Make Money as a Life Coach™ with Stacey Boehman | Creating and Scaling Intellectual PropertyWe’ve been discussing scaling over the past few episodes, and this week, I’m introducing you to the idea of using intellectual property as a way to grow and scale your business while delivering an amazing experience for your clients. Now, I’m not diving into the legal side of intellectual property, but I’m giving you my own perspective on it, and I’m showing you how you can get started.

In my business, client delivery is a huge part of our value system. We actually spend more of our time focusing on how we deliver than we do on sales, and we’ve built an amazing system around how we do this. So this week, I’m showing you how your intellectual property will support your ability to reach more clients that you can overdeliver to.

Tune in this week to discover how focusing on your intellectual property has the power to transform your business. I’m sharing how to see where the potential is for creating and optimizing your own intellectual property, and how to make it a valuable part of what you offer your clients.

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What You’ll Learn from this Episode:

  • What intellectual property is in non-legal terms, and when you will want to get a lawyer involved to help you with your Intellectual property.
  • Examples of the intellectual property that I use in my own business and how it’s protected.
  • Why intellectual property is so important for your business’s growth.
  • How getting clear on your strategy with your intellectual property will duplicate your ability to help people.
  • The time it takes to get your intellectual property into a simple and digestible format for your clients.
  • When the right time is to start developing and refining your intellectual property.
  • How to start creating your own intellectual property.

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Welcome to the Make Money as a Life Coach™ podcast where sales expert and life coach Stacey Boehman teaches you how to make your first 2K, 20K, and 200K using her proven formula.

Hey coaches, welcome to episode 149. How are you this week? I’m doing great. Something feels like in the water. I feel like everyone’s ready to celebrate Christmas and all the winter holidays this year and very early. It’s not just me. I’m seeing everyone talk about it. Everyone’s ordering Christmas trees, and buying ornaments, and my family’s already Christmas shopping. I am here for it. I’m ready.

And listen, fall’s my favorite time of year but this year I’ll just skip it. I just want to sit in my living room by the fire looking at my Christmas tree drinking Christmas flavored hot teas. My favorites are DavidsTea. I don’t know if you guys have one of those near you or if you’ve heard of DavidsTea, but they have two teas, one’s called Sleigh Ride and the other’s called Snow Day. And oh my gosh, I just love curling up by my fireplace and drinking.

I have these most amazing Christmas mugs from Anthropology that I got years ago, they’re so gorgeous and I just love drinking my Christmas tea out of my Christmas mug by my Christmas tree. so I’m ready. And we found a designer to finish our house which is really fun, out of LA, thank you, Kristen Boss for introducing me to your good friend. We are going to work with her virtually and she’s coming, she came to our house once to look things over and then she’s coming back in November and she’s going to decorate our whole house all three floors in Christmas themed Christmas décor.

And we are putting up four Christmas trees, four, just because we can. We’ll put one in our living room, one in our dining area which is visible from the living room. But I wanted everyone that drives by to be able to see the tree from the windows, just to spread cheer. And we’re going to put one upstairs so that you can also see it from the front of our house, a tree in our front facing windows. And then Neil always puts his up in the basement in his guy area. So we’re just going to do all the trees, just went totally crazy, ordering all the ornaments. I’m just so excited.

Christmas was always a big deal at our house so for me it feels – and Neil is very religious, very Catholic and so it’s a really big deal for him. And I feel like it’s been nice to experience his family and the way that they celebrate, going to midnight mass. And they celebrate Saint Nicholas day on December 6 with these little mini gifts. And we always do – Neil makes a very big point that we always go to mass during the holidays. We’re not the best at doing that every time but it’s really special for me. I’m not Catholic but it feels like tradition that I didn’t have in my life growing up.

And this is just a little magic that I really enjoy participating and doing all of the things with Neil and thinking of our kids getting that experience too. So I’m just, I don’t know, I’m in the Christmas spirit right now. I don’t know about you but I’m there.

