasally, the dogs are shedding really bad. Are your dogs shedding? Ours just tumbleweeds all over the house. My face, I woke up this morning feels like it wants to explode. And I can’t take the really good allergy medicine. I normally take Allegra, it works so well. I can’t take it anymore, I just basically now suffer from allergies and here’s why, I have a special really exciting announcement you all, that I’ve been holding back for a while.

I am having a baby. What? I’m so excited. So we just announced on social media after our – so I’m 15 weeks but we had our – we went in at 14½ weeks for what should have been our 12 week appointment. So it was our last appointment, the first trimester and our first appointment in the second trimester but it was a little late because I had to switch doctors. Anyways, long story. So I feel like I would have announced at 12 weeks and then we had to wait an extra almost three weeks. And so I just feel really excited to finally get to talk about it.

We went to our appointment, everything was very healthy. Our baby has a very strong heartbeat and so we’re just really, really excited, so baby Boehman is coming in May of 2022. Actually due on Mother’s Day, I have to just say. I don’t think we’ll actually have the baby on Mother’s Day and apparently, you’re not supposed to tell your due date because then people start harassing you around your due date asking if you’ve had the baby yet. And that can be very stressful. So I told my peeps that gave me this recommendation to not tell your due date.

I said, “I’m just going to tell everyone not to harass me and stay off social media around my due date.” So if you get excited around Mother’s Day don’t ask if I’ve had the baby. My sister was a full – I don’t know – week and a half late on her first child. So I just have the expectation that it may not happen. But how fun is that to think about being due on Mother’s Day? It’s just so cute and fun.

And my husband in his vows, the last thing he said in his vows was, it’s something like, “It’s so fun to think about this time or that we might be parents by next Mother’s Day.” Something like that. He was like, “It’s really exciting to think about the fact that we could be parents by the next Mother’s Day.” And then he had said that to me before his vows and apparently, I had responded, “Get me a gift.” He actually did already get me a gift, not only in my having an amazing – so just I’m so excited to have my first child.

But for my birthday which is this coming Sunday of this recording, November 14th, and so he gave me my birthday gift early. And it was an emerald and diamond ring that he’s always wanted to get me but it’s actually the birthstone of our May baby. So of course I’m obsessed with it. I just want to cry thinking about it. He’s such, just the best husband. He’s been the best support system. I’ve been so sick. We’re going to talk about that today too with the launch model. But he has been really, really amazing so I just feel like I love him even more than I ever have before.

So we’re excited. I’m very sick. I’ve really struggled for the last 14 weeks. I’m not feeling better like many women do after their first trimester. I have not gotten relief but here I am excited to be here with you today. And we’re just, even through the sickness I just feel so incredibly blessed. We’ve wanted this for so long. Many of you know we had to wait an extra year to get married. And my husband is Catholic and very conservative.

And I think I could have talked myself into having a baby early but there was just something that felt like I didn’t want to take my wedding away from myself and take that step and going on the honeymoon. And I didn’t want to do that. If I had the intention to do it, I didn’t want to do it. So we waited an extra year. So it just felt like it’s really such a gratifying thing that we were able to get pregnant so quickly. So we’re just living in all the happiness and joy of our baby Boehman, baby B.

And I’m finding out on my birthday what baby B is, what the gender is. I decided to gift that to myself for my birthday. So we’re having this ridiculous, the most boojie gender reveal on the planet.

We were supposed to go to Turks and Caicos for my birthday, fly private to Turks and Caicos to one of the Aman hotels, I think it’s Amanyara. We had this entire thing planned out. It was going to be just a lavish trip for my birthday. We were even thinking about going with friends. We were originally going to go St Barts but then it was too hard to travel to St Barts right now. And I already did the hard travel to Bora Bora, it was like no, I can’t do that again.

So we were going to Turks, anyways we’re not going now because I am just not feeling well so we haven’t been really travelling at all. And so instead I’m throwing myself an extraordinarily boojie gender reveal for my birthday to find out what my baby is, best gift ever. And I don’t even care about my birthday. I’m like, “Just tell me what my baby is.” So excited. Okay, that’s enough of that. So thanks for listening to me ramble about my excitement.

Actually one more thing I will say that I think ties into today’s topic actually beautifully. Is I will say that the year in between when we were supposed to get married and we actually got married. I was so devastated to wait a year to start a family, so stressed. Because in that year I turned 35 and became a geriatric pregnancy. And they make it sound so dramatic. And basically act like you have zero chances of having a baby. It’s all very dramatic when you talk to the doctor, at least when I talked to mine.