Oh, and did I tell you guys the story of our last designer? I want to tell you this story, it’s the craziest thing, if I haven’t already because it’s relevant to what we’re going to talk about today. So she did an amazing job, but my sense is, and this is why it’s perfect for all of our scaling themed episodes is that she scaled her business too fast. She focused on selling, and expansion, and revenue growth without the backend structure in place to have the time to focus on client delivery, and client experience, and 100% results.

So 75% in to completing our house, after we paid her $150,000 for furniture, she ghosted us and then blamed us for her ghosting, that we hadn’t communicated with her. We loved her. It was so strange, so weird. And my assistant went in and found all our email communications and we screenshot it, where my fiancé had tried to text multiple times in a row over months. And had text her that he had left her voicemails, trying to make payments. And I screenshotted 10 unreturned texts. And we had all these emails of her promising delivery of six different projects.

There was damage to our house that her movers caused, that she had completely forgotten she had promised us that she would fix. And there were glass tabletops for our end tables in our bedroom that she said were cut too long and she was having them recut. She didn’t. She just dropped them off at our house too long like we’re just supposed to figure it out. So it was so obvious to me that she had no record of open projects. She had no process for client communications, or project management, or project completion.

And it was just a really fascinating, to me it was a really fascinating example of the importance of having systems, and processes, and having a clean business for when you scale so that your clients aren’t on the other end of your sloppiness. And I really don’t want this to happen to you all as you grow and scale your businesses because it just makes for bad business. She’s busy opening up a second storefront in another city for more expansion when she can’t take care of the clients she has. She has clients that are so unhappy, and frustrated, and kind of got screwed over.

And this happens in the coaching industry as well all the time I’m guessing. I had an assistant once who had other clients and she ended up quitting working with one of them who was making half a million dollars a year because she would sell shit she hadn’t actually completed yet. She would sell on demand access to programs and then not have the member portal done or customer service processes in place. And my assistant at the time was so tired of dealing with the customer service nightmare after people would pay and then they couldn’t access what they paid for.

That’s the worst client experience or a client simply not getting results at all because it’s not given attention and given a lot of attention, and a lot of care, and a lot of thought, and time into it. Or clients feeling lost in a shuffle especially as you grow. So if you listen to this podcast or you work with me, I’m really on a mission in everything I do to contribute to the coaching industry having an amazing reputation, to be constantly an example of what’s possible, especially in client delivery. I think it’s just the most forgotten part of the equation and the one that matters the most to selling.

And I think when we all focus on increasing the reputation of the industry then there is more clients and more money for all of us. It only benefits each and every single one of us that our clients have an amazing experience. So I take that on not just for me and my clients but for you and your clients and for anyone who comes across the coaching industry, anyone who asks about what it’s like to have a life coach. Won’t it be so amazing if the answer is always it’s such a winning the lottery experience?

So today we’re going to actually talk about creating intellectual property and using it to scale. And this may not be something that you consider as a backend process or something that helps you scale, and something that helps you create a scalable business. But I want to tell you, it’s one of the main parts of my business because client delivery is such a big part of our value system and what we spend time focusing on. We spend more time focusing on client delivery than we do selling. So I did the selling with PSPR first because that fuels your creation of your intellectual property.

And I will tell you that my intellectual property, I’m creating tools, and assets, and ideas for my students to help them get results faster is what we spend the majority of our time and our company focused on. But it’s what as the CEO that I spend the majority of the time doing but also my team spends the most time turning those into assets and creating delivery systems for our clients. So I have a lot to say about this topic.

But the main way I want to approach it today is with this idea that what IP does is it supports your client delivery, and it supports your ability to reach more clients to overdeliver too. But what is intellectual property? I’m going to define it non-legal terms. But when you get to the point where you’re creating it and you want to protect it, you will want to hire a lawyer. And if you’re in 2k for 2k you can actually go to the frequently asked questions tab and you’ll find our recommendation for who we work with, our actual lawyers and you can hire them.

You can get coach legal startup kits and you can also have custom work done when you’re ready. When your business is in the multiple six figures, you’re likely going to need some customer work. But the startup kits usually get you started if you want to have your legals in place for your content and for how you work with your clients, all of that. So I’m not going to talk about the legal stuff here at all, how you protect it, and what’s protectable, and all of that, we’re not going to talk about that.

I’m just going to tell you how I think about it because I’m not a lawyer. And I’m going to tell you how it applies to growing and scaling your business. So how I define it, what is it. So we know what it does. It supports your client delivery and your ability to reach more clients to overdeliver to. But what it is, I define it as new ideas that you create, super simple, new ideas that you create, new concepts, processes, tools that you create, copy that you write. Whatever comes solely from your brain and is not someone else’s intellectual property, not someone else’s ideas.

So the best example of what is IP is my 2k for 2k course, those are all of my original ideas that I created. So you cannot legally go in and copy my program and resell it as your own, and the ideas inside of it. We have legal stuff on our website and in our terms and conditions that say you can’t. You can’t go teach my five step sales process and claim it as your own. You can’t take PSPR method and start selling that and saying you created that. I don’t give permission for any of that.

If you’re a business coach, what I will do is help you develop your own IP rather than give you permission to use mine because I know that you need new original ideas to scale. Creating a scalable offer, requires new and exciting ideas. How you get to the millions is you find something that the market is missing, and you excel at that. You fill that gap and that’s what makes droves, and droves, and droves of people want to work with you.

Now, sometimes you will have programs or certification that you will buy that will give you authorized use of their IP. So for example, The Life Coach School has authorized me to coach using the model as one of their master certified coaches. I always give them credit. I don’t claim it as my own or certify other people in it or try to monetize it as the creator. That’s their IP.

Now, there are similar things being taught and similar methods. But the way that they use it as five intercorrelated components that can be changed, and they create cause and effect to the other components like a math equation with intentional and unintentional models, and the use of the neutral, measurable circumstance and result, that is their IP. I’ve never seen that before.

It’s like on Shark Tank when you see someone who creates a product, similar to what’s in the market already but they patent a new contraption that’s never been done. And the Sharks are always more interested in that than the product itself. They want to go license the thing that’s new and never been done because that’s IP and that is new and unique. And that you own, and no one can take that from you. Again there are legalities to this and that you would have to make sure were in place to actually go back, block people from using your IP and protect all of it.

So I don’t want you to get too caught up in that. You can again talk to a lawyer about it. But I just want to teach you today, number one, the importance of IP to your business growth and to how to start creating it. So let’s dive in for your business growth. Let’s talk about why it’s so important.

Creating your new and unique ideas is why people will pay you. That’s number one, so important, you specifically over anyone else. They want your ideas, your take, your ideas are more important than even your coaching. What? I think you can truly get coached by anyone. I’m so coachable. Anyone at any skill level, at any income level can coach this brain. I’m getting more and more coachable every day, just open to anybody can coach me. I can get valuable coaching anywhere.

But ideas, I am with my coach for life as long as she will have me for her ideas. But ideas, I am with my coach for life as long as she will have me for her ideas. So your unique new ideas, that will be what separates you and why people will pay you.

Now, once you have your new and unique ideas, when you’ve brought those ideas into the world, then you can turn them into assets that take place of you. You can literally duplicate your brain, your time, and your ability to help people. This is about duplicating our ability to help people. So you can turn your ideas into assets like books, and courses, and worksheets, and trainings, and audio recordings, and all of the things.

So for example, in 200K Mastermind, I’ll give you some examples of my assets that my students have access to 24/7 now from the moment they sign up. So the moment they sign up they get access to the 200K member portal with the entire 200K process and philosophy broken down into simple modules that they can take one at a time. They also get the advance selling workbook which houses some of my biggest 200K ideas like the three year plan. And they can go all the way through their three year plan step by step.