But coming into it I want to talk to you all about today in that year – no, actually say over the last two years really, I have used my time so wisely. So for the 200K launch we did a series here on the podcast, we talked about scaling, selling with PSPR, and scaling using PSPR, and then scaling using intellectual property. And those concepts have been really what I’ve been focused on since 2018 when I joined my Million Dollar Mentoring.

But the last two years I’ve really been building out assets, and deliverables, and a container for my mastermind with the intention of scaling how many students we can take so that no one is waiting in line to make 200K. That’s been my motto. The thing I’ve coached my team on for the last two years is we don’t want anyone waiting in line to make 200K because they can’t get into the mastermind because we don’t have the capacity to take them.

And I also want to scale their results, getting them better, faster results so they’re no longer waiting on me personally and confined to the time I have to give them to get massive results for themselves. And so now two years after working on this and that extra year that I ended up having to focus on my business instead of growing my family. The program and how we offer it, this round and in the future, it will not be affected even with my major life change. My clients and their results won’t be affected.

I was so devastated for this extra year but what an incredible result of having that extra time and the result of strategic thinking and learning to scale using the formula of more money, more clients with those clients getting better, faster results. With this result of creating high level intellectual property and turning that high level intellectual property into simple digestible assets and deliverables for my clients to use 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Investing time to train and teach my clients and my program instructors to coach and facilitate exactly the way that I think with the 200K method, to scale my coaching itself. And create processes within my business that deliver such a high level, seamless customer experience when launching and onboarding my clients and delivering my program. Creating these rinse and repeat systems, this way of thinking and building is now going to allow me to make and have a baby while my students just make 200K over, and over, and over. What?

It feels like my greatest, and this always happens to me, I will just tell you all in case you guys go through really incredible mental hardships or circumstantial hardships. I have to learn to trust this. I’ve done so much coaching around it but it’s one more moment that I want to have here in my own mind in front of you guys on the podcast. But every time this happens to me, every time without fail, every time it ends up becoming one of the greatest gifts I have ever been given. It shows up for my students over and over.

It’s crazy how many of my students are pregnant right now in 2K, 200K, and 2 Million Dollar group combined. And how much I’ve been able to coach them, even before I got pregnant, on maternity leave, and how to set their businesses up so their clients aren’t affected. And they still get everything they came for when they are taking that leave. And now it’s been, I’ve been coaching my students who are also really sick and have had to take extensive leave being really sick. And just that extra year and this work on scaling has been everything.

And I’ve had this goal to help more coaches make 200K and 2 million dollars faster for years. And it’s coming into fruition at the most perfect time for me personally than it ever could. And I want to say that it has lit a fire under my ass, even though I’ve been so sick. One of the things I have thought about so often is how bad I want this for all of you too. I’m teaching all of my students how to do this starting in 200K, going all the way up to 2 Million Dollar group because it benefits the client and the coach so much equally. So I just have to say that.

Okay, and I will also say, I was not prepared, it hadn’t even occurred to me, morning sick, that it was in my mind I thought it was like you have a spell, maybe you vomit and then you just go on with your life. Because I feel that’s how women make it seem. I’ve been talking to a lot of my pregnant friends about this. Why are we hiding how awful pregnancy is or how awful this sickness is? Why isn’t anyone talking about what it really takes and how bad it can really be? I just had this, the most ridiculous frame of reference for what I thought it would be.

And my sister and my mom both told me how sick they were. But it was like in my mind I’m like, yeah, but you still go on with your life, right? No, it’s quite shocking how sick you can really be. So we conceived in Cabo during our 200K live event which is so exciting. I am now referring to my baby as a 200K baby. Makes me so emotional thinking of having a 200K baby. There’s so much magic in that. And we came back on a Tuesday from that weeklong trip and by that Sunday I was already showing symptoms. For everyone I’ve told it’s so crazy.

By Monday I had my team fly in to evaluate the event and plan the next one and our November launch. And by then I was really sick already. It felt like moving through mud. And I was experiencing dizziness and it felt like, the only way I can describe it is like the life force had been sucked out of me. And it went on for weeks and then the severe nausea, and vomiting, and food aversions came. So much fun. And so I spent all of September and October basically in bed, in bed.

We had to start getting backup instructors on standby in case I got sick right before the calls and couldn’t do them. Now, luckily this only happened twice because I have already built in so much support into my programs. But it was really – it’s been a crazy time. And so September we were going to get the launch completely finished and then in October we were going to create my advanced certification for The Life Coach School. They asked me to create a business certification for them, so fun, so excited to deliver that. I cannot wait to feel better to put that together and make that offer.