They also get the demand formula workbook, the $2 million copy workbook, they get the webinars course that covers creating the content, creating the sales sequence, marketing it and selling the offer after it. And they can take the launching course, it outlines exactly how to launch from prep to completion. And the creating big things course, created for creatives who have something really big that they want to create, how to dream it, bring it to life and see it all the way through at the highest level.

Every live event we’ve ever done, every mastermind call are also housed in the program. So even my time and effort and the ideas that come out of me on the fly are given life through assets that my students can use day and night to get the results they came for. My current students will go through the past mastermind calls, and they’ll post in the group and reference a call so that other people can go find that call and watch it too. And they’ll say, “Oh my gosh, what she said about this here, this line, or the way she explained it here really clicked for me.”

And so I say it differently every single time and all of those things are captured too by the way that we deliver our assets to our students in that member portal. So the content is the intellectual property and then the portal is the way we deliver it. And through the book, the modules, all those pieces inside of the member portal, that’s our delivery method. So now I am everywhere all of the time for my students while working just three days a week.

Now, this took me a lot of time to create. I’m going to be honest with you, this is not a get rich quick situation. It took a lot of time, years to compile this level of intellectual property and this level of delivering, and the delivery methods, how well it’s presented. It also took a lot of time from selling in order to create it. So this is why selling effectively with PSPR is so important. You need the time back from selling one-on-one to create the intellectual property and then to create the assets and the storage facility for your IP.

And it takes much more time than you think to distil down your ideas, to get them out of your head and onto paper in a way that makes sense and is clear for all of your clients. To get them in their simplest, most digestible, most effective form it takes time.  And you do want to make it, you want to put lots of attention on it being in its simplest most digestible effective form because you want to make it as easy as possible for your clients to utilize. So you only want to give them exactly what they need, only what they need. And you have to spend a lot of time editing out all of the fluff.

That is one feedback I get from my clients consistently is that my work doesn’t have fluff, that every single minute is gold. But it’s because for every 30 minute module that I produce that they then learn from, I have likely invested hours, several hours or more into creating that 30 minute video. And really that’s just the creation of it.

If you want to talk about how many years it took me to get to the point to have those ideas and to be able to teach them in that way we’re talking about one 30 minute video might have taken five years to actually get there, to have that completed in that highly executed way.

So you want to start creating your IP while you are in growth before you’re thinking about scaling so that you have time to develop ideas and practice developing ideas so that you get better and better, and faster, and more efficient at doing it while you scale. Because this isn’t the only thing you work on in scaling, you’re selling, you’re delivering, you’re creating IP. And then also you’re going to be managing and onboarding new clients and hiring, eventually hiring and managing a team, and creating backend processes for that team.

So again, so you don’t lose client delivery and have no idea what’s happening with the clients that you have. And when your mind is really, really coached up and your work becomes really productive, you’re also doing all of this in three days a week. What? I will tell you, my creating a big – why can’t I say it today? Creating big things course, I keep wanting to say creating big things. My creating big things course is actually a course that I created after creating so much intellectual property and having put things into – distilling things down into step-by-step processes and presenting them.

And that level of work, redesigning the 2K portal, creating the 200K member portal, creating all of those assets, creating the advanced selling book. I refer to all of that creation process throughout that program.

So I will say, when you join 200K, if you’re really interested in getting good at creating intellectual property, that’s the program you’re probably going to want to start with. Because it really houses how I work through the creative process and normalizes a lot of things about the creative process that we tend to shame ourselves about and use coaching against ourselves and try to coach ourselves out of the way that we do our creative process because we make it wrong.

So that whole course is about rewriting what’s normal in creative processes, and how to see it through with whatever process you have that might stand out as odd, or wrong, or not efficient enough, or all of the things. I break down. I tell you how long it took me to do everything. I talk about all of my inefficiencies. I talk about everywhere I struggle, the amount of drama I have to overcome, the amount of time it takes me to coach myself just to get into action to get started. I talk about all of it.

There’s no, you’ll never be sitting, it’s just like a plug now for creating big things. But when you take that course, you will literally never again be sitting shaming, blaming, and getting down on yourself and thinking that you’re alone and doing it wrong. And everyone else, Stacey, must do it perfect and has no drama and it just sits down, and it just records. And there will be none of that. You’ll forever be like, “Oh, this is all normal.” This process I’m going through that’s super painful, uncomfortable, and messy, and takes longer than I think and all of that will be so normalized.

And what will be so fun is you get to see all the results of the IP that I’ve created. So you’ll see that there is light at the end of the tunnel and how valuable that is. And still even with the messy process how fast I’ve been able to – I mean in the scheme of the things in just five and a half years produce at this level this many assets and this much IP. It always feels like it’s taking you forever in the moment. But when you zone out, you’re like, “Oh, actually in the scheme of things it doesn’t take very long at all and there’s plenty of time for me to have this messy creative process.”

So that’s my rant on creative processes and creating big things. You can take the course when you join 200K. Okay, but back to IP, once you’ve created it and you’ve done all the messy work, and you’ve gotten it into a digestible form and you’ve put it in some format, into an asset to deliver to your clients here is the amazing thing. And this thought is how I was able to complete everything and the thought that I share throughout creating big things that will help anchor you to getting it done is when it’s done your clients now get results 24/7 every day of the year.

This is why we do it. When you create intellectual property and you turn it into assets, your clients now get results 24/7 every day of the year. And remember why this is so important. It’s not so that you can vacation in Bali, although that’s nice to be able to do that. That’s not the reason. And it always kind of makes me cringe when people want to start their business and start creating intellectual property and programs right away, and create scalable, the way that they frame it is like, “I want to create passive income. I want to create a program that creates passive income.”

It’s just a misconception of how much work this really takes. And my brain just is so like, to me I’m always telling my clients who do say that to me. I’m like, “That’s all about you, who cares?” It’s so hard to sell and make a lot of money when you’re really focused only on you and what you get out of the situation. You’ve got to be focused on your clients. Why this is important is so that your clients can scale their results. What?

I know we’re talking about you scaling your business. But the only way you’ll do it effectively with a lot of peace, and a lot of calm, and not a lot of anxiety is if you scale in a way where you’re focused on scaling your clients’ results. Because you don’t want them waiting on you to personally have to be present for them to access your brain, and your process, and your tools. So because they’re no longer waiting on you to be present to access your brain, and your process, and your tools, now they’re scaling their results too. That is the experience I have had in 2K and the experience I’ve had in 200K.

So IP is as much about your ability to scale as your clients. And I will tell you that I have never been able to motivate myself to go on a massive creative project that takes six months and a ton of drama. I mean just this is the best example, the favorite asset from 2k for 2k is the consultation code. That took me 64 hours to create. I just can’t get myself personally to do anything for 64 hours for myself, I just don’t care that much. I don’t know that I have that drive to be focused on money and what I’m going to get.

But when I think about my ability for my clients to scale their results, and I think about how much easier it will be for them, that lights a fire under my ass. And I do want to say, if the idea of how much money you will make afterwards is what fuels you, you are not wrong. That is not wrong. I just find that it doesn’t work for me, especially how much money I make now. There’s not a lot of ways that money can super motivate me. But a lot of my clients, even when they’ve not made any money, they just can’t motivate themselves.

Even my best friend, Lindsay Dotzlaf, she talks about all the time. She has to really tap into her clients and their results to be motivated to make millions of dollars because the money doesn’t motivate her. And I think a lot of coaches are like that. We’re just heart based, service based entrepreneurs. And so it’s always going to be easier. You’re going to have such a hard time even pushing yourself to make offers and sell when you’re thinking about you. But if you’re thinking about other people, it will be so much easier for you to follow though.