But we had to scrap all the plans. I have an extraordinary tolerance for pain and discomfort. Earlier this year I had shingles for 10 days and thought my rib was broken. And I just worked through it and still went to the trainer. I have to actively not work to not always manage my pain with my brain and pay attention to my body because I’ve gotten so used to pain. I have really bad back and shoulder issues. And so I’m so good at managing pain in my brain. And you all, this took me out.

And I’m actually going to do a podcast next week on the self-coaching I did to make it through not working very much for 10 weeks while preparing for a launch. This will be a two part series. But it was seriously my life force was gone, done. My days were spent in bed with the curtains closed in a cold dark room like a bat. And Neil would ask if I wanted fresh air and I was like, “Go away, I feel so sick.”

So we had this launch coming up and I’ve never been sicker. And we end up having the highest grossing launch in the history of our business, with the highest quality students we have ever enrolled, ever. And our team executed the launch, this was really mind blowing, faster and easier than we ever have before.

Meaning usually we are still watching application videos. and reading applications and curating the group well into Friday morning. We stop taking them on a Wednesday night and then we have all day Thursday to process and then we send the offers Friday by 9:00 Eastern Time. And we are always pushing so hard up against that 9:00am deadline to send out offers. I’m still putting the list together and my team’s always like, “Where is the list? We’ve got to send offers out,” and I’m still working on it.

And this time we were done curating the group by Thursday afternoon. It was wild. By Thursday we had our list of acceptance students. We had them assigned to their small breakout groups grouped by income. We had all questions answered from students, we needed more information from. Sometimes we read the application, we watch the video, we have some more questions. We had gone through everyone.

And this is so important because many of you believe that the only answer to executing well is working more. And you have lots of thoughts especially my 2 Million Dollar group, my students have lots of thoughts about having a business my size. And what you won’t be able to do and how it will impact your life, and that your business at this size will become your energetic prison. And I just want to offer that it’s simply not true. I ended up having to give myself essentially 10 weeks off. And we had the best launch we have ever done.

My money, my business, my clients, no one was affected by me being so sick. In fact many of them completed in my 200K Mastermind, specifically many of them completed their first 25K in 30 days challenge during this time and made 25K, more money than they’d ever made in their entire lives while I’m in bed throwing my guts up. And I feel so proud of this. In this time that I was so sick we also launched our wait list for 200K, and we started sending weekly coaching lessons from inside 200K.

And I wanted to create so much value with this wait list and these emails that we send out every week, that people would make the 25K minimum to enroll just from the emails. And people told us they did just that. They said they were so insanely prepared for applying and starting the mastermind from just the eight ish emails that we sent leading up to the opening, depending on when they signed up for the wait list, that they were just – it was the best qualifying class we’ve ever had.

So I want to share with you over the next couple of episodes how our team planned and executed this launch, my launch model, the actual thought model I worked and have been working for three years. And how I worked through putting this launch together when I was so sick in really less than a handful of working days. I obviously did work some to put this together. And I’m going to talk about the decisions I made about what I was going to do and what I wasn’t going to do. But it was really like, when I look back, a couple of hours a day a handful of days.

So today we will cover the actual planning and preparation, the launch models we followed. And then next week I’ll share how I personally got such high quality excellent work done that resulted in really high quality excellent applications during this time of massive morning sickness. I have something called hyperemesis or something, hyperemesis. It’s just really bad morning sickness. And so I’m convinced at this point if I can accomplish this without putting myself at risk or harming myself, then I can teach this no matter whatever circumstance you’re going through.

And so I want you to be able to take the wisdom from my experience with the morning sickness and doing the launch and apply it to anything really. Some of you is just mind drama that you have, the amount of mind drama you have takes you out at the level of my morning sickness which is okay. We’re at different places in our emotional management, and our experience, and our sales, and our self-concepts, and all of those things. So that’s not a problem if that’s you.

But whether it’s morning sickness, or grief, or a major life event, or you get COVID, or anything, I’m not going to say that how we did it was the right way. But more of walk you through the thinking that allowed me to rest and create excellent work.

Okay, so for this episode we’re going to dive into my launch model. I’m going to share with you the exact model. So I think that first what’s really important is to start with the results of this model. So this model has created 13 million dollars between 200K and 2 Million Dollar group. So I did the math. How that breaks down is over six launches over three years because we do 200K twice a year. So over the last three years we’ve done six 200K launches and we grossed $10,650,000. And in three launches of 2 Million Dollar group we’ve grossed 2,050,000, which I think is fantastic.