So IP is as much about your ability to scale as your clients and tap into whichever one, the money or your clients and their ability to get faster better results, whichever one motivates you, just find that because you know what? There’s no way one comes without the other. So if the money motivates you, great, because you’ll not get the money without your clients being able to scale their results. And if the scaling the results for your clients motivates you, the money will follow as well. So both are great.

Now, here is what I do see a lot of coaches do when they go to create intellectual property for the first time. And my coach, Brooke taught me this and it has served me so well in creating content and getting my ideas to the world is a lot of you when you do go to create it for the first time, you create it, it’s very complicated. It’s long. It’s a lot of steps, 15 steps for one process. And it’s just a lot to get one idea across. And what Brooke taught me is that what makes something valuable, valuable IP is simple, it’s short and it’s distilled down into only the most necessary ideas.

Even my podcasts tend to be a little long, sometimes 30, 45 minutes to an hour. But I feel like they are very packed with necessary ideas. It’s not a ton of fluff. And my courses are even more distilled, they’re even more, I spend a lot more time on those. Sometimes the podcasts you get my rants and little bits of my life and what’s happening, and my Christmas excitement. But in my programs, it’s very focused on every single minute that I’m using is a minute I’m using of my clients too. And so I really want it to be very, very packed with value. And I want it to be simple. And I want it to be short.

So I just want it to be high value distilled form. So I usually look at – this is the way I think about it for me, is what are the top three most important ideas in this concept when I’m recording, or writing, or however I’m forming the asset? Now, I might end up with five of the most important ideas in a concept.  But if I do, I will have spent considerable time weighing the importance of those two extra ideas. Just like copy, you just don’t want your clients to have to work for it.

Now, what also makes IP valuable is that it directly aligns with your PSPR. So you create your IP using your clients’ PSPR, using the problem, the solution, the process, and the result. You create the process and then you create concepts and tools to support it. And then an engine for delivery that will deliver to them in the simplest, easiest form. And then after you’ve done all of that you watch your students interact with it and see if there’s anything missing. And you either improve your IP or you create more to fill in gaps to support your students.

And this will not happen overnight, it will result in years of hard focused work on IP and having simplified your business to have the time to craft highly valuable IP. But it’s worth starting on. It’s worth getting started just whatever first little step you can do. So let’s talk about where you do get started.

So I got started with the idea that I did in fact have new ideas to share. I had new perspective, unique experiences that no one else had. Surprise, surprise, you start with your thoughts. If you want to create IP, got to start with coaching yourself around your thoughts about your ideas.

So I just interviewed recently with an online publication. And the interviewer asked me why coaches don’t know how to sell or something similar and if it was because they just don’t have experience in selling? And I said, “It’s twofold really, most coaches are healers in their mind. So they desire to serve others, like they’re mental health professionals so they don’t come from marketing and sales backgrounds. And then they also have fear about being salesy in a negative way.”

And I said, “I have this unique experience that I came from such a psychologically based sales background into the coaching world. And I had such deep experience selling to large groups of people that that really was a unique offering that I have.” Now, selling one-on-one was my challenge. But I overcame that, so I have all the checks for the best sales coach. And I’m good at doing the teaching and selling dynamically and keeping people entertained while they’re learning. It’s my specialty. I understand why buyers buy and how selling affects them at every stage.

And I’m good at selling, and I’m good at teaching it and that’s not true for everyone. And on top of that I’m good at coaching on it and evaluating it. So I have it all. So those thoughts brought me back to me and what I have to offer, my unique offering to the world. All of those things bottled up and packaged together, no one else in the world has those things combined in the exact same way. It’s my unique ideas, and gift, and perspective to share with the world.

So when I have thoughts about me like that versus, okay, let’s try this on, Brooke is so much smarter than me, her ideas are better. People should just go learn from her. All the good ideas have already been taught, there is no new information. We talked about this on crediting other coaches work, if you’ve listened to that podcast. It’s all the same universal truth. Those are all zero dollar, zero IP thoughts. But a lot of you do that.

Instead of spending time thinking about all the reasons why you are highly qualified to give your unique work and perspective into the world and how amazing it is, you think about me being smarter than you and my ideas being better. Why will people buy from me when they can just buy from Stacey and her method is perfect? My method’s not as good as her method. And those were the best ideas. There’s nothing left for me to sell, or nothing left for me to create, zero dollar, zero IP thoughts.

So the first big part of creating IP is being someone who thinks they have IP. This is a self-concept issue and it’s something that we foster in 200K Mastermind. We create thought leaders. We create people believing and having the confidence to lead in new thought, and new ideas, and new perspective. And it can be scary especially if what you have to offer is not available in the world right now and no one’s doing anything similar.

Now, the second step to creating IP is really constraining down the ideas of other people that you consume, especially in similar fields. I really don’t pay attention to what any other business coaches are doing. I don’t want my ideas to be influenced by other people’s ideas and what they’re doing. So I use only what comes from my brain and my experience. And I spend that time that I would be spending following other coaches to follow my students and pay attention to them inside my communities. It’s such a more valuable use of your time.

The third part is mining your own ideas, asking yourself questions about how to within what you teach, tracking what you do, why it works and putting that information into a process to teach others.

And then the fourth part is testing those ideas, teaching them over and over and getting better at teaching them and breaking them down as time goes on. So every round of 200K Mastermind I essentially deliver the same content. There’s new stuff I add but my brain, even the new stuff I add is based on content that’s already been there. And my brain is just not the same at delivering it. I understand it better and clearer.

And I find new ways to make it easier for my clients to understand. Because when they understand my brain and my process as fast as I do, they make 200K and then they make $2 million. So that is my only job is creating IP to help them get there faster. And then I direct all of my coaching to that IP. And that’s the fifth part that will happen much later in your IP creating process as you will direct all of your coaching to your process, to your intellectual property.

So in this past 200K live event in Cabo, I actually found a way to teach my students how to coach on the 200K process and think like I do as a leader and a coach, to then go on and coach their peers using my coaching method. So that they (a) have higher quality peer coaching which is one of their favorite parts of being in the room is having access to peer coaching at this level of thinking.

And (b) so that they get better at the process themselves because they understand it better. They get better at directing themselves to solve problems, breaking down the process in their thought process. And I spent close to three hours on stage breaking down that process for coaching. Now, I can’t even tell you how many hours it took me to put together that three hour teaching. It was weeks and weeks of putting it together. And I will say that’s just the active time of distilling my ideas down. I spent months thinking about it.

And now it lives inside our member portal. As soon as my students log on, the first thing they learn is how to coach the 200K process as an instructor, how to coach like me. How to coach using the process so that they understand if I were to coach them or say another, a peer was able to coach them, that we’re doing the exact same thing in our brains. That we’re using the exact same method to coach based on the process.

So I train them how to direct each other and themselves constantly back to the process and to reinforce the process, to let the process inform all of their decisions. Because it’s been tested, it works over, and over, and over. This is so valuable to them. Now, not only have I duplicated my ideas and my processes but also my coaching. The entire essence of my brain has been duplicated and now is available to every one of my students to give it and receive it. This is the power of creating IP, of creating your own.

And as much as I’m proud of my own, I teach my business coaching students to create their own because they can knock off mine, do their version of mine and it will be okay, and they’ll make really good money. It will be good. But theirs is so much better for their people. I actually have a goal in 2022 to share my students’ IP with you so that you can see their ideas flourish. I’m going to have them on the podcast to share some of their most unique ideas for the work that they do in the world. So you can see how that results.

But I will tell you, the ones that have the best IP, that have also nailed selling with PSPR without one-on-one consults, are the ones who have successfully scaled and made it to millions or are currently on their way. It’s easy to see exactly where they are heading and effortlessly guide them there because everything is so streamlined and put together. So your IP will make your job so much easier.