I’m only allowing my 200K students in right now, but I’m keeping the group small while I deliver it and really get the hang of it and create my process and my philosophy which I just did today by the way. Very excited about that. And so together to have them over three years create 13 million dollars. And that number’s going to start growing exponentially as I do allow more people to come into 2 Million Dollar group in the future as we create more space to have more 200K students, this number will grow.

And I want to just let you know, I’m going to give you guys a lot of information today. I’m going to say a lot of thoughts that you’re going to be like, “Whoa, I never thought of it like this.” But I do want to tell you that this model I have been perfecting and working on for three years. And I teach launch planning and how to execute my model and this type of model, this planning strategy and how to execute your launches in depth inside 200K Mastermind, inside the launches course.

And it’s laid out actually very brilliantly. It’s very simple. It’s very few modules. It’s not a course that’s going to take you the entire mastermind to get through. You could go through it through a weekend or a couple of days. Or you could, I always encourage my students to just do the course and create the launch. It’s set out to be as you go through the modules, you’re literally creating your launch so that as you end the launch course your launch is planned in this way that I’m going to talk to you about today.

So if you hear this and you’re like, “This is what I need in my business,” you just really want to get on the wait list for 200k and you want to get in the very next class because we’re talking about a lot, a lot, a lot of money on the table. And I also want to say, someone recently told me, actually I’ve had many people tell me that my launches look exhausting. They’re just so huge and there’s so much going on. But I have to tell you that they don’t feel that way to me. It’s very important.

I have very little drama around them. They’re my favorite time of year and they are quite easy for me and more exciting, and fueling, and engaging for me. It’s something I really look forward to. So I just want you to remember that this is the result of applying this model and this plan for three years straight. We’ve kept the same launch plan and just made it bigger and better each time to reach more and more students. But each time starting with the work from the previous launch already in place. I’m not building these giant launches from scratch every time.

We have a foundation to build upon, that’s what makes it so easy. Many of you change up what you’re doing every single time, that’s what makes them so hard. We kept the foundation and then we just build upon it. And then over the last three years I’ve worked my mental game and this model for three years straight. And here’s what I will tell you.

The sickness, if this happens for you, if you have something that really puts a wrench in the amount of time you thought you were going to be able to work and the energy you were going to be able to put into a launch. Was really a blessing for my entire business because one thing that I don’t have energy for anymore is indulging in any kind of drama, fear, doubt, no energy to freak out. And we’re going to talk about that next week, but it has really been a blessing for how productive I’ve been.

But it’s just important for you to know that your launches aren’t going to look exactly like the one I’m about to walk you through on your first try. It could take years, years. But it doesn’t mean that you don’t start because it’s 100% worth it. Just this year alone two well executed launches with this model did 6.375 million dollars, $6,375,000 that came in, in two days from six days of selling this program. We’re open for three days each time. So six total days of selling 6.375 million dollars. So worth it? Absolutely.

So the main thing I just want to stress here before we dive into this model is that we didn’t change this model over and over. The only launch that was ever different from this model was the very first one. I did one-on-one sales calls. I sold the mastermind. I gave myself three months to fill it. I did a webinar. And then 10 to 12 sales calls each month and then I would repeat the webinar. And I think I did it for October, November, and December and then we started in January to get my 30 students.

It took a lot more time and energy because I’d never sold it before. But after that we went to a three day opening of applications, and videos, and we have done that same lead up, the same process, the same model ever since with just small tweaks here and there.

So this time this is what the launch looked like to my audience. These were our core pieces. And then I’m going to walk you through the planning. We did six podcasts leading up to and through the launch, which is more than we’ve ever done before. We usually just do three, I think. Sometimes we do three and then three bonuses. But I did six full weeks leading up because I had three amazing interviews with my highest earning students from the previous round. And I wanted to do the three concepts on scaling.

So I couldn’t decide between which ones to do so I just did all six for a six weeks lead up on the podcast. And then a week before we open enrolment, we also share really incredible before and afters from our students just from the live event. Because I always tell my students, “I want you to get your 25K worth of value just from the live event, as if there’s no mastermind.” And they always tell me they do that. We really, our event is on point.

So we do our before and after’s and we show how much money they make just from the live event. Those are always the most fun to watch, the most fun to see students engage with. They make you cry your eyes out and get you so revved up for what’s possible in the world. And then we did the weekly coaching emails if you’re on the wait list. And those really were the thing I focused on the most in this launch. I spent a lot of time. I would be coaching in the group in 200K and then I would take something I had been coaching a student on and write an entire email about it.