And finally, I just want to say this in the podcast with this last little rant. I want to say that – and I said this in crediting other coaches work but I’m just going to say it again here is as a coach who creates IP, once you create it, you do need to protect it. And coaches caring for their IP and protecting their IP is not coming from lack, it’s coming from love. I want you to think of your IP as your baby. We’ve talked about your business being a baby. We’ve talked about your IP being your baby.

You have boundaries with other people and your children, they don’t come from fear and insufficiency. They come from love and care for your child as your number one priority, sparing no one else’s feelings in the process. I even had to learn that with my dog when I got Bear many years ago. He was a mess. If someone would bounce a basketball near us while we were walking, it could literally end up sending him flying into traffic, oncoming traffic. So I would have to stop and ask complete strangers to please stop bouncing their balls and stop the leaf blowers.

And then if they wanted to come up and pet him, I would have to tell them, “Don’t try to coax him into giving pet because it will freak him out.” Not because I’m an asshole, but because I love him, and I want to protect him.

One of my friends is pregnant and some old guy tried to touch her belly without her permission the other day. And she jerked away and said no, it really freaked her out. And I was thinking about that, that’s about self-love, love for her, and her baby, and her body, not fear. So I see this a lot. And I just want to say this, is that you don’t need to coach yourself into abundance to let people use your IP thinking that not wanting them to use your IP is coming from lack. You get to protect it from abundance.

So I had a client recently who got a request from another coach to get on a call and discuss the structure of her program, and what she teaches, to help the coach create her own in the exact same field. And she was feeling bad about saying no. She was thinking of she would be seen as being mean and that she should do it for the coach because they’re part of the same community. And she really just, in her post she was like, “I just want all of this to go away, and I don’t want to have to deal with it.”

And I told her, “Trying to get out of dealing with a boundary around her IP is like trying to get out of dealing with her baby.” And she was like, “Oh my God, I would never do that.” And I also told her that, “What if instead of being thought of as mean is that she was thought of as she was respected?” And she said, “Well, to be respected I would also need to respect my work and have boundaries.” And that’s what it’s about. And not just about respecting your work but respecting students who interact with it.

Not allowing coaches to use my sales techniques and my programs or use any of my IP is about respecting my work and respecting the coach and their work, and their future creation of their unique work. And also respecting the people who want to learn my process, they have the right to learn it from the person who created it in the highest form it was created with quality control that I as the creator can oversee.

So I want you to just consider that everyone wins when we create our own IP and then we protect it. And then we respect the IP of other people.

Alright you all, that’s the podcast and all of my rants today inside of it. I’m feeling a little froggy today. You guys got a lot. And if you want to start creating your own IP and you want help with this and you want to really dive into this process. And I’ve outlined over the last three weeks a business that feels like you want to have that type of business we will teach you how to do this inside 200K, round by round, little step by little step, even if you’re just at 25K. We’ll put together your PSPR and let that guide all of your IP and you’ll just start creating it little by little.

And it will build your self-concept up that you are in fact a thought leader with valuable ideas to offer. And then I will teach you how to distil it down into the most time saving form for your clients. We will take every step of this and break it down. And you’ll just be doing it. You won’t even be realizing you’re in the middle of doing it, it will just become something you do in your business and processes that run naturally for you.

Now, if you’re listening to this episode on its current release date, you can actually apply for the 200K Mastermind right now. The current release date for this episode is the last day to apply for the 200K Mastermind. And you can do that at And if you’re listening past the current release date you can sign up for the wait list for the next enrolment at

Alright, I will talk to you next week, my fellow thought leaders. Have a great one.

Hey, if you are ready to make money as a life coach, I want to invite you to join my 2K for 2K program where you’re going to make your first $2,000, the hardest part, and then $200,000 using my proven formula. It’s risk-free. You either make your 2K or I give you your 2K back. Just head over to We’ll see you inside.

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