We do a three day open with sales emails. And the sales emails we do four or five a day until we close. But they’re very much based on the process and the philosophy, overcoming some objections, talking about the results that people will get, major breakthroughs people have. But they’re not coaching emails. That’s not what you do during an open launch. You are selling very directly and when you’re open.

So I wanted the wait list emails to be literally incredibly valuable coaching that gives you insight into what it’s like specifically to be in the room, and the types of things you’re going to get coached on and how we address them. And work through them in the room at the highest level. So that’s what the weekly coaching emails were. So the six podcasts a week of before and after stories leading up to the open enrolment, weekly coaching emails if you’re on the wait list leading up to the enrolment. And then we did a three day open with sales emails until we closed.

So that was the main components of my launch. So now let’s dive into the launch model. So for my launches, and this is going to be a little different if you are someone who studies the model and you’re a life coach certified coach and you just are in scholars or you’re in 2K, or however you’ve learned the model. You use the model, you love the model. If you’re a model user, I do this a little different than most people. I start my launches with the A-line. Did you know you can do that? You can start anywhere in the model.

And sometimes it’s very useful to keep yourself out of over self-coaching and overly being focused on the thought line. Sometimes your A-line, a well thought out, well executed action line can walk you right into the thoughts you need to do that A-line and then it doesn’t become so forced. So I really like to start, especially with my launches and my planning with the A-line. So I’m going to break down my A-line for you. And then I will give you a more simpler version for yourself because mine is very intricate.

I’m going to explain it simply. But if you think, well, that’s a lot, I have a five person team now. We have lots of contractors helping us. I’m not the only one doing all this work. So we are able to have a bigger more intricate launch because we’re more or further along. So I’ll give you a simpler version for you that you can focus on as well.

Okay, so here’s what we did. This was our A-line. Right after the 200K Mastermind live event in Cabo, I flew my, literally the next week flew my entire team to Kentucky. And we spent three days together evaluating our event that we just did, what worked, what didn’t work, what we want to change for next time. We planned the next one, our January event. And we planned our launch to sell that mastermind in that event. So we spent three days together.

And what we did in that three days was we created our customer narrative. And that is in its most simple explanation, every single interaction that our client has with our 200K Mastermind marketing materials from every angle of our client funnels. So from Facebook and Instagram, from our website, from our ads, from 2K for 2K, from the current 200K Mastermind class and from this podcast. We thought about if you hear about the 2K Mastermind from each of these places, what’s your journey step-by-step.

We detailed every single step our client would take on their journey from joining the 200K Mastermind, being accepted, arriving at the live event virtually or in person, we do both now. And we have a pretty large group for both. And completing the class. This is so important. It allows you to find any holes in your communication, in your selling, any gaps where people might not have the information they need to buy. And it keeps you from hustling last minute because you’ve realized you didn’t do x, y, z.

So for example in ours when we looked at our customer landing on our website. We noticed our testimonials and our client results hadn’t been updated in a few rounds, reflecting the current rate of growth in the mastermind, and our current client base, and who’s joining, and how much money they’re making and all of those things. So we added that to the next thing that we worked on together during those three days, was our backend timeline.

So the narrative, the customer narrative, every step of their journey informs you of what tasks need to be completed before you launch. We call that the backend timeline. So every task that has to be completed, if you do have a team, or even just one person, or contractors, it’s what has to be completed by whom by what date. And how long each of those tasks will take or how much time you’re giving for each task. And you do that so that when you create it that way your clients’ experience will be very smooth running through your launch, going through your sales process.

And then after we did that, while we were there for three days together, we scheduled it in each of our team member’s personal calendar with buffer time. So everybody took their tasks that they had been assigned and plugged them into their calendar.

And then I went back and edited it, edited it, is that how you say it? Edited it for everything that wasn’t essential, especially I found out we did this, I had a hunch I was pregnant while we were doing this because I was so sick already. Well, I really struggled to get through those three days and so I had a hunch I was pregnant. And I just didn’t want to take the test until after everyone left and Neil and I could just be together.

And so I went back afterwards especially knowing I was pregnant and already not feeling well and edited for everything that wasn’t essential, or a strong priority with equally strong desire. And I actually edited a few things that we had added in that after I sat with them, I didn’t really feel like they matched my positioning. And I didn’t have the energy for it anyways. So that’s why you edit. You look for is this necessary to actually create the revenue I want? Does this match my positioning? Is this how I present myself in the industry?

Likely when you make the first draft there will be very hustly ideas or ideas that just seem like a good idea from a really good place. But you haven’t thought through the unanticipated results that they might create, and it no longer sounds like a good idea. For me there were a couple of things that just felt they would be too much of a strain on my team, especially once I saw them getting into the work and scheduling themselves. And I was like, “I think they need more time for this. I think they need more buffer time. It’s going to take them longer than they think.”

And because of that and me not feeling well, and then me looking, kind of thinking about unintentional results it might create and it not being part of my positioning. We took out several things that we had planned for the launch and just made it simpler. So the editing process is a good idea because you want to be looking for simplicity. Often when we set a goal our brain will come up with more actions than are necessary to try and overwork to create the result, aka hustle. And so you want to catch that in your editing of your narrative and your timeline.

And then after we edited and kind of in between my team was already executing. But I started executing after the edit. And we gave our team two and a half months to do this work. This was the big one that allowed me to be sick and still get the work done is the editing and having the lots of time between planning and actually launching. Now, we did have other projects that were planned on my schedule in that time as well. But we work ahead and on the most important things first.

So what a lot of my clients do is if they wanted to work on say in a two and a half, three month period, if they wanted to work on their mastermind launch, create a new program and do a webinar for an existing program. If they wanted to do all three of those things they often think, well, the launch is two and a half months away, so I’ll do that after these two other things, especially if those two other things are going to make money in those two and a half months.

And then those two things end up taking so much time that then they’re creating their launch as they launch. They’re writing sales emails as they go and really hustling hard with no space for managing their mind, and their emotions, and strategically thinking during their sales period. There is none of that. And then they’re convinced launching is stressful and sucks. But what we do is we do the highest money maker first, the biggest priority which is 200K. We get that squared away in advance.

So if I hadn’t been pregnant and sick, we would have completed that by September, at least my parts would have been completed by then. And then I would have us started on additional projects for the end of the year, or the beginning of next year. I was going to create my business certification. And then I had a really fun paid training that I was going to do just for everyone. But because we plan this way, we were able to scrap the smaller projects. And yes, the income that would have come with it for going all out and giving myself an abundance of time to get the work done.

I might have had four to six hours a week where I felt okay enough to write emails from bed or actually get dressed and be on a podcast interview. So we really had to use the entire two and a half months, but nothing fell apart because we gave ourselves so much time. So once we started executing here was the A-line of the execution. So I’m going another layer deep.

I personally started with the delivery of the program. This might be different than what you’re doing as well. I made the schedule, the call topics, and the live event content, what I was going to teach on stage. I decided on any new materials I wanted to create for the program. And I ended up creating a process from start to finish to get all of our students across the finish line, thinking of the few underdogs that we take each round. And here’s what I will tell you all, this is the secret. Are you ready?

It’s easier to believe the selling is done when you believe the delivery is 100% done for 100% of your clients. So that was so important. I was thinking about my underdogs and I’m like, I want to make them getting across the finish line. I want to give them so many circumstances that it’s impossible for them to not have the thoughts that help them implement and utilize all the work, all of the process, all of the support and get across that finish line. So when I think of even them being accounted for all the way through it’s so much easier to believe the selling is done.

Then I planned the live event. So I started with the delivery of the program, all of the details of how we’re delivering it. Then I planned the live event and the content for that. Then our onboarding sequence. So the sequence of communication, the steps, the access our students receive the moment they pay us. I planned that and worked with my team on that. Then I created the pre-launch content. And then I moved on to our sales content. That was one of the last things. Do you hear that? One of the last things I did in my A-line is work on the sales content.

And then finally, the very last thing of the sales content is I reviewed our social media content. Notice how that came very, very, very last? I just want to offer that because many of you think you have to have a huge online presence and you have to nail social media and you’ve got to spend all this time on reels and all these other things in order to make a lot of money. And it’s literally the last thing we ever think about. So if you’re like me and social media isn’t really your thing, that’s fine. That’s why you build an email list.

And then in between all of these actions I spent days coaching myself and coaching my students in our community, really paying attention to what they were going through, where they were getting stuck, what their results are. And how they’re understanding the process to get there and executing it. Then that puts me in so much inspiration. So many of my sales emails and my wait list emails, the content was reflected in me being in my community coaching my students and really seeing what was going on with them.

And once all of that was done then we test everything, as a company, my team test everything three times. Then I coached myself a lot when the technology didn’t work as expected after three tests. We had a lot of issues with Ontraport this time, many, many things, that’s our email server. Many, many things that they were even confused about. They’re like, “I don’t know why these people didn’t get this email. I don’t know why that link didn’t work.” It was the weirdest thing.

We got explanations every time eventually after getting on a call with them. But they never felt like – I was like, “Was that really it?” It was the weirdest technology snags launch we’ve ever had. We’ve never had this many issues with Ontraport, it was just a very weird time. So I had to coach myself a lot on that because I get very triggered when things go out to our clients, and they don’t look exactly the way they were supposed to, or they don’t function seamlessly. I have lots of thoughts and a pretty big reaction to that. So I had to coach myself a lot on that.

And then I had a coach help me and help my team who many of them were going through their first launch with us. So this is a big beast this launch and so I had to make sure that they were supported as well.

And then finally right before the launch opened, I went through everything one last time just right before opening. I read through literally everything to make sure everything made sense to a brand new customer. And I caught things on our onboarding emails and in some of our sales emails. And I was like, “Wait.” Thinking about one type of new customer, I was like, “Let’s clarify this.” Or even in our application, the emails they get after you apply there is a series of emails that go out. And so even some of those things. It was just a few lines here and there but I’m like, “This will be so much clearer.”

And again this is something that a lot of people don’t give themselves enough time to do. So it’s just something that gets completely overlooked and then it’s always easier to just blame launches are complicated and hard instead of I don’t give myself enough time to launch. Notice the difference in those models? One’s like the launch is very complicated and hard. The real model is I don’t give myself enough time to launch. Very different than my models which I’m going to share my thoughts as well. But one of the things I do is I give myself plenty of time.

And finally I think that this goes in the A-line, I often think about it as a thought, but I do think it’s an action which is the whole time I was working this A-line, I was trusting that clients were coming. And the one thought that I do think that I had was that the revenue was guaranteed which allowed me to stay in massive action. It allowed me to postpone some of the other projects to give everything to this one, believing that that revenue was guaranteed and that the clients were coming.

Also I’m going to talk about this next week, but it really allowed me to also decide what actually needed to be done and then just what I wanted to be done. So I wasn’t hustling. We hustle when we don’t think the results are guaranteed. We have a lot more fun, and we feel a lot more desire to do the work for our launch when everything is a choice because no matter what the results are guaranteed. So we’re like, “I want to do this.” We’ll talk about this next week.

But just that difference of I have to versus I want really plans a role when your thought is the clients are coming and the revenue is guaranteed and when the action that comes from that is trusting. Having so much trust while you’re in massive action. So that was my A-line of the model. I spend a lot more time with that than I think I want you guys, what I want you to recognize is how much time I spent with that versus the thoughts.

Now, my T-line and my multiple T-lines, my multiple thoughts were it’s done. We have so much demand that the clients are for sure coming and the result, the revenue is guaranteed. And this is going to be our biggest and best opening yet. And I thought a lot about making my launch a lifechanging experience for my students because many of them say they learned so much about selling and their self-concept has changed, what they think is possible for them has changed.

They post about it all the time in 2K, just the launch, and the sales emails, and wait list emails, and the selling that I do in that launch. And then them even watching other students coach themselves into applying and talk about their experience of applying. All of that transforms them and catapults them into a new direction that they didn’t think was possible for them. And when I think about that, when I hold that in my mind, so much desire is created inside of my body. And then I move with that desire and that deep belief that the revenue is guaranteed, it’s done.

And knowing that my A-line is so well thought out, planned, and executed that I just move knowing that we have covered every single step. Again there is that such a deep feeling of trust and confidence because of how well planned my A-line is. And another thought that I have or another standard I have for our business, it’s just really a standard, a value that we have is that we execute at the highest level. So I’m always knowing that my execution for our launch is going to be really good.

And then I get to feel challenged in a really good way, a calm challenge, this will be fun. And calm because I have nothing to prove. And just so you know, you don’t either ever. I’m not using the revenue that I believe is guaranteed to prove something about myself. That’s where the calm comes from. It’s like, let’s just see what we can do here. Let’s have fun. Let’s challenge ourselves to do a bigger best opening with the best qualifying students we’ve ever done.

Let’s just challenge ourselves because let’s see what we’re made of, let’s see what’s possible just because that’s who we are, not because it’s who we want to be. What? Stop it. Lay that down. I want you to write it down. We challenge ourselves because it’s who we are, not who we want to be. When it’s who we are the result of the challenge does not matter, it’s winning or learning. Now, when it’s who you want to be the results matter because if you don’t get them then you don’t get to be that person. That’s just who we are.

We challenge ourselves. We execute at the highest level. Every single step is always covered because of that. We plan really well. And we want to help as many human beings as possible because of who we are and what we have to offer. We know what we offer is transformational. This is my model for my launch. My thoughts, the way I feel about my launch and how I execute it, how I plan it and how I execute it.

Now, it’s intricate because we have 100 students in a 10 million dollar business. Your launch plans won’t be so extensive. Your models will level up as you go. So I wanted to give you a basic A-line that you can start with. But again if you sign up for 200K you can do the launch course and it literally module by module will walk you through planning your launch through executing it, all of the self-coaching that you need to be working on through it. All of the problem solving and strategizing while you’re in your opening.

We’ll walk you through every single step and even teach you how to evaluate and do it again even better. And by the time you’ve finished the course your launch will just be done. It’ll be planned the way I plan mine. So you do get access to that and to launching at this scale this is how you do it. You get immediate access as soon as you join 200K. We’re doing the next enrolment in April. The class will start in August. And you’re going to want to be in that class and learn how to make this level of money with your launches.

I guarantee if you’re not, your launches aren’t feeling the way that mine do you’re leaving a lot of money on the table. Our students are selling out launches and doing it with luxurious, that’s what we’ve decided to call it, luxurious amounts of time and energy. And this is all part of just proper business planning and execution. You start learning it to go to 200K, you’ll master it to make millions. So if you’re going to 200K or maybe you’re even over 200K but your launches are still a little messy, here’s a simplified version of the A-line that you can do.

Decide first that it’s done, that is an action you take, you decide, it’s done. My plan, my launch, the execution of it and the revenue, the clients I want to sign, done. And you do that until you feel that it’s done in your body. And while you’re doing that work you make a plan that makes it easy for you to believe it’s done. That’s you A-line. And then you execute your A-line while having fun. And any hustly parts of the plan that aren’t fun you cross them out, you do less rather than more.

You only choose to do things that you know you have time to do well. And you do it all with serving and only your clients results in mind. Because remember, yours are done so you never need to think about yours again. So all you’re thinking about while you’re doing your A-line, while you’re planning and putting the parts of your launch together, and writing your sales emails, all of that is with your clients results in mind. And then you start with the delivery.

Remember how I did that? You think about delivering to your clients and what that’s going to look like and making sure everything’s in place for the moment they pay you on, you start with that first, plan that out. You make sure that that client experience once the money is in your account has left theirs, you make sure their experience is flawless. Then you write your sales emails. And the whole time you self-coach through any uncertainty. And you take plenty of time to do it. Business planning and execution are as important as your ability to sell and self-coach.

The planning and how you execute are as important as your ability to sell and self-coach. And the planning and the execution come from giving yourself plenty of time. See what it would be like to plan a launch out two months in advance. It may not take you the whole two months but the person you are when you deliver that launch that’s been done for over a month is going to be completely different than the person who is creating the sales emails as you are selling, who’s not fully prepared.

We go into every one of our launches fully prepared. And because of that our result is so much higher. Our revenue goes up, our quality of students go up, their results go up, it’s insane to watch it all fall into place. This round we had an insane amount, I think 66 figure earners, 10 of those, 300K to 400K earners, 30 of those are 200K plus earners. And then there was another 20 that were 100K plus earners, highest quality students with the best applications, the businesses that were the most ready to make a lot of money.

And even our 25K earners they were the best applicants we have ever gotten for where they were as well. It makes the entire class really enticing to execute. This live event is going to be insane because of how excited I am in my mind for the clients coming and helping them get their results. And thinking about that level of class, the kind of results they’re going to get. It’s going to be astonishing. We might have people make $800,000 in one round. We’re going to have a lot of people making 200K in their first round. That’s going to be really exciting.

So all of this is so worth it. When you focus on this it allows you to fill your offers with the best people who will make the most use out of your work, who will get the best, fastest results that can be gotten. And then it just becomes a cycle of selling higher quality clients who are going to get better, faster results making more and more money. This is the 13 million dollar launch plan my friends.

Okay, this was a long one. Next week I’m going to talk to you about some of the mindset that went in while I was sick, how I got the work done, what I chose to do and not do, how I made that decision. Especially if you have, whether it’s a major thing that comes into your life unexpected or you didn’t plan properly. And you just need to figure out, okay, so how do I put this together? Either way if it’s not working out perfectly the way that you imagined, next week is going to be for you. Alright, I’ll talk to you next week.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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